Monday, May 31, 2010

Lonna and I drove a hour away, over into OK to get some raw milk, I had real cream in my coffee this morning and it is great. Now I can take my fat soluble supplements content that my body will make use of them. I try to justify everything I do and that is a good reason to have cream in my coffee. Also got a screen door on my front door so I have good airflow and the cats and dogs can see each other. My yard is freshly mowed, my tomatoes are almost ripe enough to eat and all the animals are happy, what is not ok. I read some more research on the "zapper" and will condense it in my writing, re listened to Dr. Shealy and Dr. Mercola and will listen some more today. Found some more information on the dangers of the acid blockers and wrote it up for my next book.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I picked cherries yesterday from my little 3 and 4 foot trees, have a few more to pick today. Went to the Farmers market and got fresh blueberries and some veggies for the week. I still have a few plants to get into the ground, will do it after sundown tonight. There must have been a planet out of sink yesterday because I lost all my games, Cards, Royals, Rangers and Suns. I spent some time this morning training 2 more of my dogs to walk in the front yard without fence or leash, they did well. I just finished combing all the dogs and 2 of the cats and today is heart worm day so everyone got their required dosage. I have to get to work in the garden and juice some cherries too.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I got some plants I ordered a long time ago so have to get them in the garden this morning and then I hope to go to the Farmers market for some food for next week. It is hot so I may have to shut the windows and turn on the air, I always hate that and watch that meter run. Doyle has promised to get my screen door put on this weekend and to finish up my mowing, I will believe it when i see it! I spent some time reading more about my zapper, grounding, the healing codes and theta healing yesterday. Also am reviewing some of the alternative cancer treatments. Had fun watching the Cards and the Royals on tv, both games were so good.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The picture is of Ludwick, he played well last night with the Cards so deserves a picture this morning.
Had to get out and work early because the Cards game is on at noon. It is beautiful outdoors and the birds are really singing. Heavy dew on the ground so will need to wait awhile to do some mowing. I need to exchange heaters for fans today so I have to search through the old storage building for things that work, I have a bad habit of keeping things that no longer work, just in case they should suddenly heal themselves. There is a big web conference with some of my very favorite people: Chunyi Lin, Donna Eden, Alex Loyd, Bernie Seigel, David Wolfe, etc. I signed up this morning.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life gets more and more complicated, I got an e-mail; a man who has rescued several big nice dogs the past few years, he is now leaving the country for a job and needs to find homes for them. Good Luck, I can't even find homes for small dogs. All of mine are listening to music to set the order of the world in HZ frequency 528. It is supposed to be listened to with ear phones for best effect but I can't put ear phones on all the dogs and we all need our DNA repaired. We have to get the world in the correct order to live in harmony!! I am willing to try everything. God gave me youtube to keep me sane. I worked on book number 3 yesterday trying to get things in the right order and make corrections. I explained a lot of energy modalities of healing in it and enjoyed the research. I was awake too late last night; the Cards are playing on the west coast and it went for 13 innings.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nice rain last night after a warm day, makes my garden grow. Lela and Rambo go home today and then I can let the cats run free, lela is so fascinated with the cats that I can't let Ruby have the run of the house while she is here so after 2 weeks, Ruby can get out of the bedroom. I have to take my van load of recycle to the recycle place before I do anything else after they leave. I wasted to hours chatting on line trying to get my magic Jack phone to let me join conference calls, two I really wanted to listen to last night but could not, If I listen to calls on my cell phone it uses all my minutes on just one call. A lady from OK City called and gave me some good information and also gave me some help healing Harry, it really was informative to talk with her. CBS was so excited to tell us info that I have known and been preaching for years-ACID BLOCKERS are not good for you!!!! There are alternatives but the physicians and drug companies do not make money on stuff you can do for yourself. The "new" information we get on the news has been preached by holistic/alternative medical people for years. So much for my morning soap box, I have got to get out and run with the dogs.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Did not get the yard completely mowed yesterday, gotta trim today and put some of my little seedlings in the garden, they are getting too large for the pots. I have already hung out two loads of wash and done the dishes. I am going outdoors to have my coffee amid take a little run with the dogs. I picked some little, little cherries from my little, little cherry tree, they are tart but good abut the size of a large English pea. I did some more study on nutrition yesterday and also worked on my healing codes. Today is the day for weight training and Qigong. Summer is here in a big way this week so the house in opened up, I had to repair a few screens to get all the windows open. When Lonna is here, she turns on the air conditioning. I resist air conditioning as long as i can.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The past 2 days have been really busy. Friday I shaved dogs, in the yard I have black hair from a cocker, brown and gray-yorkie, red fur from a couple of poms and some grey from a lhasa mix. I still have work to do on the feet and on Franklin's butt. The birds have enough fur in the yard to build nests for the next 10 years.

Yesterday was Molly, my granddaughter's graduation ceremony and by the time I walked 'miles' from the parking lot, many many step up the stadium, many many steps down the stadium, I found that I was not in as good a shape as I need to be. Lonna cared for the dogs while I was gone and they missed me so much that they can't get enough of me since I got home. Should not have watched my baseball yesterday, Razorbacks are the only winners, Cards, Royals and Rangers all lost. maybe today will be better. While waiting at the graduation, I did some more reading in my "healing codes" books and felt like using a lot of energy healing while watching 600 or so young people get their diplomas. Today if Doyle does not come to help with the yard work, I will be doing yard work all day. I have to mow and weed.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The sun is here!!!! I am so happy to see sunshine today. I spent a few hours listening to a live stream of the "conference for the institute for functional medicine" Dr. Bland did the presentation on cure and prevention of cancer, it was really good because it confirmed all the things I believe. Good nutrition is the key to prevention and cure. A lot of it was just scientific reports and language but the core was on the use of nutrition for healing. I talked to a few people with joint problems about "grounding", they were not interested, I feel sorry for people who will not try new things in order to be healthy and happy. They would rather spend several hundred dollars on pills that will eventually make them sick than to spend a few dollars on a bed sheet that might make them completely healthy or start stepping out on the grass barefoot that would cost them nothing. So much for my soap box: the garden will grow today, the animals will run and play outdoors today and I will hang my wash on the clothesline. All is well.....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I did some more planting just before the rain and then I had to care for the dogs who are afraid of storms. Several years ago I spent time in class "T touch for dogs", we were taught how to keep the dogs from being afraid of storms, none of those things work on my dogs. We were also taught how to keep them from fighting to keep their toenails, that does not work either. I think I wasted my time and money. I got my book on Earthing, I really am enjoying it because I believe in the concept. I restarted going barefoot this year because I know it can improve my health. Now I have the research and can promote it without thinking it might be 'folk medicine'.

I am already washing dog pads, quilts, rugs and towels, everything is so muddy and even though the house is full of dogs, I can smell dog smells. Lonna bought me some canned cat food and my cats were so happy, they had to eat just plain healthy dry food yesterday. They told me how unhappy they were. It looks like more rain today and my livestock wants to come into the back yard but I keep them in the barn lot when it is rainy so they will have shelter from storms. I had to spend time this morning out in the front yard with 6 of the dogs that are trained to be off leash, all the bushes in the front yard needed new pee and they supplied it. With all these dogs to care for I have not had time to write and that makes me sad, I think I feel like a smoker without 'smokes', at least I think that is the way they feel.

If you have a chronic disease or pain, check out the earthing information, if you don't want to go barefoot there are grounded sheets etc. to use. I love the concept and how free the treatment of going barefoot or working in soil with your hands. I already reached a goal; no mis spellings.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am overwhelmed with the happy friendly dogs I have all 19, who want my love and attention. I have 2 more coming today but I love them all. Wish I could find a home for Matt, Albert, Felix, Sonny, etc. Matt is a great dog with no bad habits, Albert and Felix have some bad habits and will "love you to death". I have run out of room in the house and in the bed. I spent some time in the garden and working in the yard but am watching/listening to a web cast of the Longevity Conference, a three day conference. Learning from Dr. Mercola, David Wolfe, Donna Gates and many, many other experts. I miss so much throughout the day that I will have to re watch several times. Outdoors for vitamin D with the dogs a long time and had to comb everyone during the ball games, Cards and Rangers won and Royals went into 10th inning. I will have to move the livestock back into the barn lot so they can have shelter because there is more rain on its way. I am tired of rain and storms.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The picture today is of Matt, he needs a home, a wonderful little boy. I am in the process of listening to videos of a 3 day longevity conference and really gleaning lots of good info, I hear and watch at intervals so will have to re watch everything. Just packed with wellness information.

I have to plant more garden today and finish mowing because it will probably start raining again tomorrow.

Cards, Royals and Rangers all won last night but the Suns lost so my sports evening was pleasant. Lots more wash to do today and get it hung out to day. Today I have fresh from the garden peas and new baby new potatoes for my lunch. I really love having fresh vegetables to eat. My apples and peaches on my trees are the size of a large grape and they are growing fast. My healing code today is love so I have to work on it several times today.

Monday, May 17, 2010

It is foggy this morning but looks like we are without rain today. Maybe I can dry off a bit and start wearing shoes again. Today we will get out vitamin D activated and will heal. I am over whelmed with dogs, mud, pee etc. my washer is going constantly and I had to resort to putting cream in my coffee for just a little extra comfort this morning. Since I have to justify everything, at least it will help my fat soluble vitamins supplements work.

Leo, the new cat left last night, I guess he wants to make his own decisions about where he lives, he did not come back this morning so I suppose he found someone else to feed him. I just can't figure out the cat's way of thinking but they are very independent and know what they want. When something does not go as I plan, many times I start the "if only" mind trip and I know that is the worse thing for emotional health. I was taught years ago the we need to stay away from the "if only" frame of mind. I am planning to spend more time outdoors with the dogs today and can also hang my wash out on the clothesline. I feel so guilty when I have to use the dryer and use all that power, will be glad when I can afford to do all solar and wind power. I have already achieved a goal, "no misspellings" that should give my day a good start.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Am I the only one who is tired of rain? I can't believe it, more rain!!! Lonna went to the Farmers Market yesterday so I have lots of nice fresh veggies and will cook green beans and new potatoes today, beautiful fresh onions, carrots and garlic to go with them. I am hoping that there will be a Saturday this summer when I can get away from animals and go to the market myself. She got local honey for me too.

Working on the healing codes, especially the one on forgiveness. I think I am blending the healing codes and theta healing, I think that is not supposed to happen. I will try anything, everything. Wish others would be willing to try new ways of healing but "you can take the horse to water but you can't make him drink", as my dad would have said.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

As I was "swimming" to the barn this morning I stopped to look at the sky and it is still gray, guess there is more rain coming. Does God know that many of my dogs do not like to get their feet wet? There was an additional kitten on my steps this morning, it is shy so it went under the car where I put some food for it and the food is gone so I guess he/she ate. Sophie and Stormy spent the night in the kitchen but went outdoors when they saw Lala this morning because they know her desire to have contact with cats. The picture is of Sonny, he was not happy with Penny so he came back home.
I started on my second day of the healing codes yesterday but did not have much luck doing them with Harry, he just was not interested. My baby chicks are still alive and the mother hen is good, I ground up the chicken food in my coffee grinder so they could eat. I did a study yesterday of theta healing and spent time listening to audios of practicing theta healing. Listened to Brent Phillips lectures, gotta get more data.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain, I cannot wear shoes in my barn lot, I lose them! If the old folk lore is correct and lightning makes things grow, my garden should be in great shape, when the water goes away. Rambo and Lala come back today for a week and they will get to meet, Matt. I trimmed on Matt for 2 hours and he still has lots of fur, I did find his ears, they are about 3 inches shorter than I thought they were. A Cocker is high maintenance. Give me a doxie every day, he trims his own toenails and never needs a haircut.

I worked some more on the healing codes yesterday and used the light therapy on Harry, don't know whether or not they are working but he is still alive. I also did some more reading about "the Shadow Effect" and some of Mark Hymans book on nutrition, both books are on my Kindle, sure is nice.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I want to announce the birth of 8 baby chicks, Jackie has been setting and has hatched the chicks, they have the run of the barn lot so some animal may get them but now Jackie is protecting them well. Maybe I will get Lonna to take pictures this week end. Jackie is the speckled larger hen in this picture. Yesterday I spent a lot of time studying another modality for healing "the healing codes" as I learn more I will write it in my next book, I have a whole chapter on healing modalities that are not well known or accepted. My second book is being published and I am about 100 pages into the third one. I learn so much and just have to share. Dr. Sinatra and David Wolfe keep informing me about grounding so I have been spending as much time as possible walking barefoot outdoors and also working in my garden. I have been working with Harry my Yorkie to cure his cancer, the little surgery just spread it, I have the Zapper on him and have been using light/color therapy on him. He will not eat the anti cancer nutrition program and I have a problem giving him the supplements he needs. I started using the healing codes yesterday and wish i could give him hyperbaric oxygen and H2O2 IVs. He appears to be better since I placed the zapper on him. Have ordered another supplement to try, he is such an opinionated little fellow, he does not take what he does not like.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Outside the Box Video 10-27-09.wmv

I spent a lot of time yesterday doing the in depth study of light/color therapy. Spectro-chrome therapy is an old idea and a lot of the data is old, it took a lot of 'exploring' to dig out the info I needed. Also did read some more case studies on the Zapper.

Molly, my granddaughter had her honors night at school and received her scholarships, next week is graduation. Seems that it was just a while ago that she was a toddler. My grandson, Connor says he will spend some time with me this summer, coming from Arizona he says he wants to see a lot of real trees and grass. I have plenty of wonderful old trees and lots of grass because we are having a week of of and on rain. My vegetable plants will really grow when the sun shines. My roses are really blooming and I have lots of honeysuckle and Peonies blooming. There are lots of apples and peaches on my fruit trees, they are small but growing fast. I already have tomatoes about the size of a walnut on my tomato plant. Looks like I can eat free all summer.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Downloaded another book on my Kindle, it works like magic and no 'postage and handling' and instant reading material. I did not get to read much because I am working on getting some of Matt, the cocker stray, extra fur removed. I did do some research on cancer alternatives and learned a lot. It is too wet to use the tiller and work in the garden but with the rain, the little seeds are peaking up from the soil. I re listened to a video Dr. Mercola did on vitamin D, etc. I learn something new every time I listen. I also watched a movie about the importance of the "three minute pause" a really great video.

It is called a Power Pause. I watched and listened while I combed all the dogs and gave them their special time. When they get the book on kindle I will order it. Winter thunder storms make my evenings difficult because I do have some dogs who I call "storm dogs" they become very shaky and anxious when the storm starts rolling in, so I am covered with dogs until the storm passes.

Monday, May 10, 2010

As I look down at the "pile of puppies" at my feet, I am happy for a wonderful houseful of animals. 8 dogs in one pile and the rest touching me some where. Felix likes to crawl into the chair and get behind me, nice pillow for my back. Matt the new Cocker Spaniel is well adjusted now and a great little boy. He has not been completely groomed yet but Trevor should be here today to help do that. It is rainy and I think I will not be able to dry my clothes on the clothesline today. I do hate to use the dryer indoors. I did some more gardening yesterday and the rain will help everything grow. Lonna and Jill brought lots of unhealthy food for lunch and I ate it, will have to detox today. I got the neatest PowerPoint presentation from my grandson, Connor to assist me in celebrating Mother's Day. Lots of work today but glad I did not have to get dressed and drive to work as I did so many years. Thankful for this period of my life.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cool and rainy today so did not spend much time barefoot outdoors to ramp up my body systems and my DNA. I spent time yesterday getting started with my kindle and listening to Dr. Sinatra and David Wolfe and learned a lot more about grounding. I downloaded one of Dr. Mark Hyman's books on my kindle. The picture: Albert in his Cardinal shirt.

My young neighbor, Trevor, brought me another stray last night a black dog, very matted around the eyes and ears, I have been trimming matted fur this morning. He has a very quiet demeanor and has adjusted to all the other animals already. Trevor said he would come this afternoon and help me groom him. I will get pictures this week and hope to find a home for him.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I am late with my blog but I have been busy. I did the last of my mowing, planted some garden, worked with my publisher getting my book cover correct and put the zapper on my yorkie, Harry Potter. Harry has, I am sure a re-occurrence of his tumor that was removed and his lymph glands are enlarged so, I am going to zap him. A zapper is a medical advice that traditional medicine would sneer at but there are lots of testimonials that it can help rid the body of bad cells, virus, and parasites. It may be too late for Harry but I will try. It was a mistake to have the other tumor removed but I did, I should have just started treating him my way.

I listened to a webinar on the dangers of sugar and white flour last evening and downloaded a book, free of course. I started a 3 day liquid cleanse yesterday to do some detoxing because I do not want this old 75 year old body to rust and rot.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I really cashed in for Mother's Day, yesterday afternoon ups brought my Kindle, Lonna and Jill ordered it. I fiddled with it all afternoon, now if I had the magic to lay it on my books and it would absorb it, would not that be nicel. but I love it for future. Lonna brought me a tiller and mower last night, my mower was broken and my muscles were tired from shoveling the garden. Today I have already put together both tools and mowed most of the yard. I have started working with the tiller too. So by nine am I am ready for nine pm. Penny and Molly got me a wheelbarrow and a tree so I am all set. the yard grass was so tall that I caught it, yes my mower has a mulcher, and gave the grass clippings to my livestock, they loved it! After I got the tiller put together, I found the instruction book, it frightened me because it was a large book, only two pages in English though; how to start it!! There were 5 other languages.

I will bet that most of you do not know that there are 72 pixels to an inch, well I had to find out, Create Space told me that my picture of my back yard that I wanted on the cover of my book had to be exactly so many inches. My computer has all the photos in pixels. I went to Bing and asked how may pixels to an inch and they gave me several websites. Is that not cool? Now I am eating one of Julie's eggs and having my cup of coffee. I need a massage!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

In this picture, I am not as large as Lonna made me look but I wanted you to see; Sophia at my head and a lot of dogs, as I try to rest on the couch. I spent time yesterday watching baseball and all three of my teams won; Rangers, Cards and Royals. Between ballgames I did some gardening since it was not too rainy. I need my lawn mowed but my mower is broken and Doyle did not show up to work on my projects. I must say I already have small green tomatoes and of course the iris, weigela, honeysuckle and wisteria are all blooming. My garden has not been plowed yet because for the past 4 weeks, my "plower" just has not gotten around to it. So in pots and places I have dug with a shovel, I have: onions, tomatoes, corn beans, herbs and squash. I hate to invest in equipment, that is the reason I try to hire someone to do the plowing but it looks like I may have to purchase a tiller. At this time it appears that I have lots of apples and peaches on my old trees. I had the van side door open so I could load my cardboard, my granddaughter came for a few minutes and as she came in she closed my car door, several hours later I look out and Stormy the cat was clawing at the tire of the van, I look and on the drivers seat is Sophia; she had locked herself in. I had to work for about an hour and finally demolished my plastic window I had put on the back, crawled through all the cardboard and unlocked the door to get Sophia out. In her panic she had locked all the doors. Now I have to go build me another back window. The perils of living poor.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lot of singing birds this morning. had to fix fence this morning so the barnyard animals can not get into my garden. They like the be in the backyard but I cannot let them into my garden.

I got my DVD on "Reversing Diabetes in 30 days' and spent the evening listening to it and taking notes. It is a documentary made by some Holistic MDs and Naturopaths. 6 persons with insulin dependency from all around the US were taken to a remote area of Arizona for 30 days, they all had other chronic conditions too. They all became medication free, but with their past lifestyles I will bet some will relapse when they get home. All had normal blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure when they left to go home. Even I, who believes everything can be cured with lifestyle changes; nutrition, exercise and energy medicine, was shocked at how well they did. I love it! Everything is a process but we have to follow through.