Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Free stuff, sunshine and animal love

Wonderful sunshine and my face got a little red yesterday because I loved it a little too much, but it is free and I am really into free stuff. I am also getting free love from a group of great little animals. I get a little more than I really need, just as I did the sun yesterday but I am ready for more today.

Trying to figure out how to work on the computer, write and use my pilates bench at the same time, the one that gets left out often is the pilates bench. I can tell from the way my body looks and acts that the time on the pilates bench has to increase. Not getting enough laughter either so have to find some funny things to do. Could watch one of my favorite old movies: North Avenue Irregulars, I only have it on an old tape so need to get it on dvd. If you have not seen that old movie, take it from me you will laugh your heart out. There is another one where James Garner is an ex-president, can't remember the name but, I also laughed a lot in it. I need to put together a bunch of those old funny movies just to keep on hand for an emergency, when I need laughter in my life for my wellness.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Using solar

Problem: have to have a new hot water tank.
Solution: use solar panel to heat water.
I had the solar guy out to visit yesterday, he said it would be no problem but cost, $5000.
Problem: I have no money, have saved just enough to put in an electric system.
Solution: find some money, win the lottery, have a rich relative die (I don't have any rich relatives to die) or find a loan.
I have to figure it out soon because I hate cold showers!
There are no simple things in life and we have to figure out some way to make the difficult things, simple.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

I have a problem, I am trying to completely remove sugar from my nutrition program, it is hard!
Everything I start to eat seems to have some sugar, guess I am going to have to go raw and even then some things such as my fruits have sugar. I have my egg but can't use my bread, it is a very healthy Oatnut bread but has some sugar. I have cereal but all have sugar, I have to eat the egg without toast and eat some fruit but the fruit has natural sugar, I will have to just say, "No white sugar" to enable me to eat my fruit.
There are about 30 negatives to eating sugar, that I can think of, and I am certain that there are things I have not thought of. I consider all the artificial sugar as poison and really have not learned to appreciate the taste of stevia, however, I do use it and I have honey that I use.
I am going to have my handful of almonds and think upon what else I need to eat.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Need to be younger

As I read on twitter about what is going on in the world and hear book reviews on book tv, I want to be younger, I want to build that electric car, write that book, start that business, so much to do and so little time.

Can't change facts so I had my coffee under the apple tree, fed all my animals, and did my walk.

Will be content today just to let the world go by and start something on Monday.

Chloe is such a little stinker, (in this picture she looks like a little walrus ) when I was shaking the apples off the tree for the livestock, she grabbed and apple to protect it from the animals and of course growled every time they got near it. She does not like apples, just likes to be in control. Addy will go home today for sure and the two Campbell kids will be taken home after Lonna get out of church. Then it will just be the 14 dogs, 3 cats, and the three barn animals. I can at least run to the dollar store, the post office, or the bank without feeling I am neglecting someone.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Early morning

The dogs were so excited about getting the day started, they started trying to get me to get up about 4:30 and I stayed in bed until almost 5 am. I was rather moist from all the wake up kisses and my back had been thoroughly massaged by everyone. I think they will all nap now on full bellies and I just lost out on a couple of hours of sleep. Lucy and Luwegia are here and Addy's parents did not make it home yet so I can't step without hitting a dog.

Am having trouble with my computer, it keeps going off every 15-20 minutes, I hate using the laptop to do any typing because my fingers are just too big but guess I will have to use it.

Have a picture of Lucy, she is a lap prancer!

Friday, September 25, 2009

working and listening

I had to do some cleaning this morning so I listened to a seminar by Dr. Norm Shealy, as I cleaned in the living room.

I get two more dogs today for the weekend so I will have less time and energy. I am also washing some of the couch pillows today and the washer dances all over the floor, the utility room cat, Ruby does not like the dance the washer does so she keeps meowing and telling me she is unhappy but not unhappy enough to go to another room.

I will send Addy home tonight and will miss my "rug", she lays anywhere she thinks I might want to walk and I have to walk over her. she is a Bernese Mtn dog and is so much larger than I other dogs.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

web page I forgot to give you a page for some additional info

Continuing Education

I just spent the past hour listening to a lecture by Dr. Hyla Cass and really renewed much info that I had forgotten. I have her book so had to pull it off one of my many book shelves and I also downloaded some new info from the computer, that she wrote. Every time you hear something, you learn something new, so I have to read and listen a lot. Dr. Cass is all about hormone balance and being the best you can be. I have got to invest in a kindle so I will have room for all my reading materials.
I put together a cleanse package for someone this am. I love it when I see someone who is taking care of their body, to assist them to achieve ultimate wellness. The colon/liver/gallbladder cleanse is the best way to begin a wellness program.
Am hoping that the sun will start to shine so my little 4 legged kids and I can go get some sunshine.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Preaching for wellness

Spent some time doing research yesterday because it was too rainy to do anything out doors.
I now have Dr. Weil on my facebook and this morning when I opened up the little video he sent about his new True Food place in Phoenix, I was shocked that the little video started with an ad from a fast food place. I wonder if the people who do these little videos ever watch them, maybe they are just too stupid to see the contrast.
My sister continues to take her little "purple pill" she has taken for many years for her GERD and I am trying to get her off them, I suggested she gradually taper off using DGL in place of it. Those drugs were just for temporary relief and not to be used long term. In the mean time she is overdosing on Calcium because her Orthopedic physician sees her thin bones and just keeps adding more calcium. She told him I was making her take D, boron and mag. and making her get 30 min of sun a day and he thought that was great but he cannot see that without the hcl in her stomach she cannot process any of that good stuff. While they are treating her bones, she will probably die from heart disease.
I know that there is a thin line I must tread but that thin line I was treading allowed the medical world to kill my other sister's liver and she died, I preached but just did not do it strong enough.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ihealthtube is full of great info. here is one of the best videos

Can't sit under to apple tree or watch the sun come up this morning because there is liquid sun today. Storms last night kept the dogs close to me as I watched the cardinals and the rangers play last night on tv.

Janet, the horse wanted into the back yard early this morning because she knew the storm probably knocked some apples out of the tree and she wanted that little treat.

Spoke with both my sisters via phone yesterday and my friend Dorothy in Booneville, have to be sure everyone is staying well and getting their 30 minutes of sunshine, that is the hardest thing to get people to do and the very cheapest. Everyone need to read all the latest research on what that sunshine can do for your wellness. Also need to read how to start a wellness program in my published articles on

Monday, September 21, 2009

Had to sit in the "kitchen courtyard" this morning to watch a beautiful sunrise. Will be able to get my vitamin D today but more storms tonight.

Stormy one of the outdoor cats decided to come into the kitchen during the night, a surprise for the dogs, she was happy to look down from the shelves and meow to tease them. Griff one of the dogs who is having "sleep overs at memas" was really shocked because he is not used to cats.

I think Sweet Pea went to her 'forever' home yesterday, if she does not adjust right away they will bring her back to me. Some people pay big prices for these pure bred dogs and I just give them away as long as it is a good home for them.

I will get Addy today, a Bernese Mtn. dog, she will be here 5 days while her family is in Florida. She is a great dog and seems to enjoy it here, there are no other dogs in her home so she likes the interaction with the others here.

If you are planning a wellness program, look at my website;

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I think Trevor will pick up Sweet pea today and see if she will adjust to them. She has become a real little personality when it is just me and the animals, but when any other humans show up she becomes very shy and starts shaking. I went to feed the livestock this morning and left her in the house, when I came back into the yard she met me because she came out the doggy door, which she had not done before. I think they had better take her today, she's becoming too attached. Doxies seem to be quicker to attach than other dogs and they seem to pick one person in the family to bond with. Dixie went home yesterday and that made it easier for her to get around in the house without being stepped on, no one has had time to get a picture of her. Guess I had better get a digital camera of my own.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finding Sweet Pea a home

It looks as if, I have found a home for Sweet Pea. I know she needs to be where there are less dogs and less a chance of being stepped on and injured but I am already attached.
Trevor and his mom love doxies and I gave them a dapple miniature a couple years ago, they are animal lovers and especially doxies, so I think she would have a better life with them. She is so tiny that she could get lost even in my house. As we examine her we think she came from a puppy mill and there are scars that appear to be from a c-section, so she has been used to breed.
Now if I could find homes for about a dozen others, I would be free to travel, go to Walmart, go out to eat lunch etc., etc., etc.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sweetpea the Toy Doxie

I thought I would have a picture of Sweet Pea by today but it just did not happen. Sweetpea is a toy, dapper colored doxie, she weighs about 4# and was given up because she hates men, since there are no men here, I took her in to join the other 14. She is really the cutest thing but she has been here about 18 hours and she is still adjusting. It is not easy because not only my 14 little ones are here but I have the 2 large dogs who are having sleep overs at memas. She has done her business, eaten and walked out in the front yard on leash, back yard and the barnlot.
She slept under the covers as most doxies do and slept by my side, 4 other doxies, one pom and one pug also sleep under so there are lots of lumps in my bed.
We had fun this morning in the front yard as Ludwick, who is still in training is at the point where he drags his leash just to remind him that I am boss, got caught by the cats as they had a tug-of-war with him and his leash, they thought he was dragging it just for their enjoyment.
Harry, Neville, 'Lil bear and Meg are all fully trained so do not need leashes in the front your. Chloe and Sunny would not need a leash either but both would rather watch out the window. It is a relief when they are trained because there is less worry about loosing one. One day they will all be trained.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My little Rosie has swollen jaws this morning, must have gotten into the wrong frog or something, I gave her some oregano oil and some benadryl so will watch her. There is always something to worry about with these little souls. Today we get another toy doxie because her family can no longer keep her.

Did not sleep well because big, long legged Dixie wanted to sleep in the middle of all 10 of the little dogs. Weimaraners do not know they are big and she thinks she is the same size as my little as my toys. She is so tall that she can reach the top of the dryer and eat the cat food, that becomes a problem.

I watch Planet Green a lot and am looking forward the another episode of "The Alaska Experience" tonight, after watching them deal with everything I feel lucky but part of me would like to be there.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dog training

Raining again today, I would love to see a little sun. I read where they have trained dogs to sniff out illegal cell phones in prisons, I can't even teach my dogs to go outside to do their business when it is raining. I have to stand out there so they will go out just for the few minutes it takes to get their business done. It takes me weeks to teach simple things like following instructions when off leash, guess I need to put more effort into training my little ones.

Dixie comes back today for a few days, she is one of those dogs I compare to a 6 foot 2 year old and even though she is sweet, she is so much trouble. Gotta get someone to stay with these dogs long enough for me to go get food for the livestock, just enough here to last through Friday. In the picture, Dixie and her very old sister, Dixie is on top.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

web pages

I added info on my web pages: I would love for you to visit it and read all the info, if you have suggestions, please let me know.

daily living

Another rainy day, can't stay out under the apple tree so must do without my vitamin D today. I have to stay near the bathroom today because I started my gallbladder/liver cleanse yesterday. Will spend time on the computer and with the animals today and might just think about doing some more housework, which I hate. If I had money the first thing I would invest in would be a housekeeper. I had a housekeeper a few times in my life and really enjoyed the fact that I came home from work to a clean house. When I do counselling with people that work outside the home I always advise them to make a goal to hire a housekeeper, even if it for one day every other week. It takes stress from many lives in the family.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I was just looking at the "people" I follow on twitter, most are energy, green planet and health.
I just added another because I chose to ask questions about the electric car, it is a battery company. I do have one motivational person and Martha Stewart on my list of "following" and I enjoy all the tweets every day. There is some overlap but most are very varied and interesting. I was so disappointed with cox cable because they are not showing the Martha Stewart Show this year, that is if they are, I can't find it. If it were my choice instead of Lonna's, I would have direct tv instead of cable anyway. I was much happier with direct when I had them in the past.
Of course I have sent cable an e-mail concerning my "disappointment" in not seeing Martha Stewart on my tv.


Not much time under the apple tree this am because it is raining, just enough to keep me wet. The livestock did not mind and wanted to be fed, the outdoor cats were also anxious to be fed. I spent some time yesterday reading my newest book on low thyroid and a little book of info concerning the herb "Neem" I am really impressed with this product and have started using it on skin problems on the dogs and on people too.
Today I will start my liver/gallbladder cleanse and will clean up some of my bad eating habits. I have got to completely get off sugar as I know it is not good for me. Am going to use some of my EFT training to help me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I have been listening to inspirational stuff today, all my sports teams lost yesterday. Have to spend extra time out under the apple tree with all the animals, just to get myself inspired to do something productive today. Will send Addelaide home today, the poor little old girl has seemed to enjoy her 2 weeks with me even though she can see very little, hear very little and remember very little. She takes pleasure in every little thing. Makes me want to take a lesson from this old dog. Am working on my Harry's cataract, his picture here is one from younger days.

Moved the livestock back to the barnyard because it looks and feels like rain today and they like to be in the barn when it rains.

Gonna start my liver/gallbladder cleanse this afternoon, maybe it will give me a new blast of energy I need. Also am removing sugar, that's difficult, from my nutrition program. I cut back on sugar several years ago but I really need to completely give it up, I know it is poison and also feeds all disease. I need to do what I tell others to do.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Big Business

I watched the little video about who killed the electric car, I am not surprised. It seems that the politicians, big oil and GM would rather have profits, they do not care about people or the planet. I also watched "who killed the bees" guess I am just trying to make myself unhappy. Better just go sit under the apple tree with the animals and be at peace for a while.

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's a Beautiful Morning

It is a beautiful morning, up early because of the dogs. After giving everyone their meatballs and filling the food and water bowls, made my coffee to go out and feed the livestock and cats. Fed the cats, indoor and outdoor, fed the livestock and back to get my cup of coffee to sit out under the apple tree. Chloe jumped up in my lap, I can't understand how this little black "walrus" can jump into my lap no matter how high, she immediately sneezed in my coffee. Now gotta go into the house and get a fresh cup of coffee. I got into the house, with all the dogs following me and immediately heard cat scratching on the door, Stormy had eaten all the good cat food and Sophie wanted some fresh food, of course I got her some. Came back into the living room and Harry was up and he and his 4 little trained pals wanted to take a special romp in the front yard, of course we did. Started to grab my coffee and my fresh cup was cold by now. Another full cup and the horse, Janet was talking and JR the mini mule was braying, they wanted in the back yard to get some apples off the tree, of course I let them in. Now I am going to sit in the sun which was not even up when I started this. I have my coffee, my laptop and I am sitting in the sun, with everyone.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D.

Almost 20 years ago, I sat in an intensive care nursery assisting in the care of my grandson, Cameron. A nurse practitioner introduced me to the books and tapes of Dr. Bernie Siegel, he is one of the greatest people I know. I just rediscovered him on his web page and am thrilled. when you get to his website, click on his book, "Beginners guide to humor and healing", listen to the excerpt, you will love it. I am now listening to old speeches of his on just listened to "Mind Health Matters". Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D. is great please look him up.

My friend, Griff

I have Griff again, he will be here a couple of weeks while his family is on vacation, again. Griff is a huge dog about the size of Jesse my goat, but he is afraid of everything and cries when I am out of his sight. Even though it is irritating, I have to feel sorry for someone who is so nervous. I can't imagine being afraid all the time. He is a griffon breed, one of the rare breeds that people travel all over the country to pay big money for and all the money in the world can't make him comfortable. He loves to be out in the yard but wants me with him. He lives in a house with white carpets and everything in its own place, here we have a tile floor with cushions all over the floor and quilts for my doxies to crawl into. His parents are master gardeners and I have a very unkept yard, the contrasts are endless. We love him anyway and I know that I don't leave the house until his parents come home.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't be a robot

I spent over an hour listening to a protocol on treating psoriasis and then researched each product mentioned, in the end there are a lot of things I would change in it, even if she is an expert. Doing your own research is such an important part of everything you do, I can't believe the people who just take everything as is, the same thing happens in politics.
The people who had a politician tell them to not let their kids listen to the president did their kids a lot of damage, not only did they miss a great speech, they missed an opportunity to learn how to make up your own mind about things and not follow bad advice. They should be teaching their children to use their mind and decide on what they believe, not be a robot.
We have too many robots already.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to routine

Most people are going back to routines following holiday week-end, me just the usual. Everyone went to Molly's 18 birthday dinner last night, I stayed home with the animals but did get some leftovers. I still have some left for today. Only have one extra dog left, she has dementia and is almost deaf and blind. Everyone seems to understand her and she requires me to wear light colored clothing so she can follow me. The little doxies do have trouble understanding why she won't let them kiss her. Nice morning but will have to use a little air conditioning today, need to get some screen doors so I can really open up the house on nice days.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Have been laboring today but hope to sit down and watch the baseball games in a little while. I have never had labor day as a holiday because I have always worked on holidays. I now have 3 extra dogs because people are vacationing. They are good dogs, one has dementia and is deaf and almost blind but she does fine following me around. I listening to book tv too and hearing some good book reviews. Go to my homestead website and see some health and wellness info

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Interesting Free Seminar

I am always trying to broaden my knowledge, several years ago I got all the info and worked on learning "tapping" or EFT, recently it was brought back to my attention. Dr. Mercola was offering on his website audio of all the workshops in their world wide seminars, I signed up because I wanted more knowledge and because it was free. I have really been working on it the past 3 days and spending 2 hours a day listening and practicing.
I also signed up for a free seminar on solar energy, I think Lonna will have to attend in my place but I want the info, because I want to learn more about solar energy and because it is free.
In this day you cannot afford not to get everything free that you can. My little social security check does not go far so I need everything free. I can just about pay for all the animal food, because I get the very best, and all the supplements I buy for myself and my family.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Disease and Prevention

I have spent so much time looking for a cure and prevention for dogs cataracts and I am very disappointed with local vets that think the only solution is going to a dog eye surgeon and spending a fortune having them removed. The better way is prevention, as I read it looks as if a lack of certain amino acids seems to be the culprit, then why is it not best to add those amino acids to the puppy foods and prevent this terrible disability that causes so many dogs to loose their quality of life. I will keep researching. My doxie that I had several years ago died a few months before she was 20 years old, I heard on the news that the oldest dog just died and I think I heard correct when they said it was a doxie and he was 21. Did I hear right?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

So how good is it?

As I was eating my pinto beans, tomatoes, onion, garlic and strawberry, I saw the need to have a little computer I could set my food on and it would give me the exact amount of each vitamin, mineral, protein, fat, and carb. Why hasn't some genius invented that machine? Since I cannot trace the food to it's roots, I can't tell what was in it's soil, therefore, I do not know what I have eaten. Just have to keep taking every vitamin, mineral, etc. and not knowing whether or not I am getting what I need. One of the puzzles of life that needs a solution.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An interruption in my story for a little info

People have been requesting info on cancer treatments that I would use. First I would never use radiation or chemo. Chemo is just plain poison, since a cancer is a fungus at times and can change itself from virus to fungus, it must me treated as such.
First of all I lead an anti-illness lifestyle as much as possible. The hardest thing for me to do is eliminate sugar from my diet. I will relate to my anti cancer lifestyle at a later date.
Dr. Garcia is an MD who uses holistic methods to treat cancer. I would steer anyone to go to his clinic in Clearwater, Florida if at all possible or find a local physician that will work with you and use his methods of treatment. If you do not think his treatment is right for you, take what you can from it and find another holistic person to work with you on treating your cancer holistically.
You can virtually visit his clinic @

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chapter 4-my life

When the Norfork Dam was completed, it was time to move back near grandpa's house. Daddy bought a farm, 300 acres, with a two story log house, 2 barns, a smokehouse and a well house. Now we had a well for water and lots of land, 3 miles from the highway.
We moved in a large Campbell 66 truck. In the front part of the truck was the furniture and in the back of the truck the animals were transported. My dog and I rode in the moving truck and Daddy followed in his truck with the rest of the family. The place was really, really rural.
We soon had several cows, a herd of sheep, lots of chickens, pigs and a couple of mules. It was a 3 mile walk to school and when it became time for high school at the highway we caught a bus and rode the bus 16 miles to school.
I milked a lot of cows, fed a lot of livestock and one of my jobs was to move the sheep from pasture to pasture and since there were not a lot of cross fences, I had to watch them graze. This was another opportunity to read, books were not plentiful but I read Daddy's murder mysteries, the grit, western stories and someone had left a few books so I fell in love with a book "The Crisis" a historical novel. I have never forgotten it and it gave me a love for history. I loved the time with the sheep when I could read and imagine myself to be anywhere I wanted to be.