Friday, November 28, 2014

Explanation of symptoms that are called diseases

I have an opinion on just about everything but with all my research, I think my ideas are correct.
What we are calling disease is dis-ease in our body.  Cancer, heart disease, etc. is the way our bodies tell us that we need to change something that we are allowing to happen in our bodies.  In the case of cancer it may be our diet, the air we are breathing, the water we are drinking, the way we are NOT moving our bodies,  We can change our diet and give our body what it needs to repair, we can change the water we are drinking, etc.  We may need help in the repairing phase but our bodies are made to heal and given the correct stuff it will repair.  Always ask the right people, not someone who is dealing with "this is the protocol that we use for everyone with these symptoms", those are the people who will kill you.  Your body probably needs to detox, move, get the correct nutrition for YOUR body, not the body of the masses, but your body.  Start listening to your body and learn how to hear what it is telling you and your body can heal. 
All of you that are saying: "I hate cancer" you are not thinking.  Cancer is just giving you the warning that you need to listen to your body and help it heal.  Don't say; I hate, because whatever  your problem is, you must say thanks for giving me the warning signs and the ability to help my body heal. 
I have dealt with a lot of people who had cancer since the '70's and the ones that got well were the ones who were willing to learn and to change..  They are also the ones that took charge and did not let someone else make their decisions for them. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Just need to unload my mind...

It is still very early in the morning but I am on my 2nd cup of coffee and am longing to go to bed.  I know that I am a doormat and I took all the classes as a young mom teaching me to say: NO. but I am still a doormat because I choose to be, we all choose who we are and what we do so here I am with my 11 rescued dogs, Ebola (not her real name) whose mom told me that if I would keep her a couple of weeks that she would find a home for her, of course I have seen not one time since, I think it has been 2 months now), 3 lovely little furry friends who belong to a friend who needed to be out of town, 3 more little ones whose mom needed to go to DC to visit family, one big black lab Gomer who has a standing invitation, one little pug who is a favorite friend of mine, another black lab who made reservations several weeks ago, three large rescues from a very good friend who has an open invitation to spend time with me.  These furry friends have filled my house and I am grateful for their love, however my house is small and I could never have a large enough bed.  They love to play outdoors but cannot stand to be out there if I am in the house. Total 24, I think and that means, almost 100 little paws. Grateful for sun that I am hoping for today and grateful for the $$ that some will pay me, so I can get a new garbage disposal or help pay for a storage building for my yard.  
While I am thinking, I am wondering if the problem in Ferguson Missouri have given enough time to the people who want their 15 minutes of fame and the news media enough "breaking News".  I am sick and tired and it makes me sick to think that instead of showing those young innocent pictures of the young man, why not keep showing the film of him intimidating the store owner where he stole the cigars, etc.?  I am probably the last person to defend  many of our law enforcement because the system is bad, and I hate guns but if I were in that town and someone even looked at me and came toward me and I had a gun, I would probably shoot..  I can't understand them telling everyone at that hour that he was not convicted, knowing that all the criminals were already lined up to burn businesses and loot.  Human nature is what it is but I am sick and tired of TV ?news?...
Just SHUT UP and quit giving them their 15 minutes of fame and quit interviewing parents who probably did not even care until they could be in the news, just my opinion.. When they sue, I hope everyone can see the pictures from his FAcebook before they changed them... I do hope that from now on every policeman/woman will wear the cameras, it is so important in this time of sick media...
Ok now I will say I was happy to open up my e-mail and find some greeting cards and I am thankful..
Grateful too that everyone is sleeping but me and one little dog in my lap, after running for several minutes in the yard.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

my animal world

I hear from my friend Tamera yesterday and she will need to leave her dogs here for a couple of days so that will be 3 more very nice large dogs.  Kobe a black lab comes today and will be a good match for Gomer.  I got Annamaria's 3 little ones yesterday, such cute dogs, did have to comb and put diatomaceous earth on them. Got a call from Barkie and they are leaving today and will need Lonna to pick her up.  So: 11 mine, Ebola makes 12, Debbie's 3 makes 15, Gomer 16, Anna Maria's 3 make it 19, Kobe 20, Barkie 21, Tamera 3 will make the total for Thanksgiving dinner of 24.  Wall to wall dogs, all great. Hopefully, I will get paid enough to get a little storage building so I can clear a lot of stuff from my house.  Then more decluttering will be accomplished.  I am hoping to really get much more done in the next month.  

Sunday, November 23, 2014

it has been a few days...

I have been adding a lot of download 'stuff' but have not written on the blog in a while.  
Thanksgiving holiday has started; I have 4 extra sleepover dogs and get 3 more tomorrow and one more on Tuesday with the probability of having 3 more on Wednesday and Thursday.   I do not plan to get anything done or any sleep. Dogs are sweet but a big load on my little house.  
I have a friend who is having lots of health problems, even though she has been treated by the traditional medical system she continues to develop more problems.  Another friend needs lots of attention and is causing lots of symptoms because she is lonely and worried about herself.  I wish we had good alternative medical care in our area. 
My car has been giving me lots of problems so I have not been able to get out and about much to visit clients and friends. I have been missing that in my life. The car has been declared terminal and since it was bought way back in the '90's, I guess it is rather tired of being used.  Can't get out this week because of all the sleepover dogs.  I do plan to be out and about next week, weather permitting. I have friends who are selling all their property and moving to Mexico; I would too, if I were 10 years younger.  I absolutely hate, despise, and greatly displeased with, cold weather.   

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17

Living one day at a time

I am at this time just, living each day without thinking too much about what is coming because; winter is nearing and once again I must think about how I am going to survive it.  Each year I think that by some miracle, I will find a home for my livestock and some of my dogs but the reason I have them is because no one wants them.  It is difficult for me to care for the goats and horse because; the water freezes, it snows and the ice comes and they have to be fed and water has to be available for them.  Buying hay for them is a problem and they cannot live without hay. 
Anyway, if I think ahead, I could become depressed.  I need to put on my colored glasses, I think yellow is the right one for now.  
The video I saw this morning was fascinating and I expanded my learning by getting more information on the subjects I had already studied.  It is so good when you can learn more info on stuff that you have heard before.  I can't believe that everyone else is not interested in learning.  It amazes me that most people are just satisfied with the status quo and are not interested in learning more.  The political elections finished yesterday and it is hard to believe the garbage that others believe and follow along as if they are hypnotized or brain washed at this time I do believe that if I were 10 years younger, I would move to another country.  I do not feel an allegiance to 'my country' at all.   because it is not my country, it belongs to greedy politicians who cannot let the truth enter their lives.  The politicians have sold their lives to 'the devils'.  
I think that I have ranted enough and must shut up....