Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am listening to my Cancer summit webinar from last night, could not watch last night because I was watching my Cards and Rangers @ the World Series.  Really enjoying hearing Marcus Frudenmann in the 4th night of the Healing Cancer Summit.  I agree with him, how about that I don't agree with people very quickly. 
I spent time with Hawkins Wellness yesterday met old friends and made new ones, as usual.  I think I helped a few people with their health problems.  I enjoyed seeing my friends, Dr. Bernadine and Charlie, always a great experience seeing them and will make a special time with them next week.  I have to go see the open house for the Northwest Arkansas Fencing Organization and will see friends there I know.  My animals have missed me this week so we spent a bit more time in the warm bed this morning just lovin...
A lovely cool fall morning and as it warms up I must spend some time in the sun. I must express my gratitude for the great opportunities God provides for me to help others and I am also so grateful that I am able to take advantage of all the experts and their learning, I love being a purveyor of the wisdom of others..
I wish for everyone a happy and well day.....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My, oh my, it has been several days since I used this mode of socialization.  I have been busy getting ready for winter and doing fun stuff.  Spent some time yesterday at Studio 7 art show, met old friends and made new ones.  A really fun time! I am going to Hawkins wellness to help John today and probably tomorrow, if he wants me.  My friend Perry brought me some hay on Tuesday and the goats are having a lot of fun on the bales, Jake jumping from one bale to the other, great fun to watch him.  We got new mobile phones from a company who gives to organizations I like. Kept mine almost the same because I don't want to text or use lots of aps.  Lonna and Jill got some real upgrades so they can use the texting and the aps.
I am listening to a Cancer Summit this week and downloading the audios, lots of good alternative treatments and I really enjoy learning about them.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day! 
Cherokee found a forever home, I think, I did tell her new mom to bring her back if she did not work with their family.  I know she will be happy and she is only a couple of miles away from me.
Because it is cool weather I just finished my oatmeal breakfast, Oatmeal, Salba, Honey, Cinnamon, nuts, 1/8 teaspoon on Nopal powder and cream of tarter; all blended with coconut oil.  I of course, had some supplements before I ate the oatmeal: Protandim, Laminine, StemEnhance, eye combo and Ron Teagarden's Super Pill 2.  Now my body is renewed for the day!
The wash is already out on the clothes line, all the animals are fat and happy and I am listening to some informative webinars. Grateful for such a great day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

yesterday I made a quick trip through Spanker Creek Arts and Crafts show, wanted to see my friend Thada and make a quick look-see at a few vendors.   Was so happy to see so many creative people and the results of their work, I will post a few websites in a few days so you can take a look yourself.  We met some really nice  people and had fun.   Did not have time yesterday evening to go to writing class; should have gone because both my baseball teams lost their games but we are both still in the running for the World Series...
This morning I had to go get food for my animals so stopped over at Hawkins wellness and visited; had fun with my friend Ann while I was there.  Beautiful day today!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It was truly a good birthday yesterday, my daughters took me out for lunch and I had enough food to feed me today, too. Today I have had to catch up of 'stuff' here at the house.  There were lots of birthday greetings on facebook and a few phone calls.  I am looking forward to another happy, healthy year....

Friday, October 7, 2011

I had a great evening; Dr. Bernadine invited me to eat with her and Charlie in the home of Dr. Norm Smith's family in Bella Vista.  I really enjoyed it; talked too much and ate too much but had a great time getting acquainted with the Smiths and learning from the Dr.  I do love learning!! A wonderful birthday gift from Bernadine, all in all a perfect evening...
I have less worry now because I got a bale of hay for my animals.  Had another worry yesterday because my friend Cindy's husband had a heart problem and is in the hospital.  Will learn more today, just wish people would listen to me and be well.  
I guess I do not project the correct persona the only thing I project is the sign: "Walk on Me, I rebound easily".  Jill will be coming over this morning and I think I will be going to lunch with my daughters.  Hope to drop by Hawkins wellness this afternoon and see my friend Tania for a few minutes and may get by the spring to get some water...My dogs missed me last evening so they are ready for some extra love and massaging today, need to hang out wash also..

Monday, October 3, 2011

I finally got back into this blog, I will bet that I set at least 12 new passwords.
It is a beautiful day but a bit cool on my bare feet.  I continue to look for hay for my livestock; can't find any so I am shaking the trees to get leaves for my goats and horse to eat and feeding more grain.  I have called every number and every Ad that I can find and still; no hay.
Spent the day with sports on tv and also heard Bill Clinton's speech on C-span; so great!
Today I am working on my todo list as it has been getting longer and longer.  Lonna here last night and has URI symptoms; has not been taking care of herself so I had to start treating her with my remedies. There will be a cat riot if I don't go get cat food today, they do like to eat....