Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gratitude Day Eleven

I am back on track, maybe I can count from now on. I am grateful for the wonderful birds singing in my apple tree and the nice cool breeze blowing through the tree. My horse Janet is an apple addict and comes into the yard every morning begging me to knock some apples down for her, she can reach a lot of them but she wants me to help her. I am also thankful for my vision, I know how your quality of life changes when you cannot see. My husband was blind for a year before he died and it completely changed every thing for him and the whole family.
I am also thankful that I can hear the sounds of the birds and the bray of JR. I am giving away one of my books today when I go to the Farmers Market. I love the farmers market and really appreciate getting to shop for fresh fruits and veggies there.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Gratitude Day Nine

I had to back up because I used day ten yesterday; I so appreciate the bray of my little mini mule every morning, he has had to replace the crow of my rooster since Big Jim disappeared. It is comforting to hear that bray of JR. I am also going to be very thankful for the rain when it comes. I need rain, others have gotten those summer showers but none here. When it comes, I am grateful. My oh my, a beautiful cardinal is at my window, so wonderful. I am also thankful that an old friend from the '70s found me on facebook yesterday. I did not see a human yesterday so had to send out some thank you notes and notes of encouragement for my gift.

I listened to a workshop last night via the web, about Zero Point Energy, I have to do a lot more research on this but it is impressive. Something else to learn.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gratitude Day Ten

Today I must say that I am grateful for my telephone, if it rings it makes me happy and if it does not ring I feel that all are safe. Does that make sense? When Lonna does not check in for a long time, I will call her and ask if she is in jail or in the hospital, because if she does not call that is the way my mind works. I am also thankful that I have wonderful old shade trees and flowers surrounding my house. It is so pleasant and elevates my mood to be among my plants, especially my trees. One of the limbs broke off my old peach tree, it was loaded with peaches not ripe for eating but the farm animals have enjoyed them.

I was a bit upset yesterday because Trevor came and picked up June Bug, he really is his even though he left the mama with me several months ago technically the little kid belongs to him. He picked him up to have him neutered because he is going to sell him to a lady who wants him neutered. It shorten a goats life when he is neutered, so I found out when I listened to 9 hours of audio when I first got Jesse, I always want to become an expert so I ordered cds on care of pygmy goats when Jesse came to live with me. I don't remember all the details but somehow it messes up their urinary track. So I guess I will have to give up my little June Bug soon. He is not as spry today because I think he knows he has been altered. Yesterday morning he was climbing the trees but today very quiet. In all the commotion of him being picked up and brought back I forgot to close my garden gate so a lot of my plants, who were not doing too well anyway, were eaten by Janet last night. None of them like the zucchini or tomato plants so they are fine.

I listened to a webinar last night while I was watching my baseball games, it was given by body ecology and the speaker was Darren Weissman, I really enjoyed hearing him speak and of course, today I will research what he said.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gratitude Day Eight

As I listen to a CD, I am grateful for music, I am listening to a recording of The Divine Name, sounds of the God Code. Very interesting concept of sound and what it does for you healing of body and soul. It also seems to calm my dogs. As I put all the dirty towels etc. in the washing machine, I am thankful that someone was smart enough to develop the automatic washer. When I was growing up I remember when we got the first washer that had a motor, we still had to put each piece through the wringer after washing and again after going through the rinse cycle. Mom and Dad still had to put the water in by hand because we had no running water, just a spring and a well. Most of the washing water came from the rain barrels. It really helped but you still had to do a lot of work. Mom also boiled the really dirty white clothes in a large kettle on a fire out doors before placing them in the washer. It was the same kettle that we made out soap in a few times a year. I gave as the daily gift yesterday, some of my garden produce and also did some research of a new friend.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gratitude Day Seven

Today I will express gratitude for the vacuum cleaner, I dropped a plate in the kitchen, glass everywhere, in order to be able to go barefoot, I needed to get it up, all of it, so happy to have the vacuum so I would not worry that I did not get it all swept up. Really thankful that there is a cloudy sky today, my house will stay cooler. I had a great experience yesterday evening, I met a new friend or I should have said two friends because she had a great dog. In the old days I would have had coffee and tea ready to serve and some nice zucchini, banana, or apple bread made to serve but with this many animals, my kitchen is just not good to cook in and besides that my oven is broken. Just excuses I know, another excuse would be that the dogs would beg for whatever I am eating. I have to leave the animals long enough to go to the feed store and get animal food, I will give the people at the feed store in Gravette a book, of course, I have not been there in a while because I have had other dogs here and could not leave so Lonna has been bringing the horse, chicken and dog food. Body Ecology had a nice workshop via computer last night, I did not hear all of it but I did take notes on what I heard and I will dispense that knowledge to all, soon. Donna with Body Ecology is really knowledgeable and I try to keep up with all she writes on her website.

I gave out bones this morning and it is so much fun watching Lil Bear, the dog with no teeth, chew on a frozen bone, he is so inventive when it comes to figuring out how to get around his problem.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gratitude Day six

Dixie and her sis spent another night and there has been lots of running and playing this morning which brings me to gratitude day six. I am grateful that Dixie has become a great, fun and loving dog, something that I did not think would happen. As soon as she felt responsible for her sister she became an adult, well most of the time. I am also grateful today for the wonderful breeze out under my wonderful old trees.

No egg to be thankful for this morning, I think Julie has a new nest because she certainly was singing yesterday and today but no egg, I will hunt down that nest then I must leave an egg because the golf ball i had in the nest has disappeared. The gift I gave today was some of my garden produce for which i am grateful for also.

I had to close off the cat door that leads out into the small yard because, Felix kept climbing over the fence every time I went out, he took a long walk then came back very happy that he had gone out. He did it three times yesterday and I am afraid he will be injured by a car. He always brings back a gift, a few fleas, and spreads it around to the other dogs. I have to comb everyone at least twice today. I have to complete a taller fence around the front yard as soon as I have funds and someone who will help me dig post holes. I wonder which will come first, the funds or the someone?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gratitude Day Five

Today I must express gratitude for the Farmers Market, wonderful peaches and a wonderful watermelon, since watermelon is a wonderful kidney cleanser and I use it freely. The peaches are really tasty. My second gratitude is for the check I got in the mail from my cousin, I did not send the books to be paid for them but the check for which I am thankful will help me purchase something I need so I am not sending it back. I learned to use the word 'need' instead of want when Molly was young and would ask for something, I would say: "You don't need it." so she learned to say; "I need it." I also have to say that I appreciate the farm family that brought me their old last year hay for my animals, because I take the old hay they let me have it very cheap. Dixie and her old sister came to sleepover so mom could go out of town, it makes me appreciate my Qigong and Energy healing routines because Dixie wants to sleep with me and she is so large, I don't really get much sleep. She just loves curling herself in as small a ball as she can and frequently gets up to check on her sister. She exercises all the dogs in the morning while I do my Qigong and Energy Routines.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gratitude Day 4

this morning I have to express gratitude for Diatomaceous Earth, an all natural product that I put on all the poops in the yard and it turns it back to soil and kills any insects that try to breed in the poop. Maybe that does not sound like a great thing to everyone but it is great for me, no more going around and picking up waste from dozens of animals every morning and every evening, I just sprinkle a little white powder on each one and it goes back into the soil and fertilizes it for the future. Any way, it's a High Five for Diatomaceous Earth. I am also thankful for the little egg that Julie gives me each day, I could not eat it yesterday because I picked it up out of the barn, placed it in my pocket, as I usually do and about half way through the dog baths yesterday the dogs were paying a lot of attention to my pocket and BEHOLD! yellow stuff was coming out of me. I had broken the egg because i was too busy to remember that there was an egg in my pocket. I had to change clothes but I was awfully wet anyway, so what's the big deal, I was just minus an egg and the dogs got what i emptied out of the pocket. I guess I had better devise a better system for remembering to bring the egg to the refrigerator. That's another gratitude; grateful that there is lots of humor in my life.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Gratitude day 3

I am grateful for the wonderful cool breeze today.

I am grateful for my garden and my fruit trees, yielding great food.

Great morning, just finished giving my little 4 legged friend a bath, Lil Bear, Franklin, Sonny, Neville, Daisy, Rosie, Chloe, Jackson, Megan, Ludwick and Big Mac. Some do not like water: I have a few scratches, very soft fingernails, a watered back yard wet clothing, lots of towels to wash and I do not need my cardio or weight lifting today. I do not have a ramp into the bathtub out in the yard so I have made up my mind that I have to exercise those fat little pugs and get some of their fat off. After a change of clothes and getting the washer started, I deserve a good cup of coffee and a bit of relaxation. I can be proud that I saved lots of money, if I had taken them to the groomer it could have cost me a couple of hundred dollars for the bathing, combing and the shaving of the poms and ole Tator.

I listened to another webinar with Donna Eden last night while I watched the Rangers game and some of the Royals game, so glad that Rick Ankiel is back with the Royals, thankful that the Cards game was a day game. Getting back to Donna Eden, I think she has so much to offer everyone as far as health and wellness goes and I learn a bit more each time I hear her. I am replaying the interview now. Gotta get busy and save some more money.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gratitude day 2

Left home early to get Albert and Felix their Rabies shots so I could meet Albert's new mom. I did tell her that if he is too much for her to handle, just bring him back.

My gratitude today is: Thankful for people who want to parent an active little pug.

Thankful for family and friends.

With Albert gone now it is: 3 pugs, 2 little poms, 5 small doxies, one little "min pin"

one little Lhasa, and 2 old farm dogs, a border collie and an Australian Shepherd. 3 outdoor cats, one indoor cat and a few old farm animals. The dogs have had their bone, the cats their treats and the farm animals their apples; everything is quiet so I must do my Qigong and meditation.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gratitude day one

One of my nutrition experts has been having a webinar week of: Gratitude and encourages me to make a daily expression of gratitude, listing 2 gratitudes a day, today is day one and I am starting my list:
I am grateful today for good health and very thankful for my wellness.
I am grateful fresh air, sunshine and a fan to keep me cool.

I am listening to some audio on energy medicine and I just can't get enough of it. Albert will probably go to his new home tomorrow, I feel a little anxious about it because I really do not know the family, but Reta says ok. Rambo and Lela went home today and it is just my animals and me, no guests. I have been out picking apples for the farm animals and when feeding and checking the chickens this morning I found that Julia had left me an egg, hopefully some of the others will be laying soon and I will get more than one egg a day. I sent out some more books yesterday and have started reading Nancy Dane's book, the first fiction I have read in ages, it is not all fiction; historical novels are not really fiction, just embellished history.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tamera came over and did some photos, many, many, many, of me being Mema to use on my next book. I am attaching some of them; a sampling.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The guest dogs went home last night and today I get Rambo and Lela who use me as their second home, they will be here a couple of days while mom and dad are on a business trip. My friend Tamera will come this evening and take a picture for the cover of my next book. Lonna brought over a watermelon this week end so I had my kidney flush, am starting on my liver/gallbladder cleanse this week. I did not have a chance to practice my Qi-ssage this weekend but will work on it this week. I got several 'feedbacks' from people via e-mail about my second book. I guess anyone who had a negative review probably would not e=mail me. I must admit that I enjoy the positive feed back and walk a little taller with each one. I just looked down and joining the 15 dogs at my feet is my indoor cat, Ruby. She thinks she will fit right in and get a bit of attention. As I was out feeding my outdoor cats, I remembered when I used to milk cows at my grandmas house, all the stray cats in the barn came for me to squirt warm fresh milk in their mouths, you could not touch any of them but they came for their squirt. Modern expert say milk is not good for cats, "hogwash" I say.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I was reading a post this morning on facebook from a new friend Su Campbell and I was moved to write this morning about my experiences with some of "God's churches".
Many years ago I was in a large church in a small community visiting, I had hunted it down because years earlier when I lived nearby I had attended that church and even taught in the Sunday School, sang in the choir and been heavily involved in the church as a young single person. I knew the pastor was different and probably most of the people were different but as I looked for a sign to say what time the church service started I did not find it so assumed a 11 am start and showed up at the door, I saw all these 'godly" old men at the door and requested seating for one. They half way looked at me and said I could go to the balcony, waving toward the stairs. I even recognized some of the Ushers but felt really let down by their attitude. I went to the balcony and found a seat, climbing over many others. The couple who came in behind me were escorted to a seat near the front of the church. The bulletin listed a number for the hymn and I looked for a hymnal, none there because everyone around me had gotten one. I did know all the hymns and could sing, I do have a very loud good singing voice and some people did stare at me for singing loudly, one man even said I had a great voice. No one introduced themselves and no one else spoke to me. The sermon was very good: "being kind to your fellow man" and at the end of the service I deliberately weaved my way through the whole congregation and not once was greeted. I was angry and when I got back to the house I was staying in, I wrote a long letter to the pastor and copied the church board, the letter included these thoughts: I was just an old widow with no real problems but what if I were a lady who was in real emotional trauma, or a person contemplating blowing up a building, or a person who was dying from a disease. Would I feel good after being in their church? I told them that I was certain that God cried when he looked down upon them. I'm sure it did not make an impression on them but I felt better after writing the letter.
I was visiting my sister's church one Sunday and the pastor who I knew announced that they needed couples to volunteer for a project. As I exited the door I told him that as I looked amoung his congregation, he had excluded over half of his congregation when he wanted only couples for a project. He did apologize and said he did not think of what he said at all and would never do it again. In my own church many years ago, I was almost a charter member of a church and as it grew, a questionnaire was passed out for people to volunteer for jobs in the church, as I was a Sunday School Teacher and had been for many years and am a very friendly person, I ask to become a greeter, I was told by a very 'godly' man that since I did not have a husband I could not be a greeter. I let him and the pastor know how I felt, being excluded because I was a widow. The pastor who was a personal friend did apologize and said I could greet if I wanted. I refused, of course. It is a real problem in, what we call God's Church, how people have made it their church and not let it be God's church. That is one of the reasons we have such problems in the world.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I have already done my work and exercise for the day. Had a limb of my redbud tree half off, It as about 6 inches in diameter and I had to finish it off with a handsaw then put all the small limbs off it to strip it down so I could use the limb with many forks into a chickenroost for my chickens, they are getting too large to roost on the pallet that is setting up against the barn. I was not pro active and did not have glasses on so stuck a twig in my eye, so did put my sunglasses on then when I came indoors I put ice on it.

I did some work on getting my two 'almost pugs' ready to leave, I think Albert will be going to a new home in about a week.

I am taking the rest of the day off, gotta watch baseball on tv.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I listened to a webinar by Dana Ullman last night and really enjoyed knowing more about homeopathy and of course then went on a few hours of research. He is very good. I have to do more reading today.
The storm last night took one of my limbs from one of my redbud trees and made the goats very happy to have a limb close to the ground so they could devour the leaves. I did more practice on my Qi-ssage and am feeling good about my progress in learning to do it well. Just 3 more days with the Campbell kids and I will be relieved to have them gone. Rambo and Lela come on Monday for a few days, they fit right in and really enjoy themselves so I can get out a little when they are here. I miss hearing Big Jim crow so need to get another rooster. I love the crow of a rooster, bray of a donkey and the sound of a train. JR is doing his job braying but I need another sound. The new cat that showed up last week end is terribly frightened of the road and sound of autos that it has to be fed under the car in the driveway. The other two outdoor cats are not sure about it yet, but lets him/her stay.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My friends just keep dying, this morning I found Jim my big beautiful rooster dead in the barn lot. I don't know what happened but he is gone. I guess he served his purpose because he raised those baby chickens and all nine survived.
I listened to a teleconference last night and have re listened this morning and will have to re listen again, he is an herblist Dr. from India and still does not speak good English, reminds me of the first time I met my friend Hasu Patel. the Patels are a wonderful family and adopted me as their grandmother.
I am getting all the "stuff" together to start my cleansing next week; will not be able to go to the health food store until Monday, because the Campbell's will be home Sunday and we can take their "kids" home.
I went to the garden this morning; picked green beans, pulled onions and found a huge Squash that I had not seen. I plucked an ear of corn and ate it in the garden, I knew it had no pesticides or foreign stuff on it and it was nice and sweet. I picked an apple off my tree and blended it with a little honey and almonds for a spread for my oatnut bread for breakfast. I will have my onions, green beans and tomatoes for lunch.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am sad today because on Sunday one of my favorite little dogs had to be put down, Callie was one of those dogs that was perfect in behavior and during her 14 years of life she made her mom and dad very happy. It is very hard on your body and soul when a companion like Callie is no longer in our midst. Yesterday wonderful Addie, Bernese Mountain Dog, (her picture is attached) was found to be in the advance stages of liver cancer and last night went to dog heaven. Addie was with me a lot and I lovingly called her my big rug. She filled my floor where ever I wanted to walk and smiled at me all the time. She enjoyed viewing the world from the deck and watched all the animals play, getting along well with everyone. She like Harry died a long time before she should have and will be missed for a long time. I will miss her a great deal and I know her family is grieving beyond words.

I am slowly learning Qi-ssage and plan to practice on Lonna after choir practice tonight. I listened to a webinar by Dr. Sue Morter last night and since I was interrupted many times I am replaying this morning. Also saw some of the Baseball game, glad that the National League won even though I enjoyed seeing the Ranger players play also.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I did more study on grounding yesterday and also did reading on arthritis. Had all three baseball games going at the same time and was glad that the cardinals won. Rangers and Royals both lost. with the all star break I am glad that some of the shows such as the closer are restarting. I bathed Trudy and Pearl this morning and I think their mom will pick them up today, I know now why I don't care to have a white dog. Another week with grouchy Wegie and Lucy.
It is cloudy again today but no rain for my garden.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A new cat showed up at the cat breakfast table yesterday and was back this morning, Sophie and Stormy hiss a little but let it eat. So had to increase the food for the outdoor cats. It is cloudy again today but no rain, will have to water my garden again today. i had a nice call from my old friend Dorothy yesterday, she had received my book and read it. It is so nice when i get to visit with old friends, new friends or strangers because I am tired of animal conversations.

I got my new book "Arthritis interrupted" by Dr. Stephen Sinatra and have been reading through it, a very informative book and I would recommend it to anyone whether or not you have arthritis. I also got some new material on the benefits of mushrooms and that kept me busy during two ball games that were so disappointing. Both the Cards and Rangers had very cool bats. I think we are ready for the all star break.

June bug my little pygmy goat kid is growing playing and having fun in the back yard and the dogs have accepted him as just another kid on the block. The chickens are growing also and the little hen that was sitting on one egg gave up and is singing so will expect her egg every day now. By the end of next week I should be free of the stay over dogs and I can get out of the house and get some things accomplished in the human world.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I spent the evening listening to a webinar by Jonathan Goldman on sacred music healing and while listening went to and ordered the book for my kindle, that is just too easy and too much fun, getting the book instantly.I have read a lot of it already and went to this morning and ordered a CD. I also ordered another copy of Nancy Dane's book to give to my grandson for some summer reading. I sent out several copies of my new book to people who requested one, I may have missed someone because sometimes I get distracted and mark some one's name off before I address the envelope.

I think I have found a home for Matt, the Cocker, he went yesterday for a trial visit. Unless Doyle shows up today, I have to mow the rest of the front yard, just hope he comes. I get sprinkles of rain all day, nothing large enough to help while all around me there is a lot of rain and flooding.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Still having small showers so must use the dryer today. I have not had to dry my clothes indoors in a long time so hope I can remember how to turn it on. Had a nice informative webinar last night on healthy weight control last night and also listened to another webinar from my favorite Qigong Master, Chunyi Lin. It was a good night until both my baseball teams lost, both the Cards and the Rangers. I am ready to run the Cards coach out of town, I tried to tell him what decisions to make and he did some dumb things.

I am reading the material downloaded from the weight control webinar last night and listening to a replay of Chunyi Lin.

I have already fed everyone, combed the cats and dogs, played with my little goat kid and done poop patrol in the back yard. I was so busy trying to get everyone to get their feet wet and pottie outdoors that I did not get my energy exercises and lympathic flush this morning so have to take time to do that then have my cup of coffee. Start My Internal Love Engine is the definition of the word smile according to Chunyi Lin. Smile at a stranger today and make some one's day!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I guess we are very fortunate that we have cloudy weather since if the sun shined it would be very hot. I hate to waste so when my neighbor shows up with peppers and zucchini, I have to find a use for it. I made a meal using it in a fake pasta, making strips of the zucchini with a peeler and the adding an organic tomato sauce, peppers and onions. It tasted pretty good. I goggled healthy recipes for zucchini and got a lot of ways to use it, the problem is I have to get other ingredients or use some very creative substitutes. I have to save all those recipes because my squash, cucumbers and zucchini will be coming from my garden soon. I am also creating a recipe making zucchini bread with my coconut flour and stevia. I have to teach the dogs to enjoy zucchini, Chloe already enjoys all vegetables, Jack will taste but really has not gotten fond of them.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Busy morning because besides getting Albert and Felix back, I have two more sleepover dogs for the rest of the week. The dogs are so cut and of course it always takes a while to get them settled into this animal house. when I did 'poop patrol' this morning, I think everyone had at least two BM's. Since it is cool and cloudy outside we have spent most of the morning working outdoors. I bathed 3 dogs and think I will wait until tomorrow to do more.
I listened to a great webinar last night and am replaying it today. The webinar is an interview with Dr. Emmet Miller and I would encourage you to look him up on your computer. I was very impressed with him. He believes that we should be informed and should take control of our on health especially since we on the bottom rung on the ladder of quality of health care in industrialized nations. I will get his newsletter now and keep informed. I had Lonna mail out some books for me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Albert and Felix are coming back today, I guess they were just too much for the family who took them. It makes me sad that someone can not be enjoying these little brothers. I guess this old mema just makes them too comfortable and they cannot adjust somewhere else. Most people do not understand dogs as well as I do, I think.

I really kind of wasted yesterday after going with Lonna over into Oklahoma for organic raw milk, I have eaten a lot of unhealthy food for the past 3 days so did not feel very energetic. I did some polish on my next book and am just about ready to download it to . I will need to catch up on lots of work today.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The animals had a terrible night because people all around us was doing fireworks and did not quit until almost midnight. Janet, the horse, really has anxiety when people do fireworks so close, they were right over the back yard. I just can't see any positives about fireworks, this may be my bias since the ER was always full of accidents during the 4th. They cost money and last such a short time, they disturb other people and animals, and they are dangerous.

I did some research on aroma therapy yesterday and also listened to another webinar with David Wolfe.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My plants and animals are saying 'thank you' to God for the rain, Me Too! I had a lot of frightened animals last evening because of fireworks, it is terrible how they set them off even after 11pm, it is hard to say, 'happy holiday' when the fireworks are disturbing me and my animals.

I downloaded some information this morning on how to build greenhouses and will try to figure some costs and build one. I listened to a few interviews with David Wolfe yesterday as I got my work done and always learn something new. I try to take a few notes as it listen but don't always have pen and paper in hand, guess I need one of those little recorders to put around my neck.

Have to do some dog bathing today and plan to do some reading during my baseball games.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I have 2 less dogs, the 'almost pugs' went to a new home, mom, dad and 6 year old son. Now I only have 2 pugs, 2 poms, 4 doxies, 1 shepherd, 1 border collie, 1 lab/doxie, 1 lhasa, l cocker spaniel, and two visitors. Of course 3 cats, 2 pygmy goats and a baby, a horse and a mini mule. Then there are 9 teen age chickens, 1 rooster and a hen. That is all, I believe. I have already fed everyone and taken care of the poop detail. Had to bring all the farm animals excepting the chickens over to the back yard because of the firecracker noises in the neighborhood. I am hoping everyone is purchasing my books because I need to feed all these animals. Not enough rain so have to get hay and grain. I did a replay of Max Wellspring's webinar yesterday and listened to some recordings that David Wolf made on "The Best Day Ever" he always has new and refreshing information. I spent some time on the internet trying to find my minerals in glass bottles, I don't believe anything should be stored in plastic and I will not drink from plastic. I have to do some house and yard cleaning today before I do more research and polish up my next book before I send it to the publisher.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A lady came yesterday to see Matt, but thought he was too large, really wanted Daisy and Rosie, but NO WAY could we give away a doxie. I felt uncomfortable giving him to her any way her sons 19 and 20 years old could not stay long because they had to smoke and I do not allow smoking on my property. I do not want to place a dog in a home where there is smoking. My neighbor harvested his little patch of corn and threw the cobs and shucks over in my yard so the horse Janet and her friends JR and Jessie are having a feast today, I hope they do not overdo the feasting.. A man called and made an appointment to see the "almost Pugs" this morning but did not show up. Dixie, Xena and Miss Pearl went home yesterday and I am missing them, especially Miss Pearl, she was my constant companion while she was here. My favorite Qigong Master had a webinar last night so I was happy and also am replaying Chunyi Lin this morning. He has a new video on his Qigong Massage so of course I took the money I made from Dixie and ordered the DVD. I wasted a lot of time yesterday having fun, playing Yahtzee with my grand daughter, was a good afternoon.

I guess the guy is not going to show so have to go 'scoop poop' in the back yard, not my favorite job.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The picture is of Katie.
Found a new home for Katie yesterday, she will have a nice mom and be an only dog. Still looking for homes for the two"almost pugs" and Matt, the cocker. I would like to stay under 15 dogs if possible. I have had a full day of work; had to round up chickens (the field behind the barn was mowed yesterday and they found a hole they could go through) fixed fence, fed and watered everyone, combed all the dogs, weeded the garden and did some tilling, de-pooped the back yard and ran the dogs. Gotta sit down and have my coffee. This old Mema is too busy to have to do chicken round-up but I don't know chicken talk so can't tell them to stay on the property.

If you want a copy of my new book, you will find it on or you can send me your address if I do not have it and I will send you one. I listened to two webinars last night: Dr. Alex Lloyd and Max Wellspring. Did some more reading in the material I downloaded on Arthritis, it is very readable and very good information as I knew it would be because, Dr. Stephen Sinatra was one of the authors.