Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Very cold today, spent 2 hours passing out small children's gifts to the people who were standing in the food line at the church food pantry.  Saw lots of people who had children and grandchildren to feed, they seemed pleased that I had some small free gifts for them.  Also had some angel pins for the adults and older children.  I had lots of layers of clothing and was a bit cold anyway.  My fingers and toes had to take a while to warm up when I got home.  The balls and dolls were a hit but the little gift that made the eyes light up were little journals and highlighters. I also gave away a couple of my books.
I had to feed the livestock using a flashlight this morning because I had to leave so early, all my four legged friends were glad I made it back home. All the doxies are cuddled up near the little electric fireplaces.

Monday, November 28, 2011

And Suddenly the house is quiet, Gomer just left and all 12 of my little dogs are so relieved. Everyone has been fed and combed; now napping.  The sun has begun to shine so went to let my livestock into the back yard, they all looked into the yard to see that Gomer was gone before they walked through the gate.  The cats are once again roaming throughout the house and "all is well with the world". I am grateful that Gomer came to teach me more flexibility and patience.
I have already spend some time looking through document on Eric sent to me by CC and am amazed with the info I got.  As I get new leads, I will keep working for him. 
I did some reading last night from the books of Dr. McDougall, I learned from him many years ago from his books and his tapes.  I don't think a lot of his instructions about diet will work now because he really loves using a lot of whole grains in his nutrition program. Because of the GMOs that have come since that time I believe he should do some rethinking.  Wheat, corn and soy have almost all been genetically modified and are really poison at this time.  Labels can be so deceiving that even in the Natural Food markets some shelves are loaded with gmo products.
I am putting together my toy baskets so that Lonna and I can pass out gifts to the people in the free food line tomorrow at First Christian Church in Rogers.  Sounds like it will be cold so will dress warmly.  We will do it every Tuesday morning until Christmas.  Should be able to touch about 400 families.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Last night Xena and Dixie went home, I will bet that Dixie will sleep for a week; she was so tired of playing with Gomer.  Gomer slept better last night and Zoey will be leaving this morning.  Everyone is chewing on bones this morning and relaxing in front of the little electric fireplace. Three little ones are in my lap as I try to write.  Getting all the blankets, quilts and towels washed this morning so they can all have clean 'stuff' to cuddle in, on the floor and on the couch.
I ordered a couple of kindle books that were on my wish list; only $3 so thought I could afford them.  One book of reversing heart disease and one to improve my thinking....maybe when Gomer goes home I can read them as I lay on my little biomat.  Lonna picked up some fresh veggies and fruits for me yesterday so I can return to a better nutrition program after a few days of terrible eating.  I need to get busy  but Gomer has been quiet for about 10 minutes and I hate to disturb him.........

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I was looking for my pinpoint glasses to do my eye exercises, guess what, Gomer has them already destroyed.  He just tore up the utility room because he wanted the cats.  Don't know what else he can do but I will bet he will find something.  I can't put him outside because it is raining.  I need a padded room or maybe I need a padded room for Gomer.  I keep telling myself to be thankful he is not with me all the time, just be thankful it is just a week, now I must meditate, meditate, meditate......
The big question this morning is: when is it too muddy to wear shoes or too muddy to go barefoot? Such a huge dilemma, I decided to go barefoot because it is easier to wash my feet than to wash my shoes.  Since the dogs do not have a choice and also do not wash their feet, I have hundreds of puppy tracts on my floor even with rugs and towel all over the floors.  If you know me, you know how much I hate plastic, well I like it even less when it is in small pieces all over the house but of course, it is mixed with shredded paper and cardboard in the pattern that Gomer creates.  A very creative and busy puppy and the patterns he makes with his huge paws along with Dixie's; I could copy it and hang it in a room @ Crystal Bridges.  The last time I had less sleep was when I had 4 children under 6 years old, several years ago.  All are full of food and resting now all so innocent of all crimes....

Friday, November 25, 2011

Between the times of dodging big dogs and keeping everyone happy, I have been working on trying to help Eric get out of jail.  Gomer missed dog school when they taught, "2 objects cannot occupy the same space", so I have almost been on the floor/ground many times.  Since he is the larger of the two of us, he has an advantage of occupying the space.  I do have a small window of quiet time while everyone is chewing their bones but that is not a large window. Even Dixie is tired of Gomer,how can that be sine only a few months ago she was almost identical to him. Xena was able to keep me up a good deal of the night, just barking, for attention, I think, wish I could read her mind as easily as I can read Dixie's mind. I think I need a cattle prod, the ones I used to see them use at the salebarn. I have taught Gomer to 'sit' but that lasts about 5 seconds...very small attention span..Makes me think of Billy Ball from nursery school some 50 years ago also one of my favorites, Mike O'Hara... Such memories.
  Lonna was here for me to spend a couple of hours having Thanksgiving with the rest of the family, Penny fixed a great meal.
Loved CNN Hero's show last night and went into the website to vote on a couple, good thing I have at least 2 e-mail addresses because I could not decide which of two to vote for. Winners will be on the December 10 show.  I have to mark that on my calendar..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am so thankful that I am alive and well, well might not be the word for the way I feel after a night with these dogs.  Dixie and Zena did come and Dixie is helping Gomer exercise but they want to exercise in the house, under my feet and out doors only if I stay out with them.  Zena was awake and barking @ 4 am insisting that I take care of her and since she can't hear, I can't tell her to "shut up" and let me sleep. Since she got me up, Dixie and Gomer wanted to play on the bed and disturb my little dogs, all 10 of them. The sun is bright but it is still a bit cool out doors; we are out doors anyway, Dixie is getting a bit tired so maybe Gomer will slow down in a little while. 
It is Thanksgiving and my family is caring for lots and lots of animals, Penny is fixing the meal and Lonna will relieve me a bit so I can go to her house and eat.  Molly is home from college and already working.  Dixie's mom, Tamera brought two pies for us a pumpkin pie and a sampler, soooo goood, I have already broken my nutrition program and had a bite...maybe I need to just forgive my bad habits for one day and enjoy some very unhealthy food. OK.......

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am so sad about the way Benton County treats people whether you are guilty or not guilty.  After building a huge expensive building to house prisoners with a big kitchen, they are fed cold food, no fruits or veggies, no whole grains and are kept there for month after month without sunshine, exercise, supplements, healthy food or human contact.  I think they would be better off in a foreign country.
I did make it home after visiting the jail and did not see one friendly face with the exception of Eric the young man who seems so, so young, that we visited for thirty minutes, through a window and a very bad phone, could hardly hear anything he said unless you were very intent.  I was almost easier to read his lips. 
The employees there seem to think it is not ok to smile or be friendly at all, I did not see a smile or hear a friendly word the entire time we were there checking in, waiting, waiting and waiting.  Even though the appointment has to be made ahead of time, we were made to wait another 30 minutes before they brought him to the window. 
If you know anyone who could be an advocate for this men and women, yes even though they are jailed they are human.  I do think we need a whole new system because if you don't want someone to be a criminal you do not treat them like criminals until they have been proven to be a criminal.  If someone is starved of vitamins, minerals, exercise, good food, friendly people and sunshine, nothing in their body mind or spirit will work correctly.  I worry about what our JUST system is doing to good people.
Sorry I have to rant so long....I will keep rambling about this....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Talked to a friend via phone this morning and learned that she was diagnosed with colon cancer yesterday,  Already getting appointments for surgery and such without any consideration for alternative treatments that are proven and safe.  I guess the traditional medical community is going to kill another friend.  I can't believe how many people like to be "led to the slaughter' without using their own God given brain and info that is at their finger tips.  Another few doctors and pharmacies will make a fortunate for their greedy hands and forget that people die....
Gomer provided me with an entertaining night, he is so loving but so big and so busy.  Zoey, Jackson and Sonny were completely worn out and everyone is happy this morning to have a new bone to chew on and relax.  Zoey slept so close that I have black and white imprinted on my body...just kidding.
Chloe is having a problem supervising everyone and that little black Pug can even intimidate big black Gomer.
It is warm enough in the house to turn off the little electric fireplace but the doxies just love it too much for me to turn it off completely.   So damp and miserable outdoors that I like it too.  Guess I was a doxie in a former life, must do my past lives and find out....
I am going with a friend to the Benton County Jail today to visit her nephew, she is going out of town and I need to meet him so I can visit when she is gone.  I have never been to the Benton County Jail to visit any of its 400 guests so it will be a first for me.  When I was a child Daddy took us to sing for the guests in jail and we were really appreciated, I do remember how much praise we got from the guests.
There probably will not be a welcoming committee there to greet us or a "glad to had you" as we leave, but I will just have to be content that I don't have to stay and eat their refined carb foods, cold meals and no supplements. I wonder if they would ever do a study of a control group and another group that got supplements good reading materials and healthy meals while in jail; which ones would be the repeat offenders when they got out of prison.  i would like to do that study...Need someone to sponsor it with with funding.....Probably no one interested in helping the guilty or innocent.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gomer, the big black lab puppy, is in his chewing stage. He is having lots of fun playing and leaving me with half a pair of slippers, half a pair of socks, newspapers in tatters and any mail that fell to the floor is gone along with a roll of toilet tissue.  It is a good thing that I have a lot of flexibility and accept everyone as they are.  He does love me and all the other dogs....
I have been working on making the blog more attractive but have a bit of a problem, hoping I can work it the way I want it sooner or later...
Am listening to another cancer cure 2 hour audio webinar and learning more. Today Gomer will come to stay @ Mema's sleepover; a big, big puppy. lots of fun..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cool, cloudy, foggy and generally miserable today.  I guess winter is on its way and I have to go along with it.... The animals don't seem to mind the weather unless it rains but they do want a bit more attention. 
Yesterday I spent time helping John at Hawkins Wellness and saw a few friends, Dr. Bernadine came by too. Just had to so some writing last evening and this morning; was having withdrawal symptoms, when that happens, I just sit and write awhile.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Great day today, a nice fun, long visit with my friend CC and a great lunch.  I then made a trip to Hawkins Wellness for a bit of fun and business. I will work there tomorrow because Jerray is going out of town.  I also have my friend zoey for the holiday.  A beautiful little dog who enjoys every minute that she is here. She is now sitting with me as I write, she loves to sit in my chair with me.  I am going to turn on my little mini-biomat and lay on the couch to watch some TV and I will have at least 10 dogs laying with me.  I am so grateful that I can be out and about and see friends.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cool and frosty this morning, went out barefoot but put on shoes to do my outdoor chores; very frosty! I do love the sun, now that it has arrived this morning and the frost on the bushes looks mighty pretty. I spent some time yesterday at Hawkins Wellness and saw some old friends. Two days in a row the dogs have broken into the kitchen and emptied the trash, today I must work on that  little kitchen gate and make it theif proof.  I think it is a planned thing; as soon as I leave the house the project "make mema regret that she left the house", begins.  I have not figured out the leader, I think when I leave again I will put finger paints on the trash bag and check feet and snouts as soon as I return.  It may be a game for them but it is work for me.
I was challanged by @Urban magazine to write a story, using only 100 words.  It was a challange but I sent it in this morning.  I am really happy that my friend in Ozark introduced me to that little magazine, I am enjoying it.  I had to write a little story and then start taking away words until the words equaled 100.
Today I am writing an article for another magazine and even if I don't make money with this writing, I am having fun doing it and fun is everything in my life.  Gave time for wellness coaching yesterday to 3 people and was happy I could do it. While I am on the computer I am listening to brain entrainment music for creativity, healing and wealth, just hoping it works!
As I am thinking about the end of the year, I am reminded of the things from my bucket list that have happened and I have to be pleased that positive things are happening for me, I am grateful for the opportunity to work on that "bucket list" every day. I hope everyone has a bucket list, it is much more important than goals at this time in my life.
Making some phone calls today to check on people  that I have not talked to in a while, is on my "most" important list.   Must get started.....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am listening to a webinar, of course, and getting ready for my writing class @ Studio 7, this afternoon.  As I was listening to my brain entrainment music, I wonder if artist could enhance their creative juices if they listened to the music for creative brain as they are doing their art.  There is so much to learn about this branch of the energy healing modality. 
I am continuing to do my cleanse and am already feeling lighter on my feet and bright in my brain.   I started back on my Zeolites yesterday to do a more in dept cleanse.  I have been listening to Dr. Pearson from the new medicine foundation and really enjoying the info he is giving me.  Wish I could send some of my friends to Florida to see him.
Gotta finish getting dressed to go for my class....

Monday, November 14, 2011

Spending today doing some cleansing of my body. I think I need to clean out my digestive tract, liver and gallbladder at least every 6 months.  When I went into my website of the global healing center to replace the products that I am using, I found so many new articles that I needed to read and copy.  I am also listening to another webinar on healing and preventing cancer.  www.centerfornewmedicine.com or www.perfectlyhealthy.com I even went to one of my favorite websites to get new info: www.barefoothealth.com The audio webinar is 2 hours long so I have to record and re-listen a couple of times.  It is warm today so I have been outdoors walking barefoot and getting all the benefits of grounding.  So much to learn and so little time.....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Looks great outdoors but the wind can almost blow me away, I would be gone if I weighed less!! The sun is beautiful, the people who rake leaves are really becoming stressed out, not bothering me a bit. 
I am continuing to write on my fiction story and am listening to some webinars.  Animals are fed and sleeping, wash is going; don't think I will try to hang wash on the line, too, too, windy.
Oh No, I have to get up and move the bag of horse food, last night did not get it any farther than just inside the door, if I leave it there Mac the pug will mark it using it for a pee post, don't know why he has such a bad habit but it makes me aware of not leaving a bag on the floor.  I will get it moved, pronto...
Wonder why all three of the football games I like are all playing at the same time; Cowboys, Chiefs and St. Louis.  I guess I will sit with the remote; is not that a great invention?  so much easier that having to walk over and change channels at each commercial or time out. What a chore that was..I am so spoiled and pampered..

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I have been trying to write more fiction so started a little story this morning:

Why not me

Nellie was coming upon her birthday, a very important birthday, one that she had dreaded for many years.  She could hardly open her mouth to say the big number. Quickly she whispered; “fffiiifffttty” and gazed off into the distance.   Could it be that she had reached this midlife pinnacle and still not successful?  Could it be that the numbers kept adding up and her achievements were few?

She was watching Oprah on TV and the group of very successful (at least they said they were successful) looked so smart and told the audience smugly that it was easy, just to meditate on their wants and needs and the universe would hand it to you.  Anyway they called it “the secret” and is was available to everyone. “Why not me?” Nancy exclaimed loudly into the Television set.

The lottery amount was getting larger and larger, the numbers would be called on Friday evening. Again, she asked, “Why not me”? She had gone to the quick market and bought a ticket, not once but twice and she could make good use of the money, in fact, she needed it more than anyone else she knew. She had already made a list of the things she would purchase and in the order in which she would purchase them.  She had the positive attitude that she needed and there was no reason on earth that she could not win the lottery!

Friday the work day was hard and very stressful but Nellie could tolerate it only because she was going to win the lottery that night, she kept fingering the ticket in her pocket all day and even mentally added to her lists of purchases she would make, when she won. The morning had started on such a bad note, woke up late, very little time for a cup of coffee and no time for a breakfast.  The hair dryer would not blow so she had to go to work with wet hair.  It was in Nellie’s plans to iron her clothing before she went to work but since there was no time, she had to wear wrinkled clothing to work and imagined that everyone was looking at her, thinking that she had “had a bad night out”.  She tried to smile at everyone but it was a forced smile.  She grabbed some money and went to the vending machine for a cinnamon roll for breakfast but when she placed her money into the machine, it locked up and no cinnamon roll rolled out. She was very dejected when she returned to her desk, luck was on her side because she had a very sad looking apple in her desk drawer, it was very difficult to bite into and as she did an old dental filling dropped into her lap.  As she thought of her day so far, she remembered the little book, “Alexander and the no good very bad day”. In the book Alexander was going to solve the problem by moving to Australia.  Nellie said, under her breath, “I can go to Australia when I win the lottery.”

At the end of Nellie’s, no good very bad day, she hurried home to find a bit of food that she could eat with a broken tooth as she watched them pull the numbers for the lottery. She placed her key in the car; no sounds came, in her hurry to get to the office she had left her lights on and now her battery was dead. Instead of saying; “why not me” she said, loudly, “Why Me”.  She felt very tired and stressed out when she found a friend in the parking lot who would get her automobile started and she was soon on her way home.  No time for supper because she was ready to watch TV to hear it when her numbers were called, when she won the lottery.  She grabbed a quick sandwich and sat down very heavily in her recliner to listen for the lottery numbers.  It seemed like hours even though just minutes before they began to call the number for the winning lottery ticket. She could hardly breathe as they started rolling out the numbers 27, 8, 6, 99…. That was as far as she listened, there was no 99 on her ticket. She felt as if she were a balloon that deflated. “Why oh why not me”, she said loudly.

She was so tired she immediately dressed for bed and as she drifted off to sleep; she remembered that she had listened to the people on Oprah so she could use The Secret and the universe would give her that six figured check and of course her name was in the publisher’s clearing house…..

Friday, November 11, 2011

Today is going to be another ME day, I will have livestream on my computer of the celebrations of the opening of crystal bridges museum, streaming from the Bentonville square. I will pause for 20 minutes @ 11:11 Am for a meditation with my Qigong Master.  I am drinking my coffee from my Crystal Bridges coffee mug, was a bit cool when I went out barefoot this morning but if the wind dies down a bit it will be a beautiful day.  I am now listening to a webinar replay on the computer and I am learning a bit.  As usual the washer is going, the animals have been fed and are all relaxing and the historical day of ll/ll/ll is here.
I ate poorly yesterday so must call my "healthy lifestyle priest" and get back on tract....hey, that's me; I am my own Master... will have to be a better person today.  I am ultimately responsible for my actions and have to answer for them.
I am ready to hang out the wash so gotta get busy with my life....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What a morning!  Lonna took off work or at least is working from the computer today so that we could go to Crystal Bridges Art Museum today.  I want to say that it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.  Of course, I met lots of beautiful people there and found out lots of neat info about them.  The security people in each room were so great; about half with a background in security and the other half with a background in art.  One of the people had taught art all over OK, another girl was acting in NYC before she moved here.  Many beautiful volunteers also.  The art was great too and the building is the most beautiful place I have every seen.  Everyone needs to spend several hours there so go online and get tickets and take off work; take children with you because there is a children's area too.  And a great restaurant!  The people who made my latte were really great too.....I could ramble on and on and on..
Taking time today to do all the upgrades on my computer, also scanning with Microsoft Security Essentials to be certain that I have no bugs, worms or whatever; none found.  I am also listening to sample lessons of the Chinese Medicine/Herbalogist course, I find them really interesting. Must not waste my time; learn all the time.  I really love to learn.
Went outdoors for exercise for me and the dogs, really a cool wind but the sun is great. I did have to come back into the house for a jacket to hang out the clothes and run with the dogs.
Made the trip to the mailbox at the end of the drive; no six figure checks, no interesting mail, just some wasted trees (catalogs that I do not ever order from), don't know why I get all these catalogs because I order on the internet and never use a catalog.
My little Chloe (black pug) is really great but she will fight any dog who tries to get her sweet potato peel, she loves all veggies too.  I had a sweet potato today so she is very happy.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winter weather for today...

Cool and damp; when the rain stops and the water starts to fade away, my work begins.  Lots of rugs, towels and floor to wash, the little dirty, muddy paws have left their mark.  Washer is going, all the animals are fed and I have had my smoothie and hot cup of coffee.  I am listening to Donna Gates, the greatest expert on nutrition in my world.  Her webinar was last night so I am replaying this morning and will probably replay many times because her information is so good.
I am having lots of calls for the girls to visit and stay with animals over the holidays, and a few calls for Mema's Sleepover.  I am happy my cell phone is working because of the calls from pet clients. 
I ordered a sample of a supplement that might be a good daily drink for me or one of the family; read all the ingredients but many of ingredients did not state how much of each thing, such as Co Enzyme Q10, gogi berry etc.  I  really focus on amounts of super foods, minerals and vitamins in each supplement that I add to my nutrition program.  Then I have to decide if the cost is a good use of my money.
When I awakened to the cold air this morning, I had to put on my shoes and also don a jacket but I remember when I was a little girl and had to go to barn and milk cows and feed all the livestock before I got dressed for school.  My oh my, how I longed to sleep-in, just one morning and I set a goal all the time just to get to be an adult so I would never have to get up early; I am now 77 years old and am still working on that goal.  I think of the elderly that "get" to lay in bed and I think my life is better than theirs.  I guess God knows what is best for me, but how about, just one morning, can't He be a little more flexible?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gas in the Tank

As I filled, no not filled but put some gas in my tank I thought right away how I hate putting gas in my car, not for just paying but I used to drive miles to get someone else to handle that little job.  The gas fumes linger with me for hours, all those germs on the handle (I forgot my gloves) and I just plain don't like it. Of course, I remember that I had someone else put gas in the tank, wipe my windshield, check my antifreeze, and check my oil....and it only cost me .19 cents a gallon.  So much for the memories...
I did get into town yesterday and have an early dinner with my friends Bernadine and Charlie.  Jill also joined us at Buds.  I had a nice visit with my friend Carol and all in all it was a nice afternoon.  Did not get to relax during the night because my "storm dogs" let me know that the weather was acting up and they needed love and protection.
I feel as if I am Noah today because there is water, water, water everywhere and my house is full of four legged creatures that do not want to get their paws wet.  I wonder how Mrs. Noah handled all that pee and poop? 
Now is the time for all good men.....maybe that is not the right statement.  Now is the time for me to be flexible, caring and tolerant, not that I am always caring and tolerant, just have to be more so...
At this point I am letting "sleeping dogs lie", while I have a bit of fun at the computer and have a great cup of coffee and listen to the webinar I missed yesterday.  I am grateful for all those great animals and don't know why I allow people to act as if my animals are not important.  Four of the cats were in the house this morning to be fed because of the weather, only Janie remained out doors because she is still too shy to come into a house with a dozen barking, sniffing dogs.  How would you feel coming into such a household?
I have my writing class today and will have the opportunity to touch lives and let other lives touch my life.
Wow, I reached a goal "NO MISPELLINGS"!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I am grateful that dayligt savings time has passed and I will not have to take the flashlight out to feed my animals.  I am a bit upset that "some people" think they know what is best for me including telling me to get rid of my farm animals.  I don't know why "they" cannot let me make my own decisions and if I want to live with animals, I should be allowed to do so! Now that I have said my peice I will tell you that I did find a home for my two large goats and I regret it, I do not feel comfortable with the people who took them.  I have a man coming to see my little Jacob and JR today and if I don't feel comfortable with him, I don't care how much he wants them, I am not letting them go to a home that is not better then mine.  I have made the decision that Janet my old mare and Jessie my old billy will always be with me until they "kick the bucket" because noone would be as kind and patient as I am with them, no matter what "they" say..
I hope you got the idea that I am unhappy, because I am. I will cheer up soon and get back on track for living my best life..My cell phone is working again and I will be more comfortable, now that I can always "reach out and touch someone".