Sunday, January 31, 2010

So happy to see the sun yesterday, snow and ice too thick to do much melting but got a path across the porch and my back steps cleared. Already spent lots of time in the dark. in the back yard playing with the dogs. in the snow. Some of them really love running and playing in it. Everyone has been fed and napping now. even the cats.
Indulged in snow ice cream and it was tasty. I will work it off today and try to tame that sugar craving of mine. Qigong and the Energy healing DVDs will get a ''workout' today.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

All this ice and snow makes me so thankful that I do not have to go to work. I always had to be at work even if no one else was going. I have driven to work when my jaws would be so tight and sore when I got to work that I could hardly even drink my cup of coffee. I have met lots of nice people in my travels a couple of farmers were really nice when they pulled me out of the ditch so I could travel on to work. There were many instances when I had problems and someone nice farmers or travelers helped me. The snow is so deep today and it is so cold, when I went out to feed the livestock I had problems with the snow against the gait and spent some time just getting out of the yard. I think the snow was about 7 inches in the barn lot because it was over my 6 inch boot.
My bird feeder in the kitchen window was busy and loud with all the birds feeding, Sophie and Stormy stalked it because they thought their cat feeder was full. I put feeders on the front deck and at one time I counted 26 birds, the most beautiful are my cardinals, a dozen of them. The birds kept Sophie, Stormy and I fascinated all day.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Weather is TERRIBLE this morning, sleeting now and already a lot on the ground, I dread going out to feed the livestock and carrying water.
Yesterday I really sinned! Lonna had left a part of a bag of fritos here and I ate them, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing". I think it was about 4 servings, lots of salt, fat, etc. No sugar, I guess that is the only good thing about it. I will have to be extra good today. It must have been a sign; Dr. Mercola tweeted about how dangerous belly fat is!
The cats gave up on fighting for the kitchen, or should i say Stormy is back in the utility room. Sophie is happy to have her space back.
Looks like I will be busy today just fighting with the weather and caring for everyone, animals that is, will have to do a lot of energy healing and Qigong.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Had Lonna bring me horse food, cat food and dog food, just in case the ice comes. Looks like the big boys will go to their new home on Friday or Saturday weather permitting. Did not get much accomplished yesterday but there are days like that, nothing seems to get going and the day is very fragmented.

Stormy caused me some problems this morning, when I got up this morning Sophia was in the living room sleeping in my chair. When I looked in the kitchen, Stormy was in Sophia's basket, they are indoor/outdoor cats and they do not acknowledge each other. Stormy is usually in the utility room on the dryer waiting for her food and Sophia spends most of her time in the kitchen in a basket on the table and in her box on the floor. I had to shut the gate to the kitchen, the dogs do not need to eat cat food, so Sophia could be fed on the floor since Stormy was not going to give up the table, wish they could cooperate and eat and sleep together. They are not unlike people who do not want to share and get along.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We are supposed to have a big ice/snow storm starting tomorrow. I will have to get more animal food because I probably won't see a human after today, until next week. Jack the new dog has settled in rather well and I am amazed that he could come into a house so full of animals and not freak out.
I am so interested in Donna Eden's healing energy. I did some further study yesterday and it makes me thirst for more information.
The TV tells me that today is chocolate cake day, too bad I don't have one, maybe it is good that I don't have one,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The sky looks like we are going to have a sunrise today but it is very cold outside. I had to break ice on the stock water and became very cold when I ran with the dogs.
New dog today, Lonna brought me a miniature pincher last night, his dad did not want him. His name is jack and even thought I am not fond of the breed but he seems really nice. Is a week earlier than I wanted him because I still have Cowboy and Dude but we will handle it; have to do more Qigong and Energy healing for a few days. A new dog causes some of the group to mark everything, lots of mopping and washing.
The weather man says ice and snow storms starting Thursday, I hope he is wrong, I do not have my wood stove yet. I have to remember to start my car every day or I will have a dead car again. Have to trust that God will send me a life saver if the electricity goes off.

Monday, January 25, 2010

It is really cold this morning! I can hope that the cold wind will dry the ground so I will not loose my shoes in the mud when I go feed the livestock. Had to get more hay for the livestock yesterday and too wet to get it to the barn so had to unload in the dry area near the highway. Janet, JR, Jesse and Julie do not mind where it is just so it is there. Just read on Facebook that my sister is going to be a great grandmother, can you believe that I am old enough to have a sister that old?
Am started on my road to becoming presentable enough to appear in public. Have been at home so long that I have to redo myself. Cowboy and Dude will have a home with their mom and Dad next week and I am looking forward to them being gone, I will have a lot more freedom.
Did some really in depth study in Spring Forest Qigong yesterday and am more impressed each time I do more study. Did some more reading on eye health, too.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Still looks rainy outdoors and like most of you I am ready for the sunshine. I went out this morning singing, "Oh what a beautiful morning" hope my energy and attitude can change the world.
Jill came over and helped me declutter my kitchen and did some general cleaning, it also gave me a human to talk to. Lonna came long enough to bring some groceries and take my new picture for the book and for my profile. At 75 years old, I do not like what my picture looks like, I want to look like 40 but I am afraid that would take plastic surgery. worked a lot yesterday on my Qigong and also getting rid of some of my 'flab'. I spent some time on new research, one website leads to another, etc.,etc.
I am tired of football, none of my teams are going to the super bowl. I am not enjoying basketball, I am not at all interested in Kentucky being on top, so I am ready for baseball to start. I made a list yesterday of all the places in Northwest Arkansas that I need to check out as soon as the big boys go to their new home with their parents. As I watch HGTV this morning I am ready for the spring planting and getting my nest under the old apple tree all ready for some good times to drink my cup of coffee. The first day that I see the sun, I am going to gather my big pots together so I can start planning the herbs and flowers for my little spot of relaxation.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The ground is so wet and still light rain this morning. I have a great need for more sun and less rain.

Did some work with the publisher on the book cover and have to get a picture taken and to them today, not happy to have a picture taken because I do not see myself as I really look in a picture.

Spent several hours doing the video training on the healing with Qigong DVDs. I would recommend using it and the healing energy modalities with anyone who is having to battle illness and disease. I am learning Donna Eden's methods and for an old lady that had problems with all of the modalities including hypnotism, 40 years ago, I have really made progress. When I went for training in NAET, Dr. Devi told me that I would think it was vodoo at first but would change my mind. I did change my mind.
I hope to learn as much as possible about energy healing and be able to use it to help people. have to rely on Internet and DVD training as I cannot afford to go to the training schools.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Started a new 'me project", will get myself ready for the public since my big dogs will move on the first of the month. Lonna has already found a replacement for them, Jack is not doing well in his present home so will come here on Monday. I have not met him so will have to get used to a completely new dog.
Could not run or walk outdoors yesterday because of the mud so the dogs were very disappointed. I worked with energy healing yesterday and also did training with Dr. Clark's organization on detox and cleanse, I found it very interesting and also did a webinar on health coaching that I really did not get much from.
All the family went out to eat last night so brought me a meal from Mimis which I enjoyed brought all the vegetables, good asparagus and broccoli.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Contracts were signed yesterday for publishing my book "Mema's Ramblings on being well" the first books will be on and book selves sometime in April. Hope everyone will buy 2, it will probably be priced at $9.95 and I will be getting myself back on the speaking circuit. Now gotta plan on getting myself back into the public. The big boys will have a home on the first of Feb. so will have a much more flexible life.
Rambo and Lela will be going home today and I will have to wash and mop because, Rambo has marked literally everything.
Downloaded material from Dream University yesterday so will listen to it today and will finish out a couple of my online classes.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Warm yesterday but rained so lots of mud. Hope for sunshine today.
Got my DVDs to learn Tai Chi for older adults. Having problems with my laptop so am having to use the key board that I have problems with, won't do much on the computer today until I get my laptop to working again. Spend so much of my time trying to get machines to work.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Talked to the publisher yesterday concerning proceeding with publishing my book.
Spent a lot of time yesterday studying Energy Healing and learned a great deal. I spent too much time watching news of Haiti, just don't understand how they can watch people dying and say they are still making assessments before they can help anyone. I guess I believe in using my hands more that using my thoughts. Just wish I to be 30 years younger.
Supposed to have more sun today and have 2 more dogs for a couple of days. Rambo will be here to do his marking so that will cause more wash and mopping. Lela loves my chair, will have to evict a big golden every time I want to sit down. They absolutely love coming here because I allow so much freedom.
Will put the finishing touches on my book today and get it ready for the publisher.
Reached my first goal for the day; 'no misspellings'

Monday, January 18, 2010

During the ice and snow I was in survival mode so must get back to my productive daily routines and do the "10 most important things" every day.
Got ink in the printer so restarted my online lessons, I print the lesson then I can do a better job of study, then catalog the lesson for later study too.
Will contact two of the publishers today to make a final deal to get my book published. Today I have on my list to contact King institute and see if I can do some further study in TKM. Hope to get my DVDs today on the Energy healing by Donna Eden and work harder today on the Spring Forest Qigong healing series. Hope I can do more running with the dogs outdoors today as the mud is drying somewhat.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The big boys parents came and charged my battery so I could start my car. The young man, Troy, came and trimmed JR's hoofs and checked Janet's hoofs. I used lots of horse treats to make them happy.
There is so much mud now that the snow has melted, I have mud everywhere with 15 dogs, that's 60 paws, 2 indoor/outdoor cats that is 8 more paws, carrying mud into the house. I have old rugs and towels everywhere to catch the paws before they reach the bed or the couches.
Worked more yesterday on my Donna Eden program of energy healing and the Reiki DVD. Today my Cowboys play football and the Mavs play basketball so have to take some time out for the games on tv. Will try to do some exercises while I am watching tv. Will have to keep the washer going all day because there are so many dirty towel and rugs caused by all the little muddy paws.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still cannot keep from watching the broadcasts about Haiti, just have to do more of my modalities to keep from being depressed.
Will get JR's hoofs done today and it will not be easy because it is raining this morning, don't have enough mud, need some more.
Did some more of my on line classes yesterday but my printer ran out of ink so could not copy stuff to study so will have to buy more black ink. I use lots of ink.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I have got to turn off the tv, Haiti keeps my mood down. It is so sad. I have been doing more of my energy healing routines, qigong and tai chi.
The young man finally called me to set up tome to take care of JR's hoofs, he will be here Saturday am.
Sent my book to my sister's for review, your family are your worst critics so I imagine I can expect some comments.
It is so muddy out doors, I walk right out of my shoes. Hope it will dry some today.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

You think you have it bad until you see Haiti, I again can't understand, why a news person can get there and have his water bottle and a child has no help. I think relief organizations need to hire the media to teach them how to get there quickly. Also wonder how people can wander the streets and not be digging for someone.
Life here is dull and mundane, thawed out enough that I can use the hose, but the mud is so deep that I lost my shoes trying to get things done at the barn. Still have not been able to reach anyone who can fix JR's hoofs, have left lots of messages.
Have not been successful getting someone to get my car started so had to have the big boys' mom and dad had to run some errands for me. I am working on being my patience and that is difficult.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Never thawed yesterday, hope to today!
I think I need a child in my house, I spent 2 hours trying to make a pie chart/data for a class and still could not get it exactly right. The tutors do not help at all. I think I recall doing things like that on the old printmaster deluxe. Did get several lessons done but wasted a lot of time, having some trouble with my laptop so did not get as much done as I wanted. Also worked on my Qigong and my Energy healing. Hope to get some outside work done today in the mud, if it thaws. Have to call the man again about working on JR's hoofs. Cats and dogs are sleeping to classical music so I hate to move but gotta get busy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

pictures of the big boys;
dude and cowboy
Did a lot of work yesterday on my on line classes, wellness, wellness coaching, reflexology and rieki. Also found a website on energy healing that I enjoyed; watched several videos and did the exercises.
Hope today is a little less muddy outdoors so we can exercise more outdoors. At least it is no longer necessary to carry water to the barn, just have to break a little ice this morning. All the dogs are having music therapy now and I am having peace and quiet for doing a little writing on the computer. Slept a bit better last night, remembered to take a few drops of passion flower before I went to bed.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Warmer today, so nice. Did not get much done yesterday afternoon, had to watch football, both my teams won.
I did gather together some stuff for the big boys mom and dad to have when they move into a house from the shelter, think I can just about supply them with everything they need. I am a pack rat and sometimes that is good.
Heard of a new therapy today that I have to investigate, I investigate all healing therapies that I hear about. This one came from twitter. NMT, I think it is somewhat like Reiki, have to do more investigating, become a CSI, I guess it would be a HSI (health scene investigation).
Hose is still frozen so gotta carry water to the barn this morning but there is hope that by this afternoon the hose will be thawed.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Are chocolate chip mint cookies on my wellness program? Not really but when my oldest daughter, Penny is feeling down, she bakes. Yesterday it was chocolate chip mint cookies, of course, I had a few.
I did get some housecleaning done with the help of Jill, she came over in the morning and cleaned in the kitchen and living room.
Hope it gets warm enough today to thaw some of the ice at the barn and hope the hose thaws too. The inside animals are napping now with HGTV on, I like their show, Yard Crashers, gives me some ideas for my garden. When there is snow and ice on the ground, I like to dream of plants and ponds. Today is a water wall and fire pit, not a bad idea.
Will finish classes in health coaching and wellness today and will do some work in my reflexology class. I have got to do more Qigong today because my muscles have been overused carrying water to the barn.
Had to get oil of wild oregano, olive leaf extract and Neem leaves to someone for a upper respiratory inflammation. A lot of that going on.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Everyone has been fed, watered and loved; dogs, cats, horse, mini mule, pygmy goat and little hen. And I am ready to go to bed @ 7:30 am. But now it is daylight and I have other stuff to do. I have got to find someone to start my car, may have to get a new battery, I need to find a farrier to take care of JR's hoofs and I have to find a way of getting my house in good enough shape to walk through. Meanwhile it is time for a mug of coffee to warm my hands. A good reason to drink coffee is to warm your hands. I love nice thin cups to drink from and my younger sister and I used to see if we could not have the very thinnest cup to drink from.
Did several lessons yesterday in my on line classes, can't say I am learning much new excepting in the Reike class. Most of the other class is kind of a review of stuff I have known at one time or another.

Friday, January 8, 2010

I dread daylight because I will then have to get out and feed and water livestock, the house is 63 degrees but the outside says 3. The tv is saying wind chill is well below 0. I have to change my attitude about this weather so my body will accept it. Even the cats are getting anxious to spend more time outdoors. The dogs would play out if I would stay out with them, but that ain't happenin'.
Did lessons in all my on line classes yesterday and received word that Cowboy and Dude's parents did find a place to rent, probably will take the boys by next week, they have no furniture so I have been going through my house and have enough stuff to get started. If they can find a truck; I have a couch/bed, a few chairs, a table and there is a refrigerator in Jill's garage. Even have some lawn chairs for their deck. Now to find someone with a truck, that will work free. It used to be so easy to get people to do things free, but I either have lost contact with those people or they do not exist anymore.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Very cold! I am waiting for daylight to feed and water the livestock and I dread it. The big boys' dad came over and replaced some of my electrical plugs yesterday so It is easier to plug in my electric heaters.

Almost every place is closed today but I remember when I had to work regardless of the weather because a lot of my employees did not come, I had only a skeleton crew to work with. When you are in the health care field you go to work regardless.

When my husband was taking radiation for his brain cancer 1980 we drove in deep snow to get to Springfield, got to the hospital and the radiation people did not show up, took 4 hours to get back home. I was angry. I always have hated people who were not dependable, but I have found a few in my years of living.

I worked on my on line courses yesterday and added one, a class in Reiki, I find it very interesting.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I just remembered why I hated growing up on the farm. After getting out into the very cold temperatures and carrying water and food to my little band of live stock. It is miserable and I don' t like it at all. Got another space heater yesterday to place around the house so no pipes would freeze. Got through the night, all the water runs and the toilets flush, that is great. Everything around is cancelled and more weather tonight.
My cardinals are enjoying my window feeder, I have 20 cardinals and various other birds feeding this morning. the dogs and cats are all napping with full tummies and listening to music. I had my shower early because I had to get dressed and did not want to dress twice, how is that for laziness? So before 8 am I am ready to take a nap but need to have my breakfast and get started doing some of my on line classes. Also have to clean up my nest because I have reached the time when I am overflowing.
Don't forget to stretch as soon as you get out of bed each morning and say, "I forgive every one who has wronged me". That is what gets me going.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I am moving to a warm climate, as soon as I get rich!
It is really cold and the snow is hard to walk in to feed and water the live stock.
I was just listening to the news about a house fire, the neighbor made the comment that they did not even have a toothbrush. One of the nicest things that happened when my house burned was the Dawson's down the street was very quick to bring, toothbrushes, hair brushes, toothpaste, even a hair dryer so the girls would have a dryer to dry their hair the next morning. There were other necessities in the bag but I really remember how glad I was to get the toothbrush and toothpaste.
My old friend Grace Camp offered her house for us to stay in until I could get myself put together and my friends who owned a boutique, we visited often, brought the girls dresses to wear to the debate tournament that week end. The little things like the toothpaste and hair brush are remembered fondly. So when someone you know has a house fire, run to Walmart. It has been almost 30 years and I remember the little things that people did for us.
In writing the book about wellness, I write about doing nice deeds for others as a part of your wellness.
About 40 years ago, I attended a week-end seminar and the speaker I remember was a speaker (I do no remember his name) who related the "dipper and bucket" concept. Every time someone does something nice for someone it fills their bucket, not only does it fill the givers bucket but it also fills the receivers bucket and when we do or say anything unkind it dips out of the receivers bucket and also the one that did the unkind thing. He said that most of us are walking around with empty buckets waiting to be filled. I think of this speech so often. Why not fill some one's bucket today?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Very cold and still snowing, 4 inches yesterday and I think there was at least 1/2 inch during the night. I do not like it Sam I am. I do not like snow snow and cold.
Had contact with a publisher and looks promising for my book. I think today may have to spend more time with Qigong and stretching exercises. I already have the washer and dryer going as the dogs decided that 4:30 was morning. Maybe a nap is is order. Cats have been eating a lot, Sophie has taken over the kitchen and ate her dry food this morning and a whole can of canned food, Stormy has the utility room and ate 2 servings of dry food and a little wet food, Ruby has the bedroom and is meowing for a little more attention this morning and she is needing a litter box cleaning, she is the only one who uses the litter box, everyone else goes outdoors.
I still have Barky, her parents got home last night but may leave again today. Broke the latch on the gate to the barn lot so have baling wired it together until I can get a new latch. Looks like I will spend a bit more time out in the cold, and did I say I hate the cold weather!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kincaid made another painting in my back yard last night. Got up this morning to several inches of dry snow, the dogs thought it was great as long as I stayed out with them. It is still too dark to go feed the livestock and that will be a problem but it will get done, by me. The cars are having problems getting up my road so it must be really slick.
I was going to do some bathing of dogs today but think that will wait a few days because of the snow.
Gotta get busy so I can sit and have another cup of coffee.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

As I watched football yesterday, I hope it was not an indication of how my year is going to go, my teams all lost. Hope today is better!
Have not heard from Barky's parents, I thought they were coming home 5 days ago, she is happy with me but I worry a bit about her parents.
Lonna brought home the coconut and the cabbage to put on the front door for good luck through out the year. Sprinkled the coconut milk on the doorway and put the cabbage leaf on the door frame. I am not superstitious but it never hurts to cover all your bases.
I spent most of the day working on the book and working on Qigong healing series.
Spoke with my "baby" sister yesterday via phone, no calls from my son are grandson through Christmas or new year, I do feel badly about that.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year! I am going to do everything to make next year good, including putting the cabbage leaf on the door frame.
My little Westies went home last night so my house is a bit larger.
I am going to learn how to turn off the text messaging feature on my phone, last night at 2 a.m. I got 2 text messages from people I don't even know, I don't even text and don't intend to do that little impersonal type of communication.
When reading my twitter account, I would imagine that I would love to live Martha Stewart's life, but I guess she has just as many problems as the rest of us.
Listened to an interview with Dr. Cass Ingram, he is so exited about the wonderful world of herbs and he inspires me.
My book is progressing well and now the it is 2010, I can really get serious and finish it.