Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home again

I am home and my animals did miss me and they are trying to show me how much they missed me. I had a great time in Arizona but came home to a dry yard with no grass and no rain. I am really going to appreciate the rain when it gets here, there is not one blade of grass for the animals and they are devouring the hay. No more peaches but still have apples on the tree, the tree looks terrible but I can still knock apples off for the animals. I have a rebuilt laptop now because my son's neighbor, Dan is a brilliant man and knows electronics. He was the original builder of my old laptop many, many years ago and now he gave it an extreme make over. I am a happy woman but would be happier if it would rain. I will have a few seminars to listen to today and one is with Donna Eden, a very favorite person. I ate with gusto when I was away and will have to get back on my program today. My son and grandson were greats hosts. I will have some pictures when Jill downloads them from her camera. I may go out and do an Indian rain dance today, does anyone know how to do the Indian rain dance?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

great time in Az

I am having a great time in Az, went to the Olive factory today and went to eat German food, my son and grandson are being perfect hosts and my friend Dan is really working to make my old laptop user friendly.
I am playing with all their dogs but I do miss my little herd, I know Lonna is taking care of them and enjoying?? them.

Friday, August 27, 2010

To Arizona Tonight

Jill and I will be flying from Springfield, MO to Mesa Arizona tonight. It will be so nice to see my son and grandson. We have never flown out of that airport so am anxious to see how customer friendly it is. I got a nice e-mail from a friend in Monett, MO setting up a time for me to be up there for some interaction with friends in September. I listened to a couple of webinars yesterday both on energy medicine and am listening to a replay of one I missed. I just keep learning but I am not certain that it is good to keep learning if no one else wants the information because I have the gift of teaching and need to share information with others. I think I should have started writing 10 years ago then I would have more time to share. I did write newsletters for years and they probably ended up in file 13 without being read. When I get my Printshop program, I will start doing newsletter again and distribute to anyone and everyone. Since my son and grandson have great computers and I am taking an old laptop, I will keep reading my e-mails, facebook and doing the blog while I am there. I will also see if my friend Dan can give my laptop an "extreme make-over" since he was the original builder of the computer.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Great Day

Still dry but cool. It did take me a long time to water my shrubs and trees this morning but the weather is beautiful. I did some more proof reading of the book and plan to send it off the first of the month.I worked on the cover and think I have most of the kinks worked out. I have been listening to some webinars teaching EFT (tapping) and it reminds me that I need to start practicing it. I think I need to make a reminder and tack it to the wall. I probably need to get the DVD, Do it on Everything. I am listening to Nick Ortner and Don Milton this morning as I get some work done. I really enjoyed sitting under the apple tree, having my coffee and having magical moments with my animals. The cats are also very active this morning, running, playing and creeping up on insects and birds.

I am working on organizing my papers, books, etc. I spent an hour looking for the notebook I wrote something in and have not been able to find it. I waste a lot of time because I am not organized.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feels like fall weather

Feels like fall this morning but my plants look like hot, dry summer. Had a great day yesterday, cleaning the 3rd bedroom and pulling up old carpet, I will put down vinyl when I get home from Arizona next Monday. The bad thing is when you pull up carpet you must move everything out of the room. I had lots of help, the dogs were with me each step, just wish they knew how to move furniture and carry stuff. I lost my cup of coffee, got a fresh cup and took a few sips, walked out to hang out clothes and there was my first cup of coffee, sitting quietly on the back deck.

I tried to catch up on some of the reading on my Kindle last night and worked on the book cover. I gave up on the book cover and ordered Print Shop. I used to have print shop and used it daily. I loved it but as one computer after the other went off to electronic hell, I have not had it in several years, now I will have it and will use it to get that book cover finished so I can get book three and four sent to the publisher. I am also starting a new little book on creating magical moments and I am excited about that little project. I am going to create some magical moments with my grandson this coming week end as I created some magical moments with my granddaughter last weekend. Ours is a magical world. I have already reached a goal this morning, No Misspellings!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another great day

Really busy all day yesterday relaxed only for the ball game on tv and even then also listened to a David Wolfe interview. Started cleaning the 3rd bedroom which is Ruby the cat's room and it is a mess since it is also the storage room. Evey thing I don't know where to put, I put in that room and that is a whole lot of 'stuff'. I need an industrial storage building or maybe a large barn with an extra room. Gotta dream and maybe i will experience "The Secret". It is cool this morning and I have got to do some yard work if my dogs can do without my love for a little while. They missed me so much when I was gone, they are afraid I will leave again, and I will. I will leave for Phoenix Friday and not back until Monday. I do appreciate Lonna taking vacation days so I can be gone. We are going to drive the 2 hours to Springfield MO to get on the plane, got a cheap ticket from Springfield on a red eye flight. Find something to laugh at today and find someone to do something nice for and fill your bucket and theirs.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mini Vacation

I spent the week-end with my daughter, granddaughter and the Shannons. We got Molly moved to college and that does make me very happy, however, I would like to go to college too. The Shannons were great Hosts and I ate too, too, much between them and the college I managed to really mess up my meager eating program, but I enjoyed every minute of it.I met so many nice people at the college and re-met some that were there when Penny and Lonna went to school. I, of course gave away a few books for their information and my pleasure. It was a very good experience. Next week-end I get to go see my grandson in Arizona, I am having so much time away from my animals and they do not like it one bit, even though my daughters take care of them very well, they miss their 'door mat', MEMA. My plants are dying so had to spend a couple of hours last night and this morning trying to give them a drink. I had withdrawal symptoms from 'no baseball' for 3 days so when I came home all 5 of my teams won, just for me! The Cards, Rangers, Royals, Padres and the Braves. I have much to do so I will just say that I am grateful that I was able to have the weekend with family and friends, old and new.

Friday, August 20, 2010

One More Gratitude

I am going with Penny to take Molly to college, going to see some great friends and stay in their house. I am so grateful to have such good people like Jim and Mary Alice Shannon as friends. My husband really loved them too. Such good memories. I also got a new friend on facebook today that I had not seen in a long time a great dog owner and wonderful person Pam. This morning when I was out doing my chores, someone yelled from the front yard and it was the lady whose dogs I kept when she was in the shelter, her husband has left her and she has lung cancer, he was a heavy smoker, second had smoke is terrible. She has had her electricity turned off and her brother came to help her. So indeed I am thankful for my good health and my abilities to keep my wellness program going. I love people so much and wish they would let me help them be well.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gratitude Day Thirty

I Told myself that I would do the gratitude thing 30 days to make it a legitimate habit. Today is day thirty, I am so grateful today that I am going to visit old, old, friends tomorrow and also take my granddaughter to college. Going to college brings back old memories because two of my daughters went to the same college many years ago, I also enjoyed the relationship the college and PEO's helped me during that time when, my husband died, the Missouri PEO scholarship that afforded Lonna the luxury of going to that great school. Now the Arkansas PEO organization is helping my granddaughter.
Lala and Felix disconnected all my computer wires yesterday so I have had to reconnect everything and not everything is working well yet, in fact I cannot attach a photo today because the buttons just do not work. I had to drag out the old, old laptop, which I am so thankful I have, and use it for a while last night to listen to Dr. Norm Shealy, he is the greatest and I learn something new every time I hear him, he is a year older than I am and he is still researching and learning, I really admire that in a person. Since Lala and Rambo went home today I have to go to pick up horse food and have to find me some sandals because I go barefoot all the time at home, I have no summer shoes. I also have to water my trees today because the earth is so dry. I would encourage everyone to check out Dr. Norm Shealy and learn something new about how to be well.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Norm Shealy M.D., Ph.D. #TheAwareShow

Dr. Norm Shealy M.D., Ph.D. #TheAwareShow

Gratitude Day Twenty Nine

Because it is cooler this week my birds and butterflies are giving me beautiful pictures, I appreciate the fact that I do not need an artist painting, I have the real thing. The cardinals, the robins and many different butterflies are dancing in my yard. I am thankful that even though I did not see a living two leg person yesterday, I have lots of companionship with all the tame and wild animals. Sophie, the cat, came to the front door this morning limping and looking so unhappy, when I took the food out and did some cuddling her limp almost completely disappeared, I could not see an injury, could have been a sticky weed. I am stepping on some of those myself. Yesterday because it was cool, I turned off the air and opened the house, the outdoor cats enjoyed sitting on the front deck performing for Lala the Golden, in front of the screened door. It kept her busy so that she left Ruby alone for a while. The webinars yesterday did not appeal to me but today I get to hear one of my favorites, Dr. Norm Shealy, how I would love to attend some of his classes in person. I have also been reading some of Louise Hay's writings. I have read her stuff for years and really like her ideas. I would love to go on her cruise, but too much money for a poor old mema. My, my, Rambo is telling me to fill the water bottle for the dogs, they drink lots of water. I fill the 5 gallon jug every morning. They also drink the water I put outdoors too. Also gotta hang out my clothes and since Janet knocked down one clothesline I have to get my hammer and put it back up.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty Eight

Cool breezy morning and I have been out training Felix, I have to love and appreciate the personality of this little half-pug. He is named because he runs like the wind and if I am out in the front yard he will climb the fence to get to me. Felix Jones now plays for the Dallas Cowboys and runs like the wind. If I find a home for him he needs to be trained so I have been working with him alone, all the other dogs want to be trained too, even the ones who are already trained. I also say I am thankful for the peaches on my peach tree, this morning I shook it for peaches for my livestock and two peaches for me. They are addicted to peaches, had to shake the apple tree too. Janet the horse was angry because I would not keep shaking the tree so she just went to my table and turned over my coffee cup. She is big enough to to anything she wants and even though she is nearing 30 years of age she acts like a teenager. Janet really believes she is a dog and the goats think they must be horses or dogs, don't know which. The people who want me to make a home for their two pet goats will probably bring them this evening and Jesse will be happy to have some new goats in his harem.

Did some study in Dr. Hymans books and DVD and also Did work in my Qi-ssage.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty Seven

Today I am grateful for new friends. I made a new friend yesterday, a couple came to the house to see if I would give their pet nanny goats a home, they were not able to give them proper care so wanted to find a good home for them. They were a really nice couple and I said yes, of course. "I'm just a girl who can't say No." They did offer to bring me a couple of bales of hay also, so my Jesse will have a couple of girl friends and that will make him happy and I will have two goats to make into dogs. I really enjoyed the visit and I gave them a book, I will bet that you already knew that fact. I also received a call of which I am very thankful, Reta from pug rescue called to say she had found a family that would like to see if Felix would fit into their family. I will wait for their call and see if that might become a reality. As I look out my window, I really appreciate my roses, I have a pink rose bush that, in spite of hot, hot, dry weather, it keeps blooming, smaller and less blossoms but it is blooming for my good. I got my new supply of MSM and so in my book I wrote about the great things that MSM will do for your wellness. I hope you will do a bit of research and make use of this product. The dogs are lined up for combing so I had better get busy.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty Six

I appreciate the fact that Ozzie and Moo Shoo (sp?) mom got home and they are back in their house. They are cute little poms but very noisy and unaltered so chase the girl dogs all over the house. I gave their grandparents a book. I continue to be so grateful that when I want a question answered, I can go directly to the computer and get my answers. It has been almost 60 years since I have had farm animals so I have many questions about them. My chickens are large enough that I think it is about time I set up some nests so I can have more eggs, I went to the computer to find out how old they needed to be to lay eggs, I have a record of their age in my blog so I have a great assistant called a computer. I think I will give my computer a name. I will call it Mari, I had a great assistant called Mari many years ago, I must say she was much more social and had more beauty but was just as valuable as my computer. I did a lot more reading and listening to the materials, from Dr. Hyman. I also listened to an interview of Donna Gates from body ecology which I enjoyed very much and also learned how to correctly ferment my vegetables to make them more nutritious.

Another unusual happening yesterday; all 5 teams lost their games yesterday, well, loose some win some.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty Five

Today I am so grateful that it is raining!!! Beside that it has cooled the house down. The repair people did not do a good job on the air conditioning so the house was mighty warm. Of course, no repair on the week-end so I am blessed that it is rainy and cooler than it has been in months. I do not understand how a business can be closed on Saturday. Years ago I moved and needed to change my insurance I made a point of asking it they were open on Saturday before I bought my policy. I only had time to do business on Saturday morning because I worked 12 hour days during the week. I gave the repair man a copy of Book 2, hope he reads it.

I appreciate that I got my books and DVDs from Dr. Hyman yesterday and I will use my spare time today to review the information. Last night some kind of miracle happened: all 5 of the baseball teams that I follow, WON, Cardinals, Royals, Braves, Rangers and Padres. Only the Cards were on TV but I followed the others on the computer. Is not the tech age great, you can take in the information you want and delete anything you do not want. I also received my guide book and DVD of the Buffalo River and I am going to replay the DVD just as a relaxation session. It is just super.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty Four

It is easy to be grateful today, 48 hours without air conditioning, well not exactly, I have a little $100 window air conditioner. And I am so thankful that we decided to cool off the living room with that little air conditioner, because the central air never cooled down the living room below 85. That little appliance is saving my bacon. Have been out doors a lot but it is not cool even outdoors, got down to 78 last night back up to near 100 already today. I am also thankful that the repair man will be able to put the fan motor in this morning?? Most grateful that I got the extra dogs this week for sleepovers so I can help Lonna pay for the repairs. We have become so accustomed to the year around heat and air it is pathetic. We are spoiled!! I listened to a webinar by Dr. Bernie Seigel last evening, he is such a great person and a Doctor who actually cares about people. I discovered some speakers I had not heard so am listening to some of those now. I did a research project on the benefit of eggs yesterday. A friend had been told by her physician to eat egg whites and it made me angry to think that physicians were still repeating those lies about egg yolks, one of the most nutritious things you can eat. I am putting the results of my research in my next book. The facts are there if they will read them.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty Three

Did not sleep well last night besides having all the dogs keeping me warm, the air conditioner fan quit going. If no one gets here to fix it today, we will sleep in the living room where we have the little window air conditioner and a fan. So thankful that I have that little air conditioner in the window and that fan with an ice pack in it. Thankful that there are clouds this morning and water in my hose to water my trees in the front yard. I feel like I have done a days work already, fed everyone, watered everyone, watered my plants in the front yard, put ditamacious earth on all the waste in the back yard, shook the peach tree and apple tree so the animals could have their treat and called the repair man, had to leave a message. It is 8:30 am and I am ready to rest. I think I will take a cold shower first and treat myself to a cup of coffee. My dream used to be, sleep in and have my cup of coffee in bed, that will never happen, the dogs wake up early and want me up besides that they would knock my cup of coffee right out of my hand. Well so much for that, everyone is lined up to be combed but Chloe and she is guarding the food bowls in the kitchen so no one will over eat. As soon as I say, "Tater you have had enough," she takes over and keeps everyone out of the food. She is trying to help me take care of all these dogs. She brought an apple in from the yard and is guarding it also, just in case someone wants it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Solar Roofing

Gratitude Day Twenty two

Today I am thankful that there is rain in the forecast for the weekend. My poor plants are dying for a drink. I am also very grateful for being able to help others when they are in need. It is a blessing to help people in need, no matter how small the task. I am getting a couple more books ready to mail out, as my gift today. Today is going to be great, Barky's mom called and said they were leaving town today and Barky wanted to come to Mema's house for some sleepovers. Rambo(little white dog in the picture) and his sister will be here on Friday so I will have a bunch of happy little animals. Barky is my prancing pug so I will have little paw prints on my lap.

I did some work with my little wand yesterday and I really do think it worked, will keep checking it out. I got my order from http://www.beyondhealth.com/ and not too soon, I had just had my last CoQ10 and I could not go a day without getting my cells built up, I think their vitamin C is way superior to others so I got some vitamin C and also MSM. I also ordered some Coconut oil because I use it for eating and skin care. I use more now because when you go barefoot, your feet need extra oiling down at night and coconut oil does the trick. I need happy feet and coconut oil gives me feet happy. If your feet feel good you feel good all over. I have short fat feet so even as a child I rarely had shoes that felt good.

I have a webinar on 'adrenal fatigue' today and I am looking forward to it, so many people are walking about with adrenal fatigue.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty One

I am grateful for patience, I have written this blog and MooSho(sp?) knocked my computer off so I lost my data. Two little noisy Poms came for sleepovers last night, mom and dad are going to Florida for the week. Ozzie and Moosho are typical poms. I am grateful that I always seem to get a job when I need the funds for supplements or books. I got paid for Molly and Coco when I took them home yesterday, then went into town to get Dimatacious Earth since it was an emergency, I was completely empty. I also visited with an old friend and it made me appreciate my wellness. She has aches and pains in all her joints and especially her left shoulder, I know it is a frozen shoulder but her Dr. said probably arthritis and gave her a pill that did not help at all. I gave a quick massage and suggested a Sauna and Massage which she probably won't take time to do. She would probably do it if it were written on a prescription pad. Think I need a pad. My suggestion was to go to a good Chiropractor also. I gave another person a book and I came home so these two little poms could come stay with me. I listened to a couple of webinars last evening and did not learn a lot of new information, I disagreed with some of it so had to do some research to be certain I was correct.

Janet tells me I need to shake a few more apples off the tree for her and the dogs are lined up to be massaged and combed so I have to quit dilly dallying around and get busy.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty

Today I am really grateful for Public TV, yesterday during the fundraising the programs were so good, especially the one on the Buffalo River. I was born very near the Buffalo River and was a member of the organization, Dr. Comptom used as a vehicle to preserve the river. I was a member for a short time and learned how passionate Dr. Comptom and Sam Walton were about the beautiful river. Dr. Compton left such a legacy, the river and his gardens. His gardens are beautiful and are within walking distance of the square in Bentonville. I went to his home a few times and went on tours of the Buffalo river with him and his wife before his death. I am ordering the book on the history of the river for my grandson, hoping he might someday take a float down the river. I would float down the river is I were 66 instead of 76????? I have a love for the view of water but have a fright for the water itself. I have to cut this blog short, Janet, the horse is at the kitchen window telling me she needs me to shake the apple tree and I have to change Chloe's focus, that little black pug thinks all the other dogs have had enough food so she is standing at the kitchen door growling at anyone who wants to be near the food. As soon as I told Tater and Big Mac they had had enough she decided it was her mission to keep everyone away from the food. These animals have such wonderful personalities.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gratitude Day Nineteen

My cuz, Demona sends me lots of attachments to e-mails, I have a file for them but this morning there was one I shared on FB. A little girl singing Amazing Grace. It is great and gave me lots of memories for which I am thankful. My sisters and I used to sing gospel music as a quartet, my dad and mom took us all over the state to sing. Mom made us dresses alike, she even made little purses to match and we were good. One day we were on stage singing when an old man shouted from the audience, "Girls, pour it on 'em and if you can't pour it on 'em, pour it so it will run on 'em." I still remember hearing that old man. I think I was in Jr. Hi by then. I can't remember a time when we did not sing. A good friend, Jetta Blackard played the piano for us for many years; such a dear family. Jetta thought she was a member of our family too, she married a Martin. I am also grateful to have a cuz that will bring back those memories. You can read her historical website http://www.seewhat.blogspot.com/ I am so blessed to have extended family. Also a cuz of my husband that keeps the memories flowing in her webpage from Colorado.

Yesterday I gave away peaches and apples, I have so many and the peaches are so sweet you can eat them right off the tree and since I do not spray with insecticides, they are safe to eat off the tree.

I spent a lot of time watching Wayne Dyer on the public tv station and enjoyed his lecture too. He mentioned that when a good deed is done, it helps the immune system of the one giver, the receiver and all who see it. Is that not good?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gratitude Day Eighteen

Today I will express gratitude for a wonderfully cool morning and my ability to mow my front yard. I am thankful for my breakfast, wonderful peaches from my peach tree. I will have to hurry and eat them, my livestock have even learned to shake the tree to get them to fall. Under the tree is a mountain of peach seeds, they just chew off the peach and leave the seed on the ground. I did not spray my tree with insecticides or fertilize it, it just grows and produces good little peaches with few worms or blemishes. My apples too, however they are tart but the animals like them and they are great to use in cooking. For a gift today, I gave away some of my peaches and apples. When I was a child, I made money picking peaches, hard work in the summer and my dad helped us, he finally got us moved up to the peach shed, grading peaches will he helped ring them (made the top of the basket look great). It was good work experience.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Gratitude Day Seventeen

I rejoice today because yesterday I got a bit of rain, and it is cooler. My plants and I are grateful for the shower and cooler day. I am also so thankful that my granddaughter came over to the house to play a few games of yahtzee with me, was a nice distraction. Today is day 5, the last day, of my liver/gallbladder cleanse and I am grateful for that. I have to stay away from the bathroom long enough to go a few miles and pick up Molly and Coco, they are spending a few days with me while mom is out of town. They are great little dogs and I enjoy them being here. I listened to a webinar by Dr. Raymond Francis last evening, he wrote the books, "Never be sick again", and "Never be fat again", both good books. His website has lots of good info on it: http://www.beyondhealth.com/ and I check it out often. He is writing another book and I hope he puts it on Kindle so I can get it cheap and also so I won't have to find room on my bookshelves for another book. The dogs are lined up for their combing and massage so guess I had better get busy.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gratitude Day Sixteen

I am thankful that I am on day four of my gallbladder/liver cleanse and am still in good shape. I am also very grateful that it is a little cooler today and some people are getting rain, not me. I had to give the plants a drink and i hope it is enough to keep them alive. I listened to an hour of webinar by Dr. Mark Hyman yesterday and with that information he wanted to sell me the DVDs and the book and even though it was not on kindle and cost me real money by the end of the day I pulled out the credit card and ordered it, telling myself that even though I had no problems it is up to me to get the information and give it to others. Why do I have this desire for me knowledge all the time? Of course there were free downloads and I downloaded and then listened the rest of the day and this morning, while getting my work done. I am grateful that my social security check comes to my bank account and allows me to use that debit card. When I was getting my cleanse soup ready this morning, I found that Chloe likes beets too, that little black pug eats all vegetables and seems to enjoy them. Some of the other dogs tried to eat it but spit it out. Must be the reason she is such a healthy old girl too. Have to end this blog because I have several dogs lined up to be combed and massaged.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gratitude Day 15

I really am grateful that I can come into my computer, hit a replay button and hear a great webinar by one of my favorite people, Dr. Mark Hyman. He is really into wellness and so knowledgeable. I am listening as I write this. I am also thankful that I had water and a hose to water my plants that are dying from the heat and lack of rain.
I am on the 3rd day of my cleanse and am doing well. I got my little energy wand yesterday, now I have to figure out how to use it and also whether or not it works.
for my gift today, I will need to do some encouraging notes on the computer and make some phone calls, because I am staying close to home during my cleanse. Anyway it is so hot that old people should not be out, that is what the news media tells me.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gratitude Day Fourteen

My oh My, I have a problem, I just have to figure out what I am grateful for; The results of my cleanse program. I started my week program yesterday and I am going to feel so good when it is over. I am also thankful that I have a wellness program to spend my time on today. I am redoing the "Better Body Better Mind" program. I had to plan things this week that I can do close to the bathroom. I am also going to do some more work in my Qi-ssage so I can practice tonight on Lonna, she will be here tonight and tomorrow night. I will do some practice on her. I am working on an estimate of the cost of doing my 3rd book as a spiral workbook and do some myself because the createspace publisher does not do spiral books. I have all the equipment but since printing ink is not cheap, I will have to figure a cost per book. I love doing things like that because I love to work with numbers. My gift today, I gave a couple of massages, that is another thing I love to do. I have some dogs waiting to be combed so I had better get off the computer and start combing.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Gratitude Day Thirteen

Today I am really thankful that Lonna bought me a small window air conditioner, I did not have the money so she bought it for me, the house is not built with enough air vents in the living room so when the weather gets so hot the house is hot. The thermometer read 92 in the living room yesterday and after 15 minutes with the little window air, it read 85, that is so great. I am not a big fan of air conditioning but when it gets so hot I admit that I need it. I have moved my fan to the bedroom and all is well. I am also thankful for my ability to get my 50 pounds of chicken feed from the van to the kitchen. There are not a lot of old ladies who can manage to get the chicken feed into the house. When I was a young girl, I worked with my dad on the farm and I was expected to lift everything. I weighted about 100 pounds and was 5 ft, one inch but could throw hay in the barn just like a man. I went to Nurses training and everyone was surprised when I could lift the patients without a problem and I never had a back issue. I am under tall so have some problems with leverage that I have to work out.
i was reading some of Dr. Mark Hyman's books and he expresses the need for eating well, exercising and being free of toxins, today I am starting the cleanse routines and will free my body of toxins.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gratitude Day Twelve

Today I must express my gratitude for humor, laughter and general merriment. Laughter is the best medicine or so 'they' say, whoever they are. when I was working in corporate health I did some workshops on "Humor in the Workspace" and that was years ago when it was a new concept. If I could not start my day with laughter I would have a very long, painful day. Some people may think I am a crazy old lady but my animals and I have some good laughs every day. To start my day with laughter keeps me well, so I think. I always think of the song; I Sing Because I am Happy. I went to the farmers' market yesterday and was away from my animals mixing with the two legged animals of this county, not much difference with the exception of less frowns and unhappiness in the 4 legged animals. I did meet and visit with some strangers and saw a few old friends, I do not see strangers, I just get to know them. My kids are sometimes embarrassed with my visiting but it does not stop me from trying to 'make some one's day', as I am sure they are waiting for a good word or a friendly smile. I did come home and do some informative reading and as usual I have to share, so I wrote several pages in my next book. Sharing is my mission in life, so bare with me and let me share, whether you like my information or not.

I have to get my "stuff" together and start my detoxing cleanse today, I have put it off for the past couple of weeks and I do not like, PROCRASTINATION!