Saturday, December 9, 2017

more reinvention of my life

As I was writing this week, another phone call and someone wants to live my life, it is such a good life??? I immediately sat down and wrote a note about my life: 83 years old, live on less than $900 a month, care for a 36 year old horse two elderly goats, a dozen rescued goats and at least 2 cats, teach classes a couple of days a week for a few donations, do life planning for clients for donations, my little 1000 square foot house is a dog house and when something breaks, I just do without: my garbage disposal, my dishwasher, my oven, etc. But I am well and happy. I continue to have goals and work toward achieving them, every day. 
Every day I learn something new, at this moment I am listening to an audible and today I will do a research project to become more informed about the class I am teaching on Monday. I have to make some more homemade dog food for my dogs with impaired digestion, make kombucha and do more house cleaning because I found signs of a "mouse in the house", when I have a mouse in the house, I know that there are several, so must get rid of them and clean out where they have been.  a couple of my doxies will keep busy looking for them, also.
I know that most people see other lives as better than theirs but it is a mystery that they can't see that they could not tolerate my life, even for one day.
Thanks for the time to rant and I assure you that on the next blog, you will learn something.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Since I watched the cancer seminar online this weekend I  taught the class on some of the ideas that I heard on the live streaming conference and I did havesix people at the class and I guess that's  a moderate amount I'd like to see 10 to 12 but all of them seem interested I know I should have been better prepared but since I had all those extra dogs and I really couldn't print on my printer I couldn't work very well on the computer with a Lap full of dogs but I think the class went pretty well and there was a lot of connections going on in the class which I like so it usually  indicates how well the class has gone when people are staying after class talking to each other  and that's what happened yesterday so I feel good about it it is nice and beautiful today outside so I think the dogs and I will spend a lot of time out in the sunshine while we can because I can see winter is coming

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Just have to do a little reporting today I did not have good attendance at class it could be because it is Thanksgiving week but when I got home I had to take care of dogs of course and the two who are staying with me while their parents are on vacation, big black labs. and then my daughter asked me to take a little  Chihuahua his dad had just become homeless and they did not feel he could take care of him so the shelter picked him up a dog who has been sheltered I guess you would call it are loved by one person for many years it is very traumatic when they have to go be at an animal shelter So lonna got permission for me to keep him until his dad has a home again it has been very very difficult. He is 9spending the time on me not easy to get any work done so I decided the day just had to be for the dogs and I'm not trying to accomplish anything I have not even unloaded my car from getting home from class

Sunday, November 19, 2017

week of recovery

last weekend I stepped in a mole hole when I was taking my walk, bruised left knee, black thigh to ankle, sprained right hand and fingers and upper arm (bicept). and from my "feeling" this extended my grief from the health food store closing.  At the store, I got to see my friends and meet new people and that is a great thing for the elderly, me included, and also it is difficult to have major changes in our lives. On Friday, I met Audrey and Pat at the Snack Lab to have lunch, explore their store and see people.  I met some really great people while I was there and learned a lot of new things. I met Emily from The Pink House, the owners of the Snack Lab and a young man who was the vendor for the Kombbucha. Now Audry and I must take a field trip and learn more about these places.  I, of course, looked up the websites and learned about Emily's coffee shop and bar.  
 Saturday because, I still have problems with my healing body, did a distance healing with Audrey quantum biofeedback but no sunshine. and even though I really do not suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) I do feel so much better when I can see the SUN.  
Today is Sunday and the SUN is shinning even though it is frosty outdoors, I had a thought last evening that we might have a frosty night, I brought the 7 foot moringa tree, not a good fit in my little 1000  square foot house that contains lots of things i have saved, things I need, and several dogs and cats. I am trying to put the plant where it can survive (I do not see it thriving, just need to survive) until spring. 
On Audible I am listening to "The Five Second Rule" by Mel Robbins just trying to do one more thing to improve my deficiency, Procrastination. Some of the book reviews on Book TV, C-Span, are interesting but I can't always watch but can carry audible with me, as I do the necessary things around the house, I have to have something to listen to so that I can thrive as I do those terrible necessary things that are so boring and  I can frequently become distracted and get absolutely nothing accomplished. Yesterday, I also needed to have a modified fast and sip on the bone broth (I bought at the Snack Lab), to improve my wellness, I also needed to add a bit more B vitamin supplements to improve my energy, so have a bit more energy today.
. I am going to take a few hours now and prepare for my class on Monday. We might even call that time a convenient distraction.