Sunday, January 5, 2014

Death of a favorite dog

This morning I am snowbound and very unhappy.  Today Bruno one of my favorite little dogs took his last breath.  He has been a bit lethargic the past few days and this morning appeared to be ill, he did not eat or drink and laid on my lap and took his last breath.  he came to me several years ago because he could not be near children and he disliked most adults.  He and I became very close friends because I was the only person who was not afraid he would bite, he never even tried to bite me.  He was a little brown toy doxie/Chihuahua mix and slept on a pillow near my head.  He got to go to the kitchen with me and had extra time with me, he looked forward to licking out the cat food can and knew when I had the empty can in my hand that it was his can.  I do not know how old he was and I am going to really miss him because he was special. One of the problems with rescuing animals is the grief that comes when they die.   Bruno was Special!