Saturday, August 30, 2014

another detour in life

I must blog, I have never been evicted but this week the owners of my space for my class, made a decision to make another use for their property, so I must change.
I may just decide not to have a class but I know I would miss it and some of the class members would miss it also.  It is not uncommon for me to have detours in life but at the age of 79, it is a bit harder. 
Today, Saturday, I am working on finishing my little book: The Reinvention of YOU and Me. I hope to get it done this coming week.  I am also working on some wellness plans for a couple of people and listening to Dr. Stephen Sinatra's interview with Dr. Mercola. It is so interesting and full of good information.. I also have an extra dog here so need to stick close to home.  I am hoping to have a short visit from Lonna today so that I will have a bit of human contact, so important to my mental health.  I also have a couple of baseball games on TV to watch.
There is a need for me to meditate and ponder upon my need for a classroom.

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Stephen Sinatra

#1 Secret for Living Longer and Feeling Better - with Dr. Stephen Sinatr...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A lot on my mind

Did not do breakfast this morning because I needed to weed whip my yard before the temperature reached 90 degrees.   Also had to get my fresh air, sunshine and grounding into my schedule.  After the yard work had to shower, just to remove the insects from my body.  Immediately sprayed the ASEA on my bites and itchy places.  Now it is 10:30 am and I can smell my green beans cooking in the kitchen.  Onions, garlic, coconut oil, a little bit of bacon, lots o green beans fresh from my neighbors garden, new potatoes, and carrots all cooked in my old iron Dutch oven, so good..  I eat that with a bit of my fermented veggies and some raw onion: my brunch.  No fresh fruit so had to dip into my Thrive foods and have a fruit salad soaked in my fresh raw cow cream.  Now for another cup of coffee and some class preparation for my class tomorrow; really need to take a nap and may do that too.
I get a great deal of pleasure sitting outdoors in the mornings with my animals and am able to sit out because many years ago a friend gave the dogs and I his used lawn furniture; it has given me so many hours of pleasure as do other things that people pass on to me.  I am so grateful for my little house in the woods that I have planted, it is completely hidden from the road now because of the wonderful bushes and trees that have now grown into great pieces or "art"....

Sunday, August 17, 2014

going down memory lane plus

As I drink my coffee from a nice China mug, I remember how my sister and I would see who could find the most elegant thin lipped mug to drink from.  If you do the ritual every day, you should make it as celebratory as possible.  When I talk about good food and drink, I hear the stories about being "allergic", I can't believe anyone would do without good food and drink when remedies are so close at hand.  If my body tells me that something is not agreeable with me, I just get my little kit out and eliminate the problem.  Frequently sensitivities  do occur because of the toxic stuff in our air, water and food but they can be eliminated.  The only problem should be the problem of GMO, genetically modified, if man does it with chemicals, it is not food.
Many people will say but you have this, etc... I have nothing that is not available to everyone.  I dig up information all the time, take classes, learn from others, etc. and that is available to each and every one of us. 
As I change the cover on my couch for my dogs, I think of my sister, Jimmie, I place her quilts around my house and on my couch to remember her and how she was "murdered" by the medical world, at her request.  I remember my sister Frankie as I drink my coffee each morning and therefore I start my day pleasantly.  My coffee this morning comes from Airship Coffee in Bentonville, AR. it is organically grown in Nicaragua, picked and bought here for special care and roasting by Airship Coffee.  Very nice people..  Very good coffee.
I really an grateful for my daughter, Lonna for taking me to the Farmers Market and then to my favorite dairy, Lomah, for my raw milk so I can feel really special this morning as I place that really good raw cream in my coffee.  My friend Carolyn McClain needs to come have coffee with me as she adores that extra taste of real cream..
The weather will get hot today but now it is very pleasant.  My 11 furry little four legged children and I have been outdoors with feet on the ground, meditating and enjoying this beautiful breeze and sun..

Friday, August 15, 2014

Just my opinion

I have been "pondering" with the problem of people who are taking my energy and don't care.  As I do wellness coaching, coaching for healing chronic diseases and life coaching, and do it for donations only.  I find people who I figure out, do not want to be well or just want someone to do everything for them.  I am in the process of deleting them form my life... A. wants me to visit with her, hear her sad tales and then she does not follow through with any advice that I give her.  C. calls me because she is sick (lonely) but will not tell her physician that she needs to be free of medication and healed, not disease managed.  Besides that even though she does not like her doctors; they are paid for by Medicare and they do have to pay attention to her.  Occasionally I see the Chicago baseball and one of the expressions that the TV guys say is: "He gone" when some one strikes out or hits into an out, well that is what I am saying: "She gone"...  I am amazed at haw many people what someone else to make them happy: "If I just had a man (woman), If I had a good friend" etc. etc. A young man with cancer that does not want to be treated with traditional medicine but will start on cleaning up his life, when he begins to feel badly, jut don't understand.  I get tired of explaining to them that only you can make you happy or well.. Anyway, I have brought it on myself and now must take care of it myself...
Enjoyed my class yesterday even though it was very disorganized (2 people one hour late).  Good discussion and I hope some learning took place. I gave samples of my Kombucha and offered green beans from my neighbors garden to anyone who wanted them.  I am "fixin" mine this morning, will have enough for several meals.  I need to make more Kombucha but since I do not drink tea unless it is a wellness tea, I have to purchase some just plain tea bags because the base for Kombucha is unflavored tea, green or black.
I think that the modern language is: just saying........

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Busy staying well

A neighbor I met last year, Don, traded me Kombucha for some fermented veggies yesterday and I am already brewing another batch.  It is really fun to barter for healthy food.
Today, in August, it is so nice and cool that the dogs and I have been out in the sun and fresh air all morning.  So grateful for this ability to get my grounding, sun (vitamin D), and lots of fresh air without any discomfort from August heat.  I found a home for my baby goats on Sunday and am so happy that they have a home where they can love and be loved.  Now I have only the old couple and my old horse, Janet.   I of course have 11 dogs and a couple of cats to love ;me and care for me. 
I spoke with the new director of the Salvation Army shelter via phone yesterday and I am trying to find a way of being of service to those people.  Sometimes a forgotten part of our world and yet they can "make or break" our system.  I have a really messy kitchen so must go inside and get that little problem taken care of. 
I received my order from: yesterday and the ingredients for the anti cancer tea: ESSIAC tea, I need to find another method for getting rid of Doxie Megan's tumor, she will not let me put the Zapper on it.  I made up a gallon of it and will share some in class on Thursday, just so everyone can taste, if they want... I also got new ear drops for the animals and food grade diatomaceous earth for my daughters dogs and yard.  I add it to my animal food as I add Willards water to their water at least twice a week. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A safe place to offer an opinion

I think that this is a safe place to offer my opinion; no one reads my blog!!
Every day I see well meaning physicians killing people and I can do nothing.  If I offer my advice, I will be disliked by family and friends and if I don't I will feel so guilty later on.  It is such a dilemma and I am so troubled about the decisions I make.  I have nieces and friends that at this moment are being murdered by really great doctors. 
On a brighter note, I relistened to Dr. Kondrot's webinar on Micro current and am so pumped by this modality for healing that I must find a way of getting the funds to be trained and purchase the equipment.  I can visualize all the good that could come from the knowledge and ability to use this healing modality.  Need to make a new vision board and change my focus, NOW! 
As I did my morning routine: oil pull and mouth wash with MMS, took supplements, started a new bottle of Liquid Zeolite, drink ASEA and sprayed it on my skin, filled my daily water bottle with structured water that had added Willards Water in it, placed the Zapper on my liver, sat in the fresh breeze and sun to have my coffee, spent time barefoot outdoors, fed, loved and watered my animals, had a few minutes with qigong and meditation (will do more later as I sit on the ground),

Monday, August 4, 2014

Just because I want to....

Have been looking for the "law" that proclaims; "you must have certain foods for breakfast, example cereal, eggs, toast, etc." I did not find it but just in case there was one; in secret, I ate green beans, onions, tomatoes, new potatoes and corn on the cob.  I finished off with a bowl of blackberries.  It sometimes feels good to "break the law of tradition". 
Because the last book I read on my Kindle was not good, I have to find something good to add to my books so I went to Amazon and guess what? They had lots of suggestions and would send samples for free.  I now have samples of 4 new books on my Kindle and Android.  I suppose that I should turn the air conditioner down (weather is warmer today) and take a holiday.
My farmer brought me fresh raw milk this morning already and I was in desperate need of my favorite food, raw locally grown cow milk... now can have real cream in my coffee and on my fruit.
I got notice this morning that my webinar with Dr. Kondrot is at noon so I must set up a reminder so I will not forget to  stop and learn..

Friday, August 1, 2014

Moving on slowly

I am so grateful that I have almost finished the floor in my bedroom.  As I was decluttering I realized that my floor in the bedroom was in terrible shape and when Lonna brought home floor tiles, I realized that I had better get to work.  I have completed it excepting where I have to do some really detailed cutting and fitting, I must say that it looks and feels much better and in addition to getting the pleasure of seeing it complete, I have really used some of my muscles and joints that I have not used for a while.  That was my distraction for the week so I did not get a lot of my decluttering done.  My class attendance was very poor and I had decided to quit teaching if I did not have good attendance, but as usual the discussions were so lively that I did not cancel the classes yet. 
My week has been busy so today, I am on vacation, I think.  I think that I will catch up on my reading a bit.  I have to finish a book that a friend gave me last year so I can tell her that I read the "whole" book: I did not find it interesting enough to complete before.
Two days of rain, I hope the sun shines today because cloudy weather does not have a positive effect on me at all.  I do not have much energy today and hope it will improve as the day progresses. When people retire or quit working a 9-5 job it becomes difficult to know when to take a day off or even keep up with the date, I think that every day should be a vacation day.... OOps, I see the sun so I had better start enjoying it...