Thursday, March 31, 2011

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting for Spring......

There is not enough green grass and leaves yet so had to make a salad for my little mama goat this morning; she loves getting special food and being hand fed. Very "nippy" this morning out there and I had to put my shoes on to go to feed the farm animals. Johnny, Jacob and Jimmy (the baby goats) are very playful this morning. Pearl and Trudy went home last night so today I have to go to town, I have a large list for Lowe's and the feed store. It was nice just to have my 14 last night, it does look like I have another cat, she is gray and has a little bitty meow. She has been on the front deck for several days and waits patiently for her food every morning. I am just hoping she has been spayed, don't want to buy another spay job. I think some people just tell their cats to go to Mema's deck until they are spayed, however they don't leave after the job is done. A lot of rabid skunks have been found in the river Valley so I ordered vaccine for my two new dogs and will "shoot" them myself, Penny's dogs also are about due their shots so I will shoot them too. Also need to pick up the heart worm stuff at the feed store.
One more week like this, weather wise and I am moving to a warmer climate. I don't like cold cloudy days!!!I worked on my fences yesterday and I became really cold. I do see a strange orange ball peeping it's head out in the eastern sky, I will give it a standing ovation when it makes its way up and gives me a sunbeam.
My front yard weeds need to be mowed and it does look like it is up to me to get it done, no one else wants the privilege.
I will check with Penny to see if she needs help with something, since it is her day off and I want to be used.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keeping the little farmette going......

A little warmer today but my feet were frozen when I got back from the barn this morning. Why is Mr. Sun avoiding me? Did I hurt his feelings or something?
I cleaned out all the old veggies from the frig and made a big limp salad for my goats, J-Lo loves all the veggies and will almost climb over me for broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce. Carrots and apples in small pieces are welcomed also. Two of my hens were missing this morning, don't know what happened to them but there were no bodies, feathers or anything. There are a lot of hazards to being free range but I don't like anything caged up. Wonder if in a past life time was spent in a cage.
I did some reading yesterday on my kindle, in books and on the Internet while my washer and dryer were busy. Jill came over and brought lunch; had a nice visit with her. I am hoping Lonna will make it home today and Pearl and Trudy should go home with their mom today sometime. If I get paid by her I may have enough money to purchase the infrared portable sauna from Promolife; can use my discount card they sent me. I went on their web page yesterday and found more stuff to add to my wish list; a great place for me to dream. I hope people will attend my classes at; Lifelong learning center, so I can give them discount cards for that great company.
The baby kid pygmy goats are very frisky this morning and running all over the barn lot, I need to fix some fence today so they will not find a way to escape into the big bad world. Keeping my fences in good shape is a big job here and I wish I had people that would show up when I hire them to do little chores but that does not happen so it is up to me to do it. I have called 3 different people and offered to pay $10 an hour just for a little lawn work and fence repair; everyone promises but no one comes. I guess I need a slave. Wonder where I could find one?
The dogs are frisky too this morning so we have to go on another run this morning.....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Truth About Supplements by Dr. Jonny Bowden

The Truth About Supplements by Dr. Jonny Bowden

Mema is just rambling today.......

The weather is downright uncomfortable, cold rain this morning, maybe it will not be long now until we get so good weather.
Got another call yesterday; 2 more doxies need a new home, I told her that if she absolutely could not find a home, I always have room for doxies. Wish breeders would just stop for a while until there is a real need for new dogs and I wish people who want dogs would find a "used dog".
I hope someone gets to the dairy soon, I don't have any more raw milk and I am addicted: need a little in my coffee.
None of the dogs enjoyed doing their business in the rain this morning and the goats do not want to come out of the barn at all. All 4 cats are inside this morning but there was one on the deck to eat, guess I found another cat; maybe she just found me. This is the 3rd morning she has been here to eat breakfast. I think the cats and dogs must be placing Hobo signs out in my front yard, telling all strays that this is a soft spot to land. When I was growing up in the depression, our home was a soft spot for the hobos and I enjoyed hearing all their interesting stories; just early reality "TV" and much more interesting that most of today's reality TV.
I think I had better start a non for profit and become the director, I attended a meeting via phone of an organization and the budget calls for a $60,000 salary, I have been running a rescue with no funding and not salary; what does that say about me; pretty stupid! One reason I like the show, Secret Millionaire is meeting all those people who dedicate their lives to helping the needy without a big salary. Makes me a bit disappointed in people when I see the greed of a large salary for running a foundation. That is my soap box for the day or maybe not, I will probably have a couple more soap box lectures later on today. I had better hush before I really get started.......

Monday, March 28, 2011

Health News Update Articles

Health News Update Articles

I really am looking forward to warm weather and that great big sun.The cold does not seem to bother the little kid goats, they are really busy playing, running and jumping and appear to be very healthy. Trevor came and trimmed all toenail of the dogs and the hooves of the goats. Some of them were not too happy but it is over for now. Dixie and Xena went home yesterday evening and it is quiet a relief to be in the house without them. I will have Trudy and Pearl until Wednesday evening; they have really settled in and seem to be enjoying themselves. It was such a pleasure to have Trevor here because he is a doxie/pygmy lover and that makes for a mighty nice person. Jill brought me more animal food yesterday and that makes everyone happy. I really was hopeful that I would have some classes to teach this week at Lifelong Learning Center, but it may not happen so I am prepared for the next week. The goats had a few visitors yesterday and that will make them more social and fun to be with, the chickens enjoy that too.
I listened to an interview with Dr. Dave Woynarowski yesterday; topic DNA and telameres I really learned a lot, he is also a big fan of fish oil and after I heard the interview, I, of course went to his web site; wanted his book but it is not on Kindle yet so will wait a while to get it. I did get another book from Kindle on hormones and their importance to our wellness, I already have a lot of it read and am learning. Lots of ideas to explore for my class on aging and "Overcoming Chronic Disease" I keep adding stuff so may have to make two classes, Beginning and Advance.
Longevity Now Conference is starting, would love to hear it but just too much money; it would also just give me more information and I am already overloaded with info that no one wants to hear.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Great visit with doxie/pygmy lover, Trevor!

I was very disappointed that Dixie's mom did not pick her up last evening because it means that I had another night with an extra big dog taking up space, my little dogs were disappointed too; no room for me or them to move. I guess it will make us grateful for the space after she leaves. I am in the mood to mentally defriend many people who did not make an effort to attend my workshop, I think they should have come whether they wanted the info or not just the honor me, not happening. I had a really neat bright spot to my day when my young friend, Trevor came to play with my animals Trevor is my friend because he is a doxie and pygmy lover and is one of the 3 people that is allowed in my unkept house. The goats interacted with him and the two new doxies loved him too. My dogs were all happy to see him even though he is the one who helps me trim toenails. He promises to come back soon and trim toenails and hoofs of goats. Because I have a forgiving spirit I am trying to forgive all who disappointed me and think of the great day I had with the Mains and then the wonderful visit from Trevor.
The picture is my attempt to hold Pearl and Trudy in my lap for a computer picture, not good but they are great little girls. I will have them through Wednesday....(wonder why the computer does not think defriend is a word?)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Enjoyed my workshop

I just got home from my workshop and even though the weather is terrible the animals had to be fed and given a little love. Had someone here to take care of my animals but they missed me. Since none of us slept last night because the new arrivals; Pearl and Trudy then the terrible hail wind and rain storms. The weather started acting up about 5 and the dogs did not like it. Penny fixed beautiful, healthy food snacks for my class and she and Jill helped me get started this morning. I know that both are tired this afternoon and Penny still has to go to work. The Mains brought me a new printer so after I get it attached I will be able to print. I am anxious to hear whether of not the Lifelong Learning Center,, had a great crowd at their booth at the EXpo. Gotta get busy now cleaning, washing, etc. to catch up for my "missed day".

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just a Girl Who Can't Say No

I had to quit much of my preparation for my class because my printer quit, that is horrible for the mimeograph queen of the 50s and 60s, the copy queen of the 70s and 80s and the queen of all printers in the 90s and 21st century. I have began to feel a bit guilty using all that paper but since I recycle, that covers my guilt. I will have to go with what I have, if anyone shows up for my workshop on Saturday. If no one comes, Penny, Jill and I will have lots of healthy snacks to eat and lots of stuff to use in any class that is coming my way. When I use my visualization skills, I see the room bursting at the seams.
Rambo and Lela went home; Dixie and Xena came and the two poodle twins will be here this afternoon. Whitakers brought the grandchildren out to see my animals in the barnyard, everyone but JR loved the attention but JR just does not like anyone but me. It is raining a little this morning so the goats and chickens are staying close to the barn, they do not like rain. Tulip and Daffodil, the two newest doxies are afraid of Xena until I gave her a special bowl of food, they then make friends with her. She is more frail every time she comes and I check her for breathing when she is sleeping. Dixie, the dog that acts like a two year old child is so big but wants to be in the middle of the bed or couch and thinks she curls up really small. Everyone has a full tummy, has had their morning exercise and is napping around my feet.Still 18 dogs "alooking at me." I have a board meeting via phone conference, this afternoon for the Non for profit Fencing organization, have to take notes so hope all the dogs will be quiet.
Lifelong learning center posted the video of we instructors in action on the facebook page and it is done very well. After my Saturday Free workshop is done I will plan my own classes and will also plan the other classes that I will take I am going to develop a talent for telling people "NO" when they want their dogs out here with me at the very last moment but don't know that I can. I took a workshop in the '70s about learning to say, NO but it did not work. I am a very good doormat, as Zig Zigler would say. In the '80s I did lead the workshops on how not to be a doormat also, I am a very, very slow learner!!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So much to do; so little time.......

Winter again today but the big orange ball is appearing in the sky and that makes me happy, I will get my vitamin D free and easy today. I have so many dogs that I am not getting as much done as I wish; Coco, Molly and Lela are larger than my dogs so the floor and couches are absolutely full. It is like walking through a maze every time I try to do anything. I already have the wash going, the animals are fed, Janet, JR and Jesse are in the back yard mowing the grass and I am warming my hands on a great cup of coffee. The cats are aware of the fact that Lela is here (the cat worshiper) so they are trying to completely out of her way to keep from ending up in her big mouth.
Lifelong learning center posted that the videos were completed but of course I could not figure out how to see them, that's ok because I saw some of the still shots and was am not really anxious to see this old lady in a video. I am trying to polish up my day long presentation but keep getting interrupted. Dixie and Xena's mom called last night; leaving today and need to bring them over for a few days. Lordy, Lordy, how can that happen at this time. I don't need them because they are so large but I love them anyway; just one more distraction and stress maker, will need the "remove stress" classes at Lifelong Learning Center after this week. I know that Dixie the dog that has boundless energy will love her time with me.
I used to read a little book to the kids, "Twenty one Cousins Looking at me"; I think that was the number, I will have that many dogs looking at me for a few hours before two go home. Two more go home tomorrow and two more are coming. Since they are all wanting a bit of loving I had better hush;gotta go run fresh water to the live stock anyway and fill the water container for the little kid goats and the chickens.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Planning the garden

The wind was so fierce yesterday, I have my neighbor's garbage cans in my front yard and my clothes all blew off the clothesline and I have to rewash. Cooler today but the wind is better. Everyone on the farm is doing fine and I have a carpet of dogs around me as I write this. The little kid goats are running, jumping and playing; having fun. I will add Lela and Rambo in a few minutes so things will be wild for a little while then it will settle down again. Lonna came yesterday evening to find the correct size of bag to take to NY City on Saturday; she certainly did not plan her trip at a good time for the rest of us but that happens and we must go with the flow. I need to put the other Lifelong Learning Center classes that I want to take, on the calendar and be certain I do not schedule a class to take at the same time I am giving a class, that would not really work out very well.
I listened to a couple of webinars this morning that I missed, it is nice that I can replay because the live webinar is rarely at a time that is convenient for me. One of them I did not complete because it just did not hit my buttons this morning. I have been searching for one of my three staplers for weeks, found one and guess what? Now I can't find the staples. I started several years ago with one stapler, lost it, bought another, lost it; now I have three last staplers until yesterday and I found one. That is the way I waste a lot of time and money.
I am soaking seeds so I can start planting next week when I have more time. Also have to buy more strawberry plants; the old plants did not survive the winter and I have to purchase some onions to plant next week. Onions, peas, radishes and carrots have to get in the ground next week. Also have to get soil for my containers.

James Malinchak's Millionaire Secrets Revealed | Red Carpet Event

James Malinchak's Millionaire Secrets Revealed | Red Carpet Event

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Took my first class from

I did not get this done until evening, had a great, busy day; class this morning, a class from on making money in my sleep, now I need to go to sleep. Had a great time at class and learned a lot; now to put it into my life. I met with Keith to get ready for my Free Saturday Workshop and find out times to make the room ready and I will have to cut it short a bit and allow less time for each speaker because we need to be out of there earlier; big parties at Bud's that night. I just have to be flexible and do what I can, if only someone shows up for the class.
All the animals are doing fine but missed me this morning. I have spent the afternoon doing animal care and copying stuff for the workshop. I have to run back to town tomorrow to get name tags and a few other things, gave Penny money for the healthy snacks, she will prepare them on Thursday and Friday. Would love to know who is coming, but people do not rsvp even though I asked them to respond. Next week I will update my website: and try to make it easier to make money from, if I can. I have two more dogs coming tomorrow for a couple of days but Rambo and Lela has been here a lot so they do not seem like sleepover dogs.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Presentation at Lifelong Learning Center

I wrote this blog on the other computer then it would not let me publish so here it is again. I went to the Lifelong Learning Center this morning and did a video tape of my class, 5 minutes of the presentation. I got to see many of the other presentations and my did I enjoy myself, everything went well Please go to and sign up for classes, I signed up for 3; Making money while you sleep, Chinese tea ceremony, and Bee keeping all for half price. I got to give people their fruits and veggies and will sell some I am sure.
I got rid of the puppies and none too soon, have Molly and Coco for the week, they love t here and I love them,.
Goats, horses etc. are anxious for me to pay attention to them so.......

Sunday, March 20, 2011

planning classes

Chief is getting a bit better and more social, however, when Jill and Lonna were here he stayed under a table in the bedroom. He is frightened of everything but has learned the doggy door and did not leave a mess during the night. The little bulldog is very social and very smart. I just noticed that I left a shoe out and Chief had it in his mouth already, being a puppy. The weather is a bit cloudy but warm and the little triplets are doing fine, one, Johnny has an extra joint in his front legs and walks a bit like he has a club foot, it does not keep him from jumping and playing.
I did some work on a 5 minute presentation yesterday, I have not been to Toastmasters in a while so had forgotten how short 5 minutes is, very hard to wrap up anything in five minutes. I will take it to Lifelong Learning Center tomorrow and see if they want to hear it. I have plenty of work to do on my free day long workshop at Bud's Family Chicken next Saturday but I won't have much time to get everything together because I do have extra sleepover dogs this week also. I don't know why everyone is traveling this week, I thought most spring breaks were over. My kids informed me that people take their kids out of school whenever they want nowadays, not like it used to be. My four children did not miss school at all unless very ill and that was not often, Roger had perfect attendance for all 12 years of school. Of course, when they wanted to miss school I kissed their forehead, told them they were fine and sent them on to school. A mean Mama!!
I already reached a goal, NO MISSPELLINGS, how about that??

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Puppies in the house........

What a night! the two puppies that are here for the weekend are very tiring. Neither are house broken, neither want to be far from me, neither know how to use the doggy door, both had to sleep with me and all 12 of the other dogs and I am worn out. The husky, Chief is very afraid of everything and is taking meds, which I don't like, the little bull dog is sweet and fun but still a puppy.
My animals are great but do not like the puppies. The baby goats are just fantastic and there is a bit of grass growing that is making my horse and mini mule very happy. The chickens are so close to me in the barnyard that I step on their feet and they are all laying eggs for me. I did some more tweaking on my presentation for the Lifelong Learning Center, and really having fun with it. I got a new book yesterday and also a hard copy of a book I have on my Kindle so I can share. I do like to share.
Since the puppies make such a mess, I already have a washer load to hang out and another load to do. It is a good thing that I am a very tolerant person or two puppies would be dead or in the storage shed. how is that for a rhyme.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Animals are loving the nice weather.....

Elaine and Mia spent the day and night with me helping me with the housework and Penny just picked them up to take them home. yesterday was my instructors' training with, Lifelong learning center of Northwest Arkansas. I enjoyed meeting new people and of course, I talked too much but it was fun anyway. My little kid goats seem to be doing OK but one is a bit smaller so may have to supplement their feeding. I have to pick up a couple of puppies to keep for the week end today and kinda dread it because puppies can be a real pain. I really would prefer small adult dogs but I can tolerate any kind of animal. No one signed up for my first class so I guess God knew that I would have these puppies. I plan to sign up for a couple of classes on Monday and also will make a video of part of my class. I am really excited about Lifelong Learning Center and really hope it is a great success. I am putting together my little presentation for the video today and timing it, as if I were doing a Toastmasters' presentation.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Naming the Triplet Pygmy goats.....

I have new additions to my family, my little pygmy goat had triplets yesterday and they are so cute. I may have to supplement their milk but since they are still alive this morning, I think they must be healthy. She is a great little mom and the other barnyard animals seem to accept them as part of the family. Soon after their birth I brought all the other animals to the back yard for a few hours so she and her family could be alone with the chickens and I thought it might make her life a bit easier. Lonna, Molly and Penny all came out to see them yesterday evening and at Lonna's choir practice they decided that I should name them: John, Jacob, JingleHimerSmith, but I think I will go with John, Jacob and Jimmie; I think it is too males and a female. I need to plan an "open barn" and show them off.
Monroe and Quincy went home last eve and the house seems a little emptier. Windy and a bit cloudy this morning but warm enough to turn off all the heat and have the front door open, hoping the sun will shine after while. Lots of work to catch up on today so must get busy.......

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

James Malinchak's Millionaire Secrets Revealed | Marketing Strategies

James Malinchak's Millionaire Secrets Revealed | Marketing Strategies

Can anyone donate a car to a single mom with no job?

Looks like it is going to be a great day, weather wise, and I plan to enjoy every moment of it. I Had a great time speaking with my friend Virgina yesterday, discussing Juice Plus and anything else that came up. In memory classes one of the exercises is to use "hooks" to bring forth a memory; with me everything is a hook and every word makes me remember something else I want to discuss. I am so grateful that I still have that ability to remember "stuff". Jill brought Elaine and Mia over yesterday and we had a nice time with all the animals, etc. Mia is started on her Juice Plus Health Study and I am so anxious to see if it keeps her out of the ER or the Doctor's office. I also spoke with my friend Pat on the phone, she has some health problems, wish we did not have so much trouble getting together so I could help her. She is such a great lady and has to work so hard. Elaine and Mia will be back today, Penny will bring them so they can help me with cleaning etc. and I can help her pay bills. If you know of anyone who has a car that runs that they can donate to Elaine we would appreciate it. No car; No job and No job; No car. That is the way life goes. The dogs had such an exciting day because of the 2 legged creatures that were here and they are anticipating another happy day. I started feeding cats outdoors today; it will help me in the kitchen not to be feeding cats indoors. Of course, Ruby gets fed in her tree in the bathroom but she is special. I have to get busy, still washing everything for my spring cleaning.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I love this video

Lifelong Learning Center Ribbon cutting

I had a great day yesterday at the Lifelong Learning Center ribbon cutting; met lots of great people and learned something from everyone. I am always so energized when I am with positive people so my was I ever energized. My animals missed me and Janet the horse showed her displeasure by knocking over my old patio table and stepping on it to break it into small pieces. I did not have my area blocked off well enough and she always thinks that greener pastures are just out of her area and on the other side. The dogs messed with some of my papers and books but nothing that I cannot repair.
I keep having problems with my Internet and it certainly does make me unhappy. It was a really yucky day yesterday and 34 degrees this morning but the sun is shinning and it is going to be a wonderful day. I really am looking forward to a lot of time out in the sunshine. Don't forget that you must get into and sign up for some classes. I have found many that I want to take including bee keeping. Of course I want you to sign up for mine also. Wish I had gotten on board early enough to be in the booklet but maybe next time. I have a long list of things I must do today so I must hush; brush some dogs, clean some cat litter, run with the animals in the back yard and get the washer started, I can hang the clothes out today!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Garden Tilled; housework today because of rain!

Had such fun yesterday getting out in the sunshine, I tilled the garden; going parallel, 'sub parallel, diagonal, 'sub diagonal', perpendicular, sub perpendicular, and every way possible trying to cut up the Bermuda grass into enough pieces so that it could put down more roots. I think I stimulated it enough so it can grow happily in the garden another year. If there is a direction I did not till; I would have to ask one of my old math teachers and I think they are all gone. The soil is not warm yet so not ready to plant. The dogs dug right along with me and I have a few slightly sore muscles. I emptied all the old containers and am ready to have my container garden also. Monroe and Quincy came for a few days at Mema's sleepover and are having a great time. Going to rain today so guess I will find something to do indoors; there is plenty to do, just not what I enjoy! My cell phone battery is not holding the charge so guess I need a new one since I can't keep it on the charger all the time. That will be my chore on Monday, after the Lifelong Learning Center Grand Opening and ribbon cutting. The news cycle is really fickle; no news about the wars because there was an earthquake in Japan. It is odd that other things just stop when a new thing comes along. I had too many four legged creatures in bed with me last night so I watched the clock go from 1:59 to 3;00, kinda cool, I thought. I think I need a nap today, how about you?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

wasting my time trying to help people become well

I always wonder how much time and money I have wasted on people who do not plan to follow through on anything I say and do. I know I wasted about 3 hours yesterday trying to help someone who is not able or has the intention to, follow through. But I do it anyway in the hopes of helping people. On my way home I did pick up animal food so my animals are happy and well fed. I also passed out some fliers on my workshop on the 26th and have much happiness anticipating that the room will be full of persons who want to improve their health and wellness. I am listening to a Bruce Lipton webinar replay and trying to learn more about my mind.

In anticipation of the summer having its effects on my skin, I started using a new oil to improve my skin tone an keep me from having "that old wrinkled thin skin' look and feel. I am out in the sun so much and need to be aware of what it does to my skin.

My washer is full of winter stuff so I can get it put away in big plastic bins until next winter, I am layering everything with dryer sheets so when I open it up next fall it will look and smell brand new.

I have begun my study of canning, so that I will learn how to keep all the garden produce that my garden is going to produce. I will finish getting all the garden dirt moved with my tiller today and more horse manure put in the dirt. I wish I had a slave that could help me; there is so much to do. I must order more plants and hopefully the farmers market will have some plants that people no longer need and I can recycle them.

Monroe and Quincy will come to Mema's Sleepover today to stay a few days; such great little dogs and so much fun. It is a good thing that everyone has a different spring break so I do not have too many dogs at any one time

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ribbon cutting for, Lifelong Learning Center

I have missed blogging only a couple of times for a year and yesterday was one of them. Had big plans to meet a friend and discuss health problems and a nutritious diet but she did not show so I went to help Penny with her 'cleaning out of storage'; don't think we will ever finish. Had a nice day actually saw the sun and today the sun is already looking great. My bare feet got a bit cold out this morning feeding the livestock and putting out the garbage but I was so anxious to be barefoot that I did it anyway. I will try to do today what I tried to do yesterday, if no luck,I give up. I will also go to the Lifelong Learning Center to leave a gift for the ribbon cutting on Monday I keep finding information for my classes so I keep using up the ink and the copy paper; have to go to Walmart to replenish my supply. I also have to pick up animal food at the feed store so I won't be murdered by my animals. I hope this afternoon to get some more plowing in the garden but I may not have time. I will just go with what life offers and not get stressed about it, I am so grateful for the sun I may have to just go sit in the yard for a bit if I can get out of the wind. I did a lot of research last night and went from website to website; weeding out the hype, that takes a lot of time but is very interesting. I hate hype and sales pitch so I am so careful about the information I gather; almost have an obsession with it.

The dogs are wanting attention so I need to get busy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dig in the Garden today, I hope

I am so excited; the sun is supposed to shine today!! I just might get out and do some garden plowing. The dogs love it when I work in the soil; good digging for them. There is enough green grass in the back yard that Janet, the old mare, wanted to stay in the back yard this morning and graze. That is encouraging, just hoping that spring has sprung.
I did some additional study on low thyroid yesterday and also researched some skin products. I read a lot on my kindle last night because TV was reruns already. Spoke with a friend via phone; return of cancer, not surprising because she had chemo before. The Doctors never say; "chemo is a carcinogen so start really working on your exercise and nutrition or you may get it again." She has had a really big problem giving up sugar and some other bad habits; just wish people would live a lifestyle for wellness. She really likes her doctors and is not likely to change anything. I encouraged her to at least consider, Cancer Treatment Centers but the physician probably could not get a referral fee from them. There, that's my rant for the day, I hope. If I hear, 'I just have to accept that my health is not going to be better at my age', one more time I am going to vomit!!!!! oops another rant.
I have to go sweep the front porch, the birds discard all the food they don't like on the porch so lots of millet that needs to be swept off. They are really picky eaters to be free loaders. I emptied a box last night, left it on the couch and Sophie, the cat has already made it her home this morning, my how she loves a box.
Maybe I can hang my quilts and sheets out to dry today and use the dryer that God made; the sun. Warm enough to go barefoot? Maybe in another couple of hours.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Words of Wellness from Mema

Words of Wellness from Mema

Welcome | WISH - Women's International Summit for Health - Sex, food, money, sleep, balance and beauty are just the beginning of the topics we'll cover in the world's first international online health summit for women.

Welcome WISH - Women's International Summit for Health - Sex, food, money, sleep, balance and beauty are just the beginning of the topics we'll cover in the world's first international online health summit for women.

Time management

The air is very moist this morning, chickens and goats do not like moisture in the air so they wanted to stay in the barn this morning. My little pygmy goats are very allergic to water; or so they think. The dogs and cats have had their run, the farm animals have full tummies, the washer is going and I will have to dry my clothes indoors today and use electricity. The little spots of grass are greener every day so spring is happening weather permitting.
This is the last week of regular time and daylight savings time starts on the week end; don't understand the concept, daylight is made by God and has nothing to do with the clock. My animals know that the clock has nothing to do with getting up time anyway so they will just go by their body clocks as I will also. I did not accomplish anything yesterday but talk on the phone, send e-mails and love the animals, today I plan to do my list and make better use of my time. When I was an industrial nurse, many years ago, the factory was union and everyone went through time trials frequently to see what they were to be paid per hour. I always felt so sorry for them because I would have made a very wage; I would not have done well being timed on what I could accomplish in a set time period. I am grateful that I never had to do "factory work' and I admire the people who do. When I was supervising day care programs, we took the kids on a field trip to the chicken plant; came back and discussed it, the boys all wanted to be the person who cut off the chicken heads. I am certain that they changed their minds later because the ones I know now became very successful business people. So much for the memories now I have to start on my "list" and get something accomplished or I might get fired!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I would welcome some gardening weather!!

More cool weather to start the day and I am anxious for a warmer time. I need to get out and start my garden but it is not very inspiring when I need to wear a coat to plow the garden. I enjoyed the evening because by children and granddaughter came to my house to play, Phase 10; I lost which is really unusual, if we had time to play another game I would have won for certain. I am a very competitive game player.

I downloaded some information concerning cancer treatments and got some of it ready to mail out to a friend so I need to go to the post office today. Some of my classes are now on the website: I hope a few people sign up so I can dispense some of this information that I am accumulating; I am bursting at the seams with info that maybe no one wants to hear.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reading, Listening and Learning

FROSTY this morning! The grass and the trees are not waiting on warm weather, lots of fresh green peeping out. Janet wanted to spend extra time in the back yard to nibble at the grass. My little red hens decided to lay their beautiful eggs in the nest that I had made for them. I will have one of those eggs for my breakfast. Sophie the cat is relaxing on a pile of dogs, on the couch this morning; thinks she is one of them, I guess.

I listened to a comcast of David Wolfe and learned some new stuff so I ended up spending a lot of time researching what he said then had to go to the Internet to order another herb. Last evening I read some of Jonny Bowden's writing on my Kindle and I have to do some more research today. One thing leads to another so on and so on....... I am grateful that I still have the ability to learn and do the research. I found some information that everyone needed so of course, I made hand outs, hoping that the people who receive them are recyclers.

I am grateful that I have a lot of beautiful birds at my feeders this morning and I can see them through my window. The cardinals and nuthatches are especially active this morning. This week I probably need to get my humming bird feeders out.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Picture of Tulip

Can't hang the clothes out today, cold and rainy. The dogs are extra frisky today and Jesse, the billy goat, was so impatient that he butted the gate before I could get out to feed the livestock. I did not get my new doxies to the vet soon enough and Tulip is in heat, I hate it and so does she. It is a good thing that my others are all neutered. I guess she and Daffodil will take turns until I get them spayed. I usually get them all "fixed" before I have a problem but was just too busy this past week. I did get a donation from a friend that will help me pay for the surgery, it is so appreciated. I will call for an appointment Monday and not wait for some vet to do the senior discount. Jackson and Big Mac is teaching Daffodil (daffy) to play; getting kind of wild in here. A real contrast in size and shape; a min pin mix, a big fat pug and a miniature doxie.

I am listening to one of the many "how to become rich" tapes this morning, fun to listen to but a bit hard to put into practice. According to the video, my income can explode, maybe I need to watch a bit more intently. I spent part of yesterday listening to my favorite; Dr. Norm Shealy and learn something new every time I listen to one of his webinars. The only thing that he recommends that I have a problem with is; past life experiences, I am still not convinced that I believe in it.

Jill came to see me after work yesterday and washed my dishes; helped me catch up with kitchen work. The dogs enjoyed her visit too.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Plans complete for my all day wellness workshop March 26

The clothes are on the clothesline, the animals have been fed and exercised: I am ready for the day. I was very disappointed that Elaine and Mia cancelled the dinner invite; Jill, Penny and I went anyway and enjoyed it. I made arrangements with Keith to have my March 26 all day workshop in the Party room in Bud's Family Restaurant and plans are moving along well. I loaded up more storage stuff from Penny's house and brought home a van load so have spent a great deal of time this morning unloading the van and going through boxes of stuff. The cats love it when I am sorting stuff, they always get involved, Sophie can not wait until I empty a box so she can crawl into it.

I also found time yesterday to get a haircut, kept thinking I was going to have time to go up into Missouri and get a cut from friends, just did not work out.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Exited about getting to run outdoors barefoot in the sun!

This is the kind of weather that causes the kids to leave their coats at school, cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon. I am really grateful for the bit of sun we can see. I do appreciate that the grass is growing and I see more green every day. I am listening to some motivational stuff today, needed it this morning. I also listened to the recording of Dr. Aziz, a really great "diet Dr."

More forward progress on my classes at: Lifelong Learning Center. I will not be in the booklet they publish because it is already at the publisher but I will be on the website soon. I am really excited about this opportunity and hoping it will be a really big success. I have my appointment with Elaine and Mia this evening to help Mia get started on the Children's Health Study of Juice Plus. I have also printed of the coloring book and puzzles for Mia to learn from. Since it is $ enrollment month for Melalucea, I will speak to Elaine about getting involved with Penny's Melalucea. I really don't know how I am going to get all the stuff done here, help Penny today and also research a place for my free all day workshops, wanted to do them here under a tent but am a bit leery about how bad the weather will be on March 26. I have have been neglecting my "10 most important" list so am too disorganized to accomplish as much as I could with a bit more effort. I have to go run with the dogs barefoot in the little bit of sunshine.

Event: September 27 3 AM Central

Event: September 27 3 AM Central

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

David Wolfe on Earthing and Spring Water | The Best Day Ever

David Wolfe on Earthing and Spring Water The Best Day Ever

Just Rambling today!

Did anyone notice that I did not actually blog online yesterday? I was distracted and things just kept happening so I was unorganized all day. The boxes I have been sorting had my book making materials in them and since it has been about 5 years since I have seen them, I just had to start making up my workbooks for my classes, such fun and messy too. I had printer problems and it took me hours of working on it and turning machines off and on before it was solved, of course, I have not idea of which fix worked. Made arrangements to meet and old friend and her 5 year old daughter for dinner on Thursday, Jill is starting Mia on the Juice Plus Children's study, that makes me happy. I am looking forward to getting together and talking about the little veggies and fruits chews. Love to see her eat one, they are so delicious.

The dogs all have fresh bones this morning so are quite and happy, at least for the moment. I had to go into the webpages of the funeral homes in Monett, Mo to see which old friends had passed on since I last searched. I did find several names I recognized.

Looks like the, lifelong learning center will have my classes listed soon and will also have their booklet published. I am excited about getting to teach, I just hope I get a few students, because my bags and boxes are filled and ready to take to class.

I am grateful that my neighbor Morris found some spilled corn on the road and gathered it up for my chickens, it is so nice to find thoughtful people. When I put some of the corn out this morning, Janet, the old mare and JR the mini mule loved it so it will be recycled through the manure, the chickens will scratch it out and it serves several purposes. Recycling is such fun, especially when I don't have to carry anything to the recycle center. I have to use the sun's solar power to dry my clothes on the clothesline today and since I just heard the washer stop, I have to get busy and multi task: hang out clothes, get some sunshine, exercise the dogs and go barefoot to use the earth's energy to heal all my "ills'.