Thursday, October 30, 2014

my daily life

Today it is a typical fall day and I decided that since I have no commitments for today, I will just learn and practice what I am learning.
Starting out the day with my usual tasks feeding and care of my animals, etc. but at the same time I am listening to some subliminal audios, in order to get my mind on positive thoughts and I put on my tinted glasses to improve my attitude, yellow for clarity, cheerfulness and inspiration.  I will later change to indigo for serenity and imagination, etc.  
After the oil pull, eye wash and MMS mouth wash I read e-mail and listened to a new webinar by Greg March, my vision/eye guru so that I can refresh my knowledge on my daily eye protocol. I also did a bit of tapping to relax my eye muscles. 
Renewed my little vials on my remedy maker and placed them in my pockets and around my neck.  
My full body exercise machine beckoned me to exercise after spending my relaxation session in the sunshine outdoors with my animals.
During the day I spent 1 hour on the infrared biomat as I listened to more subliminal audios and changed to red glasses to increase; Vitality, self confidence, courage and power.
Important things such as house chores and laundry had to be done but I was constantly wearing my glasses and listening to audios. 
Now is time for the afternoon care of the animals then I must do my H2O2 foot bath, sometimes I do the Epson salts bath but today I need the extra Oxygen in my body so am using the hydrogen peroxide in the foot bath, while I answer some e-mails and read the trash, etc. that came in the snail mail.  
Preparing for a sleepover dog, Barkie who must stay with me while her family is away for a few days, it will take a while to reintegrate her into the herd that is not anxious for another dog to enter my life again.  While she is settling in, I will read a bit on my Kindle and listen to some more audios on the computer. 
Not a very productive day but I will be refreshed and ready for every day living.   Ready for tomorrow and the commitments I have for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

just have to get on my soapbox again!

Last week I met with my Hispanic friend who is 79 years old, she wanted me to see her lab work from her doctor.  She said that he kept insisting that she treat her blood sugar.  Remember that this lab work was not done while fasting, if fact it was a couple of hours after her meal.  The reading was 120, normal for even a younger person. She said that he thought that it should be a normal of 100.  That is criminal, in my opinion.  Because many of these elderly people provide a really good income for these physicians who see them for 10-15 minutes, they are given appointments often and told that they need medication.  She said that when he entered the room, without seeing her he remarked, "you are the lady with diabetes".  She tried to tell him that she had never had a problem with diabetes and she was there for her foot problem.  It does no good to tell her not to go back to the doctor because Humana pays 80%.  
I hear stories like this daily and I get so upset.  Don't know why we are so weak that we think a man in a white coat can tell us how to run our lives and mess them up.  He probably has just had a visit with a pharmaceutical sales person who really knows a lot about how gullible we are and has a good sales pitch.   
O.K. I think it is time that I wear yellow glasses so I will be cheerful and have mental clarity, or maybe I need the the green ones for peace love and harmony... what do you think? 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

fighting a new laptop...

I just had to purchase a new laptop, I was spending hours just trying to get into the old one, 6 years old and ridden hard.  I purchased a HP, cheap with 6 payments. There is a saying that you get what you pay for, well after 3 days of trying to get it set up, I do not think I got what I paid for.  It is terrible, as of now when I get in I get pop ups saying that I need to clean up my computer, I need to install newer drivers, I need to update everything, etc. etc..  I like Google as my home page, it keeps changing it back to bing with so many ads that I can't even find the search button.  I wanted to see my videos in my webinar, it is all green and I can't figure out that with a pre loaded laptop, I can't even see a video on youtube...  I am so frustrated and I can not tolerate being defeated, especially by a little 15 inch piece of junk....
I am writing this on the old laptop that finally let me in and I am singing it's praises.  Thanks so much, Mari, I love you and that new one can sit for a while until I get myself together again...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Day to day living...

I am so disappointed, I tried to save the presentations from and after transferring them to the blog, I cannot see them. 
I have been busy but  really do not seem to accomplish much.  I hope I am helping to change the lives of others for the positive.
I really enjoyed the Saturday night: Dinner with Soul.  the fundraiser for the transitional living shelter, Souls Harbor.  It was very good and of course, it made me happy because I could meet old friends and make new friends.  One lady that sat at our table mentioned a book that her friend had written: The Book of Awesome, I, of course, went to and clicked to get it on my Android/Kindle.  I turned on my infrared biomat, sat on the couch on it and the dogs and I read the book.  I did have to do my farm work first and get my hay covered with a tarp that does not fit. I seem to have to "jenny rig" everything to get it to work.  I am continuing to listen to the "Quest for the cure" on my computer every evening, just wish that everyone would listen to the presentations to learn how to prevent cancer and treat it naturally.  I have on my Kindle a couple of books on treating with H2O2 and I have reread the info for curing chronic disease using H2O2 and also some other kitchen products including Aloe Vera, which I love.   
The huge scare about the Ebola virus has kept me angry.  Two people contacted the virus and are hospitalized, that is what percentage of our population? So everyone is ready to close our borders because 2 people are sick?  How stupid.... It does easily become political in this election year.  I am ready to move to another country. But guess that I need a passport and money to travel.
Had to order more Willards Water, H2O2 and Aloe Vera because I have  used up my supply on my horse, she has somehow torn her ear and it is infected, she does not like me to touch it and she is a lot bigger than I, but I think we are being successful. I do put diatomaceous earth on the food of my goats, my horse, the stray cats and my dogs, to keep then all parasite free and healthy..

Episode 7- Diagnostic "Do's & Don'ts" - Proven Treatment Protocols - Part 1

Monday, October 13, 2014

Episode 1 - Modern Medicine & the Cancer Pandemic

Procrastination and distraction

Today I must start cleaning and decluttering but, there is probably a really important e-mal that I must read or a Facebook post, and there is that 'stuff' that I have to research for someone.  Distraction and procrastination can very often keep me from doing something that I just don't like doing; such as cleaning house (decluttering), but I must, I must.
Last week I just brought more stuff into the house and now I must either remove it or remove other stuff to make room for what I added; that is what the books say that I should do and while I am trying to declutter the spiders are making more webs, the dust bunnies are collecting and the dogs are leaving more waste/fur/etc.  It is a rainy gloomy day and I do not want to do anything except read, lie on my biomat and comb my dogs, so why not at the age of 80 do what I like???
Taking my supplements today and a smoothie with added Bio-Energy C and of course, I must have another cup of hot coffee with added organic raw milk......................

Friday, October 10, 2014

just wondering

I am perplexed that people will allow themselves to be so self centered that they are unable to get out, meet people, help others and generally get involved in life.  I have been distributing my little book: The Reinvention of You and Me, just hoping that some one will follow some of my suggestions and make a life that will help themselves and others.
Today is very wet, rained all night and I had to almost swim to the barn to feed my farm animals, as I walked out the backdoor into the rain an old dead redbud tree began to slowly fall to the ground. It was like watching a slow motion movie. Not a big tree but the snarled old root system finally could not hold itself together in this wet soggy ground. 
It took me a very long time this morning just to get this old computer open and then it is reluctant to let me type on it, so I just went of QVC and ordered a new laptop for 5 easy payments, my stress levels every day will diminish a lot.  I will probably live several years longer just because I got rid of that stress. I revealed to someone the other day that I would rather go without food than to go without a computer.  So I guess for the next 5 months, I had better eat less and enjoy my computer more.......

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

my 80th birthday

It has come to my attention that I am now 80 years old, that is an accomplishment that many do not achieve and I am very grateful to have reached that milestone in life.  I do feel better than I did 40 years ago. How does that happen?
I had a really big birthday dinner prepared by my family and many of my friends celebrated with me.  Because I could visit with these wonderful friends, that made me happy.  I just could not talk fast enough.  The Kansas City Royals are winning in October, the St. Louis Cardinals are winning in post season too and they are making me happy.  The beautiful weather is giving me great sunshine and wonderful breeze, the birds are singing and my animals are all free of disease, so what can be wrong in  my life. 
On my Facebook post, I related that I had contact from friends from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and on until new friends that I am making this week. At my birthday dinner I had people from church mission trips, people I met when working with John Hawkins, people from my class and the holistic wellness conference, people from organic gardening, people from my pet sitting, etc. etc.  We lead so many lives and we learn from each of them. 
I started distributing my newest book this week and hope it is enjoyed by many: The Reinvention of You and Me..