Friday, July 31, 2009


This morning when I was out in the back yard with the dogs by 5:30 the horse and mini mule was begging for apples, don't know how we will survive if the old tree does not produce. The goat was wanting me to pull down some limbs so he could eat the leaves, for some reason he loves the peach tree leaves and the redbud leaves. I haven't tried them but they must have great taste, I must do some research, I must tell Martha Stewart and she can do a new recipe. Received my H2O2, I am going to try some old fashioned remedies with it, I have been researching for the past several weeks. When I was in Nurses' training many, many years ago, I had a physician tell me that the only reason he cleaned wounds with peroxide was because there was visual effect for the patient and the family. From what I am reading, he did not know the full action of H2O2. Most physicians do not have the time or the inclination to do some old fashioned research and also use the computer for some "new" fashioned research. I do like research! I can spend hours just ordering my vitamins/minerals/herbs, I read all about them, then read reviews and look at several sources before I order.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can't believe it!

I can't believe that Janet and Jesse broke down the door to my chicken coop and turned over the garbage can I had their food in, it is a good thing I had to carried their new bag of food from my car. I usually feed the farm animals and chickens from my old car until the bag gets empty enough for me to safely carry it to the shed.

I started entering advice on a website called how to do things, I wrote on how to have a successful visit to your physician but I should have written "How to let your animals rule", my life is completely ruled by my animals. What a life!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun and learning on the computer

I am so happy I have my computer. I love the info I receive on it and the fun stuff too. This morning I got a neat video from a great niece on Facebook, and on twitter a great video from Martha Stewart and a super article from Dr. Mercola. Where else could you learn so much before 7 am and have so much fun. Today I am going to write some articles for and see if it will give me a little money so I can keep using my computer.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free stress test

I promised to tell about Janet's arrival. Several years ago I spent the summer in Arizona caring for my son and daughter-in-laws horses, while they got it ready to rent again. While there, every night I watched Janet out my bedroom window because she was ready to give birth. She is not a fun horse, just an old wagon pulling horse, who has had her tail cropped and she has a mind of her own. When I cleaned her stall, I had to clean it all over, she never messed in the same place. After I came home I got a call asking if I wanted her and they sent her to me.
When Janet arrived she was placed in a little pasture behind my little house and did not seem real happy to be there. The next morning I saw her out there and went ahead and weeded my garden and took care of my animals. When it started getting hot I decided it was time to have my shower and get busy for the day. I had just removed my shoes and thought I had better check on my horse. I went out back and could not find her! There was a field behind mine and Janet had found a place to get out so I began to climb through the tall weeds, climb over and under barbed wire (I was still bare foot and was dressed in one of my patio dresses). I could not find her, then I got the idea to call the city police and see if they had seen her. They told me that an officer had called in an he had placed her in an encloser behind a church about a mile from the house. They ask if I was going to ride her home or would I be picking her up in a trailer. I said I did not have a trailer and I did not ride, I would walk down and get her. I was hot, sweaty and looked terrible, I did go get some shoes on, and I went to get her. I picked up some baling twine to lead her with. When the policeman saw me he looked shocked and did drive his car behind us as I led her down the street. I went to repair the barn and fence and thought to myself, I could have had a heart attack because I was really under a lot of stress. The headlines in the paper might read: "Elderly woman and horse missing, horse found but lady missing" no one would have found me until all the weeds died in the fall. I had a stress test without having to pay for it!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

my world

This a.m. as I read Martha Stewart's twitter, I am glad she lives in the earlier time zone because it gives me a lift. Today it's about how her farm looks in the morning. I would love to be there where there is help with everything. She can just observe her animals and plants, I actually have to do the down and dirty work. I am "harvesting" tomatoes and my neighbor is bringing me squash and cucumbers so I am eating the fresh home grown vegetables, hope I can be one of my family to buy me some fresh peaches or blueberries today. I have other peoples dogs added to my clan all week so will not be able to leave home for anything. That means, if it can't be ordered on the computer or someone is good and brings it to me, I am out of luck. But I will say, "it's a good thing."

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My horse, Janet

Janet was given to me by my daughter-in-law because she did not like her. She is a lot like me curious, stubborn and friendly. I have to put reinforcement on all gates and doors or she will welcome herself into any area. She loves to eat and has adopted my Pygmy goat as hers and will not be separated from Jesse. She tolerates the mini mule, JR and is big enough to get her way anytime she wants. I will relate her first few days with me at a later date.
Yesterday ended up not to be very good. Watched my St. L Cardinals pitch terrible and get beat, then went out with the dogs. When I got outside I saw my horse and goat in the yard, I had put them in the barnlot earlier because I thought it was going to rain. They had opened the gate and then my dogs went out into the barn lot and someone had killed my little hen. I had 2 little red hens and my rooster and one was dead, probably a toy for a border collie or a doxie. I did not see who did it so could not punish. So again I have just one hen and a rooster. I am not getting any more! I just can't have good luck with chickens. The horse, goat and mini mule like to be in the yard because they think they need the same love as the dogs. I have reinforced the gate latch but they are pretty smart. I guess it might be easier to just put a shed for them in the back yard so they will not get wet if it rains, and let them be dogs.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Retirement, What a Life?

It is not even 8 am and all the animals have been watered and fed, the dogs have had their meatballs, the horse and mini mule have had their apples, the goat has had his leaves the 2 hens and a rooster has had their feed and water, and the cats have had their treats. I have had my coffee out under the apple tree and all is well?? What a life this retirement is, 75 years old and cannot sleep in, as I had dreamed. Of course all my friends (what friends?) will come by to see me today, guess my real friends are the animals that surround me. I will have the pleasure of watching 2 baseball games on tv, my Cardinals play this afternoon and the Rangers and Royals play tonight. In order for you to actually be my friend you have to be very tolerant of animals and not many people want to do that. One daughter will be by today to bring two other dogs to take a little vacation with me while their families are out of town. Other than that it is me alone. But as Martha Stewart says: "that's a good thing".

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just had my time out under the old apple tree with all my animals. It is a beautiful day with the birds singing and my animals playing. Janet the horse and JR the mini mule had me picking apples for their treat, the doxies were digging new hole, Domino and Big Mac were hunting wild animals and Jesse, the pigmy goat was climbing the redbud to get more leaves. Of course, Chloe and Sunny were in my lap most of the time. Got my bank statement yesterday and am amazed at how much money I can spend on pet food. I feed the very best from Healthy Pet Net and am supposed to be selling it but most of the people I know don't care what their pets eat. I want my animals to live long healthy lives. And of course I almost eliminate vet bills. If you go to you can hear and read about the wonderful food.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Modern times

Almost everyone you meet is interesting and also there is some common bond. I just looked @ my twitter page. On the page, tweets by: Kelly Prince a motivation person, Swansons, the company I purchase most of my supplements from, Martha Stewart, a person I really admire, Dr. Mercola a medical person I really trust and a couple of good friends. What could be better than hearing from that combo every day? Oh the magic of the electronic age. I love it.
I just figured it out, that I need a big drain in the middle of each room so I can just hose the place down each morning. I am amazed at how much dirt I have each day with these 14 dogs and me of course. It would make life simpler if I did not have to sweep and mop all the time. In fact, I live in a very dirty house most of the time and the animals don't mind at all. In my old age, I figured out a long time ago that there will be clean houses when I am gone from this life. I always dreamed of a time when I could afford someone to keep my house clean. A goal I will never acheive. I would put the drains in but it might affect the resale value of the house!
My chores today include going to the feed store for horse and chicken food, taking my cardboard and papers to the recycle place, bathing several dogs, and doing the everyday chores of washing and cleaning. It is 7:30 am and I have fed everyone, had my coffee with them under the apple tree, worked on training another dog, Ludwick, to go with me without a leash, (that will be number 6, able to be out without a leash), washed a load of towels, etc. and turned on the clasical music for everyone to settle down for a morning rest. As Martha Stewart would say, "it's a good thing".

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dumb Docs

My sister and my friend both have puzzled their doctors, because they found, upon doing an expensive bone density test that both have osteoporosis. Neither has had sunshine in several months, both are taking their "purple pill". I guess the docs have not read about how your acid is depressed when you take that pill and with out sunshine and HCl you can not utilize your vit. D even if you are taking it. Now he feels they must have the Rx medication that may lead to more problems. A dose of free sunshine, a vit. D 3 pill, which is very, very cheap, a bit of good food with calcium and of course, leave that little purple pill in the drug store, will make for very strong bones. I have told them but you must follow your doctor's orders no matter how stupid!

Mouse in the house

I live in a little farm house that is not without problems so a couple of mice invaded my house. My doxies are mousers, they have spent the past 2 days searching down and killing the mice. I did move the frig away from the wall so they could chase him out and moved the broiler in the oven so they could get under the stove. They were so busy that Meg never did come to bed last night. The mice seem to be gone, one I saw Ludwick catch and he left it for daisy to pick up and carry outside. They were all quiet a team and kept so busy especially Domino, Daisy, Ludwick, Meg and Sonny. I may have to import a family of mice just to keep them entertained. Just don't think I want to go that far. Chloe, Harry and Neville kept busy just checking on the progress now and then. If you get a "mouse in the house', just call my MOUSE BUSTERS!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back to routine

I have written this twice because the websites are having problems today. I am glad to be back to routine and enjoyed sleeping in my own bed, even it was full of dogs. It is raining so no one really wanted to go out today. When I said. "lets go pottie" Harry and Chloe said, "NO WAY" so it is extra puppy pads in the utility room today. Sophie and Stormy are fed under the out door dining table when it is raining but today they both wanted to stay under the car because they did not want to get their little cat paws wet. When it is not raining, they eat on the table in fake crystal and are treated like royalty. Ruby stays on her perch in the utility room until she decides that it is more fun outdoors, and joins the other two cats. The two couchs I got from Penny when she moved, has loads of cushions so everyone has their "cushy spot" today and is napping while listening to clasical music. I have loads of work to do since I was away a few days and Griffs parents are supposed to return today so when he leaves I will just have my dogs and Big Mac, the foster pug, his home was not ready for him so he did not leave when Skip left.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back home

Dorothy seemed to be able to be left, so I drove back today. I hope my visit was good for her and her husband, we did talk a lot and spent time outdoors. Spending time outdoors is lacking in most people's health plan. It is so important for physical and emotional health. My animal family was happy to see me. I was happy to see them.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am sitting, visiting with my friend Dorothy. We speak a lot about the past and relate about past problems.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

caring for people

I have been disappointed that when I am away from home, my little farm is not being cared for. I know Jill is doing her best but Lonna did not stay to help, which makes me very unhappy. I am in Booneville, AR assisting my friend as she recovers from illness and her husband who is in his state of dementia and it mskes me glad that my husband died without going through that.

Friday, July 17, 2009

traveling in the AR river valley

Certainly is difficult to travel without my little car buddies,my dogsand since thereis no wireless here it is hard to use the laptop, Lonnaset me up with sprint but here it is hard to find a tower.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mini vacation

I am leaving today for a short vacation, going to see my older sister and then over to Booneville, AR to offer assistance to an old friend for a few days. Hope everyone here takes care of my animal family. I worry because most people do not look at my animal family as sensitive beings. I have shown everyone my morning and evening routines so if they don't do it it is their fault.
I will not be here when the pugs go to their new homes but I have fixed up their care packages so they should be okay, I just can't worry about it because it is the responsibility of the pug rescue.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pictures of the pugs

packing up the foster pugs

Since I am going to be gone when the foster pugs Skip and Big Mac are taken to permanent homes I have been packing up for them. Sending some of the Healthy Pet Net food, sending a page concerning their habits etc. I am also sending encouragment for them to keep feeding them the excellent food that I feed. It is nice that they have found a home but I am going to miss them terribly.

My foster pugs

Just had word that the 2 pugs, Big Mac and Skip, will probably be adopted on Friday. I will really miss them and it helped me make a decision never to foster again. I have become attached and they too. I am a very marshmellow-like parent and the dogs here are treated just as if they were my todlers and get full use of the house, furniture and all. I am with them almost 100%of the time and I am afraid they are what some people would called, SPOILED!!

My day so far

Lonna, Jill and Molly got back from their Chicago vacation and really enjoyed it, did a lot of walking and met a few nice people and several rude Chicagoians. Lonna plans to write a few comments for the city and the hotel. My 20 dogs (my own and the guests) are having our coffee and they are doing their peeing and pooping, I hope. The doxies and the Border collie are hunting for insects, mice, birds or anything that moves in the grass or trees. Lonna was here for the night so spent some time feeding the horse, Janet and the mini mule, JR some little green apples off the tree. The pigmy goat, Jesse has to have his apple cut in little pieces and he would rather have the leaves off the tree. All 3 cats have been fed, separately of course, and all the buckets etc. have fresh water. Now time to get busy and get some work done as it is almost 8 am.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A trip to Sea World

Really nice out under the old apple tree this morning, must enjoy it while I can because it is supposed to be close to 100 degrees today.
I was recalling in my mind this morning, a trip to Florida. Lonna rented a car and she, Jill and I went to Disney and Sea World. Since Jill had been having seizures for a few years and I had been transporting her to work and everywhere else she had to take vacation time and come with Lonna and me, it was a trip we had planned for a while. We spent the night in a motel then went out to breakfast and was going to Sea world first.
Jill's seizures were tied to highs and lows of her blood sugar so because of the glycemic factor of potatoes, she was to avoid potatoes unless she ate protein with them. She ordered hash browns with her meal and as soon as we got into the car she had a seizure, so it was back to the motel for her to recover before we could go to Sea World. We were finally on our way and of course, Lonna was a bit angry, so when we got to the parking lot we parked the car quickly and went in to enjoy a day at the park.
When we got ready to go home we came out, tired of course, and started to our car. Now where was that car? Our own cars had identifying toys on the antennas but this was a rental car. We remembered that it was a red car, but do you know how many red cars went to Sea World that day? Lots and lots. We tried to think where we parked and no one could remember. We walked up an down the parking lot looking for a red rental car with an Arkansas plate. After a long time we did find it but it was a stressful event, we had almost decided to wait for everyone to leave the park and find the only car left in the parking lot.
The experience has made me much more aware of where I park, even at Walmart.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Living green

A few weeks ago Lonna and I went to a living green expo (I love those things), a builder offered to do a free energy audit for us and Lonna gave him my number to set up a time to come. I was not exited about making a trail through my dog house for someone to do an audit that I could do. I told Lonna we could start the audit with: close off the doggie doors and cat door, plug up all the holes arround the pipes and wires, get new windows and doors and put some insulation in the attic and walls. Now someone would give us an estimate of what it would cost and we could start saving out money for the next 10 years! I sent an e-mail to a company to see how much it would cost to get a solar system to just heat my hot water tank: $5000 at the least! Thats what I want to save my money for. I feel green when: I hang my clothes on the clothes line out doors, when I don't use plastic in walmart and bring my own bags, when I open the windows on mild days, when I take my cardboard and paper to the recycle center. Thats how I am living green. And of course I watch the living green channel on tv and make my to do list for the future.

Time Management

I got God to turn on the water today by going out and watering my 100 or so plants. Just as I finished @ 7 am, God turned on a little shower, and it felt good. My time having my coffee under the old apple tree was eliminated because the dogs do not like rain. Spent a lot of time yesterday watching baseball on tv and I don't know if that is a good "time management" project but I do have a bit of a passion for watching, not participating, in sports.
I spent some time yesterday doing some medical research but again my time might have been better spent cleaning house, the last thing I want to do. If I were rich, the very first thing I would do is hire a housekeeper!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

TV watching

I had to have a good laugh (you know that laughter is the best medicine) so watched wipeout on tv. I am a person that holds the remote in my hand and switches during commercials and luls in the programs. I was also watching Alaska Adventures and at one time thought the ice was melting awfully fast. I think you do have to have a good laugh now and then. All my health care plans recommends daily laughter. Sometimes just every day activities causes the most laughter. Another daily medication I order is petting the animals. I really believe that people who love animals live longer and happier lives. No wonder I am so healthy, I get to tough many animals every day, even the mini mule has to have his hug daily.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Health

I may be gone tomorrow but I want to say it would be sudden because I have not seen medical personnel, excepting a dentist 5 years ago, in more that 40 years, for my own health. It has saved the government because I have never used the medicare card I was "sold" 10 years ago.
I do listen to my own body and do not let some physician who does not know my body make decisions for me. I don't always eat right or exercise right but I know when my body needs a change and I make changes when I need them. I take lots of supplements because living alone most of the time makes it difficult for me to get all the right vitamins and minerals I need. I dealt with physicians for many years as a Registered Nurse and found that the ones I worked with rarely knew what was going on with the patient and did not ever listen to the people who did know the patient. They were glad to order the medications and usually I could tell by their orders which drug sales person had been to visit them. If you ask them what side effects we might look for they ignored you. Many years ago you could not sell medications unless you were a trained lic. pharmacist. That has changed! I hope physicians are getting better and I promote the idea of everyone interviewing a Dr. before you hire them for the most important job you offer. Today a friend of mine was explaining her medications and diet and I realized that her orthopedic and not talked to her medical practitioner. The diet her medical practitioner had suggested was exactly the opposite of what her bone disease needed. So much for my ranting
I need to talk about the supplements, here is a list of some I think are necessary:
  • A multi vitamin/mineral prep, I think liquid is better. if you take a tablet, put it in a cup of water and see if it melts in about 2 hours, if it does not then you are not getting full benefit.
  • CoEnzymeQ10, it is very important after you reach 40 years old and I think even younger, to rebuild your cells
  • An antioxidant: Acai, Noni, Gogi, Mangosteen, Resvertrol etc. or a combination of them
  • Omega 3 oils, cod liver oil, Krill oil etc. a must take for everyone!
  • I like Royal Jelly as a supplement and oil of wild oregano, to keep down allergies and infections.
  • If you have infections or high blood pressure it is very important to take Olive Leaf extract.

I take others but not everyone is willing to do the research to find out what they need.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wellness info

I think that wellness is not just the absence of illness but is optimum health. There are certain things that needs to be done to reach this optimum wellness and number one is to listen to your body. If you are in tune with your body it will tell you when you need to make changes in your lifestyle.
Of course you must eat a highly nutritious diet and follow your own life care plan. Drinking water that has been filtered and is not from plastic is important. If you drink bottled water, do the research and find the company's quality controls. Taking supplements is very important because the food we eat is sometime almost nil in real vitamins and minerals. I will list my favorite supplements on the next blog.

Life on the mini farm

Had to go out and feed/water the livestock, then sit under the old apple tree and have coffee with the animals. Of course JR wanted to be treated with a little apple off the tree and since he is such a fine mini mule I did so. Had to be stocked up on groceries etc. because my link to the outside world is going to Chicago for 5 days. Living off my fat might not be a lot of fun. It is going to be hot today so I imagine we won't be out much. My yard needs care but that can wait until a better time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have been try ing to figure out how to upload a story in place of rewriting it and just have not found a way, guess I will have to take some time and rewrite the story. It is the story of how I came to have this collection of pets. I seem to be a magnet for the lost and forlorn.

I am going to try to make this blog a little better looking and a bit more fun. It sometimes takes be a while to get the info from my brain to my hands so I will just keep trying until I think I am doing better then I will work to always improve.
I was supposed to go with a small group of old people on a mission trip to help people rebuild their homes after a tornado but instead I am going to go help an old friend for a few days. She had cancer, then broke her hip and has a husband with dementia. She could use me so I am going to go on my own mission. I am not a good church worshiper but I love "doing". So I need to serve.

Not meant to be

I am really upset today because I no longer have any chickens. I had 5 little hens and a rooster last year and was getting 4 or 5 eggs a day and had the privilege of listening to the little rooster crow every morning. They were bantum/cornish mixes so even with their wings clipped they could fly so I had covered their area with chicken wire but even then they would fly up into their tree and roost at night and fly down on the wrong side of the tree each morning and I had to go out and let them back into their yard and feed and water them. Two of the little red hens started setting on about a dozen eggs and had little chicks, they shared the mom duties and everything seemed to go ok until problems began about 6 weeks ago. I was keeping Jill's dog Trixie, she is a doxie min pin mix, a doxie with extremely long legs and is adhd without the ritilan. She dug under the fence and frightened the chickens almost to death one died and a few of the babies never made it back to the pen. One by one the little chicks disappeared, I thought it might be a coon or a possum. Last week something frightened one of the little hens, the one that was still laying eggs and she flew over the 8 foot privacy fence into the back yard and a big golden retirver I was keeping for a friend, killed her. This morning I went into the barn lot to feed the 2 hens and a rooster that was left, since Big Jim the rooster had not been crowing, I was a little worried. When I got to the chicken yard there were no chickens but a neighbors border collie was in the barnlot with feathers in his mouth I chased him out and looked for maybe one little one that may have gotten away, none was found. I guess that I was not meant to have chickens and enjoy that little crowing rooster. I will have to buy my organic eggs and not see the little hens mothering the chicks. I feel very sad that I did not protect my little brood.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Days news

I just found our how to recycle the water on my swamp cooler, the dogs love drinking out a tray they think is new and different. It is sometimes annoying when about 32 little paws are following me to the bathroom. I start their morning with thier meatball then the food. After their breakfast we have my coffee under the old apple tree in the back yard. When I get the wireless fixed, I can work on the computer and read the facebook page outdoors in the morning. It is cool now but will get hot today. Gotta comb everyone for any insects that are trying to invade us.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not well

I am so aware of everyones wellness but now that i am not getting enough sleep and not enough socialization I need to in tune with my own wellness. I am using the computer, facebook, twitter and the blog but feel the need to be away from the house and see real people. I have developed a bit of "slugishness" and need to change. I don't see the chance to be away for another week or so and must adapt. Had a call from an old friend yesterday and I think she was hinting that she needed my help so I may hire someone the stay with my animals and go help her out in a couple of weeks. She has been under treatment for cancer and of course with all the traditional treatments she developed other problems and does not question the medical community. A couple of weeks ago she fell and fractured her hip so is kinda needing help. Her daughter is there with her now but needs to go back home in the D.C. area. Her husband has dementia and does not know anything so it is a real burden for every one. I am amazed that in todays information world people are still going along with the traditional medical world and not asking questions and making requests.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Rude people

We have had two terrible nights. My 14 dogs and 3 guests and my horse have had to endure fireworks for hours each night. They have been in a panic the whole time and even though I live in a rural community people used the air over my back yard and barn to have their displays explode.I think the 3 or 4 families that used my space are very rude and I am certain that if my dogs barked @ night the police would have been all over me! I guess that my 75 years of experiences should have prepared me for all the uncaring things people do but I never seem to learn.