Saturday, October 14, 2017

Beautiful day for learning

I've been trying to help my brain by doing brain exercises and learning from the books that I purchased and my audible book I'm also reading dr. Andrew saul book beyond Dr yourself. Am reading the book and also listening to the audible book I am also doing some  writing for my next little booklet and today I have also written a couple of Life plans for people, it is a beautiful fall day so the dogs and I have spent a great deal of time Outdoors

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Brain Improvement

 I'm working on some reading and on my audible learning more about how I can improve my brain performance today I am at home working from the computer and from my phone and listening to as much as I can on my Audible. The book that I am listening to is learning how to make my memory better and to improve my brain I am also trying to do some decluttering at home trying to put together my teaching materials all I want spot because when the health food store closes I will have to move my class somewhere else so I want to kind of reorganize. The sun is shining so we can spend some time out in the sun today even though it is a little cool

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I worked yesterday but today I'm home and it is cool today so the dogs and I are not outside very much this morning I watched the film prosperity and I really liked it it's a documentary purpose in your life style.
I also did some study on the healing modality Psych k and it is an energy modality that I've learned about this past couple of weeks so of course I have done a lot of research would probably learn how to do it except that there is nothing local and it is not done online if you have to go out of town to workshops to learn so guess I will just let the people I know that I already know it do the modality. And a really nice phone call from my grandson last night enjoyed talking to him my son also called last weekend I enjoyed that very much. I'm listening to some books on Audible while I was doing some cleaning in the kitchen and laundry if I don't listen to something I feel like I'm wasting time and of course at eighty-three years old people don't take my time as very important but I do try to practice time management to the point that I want to do something nice for somebody everyday and I want to learn something new everyday and I do have to do all of those that I do not like to do.
Of course I have to take care of my animals are they would revolt., I get distracted easily but I did finish listing to dr. Tom Colll

Sunday, October 8, 2017

I'm going to make an effort two right on this blog as many times a week as I can I'm now making plans to have my class on Mondays at the First Christian Church in Rogers in one of their classrooms as soon as the health food store closes I will start there and hopefully I can add to my class if any other opportunities come about four major classes I will add that venue I'm trying to encourage people to organize their own class and I will come and teach it and they can have their friends and family attend I want to organize my life a little better and try to do more helping others with their lives