Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tamera put a free add in the paper to see if I can find homes for these little pug/mix, Albert and Felix, I hope I can find a home for them.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dixie and Xena came to stay a few days and brought their little foster sister, Miss Pearl, a special needs poodle. I am posting her picture, she is cute. Dixie is much better behaved now and so with 5 extra dogs it keeps me hopping but I am not angry all the time like I used to be when Dixie came to stay. I had to order more dog shampoo with Neem oil because many of my little dogs have itchy skin, especially the Lhasa and poms. When the little poodle, Miss Pearl, got here she was full of fleas and had to be 'defleaed' and bathed. She had run away from home when a firecracker went off in the neighborhood so had been lost for a few days. The fleas left lots of big bites on her so I am treating them too. So busy with dogs I am not getting much reading done or research, did work on some research on magnesium and DHEA.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Will have new copies of my 2nd book soon; "Mema's Daily Wellness Walk" is on the market! I will have copies soon. I got the needed rain last night but am not sure it was enough, at least it is cool today and I can have the front door open. I tried to get some more reading done last night but my little 'storm dogs' were huddled too close, I know what I am going to have during all the fireworks, dogs scared to death all the time. I can't imagine how fire works are of any value to anyone excepting as a public celebration. It is terrible that we have to endure them for a month. Dixie and Xena will be here for a few days so I will need to spend more time with the dogs but a good excuse to do no housecleaning, since every inch of the floor will be covered with dogs. We will spend a lot of time outdoors, weather permitting. I am trying to repair my DNA today, listening to music in certain frequencies. The piece I am listening to now is for spiritual reawakening and miracles, I need that!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Really great under the ole apple tree today, nice breeze, cup of coffee, my kindle and the birds singing gives my day a great start. June Bug my baby goat is really jumping and playing today. All 18 dogs ran with me this morning then it was poop scoop time. Even the cats were playful with the cool breeze. I hope to get some hay today, just in case the hot dry spell leaves me without grass for my little herd of livestock. I always like to prepare for the future. They got some rain a few miles down the road but none here, summer shower would be nice for my garden and my grass.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lots of work to catch up on today and last night I listened to a webinar by Dr. Bernie Seigel, I always enjoy him. Afternoon ball games so I can do more work after the sun goes down. My book is forsale on I did not look a yet. So go and buy both books, several would be nice.......

Friday, June 25, 2010

Got busy early fixing fence, worked in the hot sun yesterday and it did not feel good, at least now my 'free range chickens' can not get into the neighbor's yard, at least I think I have the problems solved. I put chicken wire all around the field attached to the field fencing, not easy in the summertime. I have to have lots of liquids now. I have the Campbell kids here for a few weeks, these dogs need no adjustment, they come in like the place belongs to them. My corn is tasseling but I will not get to follow my mom's menu for July 1, she always had fresh corn on the cob, green beans, tomatoes and a blackberry cobbler, I have several ripe tomatoes every day but the rest of my garden is a bit retarded. My Kefir grains in my fresh raw milk made some very good probiotic and I am eating some every day.

I listened to a webinar, Gregg Marsh, about the eye program that improves your eyesight and I will start following it more often and get rid of my reading glasses. If I am faithful to it and Donna Eden's energy program, I will be rid of them in no time at all. It is just a problem of putting it into my daily routine and following through. All my books, cds and videos do no good at all on the shelf, I just need to organize and plan better.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I got my proof of my new book and approved it, it may take a few days to get on but it will be soon and I have ordered a supply will probably have them in a couple of weeks. "Mema's Daily Wellness Walk" has a few errors but basically correct.

I had a great evening watching my Cards play baseball and listening to a webinar by one of my very favorite people, Donna Eden. I am replaying it this morning. Everyone should go to and watch some of her videos. or Google her. I do her energy routines daily and her lymph flush every morning. She is in her 60s, when she was a young person she had TB, MS and became allergic to almost everything so learned to heal herself with her body's own energy after all the medical doctors gave up on her. I use her book, her audios, her videos and take advantage of listening to her when possible.

Hope it rains today, there is a small chance, I get tired of watering my garden, I do have tomatoes to pick this morning and I do not know what to do with all the olives I have on my olive trees: I don't like them, the birds seem to and they are kinda pretty, black on the little green trees.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Went out early to do all the farm work and spread the diatomacious earth so that no fly larva lives, I hate flies. June Bug, the little baby goat, is up a running in the barn lot and all the animals have accepted her as one of theirs, I wish people were as accepting as animals. I started reading another book on my Kindle yesterday while I watched the Cardinals play baseball, "Awakening to the Secret Code of Life" and am also reading "Healthy at 100". I also found an Arkansas writer of Civil War novels with the help of my cousin, DeMona, I looked her up, read a sample of her books and became her friend on Facebook. She is very interesting. I have to find out now if any of her books are on Kindle.

I am listening to a recording of a medical intuition specialist and it is very interesting, possibly because I like to learn new and interesting things. Caroline Southerland is very interesting to listen to and my mind is open for new and helpful "stuff" I am going to do more research and learn all I can.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Very warm this week and it is all people can talk about. I feel that if I can't do anything about it, I don't discuss it. I did find a local physician yesterday that seem knowledgeable about natural health, very unusual. I am listening to a replay of a webinar by an expert on food, listened to some of it live last night but am replaying today. She really believes in eating fresh, organic and local. Jeanne Peters is a lady I can learn from and I plan to keep her website on my favorites bar. I am collecting a lot on my favorites bar. is where you can find out where to buy from local farmers.

I got my kerfir started yesterday with my raw milk and it has a good taste, a little tart but I can mix it with my other mixtures and get the benefits. I will put together some of the information and tell you about it at a later date. The pictures of my free range chickens and my little June bug is on the blog today.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My June Bug is doing good, here is a picture.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I HAVE A NEW BABY PYGMY GOAT! She is so cute and I will post a picture later today. My garden is growing, my free range chickens are growing, the weeds are growing, I got my lawn mowed, my new book has been shipped, so I guess I should be very happy.

I am listening to a replay of a David Wolf audio, recorded yesterday, I was disturbed by the animals when I was listening so have to hear it again today. He is discussing all the new properties of Astragulas and other Chinese herbs. Discussing how terrible stress is for your life and I have to find a way of relieving some of my stress by getting rid of some of these dogs, wish someone could find a home for these pug mixes and the cocker spaniel. I would also welcome a home for the corgi/doxie mix, she needs to be in a home where she is appreciated. He also is talking about Clint Ober's book, "Grounding" you can get it on I have really learned from it.

I got my Kefir grains but have to wait for my raw milk to get it started. I think Lonna will go pick up raw milk for me tomorrow. It has been a while since I had Kefir, I let mine go bad a while back. When I start using it, I will probably become 'wonder woman'.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I wrote a whole blog and it went out into space because my dogs love to be under my feet and under the computer so they disconnected the Internet and everything disappeared. It is hot and humid but I am going to the back yard and stay out under my apple tree so I can have some peaceful, relaxation time. My passion for going to the family reunion this week end is going to a one because the weather report says it is going to be very hot this week end. I do not enjoy the thought of sitting out doors in 90-98 degree weather all day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Still raining and my yard is half mowed, will have to start over when the rain lets up.

Listened to Nancy Appleton last night on 'licking the sugar addiction', I have her books so no really new information but it did bring some of the info to my brain's 'desktop'. I also watched my Cardinals win at the same time. Trying to make up for all my time at the computer and watching the game, I spent a lot of time on the rebounder. I ate some of my Farmers Market produce yesterday; green beans, garlic, new onions and new fingerling potatoes. Very good, of course had blueberries too. My new book will be on soon, they are sending me a book for approval. I made a mistake last week, found a book I wanted on Kindle for just $7 so I hit the buy button and when it came to my Kindle a few minutes later it was in Spanish, now all I have to do is learn Spanish so I will not waste my money.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I got my DVDs of the Longevity Conference and have been listening all the time, I keep learning more and I think my brain is in overload. All the experts agree that they have had healing of MS and the methods include walking barefoot taking lots of minerals, taking vitamin D supplements to build your lab teat to 75, eat as much raw food as possible, eating fermented vegetables, taking lots of probiotics, and eating cacao and coconut. First you need to detox. Also had an hour of osteo problems and healing. They also remined me that most people who have fluoride in their water, are hypothyroid and need to eat lots of kelp. It rained on my garden this morning so it will grow faster, I have green onions and tomatoes and will soon have green beans, etc. My 9 young chickens decided that "free range" meant they could get all the bugs and grass seeds from my front yard and loved getting under the deck for shade when they were getting that mid day sun. They will soon be too big to get through the fence and I am trying to get chicken wire all around the barnlot, they will hate that.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Studying the great things vitamin D does for us, I could not find one illness/symptom that is not effected by low vitamin D levels. Please get out into that sunshine and take a supplement of vitamin D3. Be a child again, play barefoot in the sunshine and laugh, your health will be greatly enhanced. Most experts say 4000 IU daily and at least 30 minutes of sunshine everyday will help. Persons with seizure disorders have been known to be completely seizure free when they get enough vitamin D, persons with muscular disorders have relief of symptoms when getting enough vitamin D and there is a very big link in lack of vitamin D and Cancer and Diabetes. Go, Go, Go, play in the sunshine!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If you looked at this blog, you will find I have added a place to order from my blog, I use it so much I decided to make some money from it. My new book will be coming from Create Space which is the publisher of Amazon, there was a slight delay but it will be out any day now. With the rain and the sunshine, my garden is growing well and I am getting ripe tomatoes everyday, a egg everyday, green onions everyday, etc., etc., etc. I used my Diatomacious Earth spread yesterday on my yard, but have to do it over because the rain washed it away. It should naturally kill all the insects in the yard, including fleas. Also will kill all the fly larva in the horse manure. will give you the info on all the benefits of using this product. Since I do not use insecticides, I have to search for the best natural answers to my problems. Have been procrastinating about some chores and have to put them at the top of my list today.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I have not been able to write because my very best friend, my Yorkie Harry, died this week. He was only 9 years old and ever since he got him he has been my constant companion and my confidant. I do not believe his life should have ended. He came to me at a very lonely time in my life and we have been together day and night. He did no tricks but he did plant a kiss on my face when I asked him if he loved me, he knew when to come to me and let me rub his butt, he knew when I got dressed that he had better be ready for a ride in the car, he knew that when we were outside in the front yard together which order the shrubs had to be wet down with a hike and he knew that he was not a real dog like the others. We did not visit people who did not like him and I knew when he was not wanted. Now my life is full of "if onlys". If only I had not let them give him all those vaccines, if only I had not had the first tumor removed and just started him on my treatments, if only I had fed him filtered water, if only I had thought about it when his cataract started and known that I needed to get rid of his free radicals, I started him on supplements for preventing more cataracts but did not get a zapper at that time, etc, etc., etc. There are so many if onlys that I go over in my head constantly. I feel so guilty that I did not do more to make his life longer, it does not help for people to say, "He had such a good life" He should still be here. He meant so much to me and I miss him terribly. I can't even do my daily routines because Harry was a part of everything I did. I buried him in my flower bed and planted new flowers in it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No rain so I had to water all the plants last night and this morning. Got my first two ripe tomatoes off my vines yesterday and juiced the cherries from my little cherry trees. Really did not do well with nutrition yesterday, had lunch at Penny's and she had ribs, which I love and some pecan pie, will really have to work hard today to make up for my fun eating. Harry will not eat this morning so I am cooking him some pork chops which he really loves and see if he will eat that. Have an appointment to get service on the old car today and will have to take him with since he is doing so poorly. I remember the 'good ole days' when they came to the house, picked up the car, serviced it then brought it home. No service like that now, unless you are wealthy.