Sunday, July 31, 2011

I had a great day yesterday: went to the Farmer's Market and met so many nice people, bought some fruits and veggies, talked, gave a way a couple of books and had a really good time. I am so grateful for those people who work so hard to provide us with good healthy food. Lonna and I then went to visit my friend Pat and take her some of our fresh produce, some reading material and a new shirt that we bought from my friend Mary at the Market. Pat had other visitors that were seeking answers for health issues and of course I was happy to talk to them and give away some more books. When we got home we had some of that produce for lunch,,,,such great peaches.
No rain so I put some water on my trees that I have to save and watched my baseball games. More winning than loosing, for a change. I am grateful that it is a bit cooler this morning because some of the surrounding towns did get a shower yesterday. I have been doing some research on Alkaline Water today and also finishing the research of Ellen's prescription drugs, makes me sad that there are physicians that sell people all those drugs and never mention the supplements; fish oil, CoenzymeQ10, B12, D3, etc. etc. When are they going to wake up? .......................

Friday, July 29, 2011

I had a great day yesterday, was very busy and I think productive. I visited my friend Pat Lemmer in the Ashley rehab, getting over a small stroke, they think. No one seems to know what happened to her but she did have weakness on the left side so is retraining her left side. She looked really good and in my opinion I think she is probably almost back to normal. She is such a nice lady and was a partner on some of the mission trips, helping after hurricanes and in Dumas after a tornado. I then went to hawkins Wellness and met Ellen for a spa and conversation, While I was there I met 3 other friends, made some new friends and of course, visited with Jeri and John. So grateful for all these opportunities and the ability to get 'out and about'.
My animals thought I had abandoned them and gave me lots of love when I got home. Today I have to catch up on the "have to" list here at home. I also have to do some research on some prescription drugs and some alternatives. No rain today but I am hopeful.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

When my huge weeping cherry tree and my shade trees started wilting, I gave in and started giving them some water. I don't know whether or not it will save them as it seems as if I am giving it with a teaspoon. I am listening to some seminars on Qigong and Tai Chi and would love to become a master but the money just is not there for such "foolishness". Yesterday I did some research on the "ear acupuncture/auriculotherapy" and got a sample of a book on my Kindle, books are too expensive.
Today I will go to Hawkins Wellness and meet with Ellen, I love going to see John and Jeri, I always learn so much when I go over there. I am looking forward to the opening of the new building for wellness.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rambo and Lela went home yesterday and Domino went to heaven after a long battle with aging, she finally let go of life. We got Domino when I lived in Texas from a shelter and she has been a great Border Collie for the past many years. She loved barking at Motor Cycles and lawn mowers, had fun sniffing in the barn and around the barn lot, and was always very relaxed just watching over all the other animals. I will miss her even though the past several months she would forget what she came into the house to do and her dementia was easily spotted. She has a grave in my flower bed and Lowes will be here today with more bricks and soil. Molly was in 1st grade when we got her and is a second year college student now, don't know for certain how old she was when she came to live with me. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time with her. Everyone should have the pleasure of having a Border Collie for a companion, I have had two great ones...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Am listening to "brain enhancing" sounds this morning. When I hung out the wash this morning I decided that it was a "stay inside" day. I think Rambo and Lala will go home today, not certain but it will be good because Lala is displacing everything in the house because she is looking for the cat. She is so focused on the cat that she does not see what she is displacing to get there.
I have more wash to do because Domino is still alive and is constantly urinating in her bed. Because of the odor, I have to change the bedding really often. I am grateful that things dry very rapidly outdoors.
Lots of research on the computer this morning; it started with the bittermelon that Lonna brought from the farmer's market. I had heard mention of it in the natural health info so looked up all the benefits this morning and then something else came up, etc. etc. By the way, I am glad it has health benefits because it tastes terrible to me. Will have to try it in vinegar to get some of the bitterness out. It is listed in the "diabetic cures" in my info.
More wash ready to hang out......

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zoey came this morning and as usual it was a really great welcoming by all the dogs. Domino is still hanging on to life, laying quietly in the living room by the water, drinks but will not eat. I spoke with Ellen this morning, will meet her @ Hawkins Wellness Center on Thursday. I am doing some research on supplements today with the help of Barky, Zoey and Rambo; so helpful. Waiting for Lonna to bring stuff from the Farmer's Market. I am so grateful that there is a breeze this morning so we spent a bit more time outdoors then I must be grateful for the "Kool" house and happy animals. Milt called yesterday to plan the mission trip to Joplin for post tornado clean up; will go the August 1 and 2; Monroe and Quincy will be here on the 3rd so I will have to be home with them the rest of the week. We are hoping for cooler weather by then????

Friday, July 22, 2011

Surprise, Surprise, another warm, warm, warm day!! I will have to express gratitude for air conditioning and the fact that I do not have to work outdoors unless I want to. i am also grateful for my solar dryer, the clothesline, I do not have to heat up the house with the dryer. Lonna downloaded the pictures she took at the expo and I must say that I thought I looked better than I did, so what's new....I guess it is because I never wear any make up and I am 76 years old, Huh....
Yesterday I gave 3 dog baths so guess I made about $60, at least I saved that much. Domino is just laying around waiting to go to heaven, she did not eat at all this morning but did drink. She is very comfortable, apparently so I will just keep her that way and let her go at her own pace.
I went through all the stuff I brought home from the EXPO and still can't find a couple of names I wrote down to get info to, guess I will go through it all again. I just need to do things in a organized fashion, don't know why I don't.
Clothes are ready to hang out so gotta get busy......

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's a good, good day..

I picked up Barky and she was so happy to be here that she almost wagged her little pug tail off. Was notified that I will get Zoey on Saturday early am to add to the group of animals. We are not moving much in this heat, just out long enough to do our business then back into the not too cool house.
I was amused at the way our lives change, needed a charge on the phone, a charge on the Kindle and a charge on the drill. Needed new batteries in the radio and the clock; we depend too much on being charged up, I think. I am charged up to get some house work done today, if I could charge my magic wand, I would request a housekeeper but I would have to clean it before she could get into the house. Since I do not have a magic wand..........

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lots of great opportunities coming today, I am certain

I got to Rogers yesterday to do my Infrared Biomat and Detox; I really needed it and it was so good to visit with John and Jeri. I am working on information for some of the people I met at the Expo and finding all the e-mails that I jotted down on pieces of paper, etc. I listened to a couple of new webinars and am also putting that material together to add to my next book.
Oh My, I forgot to dust the scales before I weighed this morning and that dust really was heavy, at least I think it was the dust. I talked to Janice, Dr. Labrie yesterday and if she cannot find someone else to do it, I will lead her Qigong class on Saturday morning.
I have to get everyone out for exercise because it will not be cool enough to get out in just a few minutes, did not even cool down last night. I have to hang out the wash also.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Looking forward to a great day

Here all day and my yard help did not show, guess he changed his mind about doing yard work, probably too hot. I have my clothes ready to hang out on the clothesline so i have to be brief, it is not as if they won't dry because they are dry almost by the time I get back into the house. Lela and Rambo are here and want a little extra attention but I am going to go over to John Hawkins and go on the biomat and detox this morning, I need it badly because I did not eat right, exercise right or breathe right during the week end. I certainly don't want to shorten my telemeres and age. Just a visit with John and Jeri will be good and also go by the Lifelong Learning Center and visit with my friend CC will be good too.
How do you train a cat, my Ruby has decided that my desk and computer are hers so sits here by the computer and does not budge when I am trying to work, she thinks all the house is hers. She is a cat that is certainly comfortable in her own body and "feels her power". Domino, the old border collie is really aging fast and I am having to find creative ways to get food into her frail body. I think she has lived until she is just too tired to keep going. I have got to get started on this wonderful day...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Wonderful, Wonderful Weekend....

Several days since I blogged but I have been busy, having fun. I had a great weekend teaching a class and signing books at the Lifelong Learning Center EXPO. What great fun. Now I have to unload my car today and find a spot for the books I brought home, among other things. i need to go see John Hawking and get my health spa treatment but I have Wes coming to mow my yard and clean up around the place. I also have Lela and Rambo coming for the week and Barky on Wednesday. I am hoping that I will have enough people signing up for my classes so I can have classes in the weeks to come, starting later this week. I love it!
The animals all missed me so I am making it up to them, extra combing and massaging. Jake my little goat wanted to spend more time climbing on me and sitting in my lap, even the cats are a bit clingy.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Many good experiences yesterday. When I went to Lifelong Learning Center I found that an article, written by Leslie Olson was in a newspaper; picture too. The paper that serves Western Benton County: The Westside Eagle Observer was not available locally so I drove to Gravette to find a copy. In Gravette I went to my feed store and visited with my friend there and got names for possible hay providers then went to the newspaper office. The man in the newspaper office was a really nice person, sold me some papers and I left flyers for the Expo with him. He was really impressed with the Expo program and told me he would get the word out. The article reminded me of a time when the Monett Times in Monett, Missouri had articles about me or my family almost daily. My husband was a coach at the schools, I was a preschool and elderly advocate and all four kids were getting honors at school. Our home was on the home tour a couple of times so the article brought back memories. Then in the mail came a letter to Lonna from Judge John Scott, he sent an article from the Monett Times that told about what happened 30 years ago; the article was about Lonna earning a week in Washington D.C. that she absolutely loved. John and his family were friends of mine 'way back when' in Monett.
I also visited the Hawkins Wellness Center because I went to some flea markets in Rogers looking for props for my book signing; did not find what I wanted but loved driving in the rain. I did find hay cheaper than the from the people who did not show up on Tuesday. Very nice man and his son; Bill and Logan Hendrickson. My animals are so happy to have hay to eat and play upon.....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Penny says it is raining in Bentonville, just 15 minutes away, hope it comes my way. I waited all day yesterday for the hay delivery and noshow. I am a bit upset at them and will continue to look for hay. Lonna helped my improve my powerpoint last night, she loves that sort of thing and will help me do the presentations. I am looking forward to Saturday and Sunday at the Lifelong Learning Center Expo at Hammons Center in Rogers. I hope everyone in the four state area will come, learn and have fun.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It is like we had a long play record and it keeps getting stuck and we have day after day of hot, hot weather. I got out early yesterday and went to Lifelong Learning Center, Hawkins Wellness and the Tractor Supply, stopped a few other places then home by lunchtime; just too hot to be out when you are able to find nice air conditioning. I found a guy with some hay while I was out; it is very hard to find available hay this year and it has doubled in price. I am supposed to have a couple of round bales delivered this morning as my grass is almost gone, too hot and dry.
Because of the weather this year, almost every other building is getting a new roof, guess the insurance rates will climb, higher and higher. Roofers are working from daylight until noon.

Monday, July 11, 2011

It is very, very warm outdoors and the house just can't cool down, so I did not have a restful night. Memories of the many, many years prior to air conditioning. I have to run errands today including purchasing animal food: dog, cat, horse, goat,etc. etc. I do not intend to do any yard work at all, just too hot.
I have to do some more work on my stuff for the Lifelong Learning Center Expo. I hope everyone is looking at the new website, Nick is getting it up to being so great. I am very impressed because I almost worship electronic geeks and the work they do. I have also started on another book because I have gathered so much more info and I have to "tell it to the mountains". After the expo I will upload book number 4 to and get it published. My next 70 years are going to be just as busy as the first 76........

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I have been having so much fun that it has to be a sin....Busy and have not been blogging because I leave too early in the mornings and guess what, the animals have to be fed, watered and loved a bit before I leave the house. Wednesday I got to spend some time with CC and the group @ Lifelong Learning Center, so much excitement in that room. I got to know a wonderful young writer: Leslie, and some old friends, Nick, CC, Howard, etc. When I was working with John Hawkins at his wellness center in Rogers, I met lots of great people and had fun. Yesterday I went to get a new back window put in my old van, it has been gone for many months and I finally replaced it. The people there were so nice and deserved a couple of books, I also met Chelsie there, a beautiful young woman looking for a job, college grad in Arch, design. Another lady that wanted more wellness information and will contact me because she could not give me her e-mail without her husbands permission: how sad is that, I really feel sorry for her. On my way out, I had to get gas and met a really frail looking man named Wes, who was cleaning up trash at the service station, gave him a card and told him he could call me and I could give him a little yard work to do, he was going down to the VA hospital for some medical problems today. last night I went to have dinner at my friend, Ellen's house; good conversation and food.
All in all it has been fun but my animals do not like for me to be gone that much. Yesterday a John's Wellness I met lots of nice people and gave them info on my classes and the Expo @ I also met some people who needed lots of help and that makes me happy when I can help....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I can't believe it but there were more fireworks last night...I had a great time yesterday at Hawkins Wellness and this morning I had a great time at Lifelong Learning Center, go to and get the latest info on the great Learning Expo, it is great. My class in the breakout rooms is @ 10 am on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday and there are so many other really great programs!! Don't miss it, fun for everyone. Come and spend the day both Saturday and Sunday. On stage performances too and all those booths to visit and learn from. Mark it on your calendar.....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

After 4 nights of fireworks, could there be any more? I hope not, the animals are tired and I can't imagine who would have any left to set off.....
I am going to work at the Hawkins Wellness Center today, I don't think it is work, just a time to meet, greet and learn. I will see if I can spend some time tomorrow with CC @ Lifelong Learning Center. I will get my "ducks in a row" for the Expo, my booth, my book signing and my class on Energy Healing. I am also excited about the new classes that I will take in July and August. I have to comb dogs before I go to out........

Monday, July 4, 2011

Less fireworks last night so the animals and I had a better night. Good rain and I am so grateful for the showers, hope for more today. I am listening to some info on Tai Chi and Qigong this morning. Dixie and Xena are here for a couple of days so I need all my qigong and meditation skills. Lonna went to the dairy farm yesterday so I have real, raw cream for my coffee today, such a treat. I am so grateful for that little co-op dairy that treats their cattle well, gives no hormones and no antibiotics, it is great to have a healthy milk.
Talked to my grandson and son via phone, my grandson is happily surprised that he actually received gifts for his graduation and is getting ready for his CLEP test for college, told him he did not have to do as well as his father who clepped out of 19 hours when he went to college. Such a smart kid. Roger, my son did have lots of encouragement from his parents.
I have to get out before it gets hot and run with the dogs..........

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Really had a good day yesterday, helped John a bit at Hawkins Wellness and met some really nice people; a mother and daughter that I really enjoyed; love their attitudes and way of life and my friend Tamera came to pick up some stuff and ask that I let Dixie and Xena stay with me this week end. I did my spa biomat, learned to hang upside down and felt really good following the time with John. My dogs appreciate me more when I have taken time to be away for a bit but since it was almost 5 pm when I got home the farm animals were about ready to walk in and find their own food, they are not happy when they think they are being neglected. I did meet someone yesterday that is actually reading my books, that is strange because many people have my books but have not read them. It was a thrill and also a thrill when she told me that she loved them. I did not have time to visit CC at the Lifelong Learning Center but I know they were busy, busy, busy getting ready for the Expo on the 16, and 17th and we are all so excited about "the big thing". New classes signed up too with new instructors; take a look @ I must get busy; dogs lined up for their morning combing and massage......

Friday, July 1, 2011

So hot yesterday but wonderful in Ellen's pool, nice meal also and of course, the conversation with Ellen and CC was great. All in all a very enjoyable evening out. I am working at Hawkins Wellness Center today so will try to take time to do the biomat and foot detox. Another hot day so my animals will probably want to spend the entire day indoors and I don't blame them. Holiday weekend so traffic will be bad today; people trying to leave town. Now is the time to stay put, in an air conditioned house.