Friday, December 31, 2010

Meditating Monroe

Tornadoes the last day of December!!

Woke up early to tornado warnings, hail storm warnings, heavy rain, and some possible fatalities in the viewing area. I got everyone fed including the barn animals but the dogs were not interested in going out so the puppy pads were used indoors, I counted the poops and someone accidentally went outdoors, can't imagine that!! Lots of power outages in the area. The clothes that I left on the line last night have to be washed again because my clothesline is down on the ground too. I am grateful that the really severe weather missed my little acre.

Had family game night and Pizza last night, Jill won, I guess I was not concentrating or I would have won, I almost never lose. My competitive spirit (stubbornness) will die with me but that is probably the reason I am well. My parents did not tolerate by stubbornness very well and I was often disciplined for it.

I have the local radio on today because of the weather so will hear the radio show call in trading show, could find a wood stove. The radio will keep me informed about any weather changes. The temperature is declining as it was in the 60s and will be freezing this evening. Must be global warning.

I am sorry that I don't have one of the recalled automobiles, wish they would recall my 1990's Venture, but do not think that will happen.

Happy New Year. think I will find a bell to ring at midnight and distrub all my animals!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quincy and Monroe came yesterday afternoon and they were happy to be here. I watched a couple of webinars yesterday and last night watched sports on the TV. I put some last touches on the new book and will finish it out by tomorrow morning. This morning has been really busy, cleaning, washing, doing dishes and bathing dogs. Franklin is a Pom, he loves to get a bath and he needs one often. I am listening to a webinar now on weight management and I don't agree with him so will turn it off and find something else to listen to.

The man with the land across the road is driving his truck around his fence to check on everything and I remember when my dad and I would walk around his fences and check them out, too bad that guy across the road is not getting his exercise. It is unseasonably warm today but windy and not much sun, I did open up the front door so the dogs can look out the screen and get a new view of things and I like the fresh air, also. My family is supposed to come this evening for games and pizza, I am not certain that pizza is a health food but I can be bad every now and then. I am looking forward to it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Blahs

The very cloudy, rainy weather does not make me feel any better, I need some sunshine for my emotional health. I am listening to David Wolfe this morning just reviewing his wellness information. Guess I need some Jing energy and I need some Chi and Shin too. If it gets a little warmer today I will walk barefoot outdoors and get some Jing.

This evening Monroe and Quincy will come to stay @ Mema's sleepover for a few days. Barky is still with me and will meet them for the first time.

I am wrapping up another book "More Ramblings from Mema" and will have it ready to publish by January 1, 2011. If I continue it much longer, it will be too long and no one will read it. So different from the past when we had time to read and had the dedication to finish things we started.

I have to order some more Zeolite today so I can stay healthy. If the rain does not fall, I will work in cleaning up the yard, it is in real need of a clean-up. I got a seed catalog last week so I am inspired to plan my plantings for the spring. I want some more fruit and nut trees, more berry vines and grape vines. Plant shopping should cheer me up!

A little nuthatch is sorting the bird feed this morning, he is so cute and fun to watch.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today I am thankful that we do not have the bad weather that is North and East of us, travel has been so bad during this holiday season.
I am working on my Kwik memory program this morning and am reviewing some of the lessons so I will have a strong base for the system.
I spent some time putting together information for one of Lonna's co-workers, on treating anemia. I put together the information quickly so will need to follow up with a more in depth plan. Today I must put the information in a workable 'user friendly' plan. Most physicians place them on the wrong iron supplement and do not tell them to take sub lingual B12 and vitamin C with the iron, and most do not know what foods contain digestible forms of iron.

Monday, December 27, 2010

My little hen, Julie, 'layed' her egg late yesterday so I picked it up this morning, placed it in my pocket then proceeded to carry water to the livestock. I heard a crack and remembered that I had an egg in my pocket; already have that coat in the washing machine.

Very frosty this morning but the sun is shinning, that is great! I hope it thaws my hose out quickly. Late last night Zoey, Xena and Dixie went home, so just me and mine, plus Barky here now. I never have to wonder where Barky is, always near by. As I look out the window, lots of birds so I need to put out more food for them. My how great to see those birds every day, I am so grateful for my vision. My computer desk is under the window so I can always see what is going on in my front yard. Will be happy when my nut trees are large enough to bare fruit because I will then have squirrels too. I love to watch those little creatures. I doubt that I would ever have rabbits because rabbits and dogs do not mix very well, there was an occasional one in the back yard when I came here but they soon disappeared.

When I get paid for these sleepover dogs, I will try to gather enough money to get a wood stove, because with the weather here we may have a period of bad weather and no electricity.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Getting ready for a New Year!

Santa brought me a Ninja and a scale, I also got night cream and some warm underwear. When anyone in my family goes to a store they immediately go to the clearance sale shelves, last summer when Lonna went to the clearance sale, she found some Danskin long sleeved Tee shirts and when I put one on this winter, I found it to be so comfortable and warm. I wanted 'bottoms', Jill got me some bottoms so I will be warm this winter, I can weigh myself and make a smoothie; in other words I can make it through the winter. It is very cold today and I still have all the sleepover dogs, should send a couple home today. Have to carry water from the house to the livestock, ice in the containers probably will not melt today.

Lonna brought me dinner from Penny's house last night so I have enough left for today, therefore, I will not go hungry today. All the dogs are happy, I passed out bones this morning and they are busy pulling off all the meat and getting into the bone marrow, it takes a while because the bones are frozen.

The washer is going, the dishwasher is going and all the animals have been fed. My day has just started but I am already ready for a rest. Will have new lessons on my Jim Kwik memory classes today and there will be a few football games to watch. My Cowboys lost last night by one point, I am disappointed!

I will be happy to see 2011, have not accomplished what I wanted in 2010 so might as well start over. Actually I start over every day!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Little bits of ice crystals in the air and on the porch and it is ccoolldd! Just have to be grateful that I do not live farther North. I have to carry a hot cup of coffee today so my hands will be warm.
Dixie just passed up the water bowl to go to the toilet to drink and Domino followed, waiting by the water bowl until Dixie finished. I just don't understand their thinking.
I think Lonna will be over to have some breakfast with me so I will see a two legged creature today. The dogs got a Christmas treat this morning. I am saddened because another little hen was killed last night, my cuz thinks it is a weasel. Julie is all by herself this morning, as much as I like the chickens and love the eggs, I don't think I can provide a safe place for them.
I hope Dixie and Xena will be picked up today. Dixie is a problem because she is so big and tries to occupy the same space as me, she does not understand the laws of nature that 2 objects cannot occupy the same space.

Friday, December 24, 2010

more Mema's Sleepover dogs

One more chicken dead in the barn this morning, that leaves me only 2 hens, guess there is an animal out there who loves chicken heads. Now I only have Julie and Jackie left. I am surprised that a wild animal will go into the barn and steal a chicken with a horse, a mini mule and 4 goats in the barn. JR the mini mule has been a the far end of the barnlot the past few mornings so he may be frightened of something.

I got a Christmas gift from Lonna, 2 gallons of raw milk, such a treat, I do not drink the chalk that is called milk in the grocery store. I have raw cream in my coffee this morning.

I am listening to Darren Weissman on a webinar; the Infinite Love and Gratitude guy.

I have Barky, Dixie and Xena now so I did not sleep well; no room, everyone wants to touch me and Dixie is so big.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I made a big mistake yesterday, had to run to the Dollar Store to get an emergency supply of canned cat food; the store is about 4 or 5 miles from the house, I made a mistake of not putting away the cookies and candy I had on a plate on the table. When I got home Jackson had consumed the whole plate, don't think the vets are correct about chocolate being poison, Jackson is more active than ever. I brought out the snacks when Molly was here and just had not put them away, bad mistake. Everyone is chewing on bones this morning and enjoying them a lot. Chloe is being certain that Jackson does not steal all the other bones and hide them. She is a great little black pug policewoman.

Cold but sunny today, I am grateful that all my animals are happy and healthy. Janet, the horse and JR the mini mule wanted a little extra love this morning so better take out carrots for them later.

One of my neighbors brought empty egg cartons yesterday, I guess it is to remind those little hens of mine to keep giving me 3 eggs a day so they can have some. I am listening to a webinar this morning but it is not very informative so I may switch to another one. I need to spend some time today on my memory classes also. Barky comes today for sleepovers and she loves to dance in my lap and leave little paw prints on my thighs. I call her my prancing pug.

I have a little toy doxie that is begging to be in my lap, so see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I am very grateful for the beautiful sunshine; no fog, just a beautiful orange ball in the sky. I am also grateful that my neighbor, Joy, brought me a beautiful fruit basket yesterday and it smells so nice and will taste great too.
Sophie decided that she would take back her spot in the kitchen; taking it away from Nellie who is a bit sullen this morning because she had to share. I can almost see the wheels turning in the heads of both of those cats. All are enjoying the sunshine as it comes through the windows. I will gather some pine cones today so I can make some bird feeding stations from them with peanut butter and bird seed. I have to go to the store again today because the cats have eaten all their canned food, they can't seem to get enough canned food.
I hate going to the store this time of year because of the crowds but it is much better now than when I had to drag four little children with me everywhere I went. I also hate to buy gas, it costs more to get to the store than I will pay for the cat food.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A morning giving gifts to children in food line.

Spent the morning giving to the poor, Jill volunteers every Wednesday at her church food bank so this morning I went and gave small gifts to all the children and pinned angels on the people standing in line. I then went into the G.R.U.B. and helped with bagging stuff for giving away. Met a lot of nice people and will try to do that again. The vendor that Mike Brazzeal works for gave stuff for the people too. Mike was so nice to box up some really needed products for the men and women who needed women's hygiene products, razors, wipes, etc. It was a great contribution. I got to practice some of my memory skills this morning remembering the names of all who worked at GRUB. I realize that I have to practice more.

Yesterday my grand daughter came to my house and played Phase 10 with me, I won both games. Molly also discussed her first semester at college and it was a very enjoyable time for me.

Monday, December 20, 2010

I am grateful for the bit of warm weather, went out barefoot this morning and it felt good. I am really saddened that Big Jim my rooster died last night, he was such a wonderful little rooster. He was a mixed breed but had the little feathered feet and legs, beautiful colored, I missed his crow this morning and when I went into the barn, his body was there and he had been beheaded by something. The three little hens are very quiet today, I will really miss him crowing every morning. I love the crow of a rooster. I have such a hard time keeping my chickens safe and at the same time allowing them their freedom.

Today I hope Molly will come see me and play card games, they did not get here yesterday so my day was dedicated to watching the Dallas Cowboys and the KC Chiefs win, I loved seeing those two teams win.

The dogs and cats are napping and I wish I could join them.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Went to an art show yesterday: Patty O'Hair Vicknair is a really wonderful artist. I have known Patty since 1983 and did not know until recently how talented she is, I did really enjoy her art show. My animals missed me for the few hours I was gone.

My memory class this week is a very difficult one and I know now that I am going to have to spend a great deal of time learning this lesson on memorizing large lists of numbers. I do know that remembering numbers is probably the most necessary thing in the project. Just remembering phone numbers, lock numbers, etc. is so important to lessen the anxiety in life.

I have neglected some of my eye exercises the past couple of days so I am wearing my pin point glasses this morning as I work in the house and on the computer. It is so hard to remember to do each routine every day but I know I must. Yesterday I got the old laptop set up in the bedroom to do the Dr. Shealy DVDs at night in order for me to do the 'rings" for healing. Since the computer has so many problems, it has become a DVD player. It would help if the player on the tv worked but I can't figure out what is wrong with it. I think I need an electronic expert angel, do you know where I could find one? I would love it if Dan lived next door but can't get him to move from Arizona. Where is that knowledge to clone?

Today Molly and family are planning to come over and play card games, hope it happens.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am grateful that today is a bright new day, did not have a lot of good times yesterday. Went to Walmart to purchase five gifts for my kids and grand daughter for under $50, it took a lot of time besides staying in my budget; Walmart moved everything since I was there and I could not find anything, had to go all over the store. It is rather depressing to think about how much money a business can save by not remodeling every few months. It also causes so much anxiety for the customer.

I spent that time in town and my animals all thought I had abandoned them. I am grateful too that I had a conversation with two old friends. Christmas used to be a great holiday for me but for the past few years it has not been fun, times to change and I must bend with change.

Friday, December 17, 2010

I am having trouble with time organization this morning so I am late getting my blog published. One thing leads to another until everything has gotten unorganized. Phone calls for my kids pet sitting business, people calling with a small problem to discuss, two dogs needing extra loving today for some reason, wash to do, etc., etc. I am listening to a webinar as I come in and out of the living room. I am trying to figure a budget that gives me some money for small gifts for immediate family members, does not look promising at this time. In order to figure a budget for January, I called a guy to get an estimate of what it would cost to install a wood stove in case I find the funds to purchase the stove.

I try to plan ahead in order to make my life easier. I did not plan on all the animals eating more now that it is winter, guess I forgot about the additional feed needed for winter. All are fat and happy, I think I found the hole in the fence that was allowing my hens to free range into my neighbor's yard and today I will finish the repair.

I saw several cardinals in my front yard so made a bird feeder for the front yard, I want them to keep coming, also have to remember to put fresh water for the birds every day since we are having freeze conditions. Maybe by next year I will have a solar heater for the birds' water.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Healthy, Wealthy? and Wise?

Yesterday I avoided a cat riot by going to the store and purchasing cat food, my problem now is with 4 cats in the house, none of my "stuff" on the tables and shelves stay on the tables and shelves, I have to change my way of doing things. When the puppies were here, nothing could be on the floor, now I have to keep stuff off the tables. Can't win for losing. For a change today I am listening to a webinar on gaining wealth, so maybe I could afford Christmas presents if I would follow instructions. I am just not very good at following directions, never have been, as my mom and dad would have told you. In the '80s I was a Tony Robbins fan and had all the tapes, so if I followed instructions well I would be healthy, wealthy and wise.

I talked to my grandson on the phone yesterday and always enjoy hearing him. My granddaughter will be home today for Christmas break from college, certainly will love seeing her. It is certainly great to have smart healthy grandchildren.

Reached a goal; no misspellings!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another day down on the farm

The hose thawed out for a short time yesterday so I could fill all the containers for the livestock to drink from, I was so happy I could quit carrying water to them via bucket. I am so grateful for that thawing. I gave away a dozen of my eggs to each of my neighbors since my hens have eaten the bugs from their yards when they are free rangeing.

I am listening to a new webinar with David Wolfe this morning, he is talking about adrenal fatigue, etc. He is recommending beets and gogi berries for helping the adrenal glands etc.

The dogs and cats are tolerating each other, with all 4 cats in the house, all in different rooms it becomes a chore just to get them all fed, no one eats out of the same bowl. All but one go outdoors for elimination so I am very grateful for that little bit of help. I need to purchase more cat food as I did not get out to do that yesterday, it is an emergency today because I opened the last can today. I can see it now; a cat riot, could be messy! The dogs would enjoy it.

I have to spend some time outdoors to find the spot my hens are getting out of the barn lot to range. I am afraid they will end up as someone's Christmas Dinner. Jackie, Jimmie and Janie all three are nice and fat, the rooster, Jim does not attempt to get out, I guess he is smart and knows he could end up in a dinner pot.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Listening to Dr. Jonny Bowden

18 years ago my son had a son, Connor is a great kid!
Monroe and Quincy went home this morning so I only have all my little dogs and cats for a few days, I have to run to the store and get laundry detergent and cat food. First have to get my old car started and some gas. I am listening to a webinar by Dr. Jonny Bowden and really enjoying the learning. I also did an order of essential oils that I need and some Emu Oil, need to stock up on the ones that are for respiratory wellness: Lemon oil, peppermint, Eucalyptus, thyme and tea tree. These oils are very good to inhale, especially in the winter, besides that they make you feel good. If you have a headache, just rub on some peppermint oil on temples and forehead, a very safe 'medication' and very inexpensive. Emu oil aids in absorption so if you are wanting something to get to the source of inflammation or pain it gets there much better when used with emu oil. It in itself is a great anti inflammatory. It is a great oil and has lots of uses; arthritis, muscle and joint pain, psoriasis, eczema, shingles pan, burns, cuts, insect bites and aging skin. Purchase pure oil from a reputable company.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Again a very cold night, I got my exercises this morning trying to carry enough water to the animals in the barn lot, the chickens were trying to drink from the ice in the water barrels. I will have to do it about 4 times today because it is not going to be thawing weather today and even if I put hot water out there it will freeze quickly. I have one large bucket heated with electricity but that water does not last long.

Bad day yesterday for my football teams all three lost: Dallas, KC, and St. L. I should have checked my horoscope so I would have not cheered for them and they could have won?????

We found a home for the last puppy yesterday, Nash went to live with a young family where I am certain he will be happy. Dixie, Xena and Wally went home yesterday so we have a much less chaotic house. Lonna brought us an infrared heater and it is heating the house much better, temp yesterday did not get above 60, we have to get plastic on the windows today.

I am listening to Lesson Four of my Kwik Learning program today, this week we are learning to remember speeches. I hope I get the opportunity to do some speeches soon, it has been a while and I miss it. I think I had better start back to Toastmasters. I really enjoyed Toastmasters when I was involved.

One of the kids I had in Nursery School, way back when, is having a kidney transplant this week in St. Louis and I hope that he will do very well. It is amazing how far we have gone in that area of medicine in just a few years.

My dogs are lined up to be combed and loved so I had better get busy, they might start to riot.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

VERY CCCOOOLLDDD and windy last night and this morning, not many dogs agreeable to going out to do their business. I had to carry Sophie in from the porch because that cat was going to freeze last night. Now all four of the cats are indoors. I will send Dixie, Xena and Wally home today and my house will be so quiet, Shhh, don't tell anyone, just 13 dogs and 4 cats. The farm animals did not really want to come out of the barn to eat and the rooster only crowed one time and it was a weak crow, it says 19 on the thermometer but I think it is frozen. The livestock water is frozen solid will have to carry water after they drink what is in the heated bucket.

I am happy that Buddy found a home yesterday and I will call to follow up on him and his brother today. Nash who is at Penny's house will get a visit today to find out if he can find a good home. Monroe and Quincy are staying another couple of days.

I did not get much reading or research done yesterday but I did relisten to the Donna Gates webinar then just played Christmas music and meditation music after her webinar. I thought it might encourage the animals to relax. I did a little writing in my next book and hope to do some today after the sleepover dogs go home. I need a huge sun room just for the animals, wonder how I could get that without earning more money? I guess I had better answer one of those e-mails that tell me I could 'triple my income", if only I would do this or that and I certainly need "the secret" or positive thinking. I wonder if I imagine the room, it would appear. So much for day dreaming, I am grateful for the ability I have to dream. I made a mistake, spell check says that cccooolllddd is not a word, how narrow minded or them!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Buddy just went to his new home, I hope he will be very happy. We will really miss him but it is a big load taken from Mema.

Beautiful Dapple Doxie

Wally, the cutest little dapple doxie, is at mema's sleepover and I am so afraid of someone hurting him, he stays in my arms or in my little sling bag all the time. Buddy plays a little hard even though they are about the same age. I have at least one family coming to see Buddy today.

Did not have a good night, Wally did not like the crate so he ended up in my bed along with everyone else. I just don't have enough patience to let him cry. Quincy was also in bed with me, he has been sleeping in the other bed but not last night.

I re read "A Cup of Christmas Tea" yesterday afternoon and then listened to it being read on

Both Monroe and Quincy are needing a little extra love this morning so i have to hush.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Stocking up on Superfoods and fermented foods

Picture is of Rambo.
I just ordered a lot of the superfoods to keep me healthy through the winter: cocao, gogi berries, spirilena, coconut oil, etc. etc. I am going to make an order of fermented stuff from , I am listening to a replay of Donna Gates webinar, all the 4 legged creatures have been fed and have had a couple of runs throught the back yard. The cats are very happy that Lela is going home today!!! I will have a new little doxie here for sleepovers starting tonight, am anxious to meet him. I have not found anyone to do the gift delivery to the employment security office on Monday so will probably have to postpone that idea, my life has always had detours and postponements so I am used to that idea.

If anyone is interested in the RAVE nutrition plan, I have the DVD and the book, I am not interested in the complete program because I disagree with much of it. It does give me some information to research.

It will be much quieter today with Lela and Rambo going home even though Dixie is still here, she is the 6 foot 2 year old child, in spite of that she is loved. Everyone but Buddy is napping now and I am hoping that he will settle down quickly. I am afraid that he will some day be that 6 ft. 2 year old.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Season for gifting

Well because of emergencies I have 6 extra dogs instead of just Monroe and Quincy. The washer is going, the dryer is going and everyone is napping. I got the big idea yesterday that I wanted to do something for the people who stand in the unemployment line. I had a lot of play dough, dolls etc. in my drawer so wrapped them all and got my packages of angel pins out, called the employment security and found that the time for the lines is Monday. I planned to pass out the gifts, hot apple cider and put the pins on people, then found that I have extra dogs on Monday so had to scrap my plans, I am hoping that someone else will go in my place, I already have the little gifts wrapped.

Three of the dogs are of the extra large variety so I have no floor space in this little house and they do not mind me stepping over them at all. Such nice dogs and they love me a lot. I am grateful today for their unconditional love and adoration.

I am listening to David Wolfe this morning via the computer, he is one of my favorite experts. I am again very grateful that I live in the electronic age.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some homework for my "students"

As I was writing yesterday afternoon about the ways to give to others, I thought about how much of a giver my Dad was and then my thoughts went to my Mom. Mom has been dead for 40+ years but I can still remember much of her advice. So much of what she told me was right on for today's problems:

  • Never wear something with dyes in it near your body, always white socks and underclothing

  • Cotton lets your body breathe so none of those nylon undergarments.

  • Layer your clothing in the winter

That is just a little bit of her advice that rings in my head. She could sew anything without a pattern so when my uncle came back from WWII and brought a damaged parachute, we all got beautiful white nylon dresses.

Today I want you to pretend that you are in my classroom and do a bit of research on things that were in the house of grandparents that had medical benefits. Apple cider vinegar, Baking Soda, peroxide, Cinnamon, Oregano, Castor oil, Boric Acid, Sugar, and add oil of oregano and tea tree (melaleuca) oil. There are many things but these come to mind quickly. If you google "health benefits of......" you can get the information or I will be writing it all down in my next book. I was just reading a webpage of one of my experts and he was relating the testimonials of cancer patients that were healed by flooding their cancer with baking soda. I filled wounds with a sugar and honey paste for healing and it worked better than all the ointments. I clean my sinks and toilets with soda and vinegar and clear all my drains with it too. And if I get bladder cancer I will use it on that drain too.

I will have Quincy and Monroe starting tonight and I am anxious to see how much fun they can have with the puppy, that is, if the puppy does not find a new family.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Promoting giving during this holiday season!

Today as I was writing and I felt the need to give some suggestions for ways to serve your fellow man during the holidays. I hope you will read this and get some ideas that you can use for service.

I believe that giving to individuals is much more fun than giving to organizations but if you have fully checked out the organization it can be a really great thing to give to nonprofit organizations too. Here are some suggestions that I would like to make; A poor college student may need travel money to get home for the holidays, a new or reused computer, books for the next semester, a small gift card to purchase small gifts for his or her family members (when I was in college 60 years ago a couple at church gave me money to go to the book store and buy some gifts for my family), quarters for the laundry at college, etc. The homeless all need caps, socks, food, gloves, shoes, thermal underwear, soap, shaving supplies, etc. The elderly need home repairs, heating bills paid, a tank of gas for their vehicle, a gift certificate to a restaurant, if you live in the city, bus tokens or subway tickets are great gifts for the homeless and the elderly. Find a family with an old car, pay for their gas tank fill up at the service station. As you walk out of the restaurant, look at the customers, pick a family or an old couple and pay for their meal. If you go to the utility company, pay for someones utilities then send them the receipt. See if your grocery or supermarket will let you come at the end of the day and pick up day old breads and bruised fruits and vegetables to take to the Salvation Army shelter.

If you want to wrap some useful gifts and just pass them out randomly on the street, it is great fun.

There are so many little things you can do to serve others; sit down and make a list then do it!! This is most important if you have children, so that they can develop a gratitude and giving spirit.

My typical day??

Did not get anything accomplished yesterday, too many dogs and too much fun. Dixie and Xena should get picked up today and there will be a bit less activity. Quincy and Monroe are supposed to come today but have not heard from them for certain. I do think it odd that people will schedule their dogs over a month ago then not reconnect to be certain that we will remember to pick them up. I also think it funny that people will be ready to leave home and just remember that their dogs can't stay home alone. I did have a mom call me from Texas, she had gotten my number from a friend, and tell me she had left her two little dogs alone in the apartment; she was gone for a week and needed me to go pick them up even though I had never met the dogs. That is a 'good' mom, don't you think? She had put the dogs outside before she left and we had a big snow on the ground. Her little Westies did survive and I took them home with me, there was also a cat in the house. People are really unpredictable, they never quit surprising me. Maybe when I am 80 I will be able to figure them out. I can figure out dogs and cats; just not people.

My memory classes went well yesterday and I also listened to Ann Taylor; not sure if I trust her or not but she is an energy healing person and can't do any harm. I did watch Oprah yesterday, it was good and I enjoyed it. She did a book club thing and made the statement that she had never read Dickens. The first English Lit book that I really enjoyed was; A Tale of Two Cities, must have been because it was so well written, it got my attention.

Gotta get busy, cleaning up puppy poop, etc. etc.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cold, cold, cold

It is soooooo cooolllldddd this morning, but the sun is shinning! Jesse is 'feeling his oats' this morning so had to keep him in the back yard for a while so the female goats could relax a bit and eat, he certainly is fond of his nannies.

Dixie and Xena are still here and Rambo and Lela came this morning so I have no space in my little house. Everyone is having a great time especially Buddy; lots of playmates. Since Lela is here all the cats are living as high up in the house as possible. Everyone is napping at this moment.

Chiefs, Cowboys and Rams all won yesterday so I guess you would say that I had a lucky day. According to the experts, I watched TV many hours too many for my health.

I started my third week of memory classes and have to find places to use the stuff I learn. I am listening to Christmas music, if I could find my little tree I would put it up on a high shelf somewhere, the cats will probably enjoy it, that is, if I can find it, may have to dig one up or take a limb from my huge pine tree. By the way, spell check says; cooollllddd is not a word!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two more puppies need a home

I had a great day yesterday, connecting with an old friend also was with family and that is always nice. I just love being with humans for a change! Still have 2 puppies and Dixie and Xena came for the weekend. Lots of play this morning but everyone is having a nice nap now and I am listening to a bit of Christmas music. When Dan loaded my laptop, he put all kinds of music on it, I am listening to Christmas music from a Saxophone.It is cold today and looks like winter outdoors, had to put my shoes on and that means it is really cold. Just gotta be happy that I have shoes. It is a sign of real winter when Stormy comes into the house to sleep.

Today I start my third week of memory classes and speed reading, I love it! My eyes are dry today, watched too much basketball and football yesterday afternoon and evening. I was lucky with the basketball games but one of my football teams was not so lucky. I need to find out when my Chiefs and Cowboys are playing today. I heard from an expert that we were not supposed to watch more than 12 hours a week of TV, that would not be enough time to even see 4 games of any kind, he has to be a terrible expert and one that hates sports!! I hope he means that you should not sit for 12 hours, you think?? I do have to get back on a better exercise schedule, the puppies have distracted me, they have really upset this old lady's routine. I hear that it is good to have some distractions, it helps energize you. This old train wreck needs to get back on tract.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Showing Puppies

Am having lunch with a friend I have not seen for 4 years, I am excited! will show the puppies to families this afternoon, Lonna unloaded her camera so I have pictures to show.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A home for Kidd

I was so happy to let a new family welcome Kidd into their home. Buddy is so much easier without the brother. Spent some time outdoors with all the animals yesterday and the weather looks good today; a little cool but bearable. I thought I got the barn lot fencing chicken proofed but 2 of my little hens went for a "walk on the wild side" and I had to round them up. I have to work a bit harder today to close off their little door to the "wild side".

My Suns were on TV last night so I stayed up a bit late to see them win. I love to watch those guys! As I watch I get some reading done, am still trying to get all my information on Quantum Touch added to my brain computer. Also did some study of the Emotional Code. I went through some new DVDs of Qigong/yoga mix and found them very good. Oops the cat just ran across my keyboard and I had to start over, she likes electronics, must make her feel better. After I got her off my computer she went to the cable box to sit. The cats are eating me out of house and home, I have to get more food today. Nellie is a big eater!! All the animals are requiring more food, it must be the cold weather.

Today I must express my gratitude for families who want to rescue a small puppy and are willing to make the commitment to care for an animal. I am also grateful for the beautiful sunshine today. The family who adopted Kidd was of course, rewarded with a couple of my books, they may not read them but at least I am giving them the opportunity to learn.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Life on the tiny farm

As you can see by the picture, Kidd loves to sleep in my lap. Wish he could sleep in your lap. They are doing everything that puppies do; pee, poop, chew, play and cuddle. Keeping me busy just cleaning up after them and trying to be certain that everyone else gets plenty of love too.

Watched basketball on tv last night and listened to a webinar by Dr. Brad Nelson on emotional healing. Today I have to try the yard cleaning because it is going to be a bit warmer. Also gotta fix a spot in the fence since the chickens are free "rangeing" a bit far and I am afraid one of my neighbors will have them for dinner. I have three little hens and am getting 3 little eggs a day, won't last long in cold weather because if I remember correctly, chickens don't lay many eggs in cold weather. Since it has been 60 years since I lived on a farm, I don't remember a lot of the habits of farm animals. I just have to remind myself that the next time someone says they have a "throw away" animal that needs a home: "I have reached my limit"!! It takes a lot of money to feed everyone the best and keep them all healthy. Everyone is having a morning nap and the washer and dryer are going and I have a few more chores.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Connecting with old and new friends

Cold but sunny today so maybe it will be warm enough to spend time outdoors. Penny took Nash home with her yesterday so Buddy and Kidd are busy making up for the absence of Nash. They are sleeping better but messes are still frequent, Kidd wants to take his nap in my lap and get away from Buddy. Beautiful little personalities but busy little puppies. Tator is the only older dog who enjoys them, Jackson wants to play but really does not know how to handle their play.

I did some of the new exercise/qigong videos yesterday and found them rather good. I also tried to do some reading but the puppies make it almost impossible.

I got a call from an old friend yesterday and enjoyed it a lot, will try to see her this weekend, if someone can come stay with my dogs. Also made a new friend from Canada via facebook; interested in energy medicine and wellness so we have a lot in common. I love reconnecting with old friends and also making new friends. I am so grateful that because of technology I can do both.

Because of the puppies I am not getting to spend much time with my farm animals so have to make an effort today. I will bring them into the back yard; my neighbor changed his yard decor and he put the bales of hay and his pumpkins into my back yard for the animals. I don't have to change my decor; leaves and trash, that is my decor. I am happy I don't spend my time keeping up with the neighbors' yards.

Puppies are waking up from their nap and I need to start the washer and dryer.