Friday, September 23, 2011

I don't know how I can waste so much time trying to link different services together and still not be successful.  Trying to get my blog, my facebook and my windows live all linked together so I don't have to open each up separately. 
Had a very good day yesterday but hated the fog last night when I was trying to return home.  Went to Hawkins wellness to meet Penny and another lady then off to Studio 7 to a writing class. I met lots of new people and had fun.
Today I must catch up at home, do some yard work, hang out wash and finish the job of sorting winter clothes.  Dogs are in need of more love and we are enjoying the cooler weather outdoors.  I am still barefoot but my toes were a bit cool this morning.  Ready for dog massages........

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Electronics are again driving me crazy, gmail account; access is imposible even though I have gone through the reset procedure many times, so have so much trouble getting into the blogspot.  I am back to an old dashboard for blogspot so I will try using it.  Facebook is confusing me and the only thing I can always do is my hotmail; it has been the same for more than 20 years. 
It is really raining today, I am really wet from trying to get animals fed and trying to get my dogs to do their business out doors; everyone is allergic to wet !!
I am so grateful that my sister, Frankie, is doing well following her medical procedures and am grateful that I have my wellness and do not have to consider such procedures.  I have been invited to a program at Studio 7 art studio tonight and I will get a bit of socialization and 'learning'.  I am reading my new material from Dr. Blaylock on my Kindle and am learning a great deal, also following some websites that he recommended.  So much to learn and so little time.  So many mp3s, podcasts and webinars; it is difficult to retain all the info in my old brain.  Gotta start giving the dogs their massages......

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lonna took Jill out for dinner last night and invited me to go, wonderful food but not my choice because it costs lots of money....too rich for my blood and now I need to detox because it takes so long to get served; I had to fill up on white bread, white bread is not good for me at all. I had just read an article about all the bad stuff in processed foods so even though it was a pleasant dinner, I did not feel good about eating it. I am so grateful that my sister, Frankie, came through her heart procedure yesterday and is doing well. 
Thinking about the problem made me more aware of taking my supplements this morning and adding a bit more Salba to my egg.  I downloaded Dr. Russell Blaylock's new book on my Kindle yesterday and also found a couple of new websites to investigate; all in all a very productive day......Dogs are ready for their massage and wash is ready for the clothesline...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The electronic world has been "bugging" me this morning, old passwords, new passwords, accessing accounts, etc.  the whole thing taxes my brain, severely. 
Cold rain again this morning, but I am barefoot; not that cold today.  Also, drying clothes indoors again today. Lonna went to get my raw milk yesterday so I have good cream in my coffee and cheese curds to eat for lunch. Unable to get outdoors for exercise so am doing my exercising indoors and listening to webinars.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cold and wet today, Jill came to get my kitchen cleaned and pet the dogs a little, they like a new face now and then.  I am so cold that I am going to put some socks on and wrap up in a robe.  Trying to get some of the ceiling fans cleaned as I probably won't need them for a while.  Have to dry indoors again and the dogs and I am going to lay on the couch and do some reading, not a good day for anything else.I am grateful that I can be indoors out of the cold wet weather.   

Friday, September 16, 2011

Spent most of yesterday in Hawkins Wellness Center and met with Dr. Bernadine and Charlie. It is now feeling like football weather and I almost felt like putting on my shoes this morning.  A little cool rain this morning also so the farm animals want to be near the barn.  I have just finished massaging the dogs and everyone is sleeping as I listen to a webinar and finish the wash; will have to dry indoors today because there is no natural sun today. I will spend the day catching up on every day duties and doing an inventory of my life for some time of re evaluation, etc. I will also do some research on some info, my webinar suggested that I spend the day listening unstead of reacting, that may be a good idea.  My little "sailboat in life" is rocking a bit and I need to get it to sail along more smoothly. 
The clothes are ready for the dryer so must start my chores......

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cool and cloudy today, looks and sounds like a season change.  I spent much time yesterday out and about.  I visited the Lifelong Learning Center, made a new friend in the farm feed store and then spent several hours at the Hawkins Wellness Center with John, Jerray, Dr. Bernadine and some new friends. I learned some new healing modalities and also got my little Himalayan salt crystal lamp for my computer.  The new hand detox was a very pleasant experience and all in all I had a great day. I am so grateful for the new info I learn every day and for the people who teach me....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another day with great weather, I am grateful for this beautiful day and the singing birds...
I am a bit disappointed that my dogs and cats do not want to sleep until daylight, they want me up and about long before the sun comes up; I don't like it!  I have to figure out a way to get them to let me stay in bed until daylight.  
I spent yesterday afternoon @ Hawkins Wellness, learning some more from everyone including Charlie and Dr. Bernadine and this morning I am listening to info from Dr. Buttar and downloading some of his mp3s. I really do like his presentations and agree with most of his 'stuff'. I will catch up today on all the webinars, etc. that I have missed this week and do some extra exercise so I can watch my baseball and football games....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I will bet that secretly a lot of those "911" families are as tired of the "celebration" every year as I am.  I cannot imagine how the media can promote it all week and I will be so happy to just leave it be....It happened but lots of other tradgies happen too (child abuse, drunk drivers killing people and people being made slaves, etc.) and we do not rehash them every year even every day...
I went to a catholic women's meeting yesterday to hear Charlie speak and it was really refreshing; meeting new people and seeing friends.  He spoke about the work he did with Mother Teresa and it was really interesting and revealing about the poor and the sick all over the world. 
I spent a lot of time learning some new energy techniques for healing and also listened to some webinars.  I am listening to one now as I write.  It is cool and cloudy this morning so my coffee "feels' so good. I am so grateful that I have the luxury of spending quiet time every moring with my "cup of coffee". 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Having a great time, yesterday I spent time @ Hawkins Wellness and learned a new system of energy healing also met with Ellen and Jane.  Today I am going to a church women's meeting and hear my friend Charlie speak to the group.  I am listening to a webinar this morning, Dr. Nan Lu is talking about diagnosing problems with the body and how to heal with energy.  I do practice his methods daily. I learn new things each time I listen to him speak.  So grateful for the beautiful weather and the time I can spend out doors with my animals. Time to go to the meeting........

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good Morning, Good Morning, it is a beautiful day for which I am grateful.  I took Gomer home yesterday morning so the house is much quieter and safe to walk about. He is such a great puppy but sooooo busy. If I am looking for Cherokee, I just look down, she is always at my feet.
i spent some time at the Hawkins Wellness Center and re-imprinted my little energy vial so I can have an energy filled week. I met some more people and also learned some new things. I had to go online and order some of the supplements that I need and also spoke with Createspace concerning the making of my books into Kindle editions.
I am going to spend some time out doing yard work today but have to do some indoor cleaning of the paper, cardboard and plastic, Gomer shreded for me yesterday before he left.
It is necessary for me to do some dog care; everyone is standing in line....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cool, Cool fall weather...

Gomer and I are awaiting a call from his parents telling us that they are home.  He has run out of stuff to shred, even has the waste baskets empty.  This morning we almost occupied the same space going down the deck steps and he is so happy and playful.  I am in need of an infrared biomat session this morning because he thought that ten dogs and I could give him half of the bed last night, with his huge head on my chest.  Today is my granddaughter, Molly's birthday.  She is at college so will have to celebrate when she is home next. 
The weather is cool this morning and the sun is shining; gonna be a wonderful day.  After giving baths to all the dogs yesterday, they will spend today rolling about in the dirt to replace the stuff I washed away. Since I do not get a pay check, I can imagine that by giving all those baths, I earned over $200. That is a lot of money!

Monday, September 5, 2011

I just wrote a whole blog and it disappeared down some black hole...I know that someone out there needs, Cherokee, she is waiting to go to a new home.  When I saw that it was labor day, I decided to labor; everyone is fed, exercised, clothes on the line, another wash in the machine and I have bathed 6 dogs.  Gomer was a big help?? He is now playing toss with the wet towels in the bathroom and Cherokee is assisting him, willingly.  He just found a piece of paper that had not be shredded and proceeded to do his job and make it into very small pieces.  I am so grateful that the weather is so nice today and I have the house opened up for fresh air, yesterday and today.  Gomer, the big lab, smells like coffee because everytime I get a cup of coffee he runs over me so half is spilled on him and he does not mind at all,  He missed class the day we were taught that two things cannot occupy the same space...I have to start laboring again; 6 more dogs to groom.......

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The new dog needs a new home. Cherokee is a little female, color of a German Shepherd and size of a Corgi. She is very friendly and loves to play. She will stay with me until she finds a home. i had a great adventure day yesterday, I was having "fun" with Gomer when Cherokee came and became a part of the animal kingdom then got a call from Dr. Bernadine that she and Nancy wanted to take me on an adventure so Lonna and Jill came and stayed with myanimals and I met them @ hawkins wellness to start an adventure. We went to the natural springs in Rogers and filled jugs with wonderful water. I even walked down stream barefoot; so great and then I was taken out to eat.We had wonderful conversation and all in all the day was great. I did get to watch some ball games and listen to the Razorbacks on the radio. I am posting a picture of Cherokee in hopes of finding a new home for her.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I do not need a shredder, Gormer takes care of all paper, cardboard and plastic; shredding it into small bits and throwing them into the air. He certainly knows how to spend his downtime, does not waste a miunte! Lonna is going to bring me another small dog today; he will live with us unless we can find a home for him. Gormer is here through Tuesday and I know we will all get plenty of exercise until then. He is resting now but has his eyes open, just in case I move from the chair. We did spend a lot of time outdoors this morning but the animals out side get tired of my friend Gomer pretty quickly, the goats keep their horns ready for action. I have to replenish all food stocks; cats, dogs, goats, horses, etc. today or tomorrow. I have books packaged ready to send through the mail and remembered that until Tuesday, I cannot mail them off. It is almost 11 am and I think I have already completed a days work, started too early so energies are slowing quickly. Two loads of wash have already been hung and another washer is started. Gomer is getting restless so we will go out and torment the goats a bit......

Friday, September 2, 2011

You must meet Gomer, a huge black lab puppy who is sleeping over at Memas for the holiday. He is really enjoying the whole house and the entire back yard. His tail can sweep everything from table tops, etc. in a second. He is great and is having fun. Yesterday was a great day, Dr. Bernadine Paull was at John Hawkins Wellness Center yesterday and consulted with Pat and Penny. At the same time Ann and I learned from her and she also had a mini workshop for John and Jerray. It was great. I also met with my friend Ellen. I am so grateful that each person who enters my life, enriches it. God lays bread crumbs along a path to lead me to great people. Sometimes the puzzle pieces do not fit at the time but soon I find that the fit is perfect and a segment of my life fits together. I must "labor" today to make up for my fun yesterday and keep searching for new bread crumbs God has sprinkled on my "life path", they are probably just beyond that little hill filled with sharp stones. My farm animals had a feast because my neighbor processed their corn yesterday and put the shucks and left overs in the back yard, so great for the goats and horses. Good recyclying!!