Saturday, April 30, 2011

Attitude of gratitude...

That sun looks so good this morning and I am very grateful for every minute of good weather.
Penny bought me a new cat yesterday, Boo Kitty, he seemed to adjust fine in the kitchen but this morning I cannot find him, he may have begun his journey to his old home, if so we will get him again and keep him in a more secure location in the house. Cats do not like to change locations and when his parents moved, he kept going back to his old home; did not make the new owners happy. He was very good yesterday in the kitchen but after dark he must have decided to travel or he is somewhere hidden in the house. I got most of the lawn mowed yesterday but I really need a working weed eater to finish it off, mine quit working. Just wish I could find someone who wanted tho work to mow it all summer. Everyone who says they want the work, does not want to work. I wonder if Hiwasse has any homeless that need work, I doubt it and don't think anyone would come all the way out here from town. I am listening to a webinar by Donna Eden this morning; my favorite energy lady.
The wash is going and think I will need to dry indoors because rain is predicted today. I have to get busy, finish the lawn and get some work done.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Dr. Kyl Smith @ The Conscious Activist


Dr. Kyl Smith @ The Conscious Activist

I had a very good day yesterday but have to settle in and work today at home; mow the yard, work in the garden, clean house, etc. etc..... Did some envelope stuffing at the Lifelong Learning Center then went with Cindy B and Penny to the Hawkins Wellness Center for their Spa treatment. We stopped by Aldies for some fresh fruits and veggies and when I got home my animals loved me very much. It made me happy that Lonna and her friend went to the Wellness Center after work and did the spa treatment, I want everyone I know to take advantage of John Hawkins' spa treatment. I am looking forward to my next class at the Lifelong Learning Center a week from tomorrow. I hope that everyone I know signs up to take the class; it will be so much fun. I may even have a guest speaker. Remember to sign up than bring a friend FREE, that is a real bargain.
I have already wasted too much time so gotta get to work.........

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Sun, The Sun, I see the Sun!!

Such horrible weather in these southern states, I am worried about friends in Mississippi, Alabama and TN. I can't believe that I complained so much about storms when others were killed by the weather.
I am going to have a great day, going in to town to help CC at the Lifelong Learning Center than will get Penny and Cindy B over to the Hawkins Wellness Center at noon. I am so happy that God led me to those two places; such nice places.
The Sunshine through the door and windows is making my dogs and cats so happy and my livestock is grazing in the back yard; the kids are playing on the trees and all is well. I am already showered and dressed, the wash is ready for the clothesline and the day has begun.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weather Better?????

Another evening of terrible weather; hail, rain and wind. I could not even go to my Chinese Tea Ceremony class, it made me so unhappy because I was really looking forward to being there. Penny got here to pick me up but the large hail and heavy rains prevented me from even getting to the car. Penny is feeling much better; thanks to John Hawkins at Hawkins wellness, he worked magic on her pain.
If today just has a little sunshine, I will get out and do some yard work, garden is still full of mud so can't work in it. My little pigeon, Jamie was not out in the barn yard this morning so has probably found another free meal somewhere. The storm dogs are relaxing this morning so I guess there must not be any storms in the area, it certainly lessens my stress when they are content. I am going to post a picture of my little Bruno, he is so cute and so loving. He needs an old couple who could love on him all day, here he has to share with 13 other dogs, several goats, an old hen, an old mare, 4 cats and a mini mule.
I have loads of work to do so better start..........

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What? No Rain This Morning!!!!!!

No sun but no thunder and rain so much better today, so far. I had a very busy day yesterday that was intended to be a day at home catching up on chores. Early in the morning Penny called that she was in lots of pain and needed me; got dressed out in the storms in my old vehicle that has Saran wrap on the back window. I made it gave her a massage and some advice, left a message for John Hawkins that I needed him then Penny made it to work. While she was at work John Hawkins called that he would help so I drove back into Bentonville, met with her and went with her for her wellness treatment. After a couple of hours with John Hawkins, she is much improved and went to work last night and feels better this morning. We set up another appointment on Thursday and maybe we can achieve wellness for her.
When I got home about 5 pm the animals were sll excited that I made it home and let me know that it was past time for their dinner. My little pigeon came into the house last night so I put her in the kennel with Julie the little hen and they are back in the barn lot this morning. I will probably not go into Bentonville this morning because I have the Lifelong Learning Center Class tonight; Chinese Tea Ceremony I know I am really going to enjoy it. I hope everyone wll go to and sign up for some classes. I think you can get a discount on many on them and you really need to sign up for my class on the 7th of May; we are going to have a ball!
I'm Lovin' It!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Where oh where has Mr. Sun gone?????

What? There is rain outside, there must be a water leak up there somewhere. My storm dogs go from one panic attack to another, hardly even any time to eat. If the weather does not improve, I may be headed for a straight-jacket. Between showers early this morning I ran with the dogs barefoot in the back yard or should I say; swam part of the time. They are wanting sunshine as i do and will be so grateful when we see that big orange ball again. I have a big wish for just a little sun.
I got a kennel out of the shed to keep Julie the hen in at night because i don't want her to disappear. The goats played in the back yard a little while this morning but Jessie felt a raindrop so everyone wanted back in the barn. I have a visitor in my barn lot, I think it is a pigeon, it looks just like my little hens with the exception that it is smaller and has long white tail feathers. I guess I had better give it a name because an egg the size of a ping pong ball showed up in my hen's nest and I think it is a pigeon egg. It eats with everyone but is too frightened to be picked up.
By the time the sun comes out I will probably have grass and weeds in my front yard that are over my head, guess I could make a maze and charge admission.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rain and more rain.......

I am drowning in my own yard. I can't believe that this weather is going to continue into next week. I am cold too.
Strange things are happening here, I only have one little hen this morning, not signs of what happened to the others and I had a container of cat food on my front porch; a large covered plastic bucket, it is gone today. Did the little green men come while I was in bed, not sleeping, or did I enter an alternative world? Anyway I am going to bring my hen into a dog kennel tonight and start protecting her. Maybe I need some cameras placed out side to catch a thief.
I was tempted to color my boiled egg this morning before I ate it, just to bring back those memories of yesteryear, maybe I should eat a jelly bean too. Maybe I will just take and extra juice plus and enjoy.
Happy, cool, soggy Easter day, Everyone!!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Grateful for the rain.....

Spent the morning at Lifelong Learning Center exchanging ideas with CC and getting a few little tasks done for the Lifelong Learning Center Expo. All in all it was a productive morning, home in time for the rain. I am grateful for the rain but I did not ask for as much as I got, am very grateful that I did not get any of the large hail that fell other places close by. Lots of lightening and that may be the reason my cable box does not work for the TV, I can receive TV in the other room that does not have a box. I think the rain made everything greener and the livestock is happy. I have given the dogs bones to make their morning happy. Since the grass will grow even longer, think I will just let it stay "ah Natural" and cut out a lot of my work. Works for me if it would only work for my neighbors. I am hoping an angel will just happen by and make everything nice and pretty.
I suppose that the schools must be having lots of field trips because I am seeing lots of buses full of students traveling about all hours of the day. I remember those days of a bus full of excited children and sponsors with frowny faces.
Don't forget to go to and sign up for some classes, I am full of information with now where to bestow it and I am certain that the other instructor or the same way. Also sign up for a booth to inform the public of your service or product, find friends to share it with and have a wonderful weekend of fun in July.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wonderful day!

Yesterday I did 'bite the bullet' and get gas to make a trip into Rogers and I had the best day I have had in a long time. I found Hawkins Wellness; had a complete spa and learned a lot of new things. I was relaxing on the Bio Mat, foot detox bath, and got lots of new wellness information, It was absolutely great. Now I want everyone to spend a couple of hours with my new friend and instructor. I also visited a non profit company called "Green for Life" and enjoyed visiting with a couple of really nice volunteers. Everyone got their Juice Plus veggies and a book of course. I also visited with Jill's favorite store owner in downtown Rogers and came back home with a lighter wallet but feeling just great.
My animals missed me and since there was no rain I watered the garden and must water again this morning before I go to do my bit at Lifelong Learning Center;by the way I did pass out lots of info on the Lifelong Learning Center as I made my way around main street Rogers. Everyone must go to Hawkins Wellness Center 112 N 3rd Street, Rogers, Arkansas. you will be glad you did.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gotta put $s in the gas tank......

Worked a bit yesterday at the Lifelong Learning Center then visited with Penny a little before getting home. Wanted rain last night; did not get the rain so have to water my plants today. I got my new Juice Plus order so will wrap some of it to give as samples. I am grateful that my animals are all doing well and seem to be enjoying their lives. I am also grateful that we can all run and play.
I have not gotten down town Rogers in a while and need to check out the new businesses there so I have to "bite the bullet" and get some gas, it really hurts me to see that money go for gas, but have to do it.
I need to get busy with the watering of my plants so ........

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Perils of Mema"

I was without Internet or cable for about 6 hours yesterday and it nearly destroyed me! I am so spoiled when it comes to my Internet. Nothing really bad happened that I did not know about so I guess I really could live without. Looks like it is going to start the stormy weather today and I have to drive into Bentonville to work with CC at the Learning Center, hoping the weather does not get too bad, hate to drive in bad weather, my old car does not have a back window; just a thin sheet of plastic wrap. The windshield has so many cracks; one big piece of hail will come on in, I am certain. I heard about a 3 wheeled bike for sale on Dial-a-trade yesterday, now wondering where I wrote the number down......
I did plant my little salad corner yesterday and hope some of it will grow. My beans, peas and corn are all peeping their little heads up but if it hails it may be useless; that is how I lost most of my strawberry plants, hail. Just getting a taste of the worries the old farmers had every year.
Gotta get a shower and dress presentable today so here goes......

Monday, April 18, 2011

just a bit of remembering......

I took Chief home yesterday evening and all the dogs were relieved and content after he left. According to the weather man we are going to have another stormy, wet week and that does not make me happy. I will put some seeds in the ground today because today may be the only day this week for planting.
All the proms this weekend reminded me of the evenings in the 50s, 60s and 70s that I spent, decorating for the proms, planning and fixing the food and then chaperoning at the dance. AT that time the students and parents did all the work and a large banquet was served by the moms and dads. Since my husband was a teacher and usually a sponsor of the Junior class, we were very involved and then involved later as parents of those Juniors and Seniors. I have lots of good memories because at that time we did not know anything about drugs, knives, guns etc. Just lots of wonderful dresses, flowers and fun. "Back to the Good Ole Days" Back to the present time; the children I knew then have grandchildren!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chief is visiting!!!!!!

Well, well, Chief came to stay a couple of days. Chief is a Husky puppy and has no training!!!! He will be a fine dog if someone takes over and gets some training for him but he does bad things for my household when he is here. He took a nap yesterday evening so he could play all night, when Jackson quit playing and all the other dogs were angry with him, he just played with the doggie door, the rug or anything he could find.
I used the computer and made lots of contacts for the Lifelong Learning Center's Expo, trying to fill all the booths and get sponsors; difficult for me because I think $100 is big money and I have difficulty thinking in many, many hundreds. As one of my nephews said on Facebook, filling up my car with gas makes me cry. I absolutely do think it is profitable to have a booth at the Expo because the contacts can be worth a fortune but my thinking is awfully cheap, I will get a booth and also get a break out session to promote myself, Juice Plus and my books. I am also happy that I know people like Howard and Cece who have the vision and am so happy that I know people like them. That is why I like being with the instructors at the center; they are positive thinkers too.
I am so grateful today because that big orange ball is in the sky and there is very little wind. I am tired of the cold and windy days of March and grateful those days are leaving April, I hope. I am also grateful for puppies like Chief that make me appreciate my older dogs especially Jackson. It is really hard to appreciate Jackson because he is so "in my face" all the time needing my love and attention. Today I an also thankful that I have the little farmette so I do not have the noise and stress of living close to neighbors and their problems. My facebook page is filled with daughters and granddaughters' prom pictures............

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stormy night; no sleep........

This morning I do not have to worry about digging a whole for the old fish pond; the wind thought it was in the wrong place so placed on some one's property that may have needed it more, at least, I can't find it so it must be a distance from here. I did not get much sleep because of the wind, thunder and lightening; my dogs do not like bad weather and have decided that I must not need to sleep either. Did not get much rain so guess I can work in the garden.
I got my confirmation that I will have a booth in the Siloam Springs Hospital health fair; can't sell but can give out info on the juice plus children's' study and the classes at Lifelong Learning Center, and will also give out pencils with my name and number along with a business card. I was copying some stuff yesterday and ran out of ink so can't use the printer until I get more ink; I think there is an "ink gremlin" in my printer, it seems that he travels from one printer to another and is never full of my ink.
I think I had better listen to the weather report, I don't have any sun this morning and it is cold and windy. Is it gonna be like this all day? I don't like it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

i had to go to town today, visit with Lifelong Learning Center, went to farm feed store, see Penny then had to go get my haircut. I had to hurry home because I left early to take Rambo and Lela home. While I was getting ready to leave, Jessie, my little pygmy billy goat came up on the front porch; he had gotten out and wanted back into the barn lot. I now have to find where he accidentally got out and fix fence. The livestock are all in the back yard now and enjoying being so close to the dogs, cats and me. I spent a lot of time putting cement in holes near the fence last evening because Ludwick and Megan dug a hole big enough to get under the fence and came to the front door to get back in. I think I found the holes and filled them in. When I was in town I picked up an old fish and fountain container that I had left there several years ago; now I must dig a huge hole to put it into my front yard. It is official, my old, old, old, apple tree died sometime during the winter and is unable to produce apples or give me a shady spot this summer. I certainly hate to loose it but there is nothing I can do about it. Will have to trim back the limbs and let the goats climb on it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Time for Planting........

Absolutely beautiful day!! I am listening to a webinar on the computer, my washer is going, I have already hung one load on the clothesline, The animals have been fed and exercised and I am waiting for Penny to bring Lela and Rambo for one day only; I will take them home tomorrow morning on my way to Lifelong Learning Center. I will need to teach Lela that the little goats are not in the yard for her pleasure.
I just noted this morning that I am running out of farm animal food; might be a good time to wean them off for the summer, it is hard to do because they form habits just as we do and expect that certain things will happen at certain times. I will have to use my carrots and apples to help them fill the times that I usually feed.
I put some seeds out yesterday, hoping they will not have to endure much cold weather. Tomorrow I will pick up some onions to plant and some more strawberry plants. I have peas, corn and green beans in the ground. Will also put my tomatoes out in pots so I can bring them in if there is more cold weather. I am trying to dig up an old flowerbed but with the grass roots it is very difficult, lots of shoveling. I am so grateful that I live out here in the country so that I don't feel guilty not having a manicured lawn like my neighbors.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Looking forward to more classes at Lifelong Learning Center North west Arkansas
I am grateful for the beautiful sunny day but also grateful for the wonderful, warm, tasty cup of coffee. It is a bit cool this morning but looking good for getting more yard and garden work done. I posted the url for the Lifelong Learning center video. and will go on Thursday to find out how I can assist with the Expo this summer. It is probably too late to sign up for my "Outsmarting Chronic Disease" on Thursday night but you can sign up for my class on May 7, I promise you a good time.
When I took the dogs out at bedtime, Janet, the horse came to the gate and told me something was wrong; Jessie the billy goat had gotten out side the fence and could not find his way back in, I helped him find his way in and it made both of them very happy. I had allowed the gate too much flexibility so had to tighten it up.
a great deal of time was spent watching the Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cards and the Dallas Mavs win ball games. I also had to spend time mowing the front yard, if only I could teach my barn animals to mow the front yard without running away of eating my flowering shrubs. They are all so smart they would learn it I knew how to effectively teach them. The dogs are lining up for their massages and combing so I have to get busy........

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lots of work today...

It is 9 am and I have fed everyone, exercised everyone, set fence posts, worked on garden fence, planted a shrub, moved a tree, placed concrete under backyard fence, etc. etc. I am ready for a nap but have lots more work to do. As soon as it dries a bit I will need to finish my lawn mowing. Did not sleep well because the storm frightened the dogs and kept us awake. I may just have to sit in the beautiful sun and nap a bit. The garden is too wet to planting so will have to wait until tomorrow to do that little chore. The delivery people from Lowes were very nice people and after the delivery and some yard work, I had to watch a bit of baseball; good games and last night the Dallas Mavs did well also. I will need to keep my work caught up because on Thursday I spend some time at the Lifelong Learning Center doing a bit of work, every day I check to find out if new classes have been scheduled.
I am grateful today that the growing season is here and I can enjoy it. I am also grateful that my body is strong enough to get the necessary work done. Expecting a phone call so must hush.......

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Learning, learning, learning............

I had a really good class in bee keeping yesterday at Lifelong Learning Center, It was very informative and fun. I will use in info in the future and of course I have new info in a book also. I gave everyone their veggies for the day and got acquainted with a new lady.
I spent a lot of time trying to find someone to help me do some work and haul some stuff from Lowes, no help at all,so I will have to pay Lowes $65 to haul some things I need for my barnlot and garden; I need a 'pick em up truck' myself. In this economy you would think that there would be people who needed my money but guess I am not traveling in the correct circles. It has not been hard to find people who want money but no one who wants to work for it. That is my soapbox for the day!!!
Because of the weather the animals and I have been out playing this morning and now everyone is napping while I have my wonderful cup of coffee and get the computer playing done. They missed me so much while I was taking my class so I had lots of loving when i got home. Bruno and Oscar seem to be a lot less stressed and more loving after being here a week. They have found their niche and enjoying themselves. They spent the evening on my lap while I was trying to read and watch my baseball games. I am so lovin' watching My Texas Rangers play.
I am so grateful that I hear the birds singing, see the leaves emerging from the tree branches and smell my wonderful lilacs.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New home for my little doxie girls........

Summer weather and I think the garden is ready to start planting; a bit late but I will get some 'stuff' in the soil today.
I am saddened because Tulip and Daffy found a new home yesterday and it was so hard to give them up since we were so attached to each other. I sincerely hope this is the correct place for them, wish I had more room and could keep them; the most beautiful little girls I have met. I hope their night in Lee Summit MO was not too difficult last night. I hope I made the right decision to give them up; I only have 14 now with 4, no, 5, cats and my farm animals. I don't know how I am going to give away my little goat kids when they are older, but maybe I will find a good place for them. They are so anxious to get into the back yard every morning to climb the trees, get on the deck and have fun. I am certain that Jessie will not leave J Low alone when she is ready to breed again so will probably have more babies next year.
I am going to my bee keeping class this afternoon and am going to really enjoy it. The Lifelong Learning Center is growing so go online; and sign up for a class or two. If you don't find the class you want, let them know so an instructor can be found.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Clearing up computer problem????

In order for my life to be perfect, I need: someone at my side who can clear up all my computer problems when they occur and someone to keep my house clean or at least partially clean. I spent most of yesterday trying to clear up a problem with my computer, still have not solved the problem so finally sent an e-mail to my friend Dan in Mesa, AZ. Hopefully he can tell me what to do.
Went out to eat last night for my oldest daughter, Penny's birthday celebration. The dogs thought I was gone for good and could not bare to lose sight of me after I got home. I ate half a meal and will eat the other half today. I am listening this morning to a webinar of Guy Finley and love his stories. I am going to the store this morning to purchase cat food and do some banking, will have to be gone about 30 minutes, hope the dogs can survive.
It looks as if my old apple tree is not getting leaves or blossoms so guess the winter got to it, I will try to cut back some limbs and possibly get some new growth. I would really miss it, will have to find another tree for my meditation time. I spoke with a guy who has a wellness type shop in Rogers; Green4Life and gold him about Lifelong Learning Center and hope to get to their shop next week. They have Yoga and Infrared sauna.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So little time and so much to do

Today is my youngest sister's birthday! I wish I were in St. Louis to help her celebrate. My oldest daughter, Penny has a birthday on Saturday but her only night off work is tonight so her sisters and I will help her celebrate it this evening. I hope my 4 legged family is getting along with one another well enough for me to be gone for a couple of hours. I will be gone for a few hours tomorrow morning anyway because I have a class at Lifelong Learning Center, I am always excited when I have an opportunity to learn something new.
I am listening to Wayne Dryer this morning; the webinar replay of the presentation he did yesterday. I have been so busy that I have not listened to many webinars lately. I did some gardening yesterday; trying to get rid of all the grass and weeds prior to putting the seeds in the ground. The tiller works well but there has to be a human at the helm and that human is Mema. The dogs were glad that I disturbed the ground so it was easy digging. I need to get the planting started, hoping there will not be another freeze. As soon as I can be away from home again for a period of time, I will get the soil for my pots; the container garden. I am grateful for the opportunity to plant and harvest.
The dogs are lining up to be combed and loved so I had better quit day dreaming and get busy...........

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I am grateful..........

Life is like a spider web; when I called Faithful Friends Animal clinic to check on the price of spaying Tulip and Daffodil, the receptionist ask if I wanted to find a home for them, I said only if it was a great home. She told me someone would be calling me. So I showed my animals to a couple from K.C area. They will be going home on Friday evening and will pick one or both of them up to take with them. The lady has joint problems so I, of course, gave her some books and on and on the spider web goes. One thing always leads to another and another. always push my buttons with a book on Kindle that I just can't resist and that always lead to a few more on my wishlist.
The birds are really singing this morning and even though there are some clouds in the sky, it looks like another fine day to work in the garden, work on fences and exercise with the animals. I really am grateful for the wonderful birds I have in my yard, I am also grateful that I can hear them. I am grateful that I can smell the aroma of my coffee pot and really enjoy it. I am also grateful that I can see all the new spring leaves, blossoms, etc. Hearing, Vision, and the ability to taste and smell are things we take for granted but we should express out gratitude constantly for the things that make our world so great. As I get out into the world more now after staying with animals for so long, I am indeed grateful that I can appreciate my surroundings, forgive people and live life to its fullest.
I just let all the farm animals, excepting the chickens, into the back yard to graze; a couple of cats and 16 dogs were glad to welcome them into the yard. I think all believe they are the same just in different shapes. The dogs watch the baby goats climb the trees and I think they wish they could do the same. I have to get busy with the daily chores and my list for the day........

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring again.....?

Cold this morning but the sun is beautiful!! All the farm animals came into the back yard to eat grass/weeds this morning after their feeding. That is, all excepting the chickens. Oscar and Bruno are doing well and learning the routine? of the household. Bruno remembered this morning that I had bones in the freezer so was begging the freezer to yield him one this morning early. He is already addicted to the bones. I did some research yesterday to find a cheap place to spay Tulip and Daffy, gotta get it done before they get into another heat. I have a long list of phone calls to make today on my 'to do' list but if that sun warms the air I will do the calls from the yard. Braves and Rangers won their baseball games; Cards lost. Will really have to exercise my fingers today because I will need to use the remote tonight; Cards, Rangers and Royals all playing at the same time. Wish the league would think about that when they schedule all these games and not make it so hard on me.
Washer is going because today I can hang out my wash on the clothesline. They will feel and smell so clean when the drying is done by Mr. Sun.
The baby goats are climbing all my snarly trees in the back yard and having a great time. The taller goats are standing upright and eating the blossoms from the redbud trees. Their favorite food in the summer is redbud leaves. I am moving the farm animal food from the house to the storage shed today, not planning on any more cold, snowy weather. That will free up some space in the house for other junk. Pack Rats like me never have enough space for junk/treasures.
I hope everyone is going online and signing up for classes (especially mine) at Learning is so important for any wellness program.

Monday, April 4, 2011

New dogs @ Mema's house....

Warm summer weather yesterday but the wind was horrible then storms last night and freezing weather tomorrow; how is that for Arkansas weather?
Oscar and Bruno came to live with me yesterday; Oscar is a tri colored doxie and Bruno is a brown Chiweenie. They oriented into the group rather well and have already enjoyed a bone with everyone this morning. Did not sleep well because sounds are different in this environment and they needed to bark at all the strange sounds.
I did not get a lot of yard work done yesterday but that can wait until the big freeze tonight. 29 degrees in April, don't like it!!! I guess, if I had new soil, I could work indoors on my container garden.
Many of my baseball games ended in a positive for my team so pretty good for a Sunday afternoon, all on tv at the same time so had to use the remote a lot. My Mavs and Suns lost in basketball but the Mavs will come back to win again, the Suns may not, they are not doing well, the Dallas Mavericks need to purchase Steve Nash then I would not have to watch the Suns.
I have the wash started and will have to dry them indoors today using the electricity. Lots of 'housework' to do today; not my favorite job but has to be done since I don't have money for a housekeeper. My dream poster has a housekeeper on it and also a clean house; a lofty goal.
I will go on line and find all the new classes that have been added at Lifelong Learning Center, will probably find another class to sign up for and I am certain that it is something, I NEED: not something I want but something I really NEED.
My little hens are laying eggs for me so I will go to the kitchen and have an egg for breakfast...............

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Tis the Season; Baseball Season....

Wonderful weather yesterday, big orange ball coming over the horizon this morning as I look out my east window. Got the front yard almost finished yesterday but my trimmer does not work so can't do the finish work. I have to get dirt so I can start redoing my flower beds and the garden will be dry enough to work in tomorrow.
I had to exercise a lot because of my pledge to exercise for 15 minutes for every hour I watch TV; baseball games from noon until bedtime. Cards lost because they got rid of my two best players last year; Ryan Ludwick and Brendan Ryan, the people they traded them for are the ones that lost the game. All my other teams won; Texas Rangers were just great and the Royals are looking pretty good.
The animals are doing great and had lots of time outdoors yesterday as the little goats played on my old trees in the back yard. Windy this morning so the dogs will spend less time outdoors. I have to do all my work outdoors this morning; ball games start at noon. I love baseball season but I can't see the TV from outdoors, I will have to figure a way to put a TV outdoors.
I am taking two of the Lifelong Learning Center classes next week; How to navigate Craig's list and Beekeeping. I will have the new dogs new member orientation completed by then and can leave the house for a few hours.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

wonderful outdoor chores in the sunshine......

I'm late, I'm late, had to get out in the sun; clean up yard, mow and play with the farm animals. I got about 25% of the front yard mowed and picked up lots of trash in front and back yards. Front door is open so the dogs can see out the screen door and get some wonderful sunshine. I am resting now and getting caught up with the computer; waiting for ball games to start on the tv. Will finish mowing between games. Lonna is in town getting all the animals food for the week and Jill is here cleaning my kitchen and playing with the dogs.
Gotta get a bit more mowing done so............

Friday, April 1, 2011

looking forward to teaching my class on Sat. afternoon...

Where is that sunshine? I drove into town yesterday, went to the Lifelong Learning Center then to Walmart, when I came out of the store, the rain was coming down so hard I got soaked with cold, cold rain, I had to get home and change my clothing. Last night the weather man said it would be clearing dear the night and sun would be here today; the sun is liquid!! I got cold and wet feeding my animals this morning and the dogs did not want to go outdoors to do their business. The farm animals are in the barn and the baby goats are playing on the hay bales, having a great time. I was notified that only one person has signed up for my Saturday afternoon so it is in danger of being cancelled and student moved to a future class. I hope a few more sign up today so I can have a class tomorrow. I love my classes. Signed up Penny for the tea ceremony class yesterday for April 26 and I signed up for a class about how to navigate Craig's list, I need to need to know much more about those online sales organization and how to take advantage of them. I believe that if you are always learning and always improving yourself, you will be a much happier, healthier person. It is impossible to keep improving yourself and stay unhappy. Lifelong Learning Center has such a variety of classes it is impossible to not find something you have an interest in, my beekeeping class is next week and I am really looking forward to learning how to be a beekeeper; have already found a spot on my property to place my hive to have my own bee pollen and my own fresh honey.
It looks as if I will gain two more Doxies on Sunday; one is a chaweenie, they needed a new home and I am always willing to find a spot in my house for a doxie.