Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Looking forward to 2015

I am really full of gratitude for the things and people who have touched my life during this holiday season, most of all the gift of a wonderful car.  Gift from friends and spearheaded by CC and Tamera.  It is awesome to have such great caring friends.  God blesses me every day of my life even thought I sometimes do not see something that happens as a blessing, turns out that it is a blessing. 
I sometimes forget to say that I appreciate the things that are happening in my life, I am really grateful!
Holiday dogs, only two remaining, have been so good and I do appreciate the fact that there are animal lovers who love and care for their pets.  The cold weather is a reminder that not all pets are loved and cared for, my little stray dog that has been eating on my front deck and is so in need, he will not let humans near him/her and is so shaggy and uncared for, just hoping he makes it through the winter.
I am looking forward to next week when I will be able, with my new wheels, to visit friends, teach class, etc.  I am loving the fact that I do not have to get out if the weather is bad.  I spent so many years struggling to get to work in bad weather and felt that I aged many years on those days and I really feel sorry for the people who have to be out in the bad weather trying to get to a job..
With funds from some of the sleepover dogs, I plan to have a storage building so I can finish de-cluttering my house.  Looking forward to 2015!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

just thinking

Most everyone knows that I am a crazy old lady and you will know that firmly when you read my writing today. I recently saw a beautiful loving dog who is tied when outdoors and kenneled when indoors and as I looked into his eyes, I saw only love and kindness.  Look into the eyes of your pet and see what is there, if you do or do not believe in reincarnation, it does not matter just imagine for a moment that that pet might, just might be the reincarnation of someone who was chosen by God to return as a pet.  God can do what he wants and I don't care whether there is reincarnation or not but just for a moment let your imagination take over and see if you are treating your pet as you should.  When I look into the eyes of the pets at my house, I say; "I love you and care about you",  if you can do that, your attitude and the attitude of the animal will change.  The pets at your house feel your pain, your depression, your anxiety and all that is going on in your home.  Just put your hands on that dog, cat, horse, etc. and tell them that you love them.  When I am loving my pets, I don't care what my friends, acquaintances or family members, think about me: I am loved by these creatures from God and I am thankful for that fact...... 

Monday, December 15, 2014


Twenty Seven years ago, a lady from Bella Vista Community Church ask that I help her put together luncheons once a month for the women who were, Solos, living without a mate.  We planned it and started the luncheon the first Saturday of each month, a few years later we changed it to the 2nd  Saturday to avoid having it on the day that my daughter, Penny, was getting married.
At first when I was doing it, before my family took it over, I made centerpieces, planned a program, take home napkin rings, fixed the food and served it, etc.  After the luncheon and as we were cleaning up, many of the women played cards and had more coffee, hot tea and ice tea. 
Last week because of so many conflicts in schedules and no one to carry on the planning, it was discontinued.
My granddaughter has been in attendance and helping the family since birth, the ladies have watched her grow up, go to college and get married.
Attendance is about half the number it was when we started and had only 27 women last week.  When we started I made cloth napkins and we always used them, had 50 Christmas napkins, the red ones we could use for February, May, June, July and September as well as Christmas. The green ones could be used in March or for spring. We always had a prize for someone, the person might just have a lucky napkin or a note under their plate.  It was fun while it lasted....

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I am so unhappy with my choices that I must write. Many, many  weeks ago, a friend? neighbor? maybe just acquaintance, messaged me that she needed to find a temporary place for her jack Russell terrier mix that she could no longer keep. "would I keep her for a couple of weeks while she found a home for her?" She said that within 2 weeks she would find a home for her and that she would give me money for the food, etc. that was required for her existence.  I know that everyone sees a sign on me that says, "I am a doormat, walk on me every chance you get." but I guess that is a choice that I made some time ago, just to be a door mat.
I could not remember the dogs name when I needed to correct her (many, many times) so Ebola being the most popular choice of words at the time, became her name, she was very food aggressive so really would have not survived  in a shelter because it would be immediate death chamber for her.  I finally trained her not to be food aggressive, and after many destroyed electrical cords, she has finally quit eating them but she is still very hard to deal with and has just about completely destroyed my patience. Most of may dogs do not want her near them and when a guy offered to take her as an "outside dog", I should have said yes but I do not believe that there are pets that are outside all the time. I wish I did not have to close off the rest of the house when I sleep (if I don't, she will destroy something) If she were an only dog or with just one other dog she could be trained but not in my household. 
As the old saying goes, "I made my bed and I have to lie in it", "I make my own choices in life".  and I believe in those old sayings but it does not help the situation at this point, in addition to being so disappointed in other people, I have really made a big mistake, this time.
At the time, since  I was not born yesterday, I knew I was being used but everyone knows that I cannot stand to see a dog unloved or destroyed and they know my soft spots. 
Ebola is happy but I am very unhappy and stressed out!! I had no idea that at 80 years of age, I would be living such a life but, I made my choices, as bad as they are....

Friday, November 28, 2014

Explanation of symptoms that are called diseases

I have an opinion on just about everything but with all my research, I think my ideas are correct.
What we are calling disease is dis-ease in our body.  Cancer, heart disease, etc. is the way our bodies tell us that we need to change something that we are allowing to happen in our bodies.  In the case of cancer it may be our diet, the air we are breathing, the water we are drinking, the way we are NOT moving our bodies,  We can change our diet and give our body what it needs to repair, we can change the water we are drinking, etc.  We may need help in the repairing phase but our bodies are made to heal and given the correct stuff it will repair.  Always ask the right people, not someone who is dealing with "this is the protocol that we use for everyone with these symptoms", those are the people who will kill you.  Your body probably needs to detox, move, get the correct nutrition for YOUR body, not the body of the masses, but your body.  Start listening to your body and learn how to hear what it is telling you and your body can heal. 
All of you that are saying: "I hate cancer" you are not thinking.  Cancer is just giving you the warning that you need to listen to your body and help it heal.  Don't say; I hate, because whatever  your problem is, you must say thanks for giving me the warning signs and the ability to help my body heal. 
I have dealt with a lot of people who had cancer since the '70's and the ones that got well were the ones who were willing to learn and to change..  They are also the ones that took charge and did not let someone else make their decisions for them. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Just need to unload my mind...

It is still very early in the morning but I am on my 2nd cup of coffee and am longing to go to bed.  I know that I am a doormat and I took all the classes as a young mom teaching me to say: NO. but I am still a doormat because I choose to be, we all choose who we are and what we do so here I am with my 11 rescued dogs, Ebola (not her real name) whose mom told me that if I would keep her a couple of weeks that she would find a home for her, of course I have seen not one time since, I think it has been 2 months now), 3 lovely little furry friends who belong to a friend who needed to be out of town, 3 more little ones whose mom needed to go to DC to visit family, one big black lab Gomer who has a standing invitation, one little pug who is a favorite friend of mine, another black lab who made reservations several weeks ago, three large rescues from a very good friend who has an open invitation to spend time with me.  These furry friends have filled my house and I am grateful for their love, however my house is small and I could never have a large enough bed.  They love to play outdoors but cannot stand to be out there if I am in the house. Total 24, I think and that means, almost 100 little paws. Grateful for sun that I am hoping for today and grateful for the $$ that some will pay me, so I can get a new garbage disposal or help pay for a storage building for my yard.  
While I am thinking, I am wondering if the problem in Ferguson Missouri have given enough time to the people who want their 15 minutes of fame and the news media enough "breaking News".  I am sick and tired and it makes me sick to think that instead of showing those young innocent pictures of the young man, why not keep showing the film of him intimidating the store owner where he stole the cigars, etc.?  I am probably the last person to defend  many of our law enforcement because the system is bad, and I hate guns but if I were in that town and someone even looked at me and came toward me and I had a gun, I would probably shoot..  I can't understand them telling everyone at that hour that he was not convicted, knowing that all the criminals were already lined up to burn businesses and loot.  Human nature is what it is but I am sick and tired of TV ?news?...
Just SHUT UP and quit giving them their 15 minutes of fame and quit interviewing parents who probably did not even care until they could be in the news, just my opinion.. When they sue, I hope everyone can see the pictures from his FAcebook before they changed them... I do hope that from now on every policeman/woman will wear the cameras, it is so important in this time of sick media...
Ok now I will say I was happy to open up my e-mail and find some greeting cards and I am thankful..
Grateful too that everyone is sleeping but me and one little dog in my lap, after running for several minutes in the yard.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

my animal world

I hear from my friend Tamera yesterday and she will need to leave her dogs here for a couple of days so that will be 3 more very nice large dogs.  Kobe a black lab comes today and will be a good match for Gomer.  I got Annamaria's 3 little ones yesterday, such cute dogs, did have to comb and put diatomaceous earth on them. Got a call from Barkie and they are leaving today and will need Lonna to pick her up.  So: 11 mine, Ebola makes 12, Debbie's 3 makes 15, Gomer 16, Anna Maria's 3 make it 19, Kobe 20, Barkie 21, Tamera 3 will make the total for Thanksgiving dinner of 24.  Wall to wall dogs, all great. Hopefully, I will get paid enough to get a little storage building so I can clear a lot of stuff from my house.  Then more decluttering will be accomplished.  I am hoping to really get much more done in the next month.  

Sunday, November 23, 2014

it has been a few days...

I have been adding a lot of download 'stuff' but have not written on the blog in a while.  
Thanksgiving holiday has started; I have 4 extra sleepover dogs and get 3 more tomorrow and one more on Tuesday with the probability of having 3 more on Wednesday and Thursday.   I do not plan to get anything done or any sleep. Dogs are sweet but a big load on my little house.  
I have a friend who is having lots of health problems, even though she has been treated by the traditional medical system she continues to develop more problems.  Another friend needs lots of attention and is causing lots of symptoms because she is lonely and worried about herself.  I wish we had good alternative medical care in our area. 
My car has been giving me lots of problems so I have not been able to get out and about much to visit clients and friends. I have been missing that in my life. The car has been declared terminal and since it was bought way back in the '90's, I guess it is rather tired of being used.  Can't get out this week because of all the sleepover dogs.  I do plan to be out and about next week, weather permitting. I have friends who are selling all their property and moving to Mexico; I would too, if I were 10 years younger.  I absolutely hate, despise, and greatly displeased with, cold weather.   

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17

Living one day at a time

I am at this time just, living each day without thinking too much about what is coming because; winter is nearing and once again I must think about how I am going to survive it.  Each year I think that by some miracle, I will find a home for my livestock and some of my dogs but the reason I have them is because no one wants them.  It is difficult for me to care for the goats and horse because; the water freezes, it snows and the ice comes and they have to be fed and water has to be available for them.  Buying hay for them is a problem and they cannot live without hay. 
Anyway, if I think ahead, I could become depressed.  I need to put on my colored glasses, I think yellow is the right one for now.  
The video I saw this morning was fascinating and I expanded my learning by getting more information on the subjects I had already studied.  It is so good when you can learn more info on stuff that you have heard before.  I can't believe that everyone else is not interested in learning.  It amazes me that most people are just satisfied with the status quo and are not interested in learning more.  The political elections finished yesterday and it is hard to believe the garbage that others believe and follow along as if they are hypnotized or brain washed at this time I do believe that if I were 10 years younger, I would move to another country.  I do not feel an allegiance to 'my country' at all.   because it is not my country, it belongs to greedy politicians who cannot let the truth enter their lives.  The politicians have sold their lives to 'the devils'.  
I think that I have ranted enough and must shut up....

Thursday, October 30, 2014

my daily life

Today it is a typical fall day and I decided that since I have no commitments for today, I will just learn and practice what I am learning.
Starting out the day with my usual tasks feeding and care of my animals, etc. but at the same time I am listening to some subliminal audios, in order to get my mind on positive thoughts and I put on my tinted glasses to improve my attitude, yellow for clarity, cheerfulness and inspiration.  I will later change to indigo for serenity and imagination, etc.  
After the oil pull, eye wash and MMS mouth wash I read e-mail and listened to a new webinar by Greg March, my vision/eye guru so that I can refresh my knowledge on my daily eye protocol. I also did a bit of tapping to relax my eye muscles. 
Renewed my little vials on my remedy maker and placed them in my pockets and around my neck.  
My full body exercise machine beckoned me to exercise after spending my relaxation session in the sunshine outdoors with my animals.
During the day I spent 1 hour on the infrared biomat as I listened to more subliminal audios and changed to red glasses to increase; Vitality, self confidence, courage and power.
Important things such as house chores and laundry had to be done but I was constantly wearing my glasses and listening to audios. 
Now is time for the afternoon care of the animals then I must do my H2O2 foot bath, sometimes I do the Epson salts bath but today I need the extra Oxygen in my body so am using the hydrogen peroxide in the foot bath, while I answer some e-mails and read the trash, etc. that came in the snail mail.  
Preparing for a sleepover dog, Barkie who must stay with me while her family is away for a few days, it will take a while to reintegrate her into the herd that is not anxious for another dog to enter my life again.  While she is settling in, I will read a bit on my Kindle and listen to some more audios on the computer. 
Not a very productive day but I will be refreshed and ready for every day living.   Ready for tomorrow and the commitments I have for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

just have to get on my soapbox again!

Last week I met with my Hispanic friend who is 79 years old, she wanted me to see her lab work from her doctor.  She said that he kept insisting that she treat her blood sugar.  Remember that this lab work was not done while fasting, if fact it was a couple of hours after her meal.  The reading was 120, normal for even a younger person. She said that he thought that it should be a normal of 100.  That is criminal, in my opinion.  Because many of these elderly people provide a really good income for these physicians who see them for 10-15 minutes, they are given appointments often and told that they need medication.  She said that when he entered the room, without seeing her he remarked, "you are the lady with diabetes".  She tried to tell him that she had never had a problem with diabetes and she was there for her foot problem.  It does no good to tell her not to go back to the doctor because Humana pays 80%.  
I hear stories like this daily and I get so upset.  Don't know why we are so weak that we think a man in a white coat can tell us how to run our lives and mess them up.  He probably has just had a visit with a pharmaceutical sales person who really knows a lot about how gullible we are and has a good sales pitch.   
O.K. I think it is time that I wear yellow glasses so I will be cheerful and have mental clarity, or maybe I need the the green ones for peace love and harmony... what do you think? 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

fighting a new laptop...

I just had to purchase a new laptop, I was spending hours just trying to get into the old one, 6 years old and ridden hard.  I purchased a HP, cheap with 6 payments. There is a saying that you get what you pay for, well after 3 days of trying to get it set up, I do not think I got what I paid for.  It is terrible, as of now when I get in I get pop ups saying that I need to clean up my computer, I need to install newer drivers, I need to update everything, etc. etc..  I like Google as my home page, it keeps changing it back to bing with so many ads that I can't even find the search button.  I wanted to see my videos in my webinar, it is all green and I can't figure out that with a pre loaded laptop, I can't even see a video on youtube...  I am so frustrated and I can not tolerate being defeated, especially by a little 15 inch piece of junk....
I am writing this on the old laptop that finally let me in and I am singing it's praises.  Thanks so much, Mari, I love you and that new one can sit for a while until I get myself together again...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Day to day living...

I am so disappointed, I tried to save the presentations from www.youtube.com and after transferring them to the blog, I cannot see them. 
I have been busy but  really do not seem to accomplish much.  I hope I am helping to change the lives of others for the positive.
I really enjoyed the Saturday night: Dinner with Soul.  the fundraiser for the transitional living shelter, Souls Harbor.  It was very good and of course, it made me happy because I could meet old friends and make new friends.  One lady that sat at our table mentioned a book that her friend had written: The Book of Awesome, I, of course, went to www.amazon.com and clicked to get it on my Android/Kindle.  I turned on my infrared biomat, sat on the couch on it and the dogs and I read the book.  I did have to do my farm work first and get my hay covered with a tarp that does not fit. I seem to have to "jenny rig" everything to get it to work.  I am continuing to listen to the "Quest for the cure" on my computer every evening, just wish that everyone would listen to the presentations to learn how to prevent cancer and treat it naturally.  I have on my Kindle a couple of books on treating with H2O2 and I have reread the info for curing chronic disease using H2O2 and also some other kitchen products including Aloe Vera, which I love.   
The huge scare about the Ebola virus has kept me angry.  Two people contacted the virus and are hospitalized, that is what percentage of our population? So everyone is ready to close our borders because 2 people are sick?  How stupid.... It does easily become political in this election year.  I am ready to move to another country. But guess that I need a passport and money to travel.
Had to order more Willards Water, H2O2 and Aloe Vera because I have  used up my supply on my horse, she has somehow torn her ear and it is infected, she does not like me to touch it and she is a lot bigger than I, but I think we are being successful. I do put diatomaceous earth on the food of my goats, my horse, the stray cats and my dogs, to keep then all parasite free and healthy..

Episode 7- Diagnostic "Do's & Don'ts" - Proven Treatment Protocols - Part 1

Monday, October 13, 2014

Episode 1 - Modern Medicine & the Cancer Pandemic

Procrastination and distraction

Today I must start cleaning and decluttering but, there is probably a really important e-mal that I must read or a Facebook post, and there is that 'stuff' that I have to research for someone.  Distraction and procrastination can very often keep me from doing something that I just don't like doing; such as cleaning house (decluttering), but I must, I must.
Last week I just brought more stuff into the house and now I must either remove it or remove other stuff to make room for what I added; that is what the books say that I should do and while I am trying to declutter the spiders are making more webs, the dust bunnies are collecting and the dogs are leaving more waste/fur/etc.  It is a rainy gloomy day and I do not want to do anything except read, lie on my biomat and comb my dogs, so why not at the age of 80 do what I like???
Taking my supplements today and a smoothie with added Bio-Energy C and of course, I must have another cup of hot coffee with added organic raw milk......................

Friday, October 10, 2014

just wondering

I am perplexed that people will allow themselves to be so self centered that they are unable to get out, meet people, help others and generally get involved in life.  I have been distributing my little book: The Reinvention of You and Me, just hoping that some one will follow some of my suggestions and make a life that will help themselves and others.
Today is very wet, rained all night and I had to almost swim to the barn to feed my farm animals, as I walked out the backdoor into the rain an old dead redbud tree began to slowly fall to the ground. It was like watching a slow motion movie. Not a big tree but the snarled old root system finally could not hold itself together in this wet soggy ground. 
It took me a very long time this morning just to get this old computer open and then it is reluctant to let me type on it, so I just went of QVC and ordered a new laptop for 5 easy payments, my stress levels every day will diminish a lot.  I will probably live several years longer just because I got rid of that stress. I revealed to someone the other day that I would rather go without food than to go without a computer.  So I guess for the next 5 months, I had better eat less and enjoy my computer more.......

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

my 80th birthday

It has come to my attention that I am now 80 years old, that is an accomplishment that many do not achieve and I am very grateful to have reached that milestone in life.  I do feel better than I did 40 years ago. How does that happen?
I had a really big birthday dinner prepared by my family and many of my friends celebrated with me.  Because I could visit with these wonderful friends, that made me happy.  I just could not talk fast enough.  The Kansas City Royals are winning in October, the St. Louis Cardinals are winning in post season too and they are making me happy.  The beautiful weather is giving me great sunshine and wonderful breeze, the birds are singing and my animals are all free of disease, so what can be wrong in  my life. 
On my Facebook post, I related that I had contact from friends from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and on until new friends that I am making this week. At my birthday dinner I had people from church mission trips, people I met when working with John Hawkins, people from my class and the holistic wellness conference, people from organic gardening, people from my pet sitting, etc. etc.  We lead so many lives and we learn from each of them. 
I started distributing my newest book this week and hope it is enjoyed by many: The Reinvention of You and Me..

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stomach cramps, Home remedies:

Usually what I am seeing is diagnosed as a virus but most of the people I have talked to “it is very painful cramping in stomach area”.  It does not matter when it is happening, what caused it, you just want to relieve the pain and then you can figure out what caused it.


  • Sip  warm Chamomile or ginger tea
  • Warm castor oil pack to abdomen, a great remedy for lots of stuff so if you do not know how to make a castor oil pack, learn how and use it.
  • Homeopathic:  Belladonna, Mag phos, nux vermica, all these should be in your medicine cabinet at all times so study them and use them, they are inexpensive and do not have expiration date.
  • Rest and relax when possible
  • If you feel the ‘gas’ moving about, take a small enema to relieve the gas. If you do not have an enema bag, those small enemas in plastic bottle will work and you can always use just plain warm water in the bottle.
  • Drink Aloe Vera juice
  • Eat fennel seeds
  • Take an Epson salts bath, or soak your feet in warm Epson salts

You may try several of these because none will have a harmful effect. 

It is so painful and sudden sometimes and you do not have time to think, so if you can make up a little box of this stuff and keep it handy, it may save you a hospital bill and the trauma of going to the ER.  When you feel like it, start sipping on sodas, cocobiotic or other fizzy drink and do not become dehydrated. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

I don't believe it!

It was hard for me to believe but I have had a week of unusual abdominal activity.  Last week I did not feel super so just fixed a Quinoa salad and then later we had my daughter's birthday dinner.  That night I had an episode of abdominal cramping, lots of gas and felt nausea. I did not sleep at all and the next day was not feeling well enough to eat, finally broke down and sipped a grape soda, that made me feel better and by the next day, Monday I felt well enough to at least want my coffee.  Felt better until Wednesday when I decided to eat some quinoa and freeze dried vegetables, Wednesday night had another attack, got out of bed, gave myself a small enema and layed on the biomat with a castor oil pack on my tummy and by morning was feeling better but no sleep.  Yesterday I spent most of the day napping with my animals and sipped a bit of grape soda, nothing else by mouth. 
Today I am on the mend and was even able to drink my coffee, have some freeze dried applesauce with cinnamon and honey, on a piece of sprouted toast.  I am however, a bit puzzled that in each instance I consumed Quinoa, it is supposed to be so healthy.  Could be that I was just warned that I had better be more aware of my body and catch it before it happens?  Anyway it is the first time in many, many years that I had a problem with my abdominal area and I do not seek to do it again. Now I have to catch up on my chores...... 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Don't tell others how they should live

There are people who think that they are experts and know how everyone else should live, it is upsetting to me especially if they do not know what they are talking about.
Chris is so pleased with himself because he is almost 100% vegan and is proud of his 116 cholesterol, he needs a lesson in why we have cholesterol and why his body needs it badly.  He is upset because even though he takes good care of his body; his vitamin D levels are too low.  Wake up young man! you have to have fats to enable for your body to process those fat soluble vitamins.  He was so proud that he adds very little even veggie fats to his diet, he does not realize how valuable a bit of coconut, nut, or seed oil would be for his overall long term health and wellness.
A couple of generations of wonderful people have been taken over by chronic diseases because we lived in the age of "low/no fat".  Some are still living with those lies even the medical people whom everyone wants to believe in, desperately.  Wish you could but you are the only one responsible for your wellness, so WAKE UP and smell the coffee, do the research , not everyone belongs on a vegan diet, some may but not everyone.  Eat as your ancestors ate, drug free, hormone free, pesticide free, GMO free, etc. etc.  Number one: appreciate your food and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy......

Monday, September 15, 2014

 I need to  rant so it is not appropriate for Facebook: I am so upset that most of the things I read and hear is about the necessary to destroy others with war and allow them to kill us. The Quakers and Unity are the only people who are saying that wars do not solve problems.
Another thing, if someone was making a video about how he was going to behead me, I would not stand there quietly on my knees with no fight, I would be rolling, kicking, etc. and not sitting there quietly saying that I was willing to be sacrificed to further their cause.  Why do they go so quietly?  I guess that I do not understand the human race. 
I have been listening and reading, mostly about cancer healing.  some of the people that I listen to are persons who have overcome an episode of cancer or other chronic disorder. 
As I read some of the information, vegans were very anxious to tell us about the China Study; wonder if it would say the same thing if they were trying to make a native of Alaska or Africa vegan.  I just don't like for people to take a study done in 1983, that does have some good stuff, and make it the treatment of all people; just not reasonable when you take it apart.
I have gained a lot of new info to expand my knowledge about. One of the products is Haelan, I am in the midst of my investigation of the product and some of the other modalities that have been discussed on the papers/books I have read and the webinars I listened to this past couple of weeks.
I listen and read as I do my oral coconut oil pull, do my MMS mouth wash and consume my MMS and lay on my infrared biomat. I am also doing my exercises outdoors in the sun, barefoot and leaning to meditate more effectively.  And all the other stuff that I know to do.... Of course, the number one thing that I do is Love my animals and people.. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to do these things and I live in an attitude of gratitude and forgiveness. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

If I had a child that had an emotional problem, I would do a program that looks like this: (I am not a physician so these are only things suggested the I would do)

25 Suggestions that I would follow:

  1. Remove all electronics from bedroom including TV and get EMF protector for room and child to wear at all times
  2. Require him/her to sleep in complete darkness.
  3. Find an integrative physician that will check him/her for heavy metals, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and complete hormone panel.
  4. Do a detox program including zeolite for heavy metals.
  5. Each morning consume a smoothie of foods for full nutrition blended in coconut water
  6. Eat no food that is prepackaged, from a box or a can and no grains unless they are organic and sprouted.
  7. Eat meat, milk and eggs that are free range and organic
  8. Make an appointment for Novanetics and do several sessions with Doug Myrick also make an appointment with bio energy professional: Nancy Mattox.
  9. Bowenwork every 2 weeks with Michael Schreiber 479-435-4334
  10. Learn Qigong, Yoga, Meditation and martial arts and do at least one every morning and night. Take art classes at Studio 7 with Tania. You can join the child in these activities
  11. Purchase structured water unit and make certain that he/she drinks 60-80oz. of pure structured water every day.
  12.  Have food allergies eliminated with NAET or The Allergy Kit expert and have Emotion Code expert eliminate hidden emotions.
  13.  Assign chores to keep him/her busy all through the day.  If chores not done, water not drank or food not eaten…no tv or movies in the evening.
  14.  Make an appointment with Naturopath and integrative physician for further evaluation and testing also probably need a wellness coach to organize and support you in this process. Discuss with coach other modalities that might be helpful.
  15. Spend at least 30 minutes each day outdoors, barefoot or sitting on the ground and take Epson salts bath twice weekly
  16. Might try 5HTP, Sam-e, Magnolia or Native Remedies for herbs that might help with specific symptoms...
  17. Purchase supplements that are indicated on lab tests and give to the child, making certain he takes them even if you need to add to the smoothie.
  18. Spend time listening to good music and reading or sing. You and the child.
  19. Find a place for the child and you to volunteer at least 1 hour twice a week.
  20. Discontinue all prescription and over the counter drugs, gradually.
  21. Use positive discipline only and never argue with the child and never show anger.
  22. Both the child and you will keep a journal and express gratitudes daily.
  23. Be certain to have EMF protection on child when he/she is on the computer doing classroom work and be supervised at all times.
  24. No computer games and increase supervised social activities as tolerated by the child.
  25. Work on myself to be the very best person and parent that I can be..always in a self improvement mode. Devoting my time to become the happiest person alive and helping my child become the happiest child alive.

Evaluate program every 3 weeks and change as needed for positive results.  Coordinate with coach and supervising physician.




Freddie Martin Arbuthnot, wellness/life coach, ordained minister and retired RN. Also has doctorate in Metaphysics

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A good detox program

3 Day Detox

Recipes, meal plan, & tips for a 3-day detoxification This program is part of © 2014 The Earth Diet ™ All Rights Reserved 1

1. About the program and disclaimer

2. Shopping List

3. Day 1

4. Day 2

5. Day 3

6. Recipes

7. Additional tips and resources This program is part of © 2014 The Earth Diet ™ All Rights Reserved 2

"Eat, drink and nourish yourself to health!"

Liana Werner-Gray - Earth Diet Author

DISCLAIMER: The following detox is designed to enable the body to expel toxins that have been accumulated over a period of time.

You may experience cleansing symptoms during this detox. You may experience weight loss, going to the bathroom more frequently, cleansing the digestive system, liver, and blood. If you’re not looking for a detox, the Nourishment Program is more suited for you. The intention during 3-day detox is to nourish your body with nutrient rich whole foods that will cleanse out old toxins that are draining your energy and causing acidity and weight gain in your body.

The detox is designed to make your body alkaline. This entire detox is raw, no cooking is involved (other than making herbal tea at night), and is extremely nutrient rich. No desserts are included on this detox. If you would like to do a program with desserts check out the Nourishment Program that include recipes from the Dessert section.

Always listen and trust your own intuition, and seek professional help if detox symptoms become unbearable at any stage.


Liana This program is part of © 2014 The Earth Diet ™ All Rights Reserved 3

Shopping List

Sesame seed oil, 3 tablespoons for Oil Pulling (Or use coconut oil) Lemons, 7 Limes, 3 Beet, 1 small (aka beetroot) Red Apple, 1 Carrots, 3 Celery, 6 stems (one bunch celery usually has 12 stems) Cucumber,1 Green Apple, 1 Kale, a handful for Green Juice Spinach, a handful for Green Juice Parsley, fresh 5 cups Cilantro, fresh 4 1/2 cups Avocados, 3 Grapefruit, 4 Oranges, 6 Ginger, 2-inch piece One head of cauliflower One head of broccoli Cherries, 3-9 bowls Watermelon, 1 medium Bentonite Clay as a bonus. This will really help your detox. Equipment: You will also need: a Juice Machine. If you do not have a juice machine, you can make Orange Juice or Fat Blaster juice with your hands. Alternatively you can purchase Phresh Greens, which is greens powder and mix that in water instead of making the Green Juice. Here are some recommended juice machines. This program is part of © 2014 The Earth Diet ™ All Rights Reserved 4

Day 1

After rising: Oil Pulling

Breakfast: Lemon Water & Beet Juice

Snack: Eat 1-4 oranges so that you are fulfilled

Lunch: 5-minute Detox Green Salad

Snack: Raw cauliflower and broccoli

Dinner: Eat 1-3 bowls of cherries, until you are fulfilled (instead of cherries you can eat apples, peaches, pears as alternative, use whatever fruit is available you you!)

Before bedtime: Ginger Tea

*BONUS if you have bentonite clay drink it after the ginger tea right before you go to bed. Get it from your local health food store, or from our website.

**BONUS do one of these activities: get a massage (trade a massage with a partner), reflexology, acupuncture or yoga. This program is part of © 2014 The Earth Diet ™ All Rights Reserved 5

Day 2

After rising: Oil Pulling Breakfast: Lemon Water and then Green Juice

Snack: Eat 1-3 grapefruits until fulfilled

Lunch: Eat 1-3 bowls of cherries, until you are fulfilled

Snacks: Raw Cauliflower and raw broccoli

Dinner: 5-minute Detox Green Salad

Before bedtime: Ginger Tea

*BONUS drink bentonite clay after the ginger tea right before you go to bed.

**BONUS do one of these activities: a sauna, hot tub, swim in the ocean, walk in nature, deep breathing and or meditation. This program is part of © 2014 The Earth Diet ™ All Rights Reserved 6

Day 3

After rising: Oil Pulling

Breakfast: Lemon Water and then Fat Blaster or Orange Juice

Snack: Eat as much watermelon as possible until you are full

Lunch: Eat 1-3 bowls of cherries, until you are fulfilled

Snack: Raw Cauliflower and broccoli

Dinner: 5-minute Detox Green Salad

Before bedtime: Ginger Tea

*BONUS drink bentonite clay after the ginger tea right before you go to bed.

**BONUS: Do at least one of these activities: give yourself a bentonite clay mask, take a bentonite clay bath, or massage your head with coconut oil, stretch your ears and release any pressure from the head. This program is part of © 2014 The Earth Diet ™ All Rights Reserved 7


Lemon Water: Squeeze ½ a lemon into a glass of water (warm or room temp.)

Beet Juice

For ONE juice


1 small beet

3 carrots

3 celery stalks

1 small piece of ginger

1 red apple

1 lemon with rind

+ ADD a clove of garlic, kale, or spinach!

Benefits: Purifying the blood, increasing the body`s production of glutathione, which helps the body detoxify cancer-causing poisons,

lowering high blood pressure, cleansing the liver, lifting compacted waste from the bowel walls, accelerated weight loss This program is part of © 2014 The Earth Diet ™ All Rights Reserved 8

5-Minute Detox Green Salad

Total time: 5 minutes Serves 2 Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups fresh cilantro 1 1/2 cups fresh parsley 1 avocado 1 lime Action: 1. Get two bowls, and split the parsley and cilantro between both of them. 2. Cut the avocado into cubes and add it to the bowls. 3. Squeeze lime juice over both bowls! Ready to eat fresh! Enjoy.

Benefits: This salad is raw, extremely nutrient dense, alkalizes the body, and detoxes heavy metals and toxins.

Ginger Tea

Serves: 1


½ inch of ginger

2 cups water

Action: Bring water to a boil and pour over ginger, let steep for a few minutes and enjoy

Add: Raw honey and lemon

Benefits: Eliminates excess bacteria & fungus, aids healthy digestion This program is part of © 2014 The Earth Diet ™ All Rights Reserved 9

Serves: 1 Ingredients: 1/2 teaspoon bentonite clay 1 cup water Action: 1. Mix clay into water and stir well with a wooden spoon. Drink daily! TIP: You can let the drink sit for 30 minutes to achieve a smoother drink.

Get bentonite clay from your local health food store or this website.

Benefits: + Bentonite clay absorbs toxins from the body + It absorbs worms and parasites + Aids and can accelerate weight loss + Aids digestion + Clay absorbs heavy metals + Great for people who smoke, take drugs or drink alcohol + Removes toxic waste from bowels + Provides essential vitamins and nutrients to the body + Helps with diabetes + Strengthens the immune system This program is part of © 2014 The Earth Diet ™ All Rights Reserved 10

Additional Tips & Resources:

After your detox it is recommended to continue with a Nourishment Program and or Weight Loss Program. You are also invited to join The Earth Diet Membership where you get access to ALL our downloadable products, as well as a private facebook group where the mentors hangout, to support each other and define your top 3 health goals for the following 12 months.

"I know how easy it can be to get discouraged after being off track. Anything you do towards your health moves you another step closer to your health goals, and that is something to be proud of. Get back in the game and go for it!" - Liana Werner-Gray

Feel free to email us with questions, or share your experience at the Earth Diet Facebook, we always love to hear from you!


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Monday, September 1, 2014

It is, Labor Day, a day off for a lot of people and since I take most days, "off", so guess I will be off today. I am listening to some information on my computer because I think that I should always be learning.  Bill Henderson was just telling us how he remembers about grains that contain gluten: BROW, Barley grain, Rye grain, Oats and Wheat.  Most of those have also been genetically modified also.  I also heard a sales pitch about a weight loss website and I took from it what I liked: 5 groups of foods that are good for weight GAIN: concentrated fruit juices, margarine, whole wheat bread, soy, and genetically modified corn.  This was a list of what some people think is healthy and turns out to be bad.  
Have had a beautiful rainy morning and it is going to make everything grow.  
Hopefully, the animals and I will have some human contact today, because it does get lonely when we do not get to hear a human voice. I had my egg breakfast and my 3 cups of coffee and now I need to do some housework: no one really knows how bad I hate housework......