Saturday, December 31, 2011

I spent time with John @ Hawkins wellness yesterday and had a really great day.  Met a really nice young lady, Anna, and intorduced her and her dad to the T-zone and the Biomat.  So much fun to introduce new freinds to the wonderful healing modalities @ Hawkins Wellness.  I am learning more about all the great Essential Oils and am doing research on a new healing "tree", the Moringo tree that has so many healing properties. 112 N 3rd in downtown Rogers  is the address of Hawkins Wellness, come see what healing modalities he has for your wellness. I will be there on Monday, come see me...

Monday, December 26, 2011

All but one of the guest sleepover dogs are gone and all is quiet.  I went to spend time @ Hawkins Wellness today, not much going on but did have a great day. Not a good weather day but hope for a better day tomorrow.  Nothing on TV so will spend some time on the mini biomat and read.  I am in need of cat food so must go to the store tomorrow, going to the bank anyway, went by the bank today and found it closed.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sleepless in Hiwasse

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining because it is my choice to be with animals at all times. But last night with the extra dogs, they did not let me sleep very well.
10:30 pm everyone outdoors for a bit of time to potty and get rid of excess energy
11:00 pm my bed is full of furry animals, Dixie a huge girl, Rambo, Bruno, Sonny, Franklin, Big Mac, Rosie, Daisy, Jackson, and Chloe, Neville, Ludwick and Megan found that there were too many so they went to bed on the couch in the living room. Lala, Tater and Xena were on quilts in the floor near the bed. Since everyone wanted to touch me so I was really tightly squeezed into a small spot.  @ !:00 am I decided to quietly get up and go to the living room, closing the door on everyone quickly but since my legs were asleep because they were squeezed so tightly in bed, my leaving was not very quiet.  I went to the living room and reclined on the couch with Megan, Neville and Ludwick.
1:05 am Sonny came through the utility room and bathroom into the living room, he must be the quickest thinking dog because going out the bedroom doggy door through the yard into the doggy door in the utility room is not an easy task. Five minutes later here's Daisy and Rosie, About 2 minutes later here is Dixie and so on and so on.
Since the bed is larger I went back to the bedroom but thought it ;might help to place my dirty clothes on the couch in the bedroom and on the floor so they might choose to sleep there.
3:00 am Dixie went to the couch and Sonny went to the floor to sleep of the nightgown I had worn the night before.
4:00 am Xena barked for me to soothe her, she is very old and cannot hear.
5:30 am Everyone is ready for a new day with the exception of Mema
Now everyone is fed, watered, combed and chewing on their bones..Merry Christmas to my little pound of puppies......The cats are not sleeping in the bedroom since they saw Lala come, she is curious about the cats so they stay in the kitchen from the moment she arrives..

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Went to Bentonville to have lunch with my friend CC and really enjoyed our visit.  I had to go to the feed store to buy dog and horse food, while there I met a family who has fresh range fed chicken eggs, I got her phone number.  When I went to load the feed into my car, I met a young may who does handy man work and landscaping, got his number and visited with him a while.  Got home to find that the dogs had broken into the kitchen to tear the trash apart and redecorate the house.  My mistake, did not take the trash to the outside can.  I guess I deserve the problem of a really, really messy house, coffee grounds are hard to clean up too.....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have had a great week and had a wonderful day today, helping John @ Hawkins Wellness, I saw lots of friends and met new friends.  Last evening I went to and read all the info, I love it and plan to become involved.  I filled out the survey and found it all very interesting.  I downloaded the manual and have been studying it. 
I have been doing some more writing and also more research.  Rambo and Lala are spending some time in Mema's sleepover, both dogs are happy and playing with my little family of animals.
Have to do some study of more essential oils tonight so have my biomat on and am going to lay on the couch with all the dogs and do some reading. Tomorrow I will have lunch with my friend CC and visit.  We will be discussing what we can do to help Eric in Benton County Jail.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Well guess it is winter, looks like there will be no sun today, not too cold but looks like it is and that is what counts, I believe... My focus today is to find someone I can help make their lives better, a lot of people just want to make excuses and do nothing better, always easier to blame someone or make excuses.  I am grateful that today I can get out and see others and also feel good. 
All the dogs are cuddled together today and resting after they had their exercise and bones. I did turn on one of the little fireplaces so they could feel more cozy.. anything to make them happy.
Making some promises to myself today so that I can have a bit less stress, one promise is that I am going to avoid toxic situations whenever possible, starting today.....

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Looks like it is going to be a beautiful day, may be tempted to skip football and stay outdoors, saw my Dallas Cowboys last night.  Spent a lot of time yesterday learning and researching. Just may have to write some today and share my info...Susan Boyle is playing on my computer. 
A big beautiful Golden Ret. just spend time in my yard an on the front porch, my dogs had fits.  She plays well but can knock me down easily, tag said West Fork but is probably local.  She has apparently a bark collar but it does not seem to bother her.  I have seen her several times but today is the first time she wanted to play.  Just had to give her a bone to chew on....

Friday, December 16, 2011

I am so grateful that I have had busy days, brought Molly home from college for the holidays yesterday, she is glad to be home.  I did get over to Rogers to meet a friend at Hawkins wellness and had a very good day today.  It is cold this evening so I had to turn the heat up and grab my winter robe, I am heating up my little biomat so I can lay down with the dogs and watch a bit of tv as I catch up on some reading.  On the way back from Nevada, MO with Molly we stopped in Lamar and ate at a cafe that we first visited in the '60's and the food is just as good as I remember it.  Roy always loved it because the plate was full of good home cooked food and he consumed every bite of it.  I must get my body down on that little infrared biomat and relax.....

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today I spent some time giving some gifts as I have every Tuesday until Christmas giving small stocking stuffers to all the people in the food line, for their children and grandchildren.  Rainy but lots of people showed up. 
Yesterday I spent some time @ Hawkins Wellness learning some new things and borrowed a new book to read, agreed with the book about 75% so not a complete waste of time.  I also followed up on some of the organizations I heard about on the CNN Heros to learn all I could about the wonderful people who are doing great things for others.  Last night I listened to Chelsea Clinton report on the good things that were happening in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cold but sunny today, just couldn't go out barefoot very long.   Unloaded the car and had to find a spot for all the stuff I did not use yesterday. I did not have cable or internet for several hours this morning so am listening to some DVD's on cancer treatments while I work about the house.  It feels like beans today so I have my pinto beans on the stove so I can have some for lunch. 
I am doing some re evaluating of my use of my time and am going to go in a few other directions.  It is a constant thing for me to re evaluate what is going on with me. 
I am so grateful today for the beautiful sunshine and am also grateful that I have my internet, I am so spoiled, just have a problem not being able to use my Internet.  I am making some notes on the people I met yesterday and trying to be a bit better organized. I watched the program on aetn last night, it is fund raising time, Dr. Fuhrman is a person that I used to gain a lot of info from so now that I heard him again, I spent a great deal of time on his web page last night. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I enjoyed my day at the wellness mini expo, met new people and I always have fun when I am talking to people.  The dogs did not like the fact that I was gone so, got into the kitchen trash and made a mess for me....
Tonight I am enjoying the "giving awards" but each time that I see programs like that, I feel that I really need to be busier doing more for others.  I have to figure out how to make better use of my time; one of the times when I wish for real money....
Gotta unpack the car tomorrow and catch up on general work around the house.....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

That sun keeps coming and going today, wish he would stay bright.  I have been listening to webinars or the medical use of essential oils, got the recipe that helps children and adults with adhd. This morning I am listening to my video from Dr. Gonzalez and his info on cancer cures.  I really enjoy him because he has so much knowledge.  This video is really scientific to start but so much learning to do..I have all my "stuff" copied and put together for the mini expo on Saturday, a bit frustrated because there is no idea of how many people will be attending.  I am flexible and will go with the flow....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Very cold again today and I am ready for spring, already.  I have been working on getting stuff ready for Dr. Tammy's mini expo and doing some printing of material for Juice Plus and Doterra essential oils.  I am grateful for a warm house and quiet animals at this moment.  I sprayed lavender oil and placed a drop on Franklin's back so everyone would relax.  I have also been reading the research that has been done on the essential oils; cancer, dementia and getting rid of bacteria including MRSA. Very interesting to me....Why not dab on a little Frankincense  instead of having chemo or radiation?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spent the morning in the food line giving small stocking stuffers to the children of the people in line. Gave away a couple of my old coats too, people there without coats and it is very cold.  Had a little snow last night and don't know exactly why but my trip into Rogers took 4 times as long as usual.
Traffic moved snail like through Centerton and Bentonville. 
Spent a little time @ Hawkins Wellness after the food line stopped and worked a little on my aromatherapy.  I get so excited about what can be done with Essential Oils and aromatherapy.....

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Had to catch up on my Aromatherapy classes online so did 4 classes in one day, 100% on all 4 and was lead to a lot of new research websites.  I also listened to the cancer cure webinar with Dr. Gonzalas and really enjoyed it.  The webinar reminded me that I am not taking enough pancreatic enzymes and so must order some more.  I do have to check and see how much is in my Stemtech drink.  Dr. Gonzalas is wonderful because he analyzes each person individually and treats each individually, he does not lump everyone in one mold and treat alike. He has some general rules such as eating organically, do a good detox, take pancreatic enzymes and absolutely everyone says you must live a life of forgiveness and gratitude.  Now I have about 20 hours of audio on alternative cancer cures that I listen to but no one else wants to listen, they just want their physician to kill them with chemo and radiation because HE says that is the only treatment.  It is easy for the physician because he knows that most people are easy to "lead to the slaughter"  as if he is a God........

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am very grateful for the busy day I had yesterday and will have to stay home today to catch up.  I had planned to go to the affordable dentist in Springdale to get my dental problem taken care of but, I would have to be there before 8 in the morning and spend the day so have to wait until next week.  I have a temp. fix, just gotta be flexible.  Ludwick, one of my min doxie, has an inflamed toe and will do more aggressive treatments today and get it healed, he is a great guy but does not like his feet touched. I sent a box of books to Eric in the Benton County Jail.  Can't leave messages at the jail, everything has to be mailed, must be some kind of deal the county has with the postal services. It just might be a way of isolating everyone at the jail because very few will go to the trouble and expense of mailing stuff.  I did get a chance to get acquainted with the new Hiwasse post mistress,  a nice lady from Rogers.  I spent some time at the Hawkins wellness and had some learning session in Essential Oils Massage.  Very interesting stuff that I enjoy learning.  On the way home I visited with my friend Carol and my daughter Penny.  That is enough socialization for a while.  As I work about the house, I am learning more about the Essential Oils and really enjoy it.   I do like the company John has hooked up with, do Terra.  I did something Tuesday evening that I have never done, I read a romance/christian novel written by an 85 year old man, because it could be bought as a kindle, I bought it and read it in just one evening. Laurance Stol is from Monett, Mo and lived in Aurora, Mo when I was living in Missouri.  I have not read fiction in a really long time and have not read romance novel since I was a teen ager.  I felt almost sinful, wasting that time.....