Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Last week because of the school shooting in Florida, it was a really bad week.  I had a sign to hang on my property that labeled my home as a no gun zone and had been putting off hanging it, this week, I hung it on my yard because it was a little detail of how I felt.  I hate guns, I hate war and I love peace. Have been dreaming about moving to another country at the age of 83, I am so disgusted with the government leaders and some of my friends and neighbors.  
Class only had 4 students yesterday but it was made up of people I love.  I will give myself another month to decide if it is worthwhile to go to Rogers and have class, the gas, the 40 minute drive and all the hours I spend in prep may not be very best use of time and money,  not the best use of either.  
I think of the book, "Alexander and the terrible, no good, very bad day" when I think of last week, so gotta find a positive project this week so that I can feel that my life is making a difference.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy valentine day, have some chocolate and smile ..the video I posted yesterday was so interesting and I have read more of annie brandt today.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The  Sun is shinning today and temp is rising.  I just relistened to the last episode of "Living long, Living well", it is the best episode because it has speakers concerned with our spirituality and the relationship with the body.  Dr. Richard Rohr is a favorite of mine and I have one of his books on Audible and have many on my wish list.  He believes that your first half of life can be about gaining abundance in money, etc. but your 2nd part of life should be about giving. in  other words these 70 years olds should not be consumed with how many millions they have and wanting more. 
I was really excited about the privately owned company launching the car into space, such fun.  
My views change and I grow when I get out of my comfort zone.  As a Southern Baptist girl, I was very narrow minded but as I grew I am very accepting of other ideas and beliefs.  When I had a foreign student in my home in the 70's, I tried to broaden their views and hope  I also educated myself and my family.  I took them to all the churches in town, visited most of the community organizations and got them involved in the community. 
Yesterday a couple of TED talks I listened concerned education systems and I was really impressed by the education models in other countries and a few in this country. Be willing to change and evolve into something better. 
in order to get a better perspective on life this week, I am also visiting with people I know who are leaving this life because of disease and/ or lack of knowledge of how to make their cells communicate and heal.  If you want a good lesson in life, visit people who are in hospice care. The many years that I worked with the elderly and worked with many people who were making their transition into heaven, I learned a great deal about how to live my life.  When I was an administrator of a health care center, I learned that the hard transitions were when people did not feel that they had done enough good things for other people. 
On a brighter note, I am going to have a great day and do at least one good deed!!!!! 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Icy this morning but nice sunshine this afternoon. I have been sprouting broccoli seeds and started eating them this morning. Today I got the new seeds that I had ordered : bean mix, alfalfa/ clover. broccoli, lentil, salad mix, and a protein mix.  I am anxious to taste some of the salad mixes.
Also received my Restore 4 life supply for the month, I really love this supplement.  
My masterclass from Donna Eden yesterday requires me to do some practice. The episodes of "Live longer, Live better, have been really disappointing but will listen to the last one tonight. 
I signed up for a course in Essential oils to start next week, I really need to learn more about how they assist everyone in healing.