Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time to be outdoors

The sun is shinning and I am so happy. Have 2 new dogs for a week while mom and dad are on vacation.
Gotta figure out how to repair a leak in my horse watering barrel, the small buckets will not have enough water for a full day, have to keep refilling.
Ball games start at 11am so will have to get my vitamin D before then and get the dogs exercised out doors.
Having to use my old lap top all the time now because the big computer is not working, hate to take it to be fixed because it never gets fixed correctly so is a never ending battle. I had a computer that was very old and we replaced it with a Gateway, what a mistake, it has never worked correctly and all the promises mean nothing.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Rain again today, wish I had my rain barrels set up because I could use this next summer when everything dries out. The problems with rain barrels is, I would have to start by putting up guttering and that gets to be expensive. Guess I had better start a little at a time. It is easier now that there are so many advantages to saving water and it is being done all over the world. I can remember when I was a child, everyone had rain barrels and cisterns to catch water.
Have two dogs coming today to sleep over for a week, have not met them but they are rescues and have great parents. Barkys parents should be home today, hope they call me and pick her up, I should dress everyone up for halloween but that is too much work. Harry always wears clothing but everyone else just gets dressed occasionally,
Just saw that the health care bill is almost 2000 pages, I hope each person reads it carefully and I am certain there are things in it that has nothing to do with health.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I misspoke, I wrote would instead of world but that is not misspellings, I win anyway!

stats and planning ahead

I have been feeling a little cynical this morning and wondering how the media people find all the stats they quote. If I take vitamin D, I cut my risk of cancer by 50%, my risk for heart disease 40%, etc., etc., etc. If I am overweight I am ?% more likely to die of heart disease. Do the funeral homes report on the weight of all their clients? I am really turned off when someone gives me a stat. I am much more likely to believe it if they tell me they had 10 mice and 5 of them died because they did not have a certain mineral or vitamin, and even then I question to be sure everything else was absolutely the same, same parents etc.
No sun today, windy and with the rain and wind we have lost the leaves. I need to get to town and buy some spring bulbs so I will have blooms next spring. The mums are great now and I appreciate the fact that I planted them a couple of summers ago. Must always plan ahead and that is so difficult in this would of instant gratification.
Reached a goal again, "no misspellings", how about that!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's the sun, it's the sun

Sunshine this morning, better enjoy it, here today, gone tomorrow.

The video on how the family grow all their own food on 1/10 of an acre, inspired me this morning and I am dreaming now about how to increase the production of my acreage, have to start drawing up plans for next spring and also figure out how to get a cheap greenhouse.

Hopefully the barn lot will dry some today and I can feed my animals without burying myself in mud. Wish I could find where my little hen is laying her egg, she quit laying in her nest when Janet and Jessie put their big hoofs in it and tore it off the barn wall. I did love getting my egg for the day, fresh.

I am still looking for a holistic physician in my area, I have used all my resources so guess I may have to go to Springfield or Tulsa.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TV and other things

I was just seeing the 700 club, don't usually see it but, they have a program about some robots that is the cutest thing I have seen in a while. The book he wrote is "out of the box".
Watched the 100 mile challenge last night on Green Planet, I really enjoy the program, families that are trying to eat food that is produced within 100 miles of their house. It has become a problem finding anything on the tv so have really become a fan of the Green Planet channel and watch some of the "real tv" station, Home and Garden and discovery.
I ordered a couple of books yesterday from, one on inflammation and one for just fun reading "What Else but Home" I will probably pass it on after I read it.
I sink down about a foot in my barn lot when I feed my animals, it is so wet and messy, hoping for sunshine soon.

Monday, October 26, 2009

cats missing

I don't know what has happened to my two front porch cats, when it is stormy or rainy they usually will scratch on the front door or come into the kitchen through the cat door. Sometimes they go to the barn or to the storage shed. They are not in any of their familiar places and I am afraid they left me. They are both such great cats I hope they will come home.

It is terribly rainy and cool here and I do not enjoy that kind of weather, looking forward to sunshine.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

No sunshine this am, makes me sad. Penny and Jill have seen a mouse in their house so I sent Domino, the border collie over to stay with them for a few days. Domino is very alert to mice and will chase them out or eat them. She is the leader of my "mouse buster squad".
One of my twitter friends sent a little note that someone is listening and is making a universal charger for cell phones. I have "99" chargers and can never find the right one and when you get a new phone, you have to buy a new charger. I also think that all atms, gas stations, etc. should be standardized and all be alike, by the time I figure out how an unfamiliar atm works or a new gas pump works, I am so frustrated that I might as well give up. Things should be simple!!!
Saw a couple of good book reviews yesterday on Book TV, C-Span 2 and am going to purchase one called "What else but home" by Rosen and one that I think would be great if you have time called "What do I read next", my teacher friends would probably like it if they have time.
I will probably get my new hot water heater next week, will be glad, don't know how much longer I can keep the trail through the house open enough for the workmen to get through to the utility room. OOPS had one misspellings today, I transposed letters in frustrated.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Barky the pug came for a week, another clinging pug, also have Griff the griffon, he cries if I don't stay within his sight (a big, big, dog). Looks like there is going to be a sunrise, and that makes me so happy. I need that for my sanity and my health.

I am still fighting the inflammation in my body but it is much better, I can certainly tell when things are stressful or if I am not taking care of myself. Have to always have a listening ear when it it comes to health.

I am going to play it forward and send my old phones over to the people who were nice to me at the cell phone place and let them resale them. They may need that little boost in their income.

If you are nice to me I will always pay you back, by the same token, if you are rude to me I will pay you back, if I get the chance. I am a very strong willed person with a vindictive streak.

By the way, I have gone a week now with, "no misspellings" how about that for reaching a goal!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I have a new phone and am thankful that we can now keep the same number when we change phone providers. It will stretch my brain to learn how to use a new gadget and I guess that is good for me.
The young man that took my little sweet pea brought her for an overnight visit since he was going to be away from home, she took a little time to readjust but caught on fast. He has named her PG, Pretty girl.
I enjoyed watching the Alaska Experiment last night and am sorry I am going to miss seeing Ed Begley in Fayetteville today because I love "living with Ed"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The good and bad

Rain again! When I talked about poor customer service at Sprint I was very angry with them. Here is a nice thing, I went to another cell phone store that repairs phones. I was greeted very nicely even though both kids were busy they looked at me, smiled and gave me a nice greeting.
I asked if my phone was repairable and he told me it would be a poor fix but he would charge my battery on his phone then I would have time to back up my contact list and time to get a new phone service. I left my phone with him for a couple of hours and when I came to pick it up, no charge for charging it full. That is customer service, you probably know that I will publicize their store every chance I get.
I also went to the health food store to pick up some oil of oregano because I have been taking lots of it.
Just watched on the Green Planet and saw a bit about a pizza place that uses local foods, delivers in electric cars and heats ovens with wind, what a great thing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a day, my phone charger quit working so I went to the Sprint store. "we can't do anything because you did not buy phone insurance", what great customer service. I ask the price of the cheapest phone,"$279, unless you want to renew your contract for 2 more years". I just can't stand being ripped off, so I am hunting a new phone service and some way to get some real customer service! All the time the "girl" was talking to me she was looking at her computer and never looked up at me, I wonder if they know there are people begging for jobs.
Meantime I am looking for an integrated physician to take a look at my eye that has some inflammation in it and I need to have a little assurance on what to do with it. I have been neglecting drinking as much fluids as I should so have upped my intake of fluids and increased my intake of oil of wild oregano. Gotta waste my day hunting for services that are difficult to find.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bright sun today and I will enjoy getting my vitamin D! I enjoyed watching Planet Green's "100 mile challenge" last night and cannot understand how those families can get into the project and be there complaining for 3 weeks and still not research every inch of that 100 mile radius for the foods they love and want.
Lonna helped get the dryer a new vent and I am going to have to have a repair man for the washer. Also she helped me do some thorough cleaning in the utility room, threw away some precious things I have saved, broken appliances, boxes, rusted tools, etc., etc. I am a pack rat, might need it sometime kind.
Gotta bathe some dogs today and make us all clean again, it is like making your bed, you keep doing it over and over and over.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Work, Work, Work

Another sunny day, how about that! The sun looks great today and it will help me do some yard work and clean up after having Felix tear up everything in the front yard. Will also work on my appliances today, if I can use my eye and have good perception to use the screw driver. My dryer has to have a new vent hose because the old one is "holy" and the washer is leaking so have to take the back off an find the leak to see if I can fix it or if I have to call the dreaded repair man with the need for my money. Don't know anyone I can really trust so will have to trust someone I do not know.
Ruby did not welcome Stormy so Stormy is in the kitchen and Ruby in her own bedroom.
Have been working on the "hundred mile challenge" from Planet green to see how much of what I consume I could have if I limited my purchases to only things that have been grown and produced within 100miles, I think it is a great idea and am working on what I would have to give up. Today have to work on my clothes line that Janet pushed down so I can hang out my clothes and not use the dryer. I have so much to do that I had better get busy and talk to you tomorrow.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

There is a sun

I am so happy to be sitting in the sunshine. Had frost last night and it was rather cool when we went out this morning.
I am having to wear a black patch on my left eye because something happened to make it rather sensitive to light so the past few days I have been treating it nice. Much better today so will probably go to sunglasses today. I felt that it started with a clogged sinus behind the eye but I have kept hot packs going so have drained all the fluid from it and am much improved. My perception is off a bit so I have a problem working on my computer very long.
Terrible ball game yesterday because the officials had to help Florida win, makes you wonder when they will make the game completely officiated with electronics and lasers. Humans are so dishonest and show bias.
Stormy the outside cat decided it is too cool outdoors so was in the kitchen, this morning I have been trying to get her acquainted with Ruby to see if they will live in the same room.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Felix is gone

Will the sun shine today? That is the question, it is supposed to be sunny but I will believe it when I see it.

Felix is gone, I think the neighbor got tired of him messing in his pristine yard and found a shelter that would take him or just dropped him off in the Bella Vista area so he could be rescued. I miss him and hope he is not killed because big dogs are hard to place. He is a great dog just, too big, too active, young and intact.

Piglet went home yesterday so it is just the home folk today. I will get a chance to go to the bank, the recycling center and maybe even Walmart. My car is full of cardboard so I have to go to the recycling center.

The livestock want in the back yard to eat apples and some green grass so I guess today is their big day. Stormy one of the outdoor/indoor cats left the storage building as soon as she realized Felix was gone and was in the kitchen this morning to greet me and get a treat.

So all is well, if I see the sun!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Will I get vitamin D today?

I am looking east this morning trying to get sight of the sun, I can't find the binoculars so I am looking with my whole body. It does look more encouraging at this time, but will take a while to break through those thick clouds.
This is Northwest Arkansas' biggest weekend of the year, craft fair. The traffic is horrible and some places close because their employees just can't get to work.
In the saga of Felix, the stray, he is still sitting on my steps. If this life is better than the one he had before, it must have been a terrible life.
I have a very swollen pointer finger today, I picked up an apple off the ground to feed to my livestock and there was a yellow jacket on the apple. My but it hurt and 14 hours later it still hurts and is swollen, I did the baking soda, the ice, the potato and everything I could think of but it must run it's course, I guess.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If you don't mind I would like some sunshine! I can't stand any more cloudy, rainy days. Can't even dry my clothes outside.
In the ongoing sage, Felix is still here on my front step, wish someone wanted him. I think Piglet will go home today, if her family makes it home. The older dogs will be happy not to have a puppy irritating them all the time. The cats wish Felix would find a home so they can get their lives back to normal in the front yard.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Becoming greener

In the ongoing saga of Felix, the stray, he is still sitting on my front step and the mud is terrible. He has a rut in my yard where he runs back and forth trying to get into the back yard with my other animals and the cats have retreated to the storage shed as they don't like his heavy play.
Signed the contract and paid my down payment on the solar hot water tank, it is a start for becoming green. I have to be a math professor to figure out how my footprint will change, as I recycle my paper and cardboard, hang my clothes to dry and have solar hot water. It takes a lot of effort on my part just to recycle because I have to take my stuff 7 miles away to recycle, wish I could have it picked up curbside. I put everything in my old venture van and when it is too full for me to drive it comfortably, I take a load to the recycle center, that saves gas so my footprint will be smaller. I need a solar trike with a trailer so I won't have to use gas, I guess that is my next project.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The on going saga of Felix

As you probably know, Felix, the stray is still parked on my front step and does not feel that it is urgent for him to move on, I don't know what to do with him.

I had a one night vacation last night, Lonna stayed with my animals and I went to a home in Rogers and stayed with two little dogs, Harry Potter went with me since I never leave home without him. It was nice to sleep with only 2 dogs.

We only have one extra dog, Piglet the doxie mix, so it is almost back to normal here. I can almost see the floor and I can see how badly my house needs cleaning. With 19 dogs I could not see the floor at all.

More news from friends that husbands have lost their job, they are devastated but do not cut their expenses at all, thinking another job will come. They still have their motor cycles, extra car, gym memberships, etc. Their ears are not open for suggestions so I better stop being so preachy and let them live in a dream world.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A day of sports and animals

Felix is still here, does not want to go anywhere, hope we can find someone who wants him.

I got my hay, not at the hour they told me but at least it is in the barn for the livestock to chew on all day.

Very disappointed in the base ball cardinals, can't believe they fell apart and did so poorly. Saw a little of the Suns playing a game of basketball, seem to be back at their old game which I like. Watched a good college football game, saw a little baseball, a little football and a little basketball all in one day. Oh the magic of tv.

Hoping 2 of my extra dogs will go home today and it would make me much happier if I look out and found the stray, Felix, was gone.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I guess it won't surprise anyone to know that Felix the stray is still on my front steps. He certainly is faithful.
I am now waiting for my hay to be delivered this morning, supposed to be here before 8 am but you can not always trust people to be where and when they say.
Does it take a week to redo floors, I have not heard from Molly and Coco's mom so they are still happily sharing my house. The two dogs that came for the week-end are great but big and fuzzy.
Hope for sunshine today but I did turn on my little electric heater/fireplace yesterday afternoon for the night. Would be nice to dry off a bit and soak in a little of that vitamin D.
My goals are so small that when I check spelling, I celebrate when I have "no misspellings", it does not take much to make me happy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain

I AM DROWNING! I can't believe the rain, Felix is still in the front yard. I moved the dog house to the front yard just so he might go inside and not drown. As I sent Lela and Rambo home this morning, he got so exited because he thought we had come out to play.

Because the dogs do not want to get their feet wet, I have pee and poop everywhere, keeps me busy just cleaning up. Rugs and towels everywhere for the ones who do go out. This is Tater, a
foster dog that will never find a home, with me forever.

Have two more coming today so their parents can go to the Texas State Fair, they go every year. Gotta run my relaxation tapes all day and tell myself that most of this mess will pass and we will have sunshine again and can play outdoors.

Taking lots of Zamu this morning.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have decided that I will go ahead and promote Zamu and become an associate of Amazon Herb.
I have found the product to live up to my expectations and even my girls tolerate the taste. If anyone is interested in learning more about Zamu, you can contact me or go the the website:
It has improved my energy level and sleep even with 19 dogs today, a stray dog howling on my front step, and rainy weather. The rainy weather is really bad for my energy levels.
I do love the baseball playoffs and it does not matter whether you love, basketball, baseball, hockey, or football, it is all on for the next couple of weeks.

Problems, problems, problems

Felix (I named him from Felix Jones who is with the Dallas Cowboys now) the dog is still on my front step, I tried to let him in the yard, he immediately went through the doggie door into the house and lifted his leg all over the house. I let him back out into the yard! That was a mistake! He is still barking and crying wanting in and I just can't do it.
Piglet came to stay with me a week while mom and dad are taking a vacation, she is a doxie mix and very friendly, already found a spot on the pillows on the couch, taking a nap.
Got my renewal of my drivers' license and picked up food for the live stock while I was out, the lady who owns the farm store is having hormone problems, we set her up to go to the compounding pharmacy to get hormone levels tested and will go from there. Her husband has a sinus infection so sent him to get himself some oil of oregano and goji berry juice. I just can't keep from bossing people even when I am buying horse food.
Sent Barky's mom some Zamu, Lonna will drop it off at her house today, she has lots of health problems, but low energy, back pain and weight gain are the most immediate ones.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Early gift?

I got an early birthday present yesterday, my least favorite breed of dog came to my front step and will not leave. Do you think it is the devil punishing me for something or do you think it might be God checking to see if I truly love dogs? He has not been neutered and if I let him into the yard then it would be my cost to have him fixed, and he is big a "wymarunner" misspelled but that is what they are, runners, I call them a 6 foot 2 year old. He loves me, I tried to walk him down the road but he followed me back. He keeps my dogs barking and I am at my wits end. What do I do?
Gotta renew my drivers license today, will have to comb my hair so my picture will look decent. Penny is going to dog sit for me long enough for me to get the license and get some horse food.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I recently found a great energy drink, a great herbal drink from the rain forest and would like to tell anyone who wants to know about it or be healthier just e-mail me:

My goodness, another day without the sun, I may go bonkers, have to take double dose of my Zamu. With 18 dogs in the house and too drizzly outdoors, I am overcome with "love" and attention. Everyone seems happy but me.

I have been doing a lot of reading but hard to concentrate because every dog want attention when I open a book. "Never be sick again" and "Never be fat again" by: Raymond Francis has lots of good info. I am also reading Dr. Stephen Langer's book, "The Riddle of Illness" good info on Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, etc. and concerns the care of your thyroid.

Ruby has adjusted to her new surroundings and the outdoor cats have been seeking shelter so are not on the front porch, Stormy is in the storage shed and Sophie finds her way to the barn and under the deck.

Monday, October 5, 2009

More Dogs!

Got two more dogs early this am, their mom is having her floors redone this week, how nice.

Coco and Molly are anxious to get here and run right into the yard without even having a leash. This afternoon I get two more who are anxious to get here too, their Mom has to help take care of grandchildren while her daughter-in-law is having surgery.

I need to get my drivers license this month because it is due, don't know when I can leave to do it, can't send anyone in my place but maybe I should, my picture is gonna look old, I am afraid.

Can't get much house cleaning done today, too bad, because you know I am anxious to get it done!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


We got together enough money to get a solar hot water system, because they found some used panels. Now I had to move Ruby, the cat, out of the utility room so the workers could get in there and she is not happy. Cats do not like change at all. Also have to upset the dogs because their stairs to the bed blocks the passage to the attic. So I have lots of cleaning and changes to do. The things I hate, cleaning and changes. But gotta get busy, the sun is not shinning today so it is even harder to waste my valuable time cleaning!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Good things

Thank God for the wind last night, I did not have to knock apples out of the apple tree. Now if He would do it on a daily basis about 5 am that would be nice, because I am at the point of having to climb a ladder and take a stick about 6 foot long and knock the apples down for the live stock, it is their daily treat.
The dogs are quiet this morning because I gave them their dental/digestive treat, a nice bone with the bone marrow to chew out. They absolutely love it and are quiet and don't bother me for a long time. It takes a while to extract the bone marrow because the bones are frozen. The butcher cuts them about 1 inch thick.
Now I can get things done for a little while without a dozen dogs under my feet, got dog food from healthy pet net yesterday so Sophie has a new box on the porch and loves it.
Am in the midst of writing some new articles for "how to do things". Now I have to do the wash, clean the house somewhat and put clean sheets on my bed and clean quilts on the floor for the animals.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My interesting day

Have so much on my little mind and I don't know what to write about. Before 7 this morning I had fed everyone and pottied everyone and just could not stand it any longer, I had to bathe 3 dogs and need to do more. They have been rolling out in the dirt and Chloe was absolutely fawn colored instead of black, Neville and Franklin also go bathed, I will do a few more later or I may wait until tomorrow. I always think about putting off anything until tomorrow. I will get my order of Zamu today and will be happy to get back my energy that being free of sugar has depleted. I should have waited to loose my sweet tooth until I got my order but I don't always think ahead. Will keep it on automatic ordering from now on, I am not a very well organized person and I need to take advantage of all the helps I can get, such as automatic ordering. All my dog and cat supplies are on auto order, I really appreciate that fact, they do to.
Gonna be stormy today so have the livestock over in the barn lot so they can use the barn. Janet, Jesse and JR have already been trying to raise the latch to the gate because they want to be both places. As you can tell it does not take much the entertain me, my animals, the Green Planet tv channel and a baseball game, that is all I need.