Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Once again I let "time get away" from me and have not blogged. Have extra dogs this week because of the holiday. I am also doing a lot of research on a new healing modality @ Hawkins Wellness center. I do like being an "investigator" and leaning. I an grateful that I was able to hear a webinar by Dr. Norm Shealy yesterday evening and will re listen this morning. I spent some time yesterday at the Hawkins Wellness Center getting things ready for Dr. Bernadine on Thursday as she will see some people for me and assist them in their quest for healing. Hopeful that I can learn from her also.
I am grateful that I can have my doors open this morning for the fresh air. I just had to pause and do some dog massage and combing; everyone got impatient with me and needed it immediately. Telephone conversation with my friend Joanne last evening, always love speaking with her. I am grateful for the full day I have planned today and wonder how much unplanned stuff will come about. Just hope for a productive day.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another day in which none of my baseball teams won; just gotta quit watching..I forgot to get canned cat food yesterday and the dry food just did not please Nellie and Sophia at all; really do have to go to the grocery store this morning. Rambo and Lela will come today and we will enjoy them; their mother does pay me and I appreciate the funds. I have been a bit disappointed in people lately because they do not appreciate my care of their animals I have got to investigate and find out why I let people take advantage of me. Something is making me allow it to happen. Will get a new puppy for a few days on Wednesday and expect more because of the holiday; some people think of their pets only when they get ready to walk out the door for a holiday. All the girls have a house and animals to stay with during the long week end. Lonna may have promised my home to another dog for rescue, don't know when or how to stop that from happening. I am grateful for the animal friends I have and do not need any more. I regret that this was not a very positive blog; just do not feel very positive today, maybe tomorrow or later today....

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I am so grateful that I went to Hawkins Wellness and met with Tania and her friend; made a new friend. Such a pleasant time spent with them, John and Jerray. John even bought my lunch. Phone conversation with Dr. Bernadine concerning my Thursday visit when Penny, Pat and I will go visit her.
Another beautiful day today, door open and feeling the fresh air, I do have the tv on to keep up with the hurricane on the east coast. I have to get busy today, a bit of cleaning, laundry, etc. etc. not my favorite things to do, my goal has always been "make enough money to have a maid". Not likely...

Friday, August 26, 2011

I am so grateful for the beautiful day, the animals and I are very happy with such nice weather. Had a great time with Dr. Bernadine yesterday afternoon and had learned some new things, met some new people and helped a few a long the way, I hope. Missed a friend's art show because time just ran out. Also missed a class at Lifelong learning Center but time will tell whether or not I made the correct decisions, you never know. Today I will go back to the Hawkins Wellness center to meet a friend of Tania's, so another full day to be grateful for my wellness and ability to move about and do a bit of good and meet good people.
My friend Pat got home from rehab and seems to be doing ok, she, Penny and I will go to see Dr. Bernadine on Thursday and get her wellness program going. I started on a new Enzyme program today and I will do some more research on it before I start recommending it to others.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

another very bad night for baseball, I follow about 5 teams and Seattle was the only one that won!! Maybe I need to make a decision not to watch MLB on the TV. My friend Pat will go home from rehab today and I will have farther to travel now to see her, lots of gas and time. I will meet Dr. Bernadine over at Hawkins wellness today and do some more learning, between all these holistic people and my internet, I will be really full of knowledge/wisdom, I hope. This morning I am so grateful that it feels like the fall season, I might even get the rest of my yard mowed?? It was very difficult mowing yesterday. I am going to miss Tania's art show tonight because of Dr. Bernadine's visit but I will see Tania on Friday. Today I must tell Lifelong learning Center when my class will be in the last quarter of the year. I have been researching Intenzyme Forte and Olive Gold 03 and learning some amazing info. Must get busy and massage all these animals so they will continue to love me......

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just had to mow the yard today, all that promised to do it, did not show up so here goes....I mowed about half this morning but the grass is so tall, I have to stop for a while.
Visited with my friend Pat yesterday and left my laptop with her so she could pick up e-mails, etc. Met Ellen over at Hawkins Wellness and visited with my friend Carol on the way home. Ball games last night were terrible so did not enjoy that part of my day.
I was so grateful to drive home in the rain, so nice. I had a phone conversation with my grandson last night because Monday was his first day of college, he is such a great kid. Also spoke with my friend, Dr. Bernadine on the phone about some holistic treatments and am sending books to a friend of hers, I love it when someone actually wants my books. Gotta go get cat and dog food today, don't want the animals to starve.....probably ought to shower first because my mowing was not cool...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Started a brand new week yesterday and it was just great, on Sunday afternoon John, Jerray and I went to Missouri to meet Bernadine Paull and Charley so we could learn more holistic modalities in order to help people become well. It was such a great experience and yesterday evening they came to Hawkins Wellness so we could exchange more wisdom.
Yesterday morning I went to the Lifelong learning center then to see my friend Pat in the Nursing Home, she will be leaving on Thursday. We knew that she would leave this week because the system has milked all the money they can from her and medicare so they will discharge her. Such a racket; greed at its very best. We will then start getting her well. I will take the laptop to her today so she can catch up on e-mails, etc.
My neighbor who has an automobile service shop picked up my car yesterday morning early and gave it all the care it needed; a really great man.
Tomorrow I will blog about some out of town vendors at the fair, I did meet some really nice people and I will tell you about some of them later on this blog. Now my animals are lined up for some massage therapy and I also need to get busy, going to take the laptop to Pat and them meeting Ellen at Hawkins Wellness. A great day that I am really grateful for.....

Friday, August 19, 2011

I have been meeting and greeting people from a booth at the Benton County Fair, promoting John Hawkins Wellness Center, Lifelong Learning Center and my books. Met lots of people and have given away as many books as I have sold but hope I have encouraged lots of people to "get well and stay well". Most of the men who pass the booth are going to be visiting a Cardiologist or having heart surgery in a few years and it is so unnecessary, when I see that belly hanging out over the belt my thoughts are always about disease and heart disease in particular. Of course lots of "big" women too but the young men that could change their lives, I cry for them.
It has been so hot and there is no air conditioning, just a few fans so I have to drink lots of healthy water, if I don't have my food with me, all the food for sale is very unhealthy. Anyway I love meeting people and there are good people everywhere. Today I am going in a little late because 12 hours is a long time to be up and doing, Jerray is going early and I am staying late.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Out and about yesterday and went to Rogers then to the Lifelong Learning Center Today I am going to help Jerray set up the Wellness Booth for John Hawkins at the Benton County Fair, I will also meet my little Cocker's new family today in Bentonville, sometime. As time permits, I will help with the Wellness booth and "meet and greet" people who want to visit with us. I am grateful for the beautiful day and the opportunity to be "out and about".

Monday, August 15, 2011

My little Cocker will have a new home on Tuesday. Diane Humphrey's daughter will come get her. She is doing very well and is so easy to love. I am happy that someone will make her happy the rest of her life; I have too many to give them lots of attention. They are all "spoiled rotten dogs". We were out in the back yard running, playing and watching Janet the old mare and Jessie the old pygmy billy goat, sparing and playing together. Those two are so attached to each other and have so much fun, it is hard to believe that a great big mare and a little billy goat could enjoy one another so much, if I find a home for my farm animals, those two will have to stay togethcr.
It is so beautiful outdoors today that I am tempted to spend the day out under my old snarled trees and just enjoy, but I do have to get some production; my upbringing requires that I accomplish something meaningful every day. Must get busy......

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My new puppy is doing well, has learned about goats, horses and mini mules, is still a bit curious about the cats. Is now going in a out the doggie doors with ease and sleeping the the whole bunch of us. I think I have found her a permanent home, in Ozark, time will tell. I spent some time yesterday outdoors with all the animals because the weather was so nice. I found a Naturopath, Bernadine Paull and have been getting acquainted via e-mail. Dr. Tammy Tucker told me about her and I am learning a lot, will go see her soon. Another beautiful day today so I will get out and play this morning with the animals.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I have been so busy that I have not blogged for several days, what a shame, or is it, for an old mema like me to be busy; "it's a good thing" as Martha Stewart would say. I am very grateful for my ability to be ACTIVE. I did do some visiting with my friend Pat who is in the nursing home to rehab and took her out yesterday for the afternoon, of course, we went to Hawkins Wellness for a biomat and detox, she loved it and so did I. i also picked up a new dog yesterday; mom can no longer keep her. She is a really cute and active Cooker Spaniel and I am falling in love with her so somebody better find a home for her or she will me Number 13; that is not a good number. I visited the Lifelong Learning Center also this week for my "reboot" of what is going on at that great place.
Just gotta stay home today to finish the wash, I have been hanging the clothes out and they get re-wet with rains and then it is rewash time. That is not good time management!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It rained last night and the morning is cooler, I am so grateful for the rain and the cooler morning. I visited Pat yesterday and then went to John's for the biomat and foot detox; feel so much better. I also visited with my friend Carol. I had a full day of socialization and now I must catch up with regular duties. When I got my book ready to upload, too many pages so I have to start cutting out "stuff". If a book is big, no one will read it so I did cut a lot of info, will have John start previewing it as soon as I get enough ink to get it printed for review. Today I have to take a laptop to Pat for a few hours and go meet Ellen @ John's place. I will catch up with housework later......Gotta get my wash out on the line, the stuff I had on the line last evening got wet again and some blew off the line; must redo.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Had a few sprinkles of rain last night, not much cooler but less dust. Wonderful time at class: Lifelong Learning Center. CC did a great class yesterday morning and met some nice people too. Always meet great people at the Lifelong Learning Center.
Yesterday in Missouri the tax free day included electronics so Lonna bought me an upgrade printer, one that copies and scans; I needed that! Now I can play more on the computer..
Looks like I am going to have raisins instead of grapes, my grape vine is dying and the grapes are drying. Hope for more rain today but it is probably too late to help any of the plants.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grateful for another great day!

Busy yesterday but did not seem to accomplish anything great. I went to visit Pat and take my laptop for her to work on, it took forever to get the facility wifi code but finally did get into the internet. I then went to visit John and Jeri and have my biomat and detox; feel much better now.
Monroe and Quincy came this morning and after a time of running, playing and greeting, they are napping. There was a nice breeze when we were playing outdoors, felt good. So dry that everything has turned to a fine dust, and the dogs allow the dust to come indoors so nothing stays clean.
Listened to a very good interview on the internet concerning some super supplements and telenase, really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I have afternoon baseball games so will do a bit of relaxing and rebounding this afternoon while I watch my games on TV.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Grateful for my little house and air conditioning!!

I just spent a very hot tiring day in Joplin, MO helping clean up following the storms; also worked some at the distributing center. So hot! Lots of great people there working, volenteering and working so hard in the heat. Most were a great deal younger than I am but still using time that could be spent in airconditioning playing games. I really admire volunteers and really appreciate the ways they are impoving the lives of others at their expense. I will spend tomorrow helping my friend Pat and not go back as I have found a cause closer to home. I will also go the Hawkins Wellness and detox, I need it and I need to hydrate with some better water. Took Barky home today so I will have, "just my dogs" tonight. Wednesday Quincy and Monroe will be coming for a few days.