Friday, June 26, 2009

Just a thought

I have been watching the green channell on tv a lot and have really been learning what is out there and wish I had the money and assistance to implement a lot of the ideas.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pet rescues

I went to a family reunion yesterday but with travel time etc. it uses up the whole day without leaving much time to visit. I was so tired anyway and could not really enjoy myself. One of my nieces had a new puppy she purchased from a puppymill and I am so disappointed in people who know better and will still purchase a pet when the shelters are killing wonderful dogs every day. Anyone can go to and find any size, any age and any breed they desire. I know that I have reached my limit with 15 here and 4 @ Jill/penny's house. The three cats are easy care but still have to have food and love. And of course I have the two foster pugs that are having a difficult time finding a forever home. I have a handy man putting concrete unter the privacy fence today to keep the dogs from digging out. Doxie's have such a fondness for digging, I don't like punishing a dog for doing something that is such a natural thing for them. Seven of my dogs are either true doxies or a doxie mix. My user name should be doxieluver.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I am beginning to feel like a hermit because I can not leave the house for any length of time. I have been training Sonny the little doxie mix to walk beside me without a leash, Harry, "Lil bear, neaville already are trained. I will start on Ludwick next week so I can soon have all 14 trained. The Pugs will be shown on Sunday and I hope someone wants them. I did not know when I agreed to foster them that it would be so long before they would find a home for them. They are wonderful but I do not need them.