Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yesterday I made the decision to have my 2nd book published by Create Space and will get the process started today. "Mema's Daily Wellness Walk, more ramblings by mema", will be a book in a couple of months. It will be more than double the size of , Mema's Ramblings, and is written a little better, I get better all the time.

I was able to walk barefoot this morning so I could wake up my thyroid and my DNA, it is a bit cool but very enjoyable. Windy outdoors but nice weather to do some gardening. I did a lot more research yesterday on diabetes and cancer, will read some more research today while I watch the Cardinal, Royals, Rangers, Mavs, and Suns; everyone plays today and tonight.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A bit cool today, hope the sun comes out and warms me up. Sophie and Stormy, the cats had to come in last night. I need to get out in the garden if it is not too wet, have to get some seeds planted and after Addy leaves I can go to town and get some plants and soil. Had an e-mail following up on my 2nd book from American Press. I will probably get it downloaded today or tomorrow. I think this time I will sell it from my website; and not deal with vendors. I need as little stress as possible so I can live to be 140 years old and still be healthy. I did break down and order another book, now gotta find room on my bookshelves and time to read it. I read a lot of Dr. Jonathan Wright's writings yesterday and now I have to find sources that back up his research. He is good I know, because the FDA has been trying to hush him up for years.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I see the sun!! All my animals are fed, we have had our run/walk and I have already hung out two loads of wash. It is so nice to get the windows open, the clothes on the line and since Janet, Jr. and Jesse decided my table and chairs were in the wrong spot in the yard and turned them all over, I have to set up my nest so the animals and I can enjoy my coffee out in the back yard under the old apple tree. Barkie went home yesterday and she probably missed her meatball this morning, her playtime out doors and my lap too. I tried to listen to Chunyi Lin's seminar yesterday on my phone, the computer phone won't let me in and my cell phone does not allow for 2 hours on it (can't hear on it very well anyway) to say the least, I was disappointed. I did listen to several talks by my favorite nutrition person, David Wolfe, and learned some of the new ways to include the 10 best foods and the ten best herbs in my nutrition program.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

David Wolfe at T. Harv Eker's Extreme Health Seminar FOUR

I am saddened when I hear about the First Bapt. Church in Bentonville, accident with church bus, one killed. So sad.

God washed all the dust and dirt off my trees yesterday and they are so beautiful this morning. My friend Keith had a birthday yesterday, Jill came to stay with my animals while I went to wish him a happy birthday. Thanks Jill and Lonna. It was good to get out of the house and see some real two legged people. Molly had her prom last night and I did not get to see her but have pictures on facebook.

I started writing a review of the back pain cure book and am making the cancer research project concise enough to get into the book.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Raining this morning, my dogs do not like rain. I was planning to do some yard work but I guess that is not happening. I will get to wipe up after about 100 muddy little paws if I can get them out.

Yesterday I read some of the "Seven Day Back Pain Cure" and I spent a lot of time reading more of the research in alternative cancer cures.

I started taking my mineral mix, fulvic, it is an old Indian concoction.

I spent a lot more time yesterday learning more of the Spring Forest Qigong.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Storms are coming!! moisture in the air, slight wind and sky is dark, real signs that spring storms are here. We got out runs in early, the animals have all been fed and I want a nap.

Got some new books on back problems yesterday and I have started reading it. I also talked to two different publishers about my 2nd book; "Mema's daily wellness walk". I am listening to a replay of a Wayne Dyer webinar to start my day and the dogs are all quietly napping. I got my furic acid yesterday as recommended by David Wolfe. I listened to a replay of one of his webinars last evening while the Rangers won and the Suns won. I made a point of watching Oprah yesterday for her earth day program and really loved it. I planted an evergreen tree, wanted to do a fruit tree but have not been able to get out and get one.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am not smart enough to figure out how to make all my animals happy and get any good sleep, I have to figure it out and get some good sleep. I have fed everyone, walked/ran in the back yard barefoot, done my energy exercises, forgiven everyone and am listening to videos to wake my DNA. I continue to feel that my body needs some sleep with quiet music, aroma therapy and an empty room (without animals). Just for an hour, please. since that is not happening, I may as well just enjoy and move on. I did order a more understandable book on the color/light therapy and will enjoy learning new things when it comes. Yesterday I did some writing on chronic disease and pain management and studied more Qigong and KI.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dixie went home yesterday and the dogs were very relaxed but soon Addy called then Barky and we are playful again. Addy is just a huge rug but Barky, the pug, is so happy to be back with her friends so we must run and play.

Did a lot of study on hypothyroidism yesterday but did not get much writing done. My body told me I needed to do more of the Qigong exercises and the Donna Eden Energy program; I did and felt better.

Had a bad night of baseball, everyone lost; Rangers, Cards, Royals, the Suns won in the NBA, one win and one loss now in playoffs.

Spent a lot of time following up on research of alternative cancer treatments and found some positive results.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fell asleep before the Cardinals won last night, those west coast games should all be day games. the picture today is of Xena and Dixie.

Still have 2 sleepover dogs but they should go home today then just me and my little fan club, 16 dogs, 3 cats, a mini mule, pygmy goat, old mare and 3 chickens. Such an adoring fan club!!

I am doing some writing today on thyroid disease and have to finish my research this morning. I have to gather together my info on treating M.S. today and put it together in some kind of order. I am also hoping to get dressed and get out if Dixie and Xena are picked up today. I will finish the proof reading of my 2nd book today or tomorrow and with the money I get from taking care of Dixie, I can send it to the publisher.

Monday, April 19, 2010

What a week end for baseball, especially the Cardinals! Inning after inning= after inning on Saturday night but a pleasant game on Sunday. Royals did well yesterday too. Dallas Mavs moving on in the long NBA playoffs.

Yesterday did not get much done because, I have had little sleep with all the extra dogs here. I did do some more research on "the healing codes", not certain how much of the hype I believe, gotta did deeper. I would love to get the books and DVDs but they want too much money for them, maybe I can find another way to get more information. I also did a bit more study on the use of the color/light therapy. I am really impressed with the scientific data on it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I did not sleep well; 22 dogs and all wanted a part of me, they are sweet dogs but since it is rainy, we can't stay outside much. They do not stay out unless I do even though there are doggie doors everywhere. We have been out and walked the back yard barefoot, I have awakened my DNA and intuition with HZ frequencies on youtube and every animal on the farmette has been fed and have fresh water, now I am having my cup of coffee. and listening to book tv.

I spent some time yesterday trying to organize my books but each time I placed one on the shelf, I had to read a tidbit of information; not a very rapid chore. I did do some more research on the alternative treatments for heartburn/GERD. There is lots of new information and I will dig it out. A few ball games to watch on TV, Royals and Cardinals.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Can't believe that my Cards let those Astros win their first game!! Rangers lost too, so I just had to find something to cheer me up. I listened to my favorite foodist, David Wolfe and wallowed in my sorrow. I did learn something new from David Wolfe: some new Chinese herbs that I did not know about and will find a replay because I could not take notes quickly enough. Also listened to a webinar concerning how to increase sales of my book. I got a catalog showing me how I could increase my cardio by walking with ski poles, I think the price was $39, I don't know what happened to creativity; I have good limbs that have fallen from my trees and I don't even use them anymore, I use my imagination and ski all around the back yard. If I had ski poles the dogs would knock them down and I would fall. the imaginary ones do not get knocked over. We have saved $39.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I have already had a busy day, fed all the animals and when I started to pick up all the manure from the night before; broke the handle from the pitch fork and worked to repair it for about an hour. I am listening to a seminar on breaking the sugar habit by one of my favorite physicians; Dr. Tietelbaum. he is the expert on depression, fibromyalgia and has a vast amount of knowledge. There is also a book called; "Suicide by Sugar" by Dr. Nancy Appleton, of course I have the book. I have a lot of books so sometimes it is hard to find the one I am looking for, is Dr. Tietelbaum's website and I refer to it often. Could not listen to the seminar last night because I had ball games; Mavs, Suns, Royals, Rangers and Cardinals all WON.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another beautiful day and 2 more guest dogs, it is a good thing we can spend time outdoors, and my grass is growing fast so my livestock can eat.

I got my stuff for using color/light therapy but it will take me a while to decipher the information because it was written by a scientist and I am certain he thought it was 'easy reading' but I will have to go to another source for easy directions. It certainly does look interesting and uses the same acupuncture points that I use in other modalities. I will also send off my lab work this weekend, my hair sample for metal and mineral testing and a blood sample for testing my risk for cardiovascular disease. Next time I will order the hormone and vitamin testing kits.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Could hardly get any work done yesterday, all my games were on tv and all won!!! Royals, Rangers, Cardinals and Mavs. Could not stay awake for the Mavs final score, wish they would not play on the west coast.

Did not get much done for another reason; 4 extra dogs, 3 of them large. I had to stay out a lot because they will not stay out unless I am out too. 20 dogs in the house is just too too many.

I did do some study on diabetes and high blood pressure and also did some more reading on alternative cancer treatments. Today I will do some proof reading on my 2nd book and get it ready for the publisher. I have an ongoing study on probiotics and digestive enzymes, gotta do more research today.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What a beautiful day and I can take these active little dogs outdoors and just stay out, if I had some soil and mulch I would redo my flower pots. Can't go get the stuff I need because I have several extra dogs, including Dixie. My little farmette looks great in the back yard, I will post one of the many pictures Lonna took yesterday.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The picture is Rocky, a dog from the past, we took him in when he had no home. What could be better, the Cardinals won, the Mavs won, the Suns won, the Royals won (with the aid of the old Cardinal Rick), the Razonbacks won, everyone won with the exception of the Texas Rangers, Since I don't allow myself to watch TV without exercising; I got lots of exercise. If Rambo and Lela go home today, I will get some mowing done in the front yard between the day baseball games. I gets lots of tv during baseball season.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It is so great to have my computer back, of course it took a lot of time to get logged in on everything, and trying to find everything but I am glad she is home. The picture is of Samwise, he was a beautiful Corgi, killed by another dog. He was mute, had been debarked as a baby, such a bad thing.

I have already spent time this morning getting references for natural treatment of dog cancer, in the book Outsmart your cancer, there are several case studies so will refer my friend to them. I am keeping Rambo and Lela this week and Lela had a tumor removed from the back of her neck and it was diagnosed as cancer (what kind I do not know) and Rambo was diagnosed with pancreatitis, which I can not verify because he is fine here, runs plays, no loose stools and no vomiting. I think they are trying to sell a large supply of that kd food.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My computer is back!

I am so happy, my computer came back today, I can give the Thinkpad a big thank you and put him away; until next time. I did e-mail my writings to myself so I could combine them with what I have on this computer.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

HAPPY EASTER! It is a beautiful morning and running barefoot in the back, yard was very pleasant. No one to hide Easter eggs for and no one to dress for Easter but it will be a great day.
Wonder if I could get Julie, my little hen to lay me a special egg, just for Easter.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

As I write today, I am listening to David Wolfe's CD, he is my favorite 'foodist' person and I love his great knowledge.
I have Dixie and her sister this week end and it does make me appreciate my own 16 dogs, God allows me to have her periodically just so I will know how great my animals are, and I get the message.
Albert and Felix (my new almost pugs) still have not gotten the idea that outside is the bathroom: I just have to tolerate until they learn. they are so playful and do not think bedtime really means "slow down and go to sleep". they are a delight but a handful. Now that baseball season is upon us, I have Ludwick, Albert, Franklin and have Felix for football. Cardinals look good but with all the sports newscasters thinking we are good, it worries me.
I am getting some positive feedback from my book and have the 2nd one ready whenever we get out computer back from repair.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I skipped a couple of days of blogging on this space because I have been spending time researching alternative cancer treatments and have been reading a great book and following her research: "Outsmart your cancer" by Tanya Harter Pierce. It is a great resource and everyone ought to have a copy with the CD, that comes with it. I am including a lot of it in my next book and the additional research I did. The book contains research on about twenty different methods of treatment and I found 6 that I liked and did additional research.
The weather is great so I did a lot of my reading outdoors and also mowed some in the yard. I am getting my vitamin D level up and am happy about that. The dogs are enjoying the additional time outdoors. That big Orange ball is coming up so nice over the little mountain. The peach blossoms are all out and are so beautiful.