Monday, January 31, 2011

Skunk eating with my goats

A skunk in my barn lot! There was a skunk eating with my goats this morning, I went out and tried to frighten him with rocks but no go so got a long piece of metal bar and hit him, now the area smells BAD. All the farm animals and Domino the Border Collie looked as me as if I were hurting their friend. My animals have no prejudices, they accept all species alike, cats, dogs, goats, horses and mini mules all get along well and now a skunk too, he is probably the one who beheaded my little hen. He is back out there running about but looks like I may have given him a concussion. He is cute.
Finished my roosting coop for the new hens I am getting so it is skunk proof. According to the weather man we have an ice storm coming, I still do not have my wood stove, too expensive to have someone install it, about 70 years ago I helped my dad put one in the house but I don't have those skills or strength any more. It had an oven in the middle of the stove pipe about shoulder high and when mom put her biscuits in it in the morning they were baked in about 5 minutes, faster than in the wood stove in the kitchen. When I get rich.................
Spoke with my grand son and grand daughter on the phone yesterday and really enjoyed our conversations. I also did more research on the Gerson Miracle and am really impressed, I would like to go to one of their training sessions but again, when I get rich..........

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Making my chicken roost safe

Got a lot of work done yesterday because of the nice weather, did a lot of work in the yard and barn, Trying to get my roost in the barn wild animal proofed so I can get some little hens. I am anxious to get some more chickens but need to make them safe at night, a lot more work every day but it will be worth it. I have to remember today when I grab the chicken wire, hammer and nails; I must also grab some gloves. I lost several nails and I have some wire scratches on my hands. I went barefoot all day yesterday but don't think I will today or I will freeze my toes. If you have not read about the health benefits of 'earthing/grounding', please do, being barefoot on the ground is very beneficial to your health.

Did not have time to do much research on the computer or my books but did write up directions for getting rid of acid reflux and had a nice visit with my neighbors on their front porch. I love neighbors who make use of their porches. There is a website for people who use their front porches. I need an old porch swing, I have a tire swing from a tree in my back yard but it is not really good for an adult.

My dogs are happy this morning because I gave out bones and they so enjoy chewing on the bones and it is so healthy for them. It is cool this morning and the birds are wanting the feeder filled. On cool mornings my coffee mug feels friendly and warm.

I extended my veggie garden fence and made a diagram for planting, I now have to list the dates for planting each one. I will start some plants very soon in peat pots indoors but must keep them away from cats and dogs as it makes for good digging.

How about that, no mis spellings again today, did not check for grammar mistakes!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spring like day and I plan to enjoy!
Just sent out article on Gerd (acid reflux) and listened to Juicy chews Mp3 on Autism, fed all the animals and started the wash and dryer; am ready for the day. I visited via phone with my friend Virginia Main last night and ordered some chews for my friend Taylor and me. I am anxious to see if he likes them and will chew them every day.
Yesterday my dogs and I cleaned the yard a bit and played, in the process. The wind got a bit cool in the evening, hoping today will be even nicer. Stormy the cat must think it is spring, she was out in the barn looking for rodents. Sophie stayed out the past 2 nights in her little homeless box on the front porch, she loves to be out unless it is extremely cold. I keep a cardboard box out for her to hide and sleep in night or day. She loves her 'homeless shelter'.
I did not have much time to do research yesterday but did organize my thoughts on, acid reflux routine. I will find two cups of coffee with only a few sips missing because I lost my coffee mug twice today, must be moving about too much this morning, my house is so small you would think it is impossible to loose a coffee mug full of coffee!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

disposing of junk, trip to Helping Hands!

Everyone seemed to think yesterday was warm, I thought that wind was rather unpleasant. Maybe today will be warmer, the sun is already warm coming though the window.I am listening to a webinar that I missed yesterday when I was helping Penny, we went to the storage building, filled my old van with boxes and bags, took them to her house to sort, after sorting for many hours we had to make a trip to "Helping Hands". Of course I went through old closets of Lonna's and brought lots of boxes home to go through again. I still have some things in the van to unload. I took Neaville and Barky with me but the 11 others missed me terribly along with the cats. My barn animals greeted me at the gate to tell me I had neglected them too. I am still a bit stiff this morning and must do extra Qigong and rebounding today. Since the sun is so nice we will be spending a lot of town outdoor.

Coming home in the evening reminded me of why I am happy I do not work in the corporate world, the driving was really "nerve wrecking". Reminded me of when I lived in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and felt like other cars were getting points of attempting to hit me!! I had already had anxiety shredding tax forms from '85, '86, etc. etc. It is really difficult for me to shred,or throw into the waste basket. I guess you could call it a cleansing program almost as uncomfortable as doing a gallbladder/colon cleanse.

With the sunshine comes the ability to see all the dust in the house so it reminds me that part of my day must be to dust, dust, dust, so much dust when you have dogs and cats coming in and out the house. I need to teach the cats to wear dusting cloths on their feet, since they are all over the house that might get rid of lots of dust.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Work Day

Gotta hurry this morning; get dressed, make all the animals happy then go help Penny cleaning out storage. I will take Barky and Neville with me, I never leave a sleepover dog because i am responsible for them. I am listening to Dr. Mark Stengler via my computer while I write this and get ready to go, hoping my old van will get me there.
It was a bit cool and windy yesterday but I did get some clean up done in the barn lot and back yard. I made my trip to the bank and to the postofice, so got my packages mailed out. I am hoping for a bit more warmth today and tomorrow. Wish I could go to Ozark tomorrow because my friend Joanne is having a crafting day, I love crafts and when I don't do something creative I get withdrawal and that is not good!!! Reminds me that I am trying to find one of my crochet hooks, maybe there will be one in those boxes in storage. I got my order from Oriental Trading yesterday and have my pencils that are imprinted: Mema's Ramblings, is that not cool?? I also got the Willard water that I am going to try:, see what you think.
Gotta quit rambling, get my clothes out of the dryer and get dressed for the day.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Going down Memory Lane; a good trip

Frosty this morning but looks great outside with the sun coming up in the Eastern sky. I got my vitamin D3 yesterday but will be glad to have the 'real thing'. I went on line and found the fruit and nut trees I wanted to plant this spring but have to wait for my Social Security check to push the Buy button. Barky is coming tonight she is a great little Pug, parents are going to Disney World for a week. I have been there a few times and really enjoyed it. When I was a Pampered Chef, I won the trip for four and really enjoyed it. I am competitive so if a company hangs a carrot out there I would always win it. I went to National Conference every year, all paid, Chicago, Florida, San Diego, and Washington D.C. I always had to choose which family members went with me. I went to Chicago lone and did not really enjoy it much. Besides that the homeless were frying eggs on the sidewalk in Chicago that summer. Some were dying on the sidewalk. Thanks for letting me go down memory lane this morning, you know how we old people are, we love that place called Memory Lane. It is a really good place.

After it warms up a bit, I have to work in the yard, cleaning then finding the places I am going to plant my trees. I am also going to extend my garden a few more feet again this year. Last night I watched a Razorback basketball game on TV, switched back and forth to hear the President speak and did some more reading. Sent out e-mails trying to get these young moms interested in giving their children supplements to keep them healthy. I also listened to a webinar by Dr. Mercola and Dr. James Oschman talk about "grounding (earthing)" I just love it. I am going to re listen today so I can squeeze out all the info I can. A free webinar can keep me entertained for days, how cheap am I?

In about an hour I have another tele conference board meeting; it is nice to attend meetings in my PJs. Later I have to get dressed so I can run to the post office since I did not see a two legged creature yesterday to run that errand for me. Enough rambling for today.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I see the sun, I see the sun and that makes me HAPPY. I ran out of my D3 so have to get some sun, my new order ought to be arriving today. Even though it is cool the animals and I have already been out running and playing. Today I either have to leave everyone for a few moments or find a two legged creatures to go to the post office. I have 3 packages to mail, haven't tried to start the old van but may have to, even though my back window is gone. It is noisy and cold driving without a back window.

I made a mistake and watched a video about puppy mills, last night, it was so sad and made me so angry that I could not go to sleep even though I did my bedtime routine. My bedtime routine consists of several steps to sleep and I love to share it with others whenever they are having trouble sleeping. I keep perfecting it as I learn new things. I would be glad to share it if you will let me know. Most people would rather complain than take the steps to correcting a problem.

Stormy the cat did not eat all her breakfast this morning, will have to watch and see if she is active today. I did see bird feathers on the deck so it could be that she is not hungry??? One of my neighbors who lives behind me loves his gun and sometimes shoots a bird then it falls into my back yard so the cats and my doxies get a free meal. I dislike people who shoot birds but I cannot fault an animal who does the natural thing and eats it. At least my neighbors gun only shoots one bullet.

I have a teleconference board meeting this afternoon with the board of the non for profit fencing organization; teaching wheel chair patients to fence and also helping the under privilege children in the area a skill that could provide scholarships for their future education. I have really learned a lot of new stuff being involved with this organization. Every time I step out of my comfort zone I learn new things and meet new people.

I again reached a goal "no miss spellings" any goal reached is good!

Monday, January 24, 2011

All the animals healthy and happy.

Computer problems again, I wish someone made a reliable computer or did good customer service, either one would be nice. I have spent 5 hours this morning trying to get one of two laptops to work. such a waste of my valuable time.

I did some reading yesterday a biography of Dr. Max Gerson, certainly am enjoying the book on my kindle. I also watched the film about bottled water Tapped out" and learned a lot about the greed in the corporate world. I sometimes forget that the 'almighty dollar' comes first in the minds of most people. I certainly am going to be careful not to spend my dollars on products from Nestle, Coke or Pepsi, I think they own a lot of the other corporations now also.

My daughters think I am crazy because my movies this week were: Tapped out, The Gerson Miracle, Dirt the movie, and Supersize Me. I could not find any of Micheal Moore's movies or I would have watched them too. Those movies make me wish to be a 46 year old rich person instead of a 76 year old poor person.

All 12 dogs and 4 cats are fat and happy, just thinking yesterday that it has been over two years since I had to take anyone to the vet. I love my vet but it costs so much to care for these 'free' animals, there is no money for vet bills. Of course they get the very best food; no coloring, no artificial flavorings, no pesticides, no antibiotics, etc. etc.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trip to the Dairy for raw milk..

I just read on facebook about some one's house burning, brings back memories of 1982, same time of the year when my house burned. All 12 rooms full of what some people would call junk, to me it was treasure, and one of my dogs. A really bad, bad experience. The phone call while I was at work and the kids were at school. Even after all these years, 29, I miss many of the things that were burned. That is also when I learned that insurance companies are greedy and dishonest.

Dixie and Xena went home yesterday evening so back to just 12 dogs, 4 cats, 4 goats, an old mare and a mini mule. We are a happy lot. I did a lot of reading yesterday in books and online about the Gerson Thearpy and of course that lead to more research and more research.......

The snow is melting and that makes me happy but I now have lots of mud to deal with. On their way home yesterday Jill and Lonna took a detour and went to the "Milk House" and got some raw milk for me, I love it! So I have real cream in my coffee this morning. They also got a little cheese, no eggs available, but it was a worthwhile trip. If you live in Southwest Missouri, Northwest Arkansas or Eastern Oklahoma, you need to go to this little country coop, Loman Dairy, Wyandotte, Oklahama. It was the first time that Jill had been there and she loved it and was disappointed that there were no organic free range chicken eggs.

A man came by and asked if I would sell him my goats, no way, I think he eats them or sells them for food, my goats would not taste good. J-lola is about ready to have her little kid, it is kinda bad timing but they have plenty of nice hay in the barn, about 2 foot of it is on the barn floor for sleeping. Her last baby, Junebug, was a really good little kid and I really did not want Trevor to sell him but I guess this one will be mine, all mine.

The dogs a begging to be combed so I had better quit rambling.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Listening to "The Gerson Miracle" movie

Even though there is lots of snow on the ground, the morning is really very pleasant, quiet and peaceful. I am listening to the movie "The Gerson Miracle" on Hulu. I really like the information. All the animals have been fed, I have my cup of coffee and am sitting at my computer and will watch the birds as they eat the seeds I have placed in their feeders. I did some more reading last night on my Kindle as 9 dogs lay on the couch with me, I am grateful that I am loved by these little creatures. I was saddened when I listened to Keith Olbermann last night and he had his last broadcast, I really enjoy him my interest in his stories began many months ago when he was reading to his dying father. He is controversial but I enjoy him. I think Lonna and Jill are driving up to the college to visit with Molly, my grand daughter, they have not been up there since she started to college. I know all will have fun; eat, visit Walmart, etc. etc.
I expect that Xena and Dixie will go home today, it will be a relief to get my bed back. Because Dixie is so much larger than my dogs and takes up about 4 times the space in bed, I have a bit of trouble finding space in which to sleep when she is here. She is a blast to watch, she thinks she is small but has no problem taking things from the top of the cabinet or getting to the cat's food. I have had trouble getting to the point of being tolerant of her puppy behaviors but after months of having her often at Mema's Sleepover, I am very fond of her and also very tolerant of her puppy ways. I did some research on a supplement that was recommended by Dr. Sinatra, my favorite cardiologist, the supplement: d-glucarate, he uses it for detox. I like all his teachings and am always so happy when he gives me new things to research. There are times when I am ahead of him, as I was with the grounding; he discovered it several months after I started using it as a healing modality.
I am so amazed that when I find a product, it is so difficult to find a place on the website where all the ingredients are listed. I am completely opposed to putting soy in my body unless it is fermented, many products use soy; thinking it is healthy. I love the Melaleuca products but almost all their drink mixes etc. contain soy so I avoid them.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Information from Dr. Stengler's webinar

Very cold today but no wind. I am grateful that there is no wind, my animals are happy too. My doxies are hunting a heat source that they can cuddle in front of, they love direct heat.

I learned some new things from the webinar by Dr. Stengler and am researching some supplements; caraluma (Slimaluma), Ashwagandha, (I have had info on this herb before) and more research on L arginine (it helps our blood get to the places it needs to; feet, hands, etc.), I try to find the supplements in then see if they are cheaper to purchase through on the now foods website there is now university; mounds of info about all supplements and diseases. Ashwagandha assists your body in improving energy levels and balancing cortisol. I still have a couple of inches of belly fat that needs to go so I may start using it. My daughters and son need it also. He also talked a bit about auto immune diseases especially MS. It related Dr. Swanks' research. He recommends Vit B 12 injections and additional omega 3 fats. I usually take my B12 under my tongue every day. Almost all mature adults, some people would call us elderly, need additional B12, vitamin D and L carnitine because of decreased stomach acids. He also discussed how many people would benefit by eating a gluten free diet. I agree. Let's say that I agree with him 95%. I never agree with anyone 100%, very few get the 95% approval rating.

I had a nice phone conversation with Virginia, she works with juice plus. I tried to have phone conversations with my son and grandson and my friend Cindy but no one answered my call. I am really unhappy that I have not been able to reach my son and grandson, I begin to feel paranoid.

The birds on my deck are really busy feeding from my feeders and I am so grateful that they come feed at my feeders. They do have a choice, you know. We all have to choose, hopefully we will choose well; make good choices for our lives.

I am going to upload my 4th book today and get it polished up for publication. I need to choose a picture for the cover or have Tamera take some more photos, I am certain she would. I will keep writing and hoping that someone will benefit from my ramblings.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Snow, Snow, Snow. The weather outside is 'snowy'. When I got up this morning early, it looked like a Christmas card, layers of snow on all the tree limbs, etc., it was not long until the wind came along and started changing things. It is snowing big now and the wind is cold. I have put bird food out and am ready to refill the feeders. Lots of birds are hungry. I really am grateful that my trees are full of birds feeding and waiting for a space by the feeders. The barn animals did not want to leave the barn to eat so I dug their feeders out of the snow and carried them to the barn, about half the dogs love the snow the other half had to be forced to go out to eliminate. Sophie, the cat, is waiting at the back door for the courage to go out.

I am listening to a webinar by Dr. Mark Stengler and I really love his presentations. I did some more reading yesterday in the book by Dr. Aziz and did order the book because it is hard to share from the kindle. Lonna is working from home today because of the weather so I just fixed her an egg for breakfast so she will have the ability to think. Looks like it will be a day that is better spent indoors.

I had to do some re orders on supplements yesterday so we would have oil of oregano, vitamin D, etc. I am out to refill the bird feeders.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flexible schedule

I was going to do a Qigong class in Bentonville with Janice Labire this afternoon but Dixie's mom called; death in the family needed to leave for funeral so Dixie and Xena are coming to spend some time with mema @ Mema's Sleepover, life has to be so flexible. I will have to plan differently and always keep things so flexible. I spoke with Laura yesterday concerning the non for profit fencing organization and was updated on information and I just got a report from Penny on the Melalucea meeting last night.

Bad weather is on it's way so I put out extra bird feeding stations this morning and my birds are happy. My little hen disappeared so no more eggs, one of the hazards of letting the chickens free range. I just hope she wondered off to some one else's chicken yard but was probably killed by the wildlife out here as all the others have been. I do miss my rooster crowing and watching my little hens cluck and scratch out seeds and worms. They also spread the horse manure all over the barn yard. Don't know if I will try to have chickens again or not. A decision I need to make.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Was so happy to see Dr. Mercola on Dr. Oz show. I also got a new book on diet "The Perfect 10 Diet" by Dr. Michael Aziz, he has put together the right info and I love it. The book is on my kindle so i will have to purchase the book so that I can share. I have been waiting for someone to say; "no fat is terrible and is really bad for weight loss and health". his concept is balancing hormones.....I love it. Molly and Coco went home this morning so have to get some work done, I have the washer going, a webinar on the computer and all the animals are relaxing. lk;

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cool, damp, dreary Monday. My old air filtration system was not working so have another one and it seems to really clean the air. It is difficult for me to have an effective filtration system because there is so much stuff in the air with 12+ dogs and 4 cats in and out of the house. Have to go to an industrial type. In order to care for animals there are a lot of hidden costs, including air filtration and extra laundry; it is not just food and vet bills. Molly and Coco will go home tonight and if there are no emergencies it will be just me and my little troop of animals. The weather was so nice yesterday I was hoping for another beautiful day today but no such luck. I did some reading on my kindle yesterday because all my football teams lost early in the system so I have no sports to watch, I won't even enjoy the super bowl this year because teams that I do not like will be playing. In about a month it will be spring baseball and then of course March Madness which is always fun. I like to watch C-span, Book TV on the weekends but the books reviewed were books about Martin Luther King's days and I lived those; not interested in reliving them.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A great Day the The Women's EXpo

As David Wolfe would say, "yesterday was the best day ever". It really was a very good day, I attended the Women's Expo in Rogers with Penny, Jill, Lonna and Cindy Brazzeal and had a ball. I was in my element, lots of people to talk to and several people who were kindred spirits; Water and air purifiers, supplements companies, energy modalities, etc. etc. Lonna even ended up purchasing some things. I also bought some new sugar to try; a blend of stevia and trehalose. I was very interested in a lab testing company; http://www.anylabtestnow/, I visited with the person in charge of it and got pricing for tests that I thought was important. I really enjoyed the visit with the people from the Mannatech company and while there had my fruits and veggies in the form of a little chew. A company called Sunergy had a couple of really nice sales associates. They were promoting Sunrider Herbal foods. The Morter clinic was there and I got reacquainted with them as they are getting a new start in this area. I loved the couple at e WATERevolution. There was a really talented artist, her company was "Cross My ART", I love people who are creative in naming the company. I talked with a guy about storage buildings and a man who could build me a barn, when I have money. One of the people at a booth told me how much it would cost to get an electrical plug on the outside of my house. Really enjoyed talking to the lady who had the balloon company, talked about how things had changed since we did balloons, many years ago. One of the booths contained Designer Dog Laundry Products; a company from Conway, Arkansas. Ed and Donna Clawson. I saw the company that installed my sun panel and my hot water heater.

All in all it was a very informative day and an enjoyable time. Could not stay all day because I had to pick up Molly and Coco for Mema's Sleepovers, they will be here through Monday.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Attending the Women's Expo

Getting everything done so we can go to the Women's Expo in Rogers. Looks like it could be a fun day and also a day of learning. Many of the exhibitors are companies I want to see and besides that there will be lots of people to interact with.
The hose thawed so I can run water to the livestock and that saves me a lot of energy and time. Work will be easier for a few days. I did some reading last night but found many of the newsletter I was catching up on, were not very interesting so I am not certain I gained much from the reading but was able to get rid of some junk. I also did some research to find a meeting place for a wellness workshop and will follow up on Monday to make some final decisions.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Better weather, Better mood

Yesterday when it got into the upper teens, it felt as if it were summer. I loved it but it was not warm enough to thaw the water barrels so am still carrying water to my animals; battery in automobile still dead and there is still some snow on the ground. Looks as if the sun is going to shine again today. I am listening to past podcasts of and the current one I am listening to is: Dr. Willards water, very interesting. My relationship with martieradio dates back to when I lived in Texas, I have lots of her CDs.

Molly called to inform me that her computer light had gone out, after trying to get info from the Gateway company, I am so irritated that I will give her the $80 to have it repaired. I think that is the way Gateway works, they want you so irritated that you will not take advantage of the warranty. My past problems with them have never turned out well, you know that my next computer will not be a gateway. I have an old Compact that is very out of date but it is mechanically good even after 10 years of use.

I had an e-mail from a physician that said he made more money pushing drugs than he did treating patients, he was beginning to feel guilty so was going to give up the drug income, makes me very suspicious when I see acquaintances go see their physician. I have become a real skeptic in my elder years.

Saw the son of old friends on the facebook page of a friend and contacted him about his parents, they were friends in 1958, my husband and I spent lots of time with them. I got their address so I can reconnect.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Battery in car frozen, No travel today!

Finally got my car door open then unable to get the car started, guess I will wait until the sun warms it up today, tomorrow and the next day. That must mean that I was not supposed to be out and about. I can't imagine riding very far anyway because I only have a piece of thin plastic covering the back window, might be a bit cold. Anyway the decision of whether to go out or not is already made for me. My "little birds' told me that it is cold out there!!!
Spent the evening watching the Memorial Service in Tuscon and felt really good about it. It still amazes me that there are so many self-centered and mean people in this world. If everyone keeps getting guns, I may have to move to another country that has some sensible lawmakers and laws. Well now that I have had my rant I will do some writing, finish carrying water to my animals and comb my dogs and cats. Infinite Love and Gratitude for my wonderful little animals. Lonna was home last night so I did get to talk to a two-legged creature for a few minutes.
The bathroom cold water pipes thawed last night and was nice to have both cold and hot running water in the shower, I am so grateful for the indoor running water; had none when I was young.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cold water pipes frozen

Very Cold; cold water pipes in master bath frozen, I spent the day trying to thaw. Used the washer and dryer all day, moved space heaters from one room to another and ran the dishwasher; everything I could think of so they are still frozen, took a very hot short shower yesterday before I knew there was no cold water. It is 5 degrees outdoors and no thawing since last week. I do not like cold weather!! Neither do my animals. The birds look twice their size because everyone is fluffing their feathers. I have to carry water all the way through the house, through the back yard, through the barn lot then pour it into the heated bucket (wish I had several heated buckets). I am getting a lot of exercise with weights and my fingers are numb, frozen. The sun is shining so it seems warmer even though it is not.

I have complained enough; I am so grateful that I am not homeless and that all the animals are not homeless. I am grateful that the roads are clear so not as many accidents and I am grateful that I have my TV, my computer, a washer, a dryer, etc. etc. I am really grateful for my warm coffee mug!

I kept webinars going on my computer yesterday but did not hear a lot of them but enough to know which ones I want to re listen to. I did some research for a wellness client and drank hot coffee and tea all day and will probably do the same today. All the varieties of birds are eating in harmony and the cats and dogs are at peace with each other, wish humans would do likewise.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prevent infections with Neem, melalucea and oregano oils

My birds are very active and very hungry this morning, outside my window. A large variety of birds, I count about 30 appear happy (Jill needs to be here to help me identify all) I put food out in the snow and in the feeders. I also have a window feeder in the kitchen that is very busy this morning. We have a couple of inches of very dry snow and I had trouble finding the goat and mule feeders this morning, they were covered with snow. Lonna helped me fill the water barrels and I think everyone is happy, for the time being, at least. My little hen Julie was fluffing her feathers this morning, warning me that it was cold.

The sun is coming out and the snow looks good but since the thermometer is in the lower teens, it is deceiving. I am so grateful for the sun even though the prediction is low temps and wind later on today. I am very happy and grateful that I do not have to drive to work in the cold, slick roads weather. Schools are cancelled! I am keeping my hands warm with my hot coffee mug. The washer and dryer are in operation because I need to wash but also because it keeps the house warmer and water pipes free of ice. I got more seed catalogs yesterday in the mailbox so it gives me something to dream about for the springtime. So many people complaining about flu and colds; with all that is out there to keep us well, why do people ignore their wellness? I am using a lot of melaleuca (tea tree) oil on everything to kill any germs and have to order more oil of oregano, I don't like the odor of Neem but have been using it too.

I have to check my bank account today and see if I can afford David Wolfe's new DVD's. I NEED THEM!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter is here and the birds are feeding

As I sit here at the computer it is snowing and a variety of birds are eating on my front deck, I really a grateful for these wonderful creatures. The snow looks nice from here but it it not nice as I carry water to the farm animals and try to get all the dogs to use do their business outdoors. I am re listening to David Wolfe's new webinar, it has loads of information contained in it. I can't stay in long because having animals requires more work in bad weather. I will keep replaying the webinar so that as I move about I can absorb the information.

Took Molly and Coco home last night so it is just my animals and me today. I have lots of cleaning yet to do after rearranging my furniture and feeding station for the dogs, cats and the food for the farm animals. "A mema's work is never done!" i have to remember that today is the first day of the rest of my life and I have to make it the best day ever. Infinite Love and Gratitude!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

An incident with Tater

I have said for years, "The reason for my death will be falling over a dog or being run over by a goat." Last night it happened, Tater is the same color as the floor in my bathroom; it was dark, I went into the room in the dark and fell over him. My head and knees hit the ceramic floor and I got a contusion on my forehead, left side. He just got up and moved a few feet to finish out his sleep. It is a dilemma, most experts, " you must sleep in a completely dark room, in order to get all your body to repair and manufacture the substances to be well". As an expert in elder care I know that you must have light in order for them to get to the bathroom at night. What to do, what to do. I am either going to have to wear an eye mask so I can take it off if I have to get up or I could put strips of tape that shines in the dark on all 12 dogs and 4 cats. What would you do?

Lonna was upset with me yesterday because my kitchen was not to her liking so, I cleaned and rearranged stuff in the kitchen, utility room and the bedroom we use for storage. I am very tired and need to have some good ball games to watch today. The KC Chiefs have to win for me because the Razorbacks basketball was the only one of the 4 games I watched yesterday, who won. None of my teams played will, I will be glad when all my Mavs get off the DL.

I am so upset by the shootings in AZ, certainly do like Gabby Giffords and hope she recovers quickly, the world needs lots of people of her character.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I was planning to go to a Melaleuca meeting today but got a call from Molly and Coco, they needed to stay @ Mema's Sleepover for a few days so I had a change of plans. It is cold today and so windy yesterday. I sat down earlier to do this blog; a little bird told me that the bird feeder was empty, of course I immediately got up and filled it. I can't have unhappy wildlife.

I am grateful for the birds and grateful for the wonderful sunshine this morning and also grateful for my electric heat indoors. I still have "stuff" to find a place for that Penny and I found when cleaning out the garage and storage room. I am certain that when I do find a place to put it, I will have trouble finding it when I want it. As reminders of my past I found: Mary Kay pin, Nursing graduate pin, Pampered chef awards, real estate awards, Toastmaster pins, Kohl's and Belk pins, Build a Bear Awards, convention buttons from Pet Sitters International, Awards from McKee Baking, Breakfast Hostess pin for Comfort Inn, etc. Certainly have had an interesting 76 years. Now what do I do with all that 'stuff'? Some tendencies toward being a hoarder. What do you think would have been different if my house had not burned in 1982?

Friday, January 7, 2011

I spent yesterday all day working with my daughter Penny, cleaning out a garage and storage room. We did not get finished but will work some more next week. We found a lot of stuff we had not seen in 3 or more years, it was difficult to throw things away but did and put some in an area to sell or give away. I had to do extra Qigong because I was so tired, am still a bit sluggish today as I put away some of the things we found that I had to bring home. I still have a bit to carry out of the van. My animals really missed me as they are not used to me being gone more than a few hours.

There is a Melaleuca meeting tomorrow so I need to get things together here so I can be away again tomorrow. Molly will return to college Sunday and I will miss her. My daughter, Jill, had a bit of information she wrote on volunteerism published in the Walmart World, a company magazine. I am really proud of her and her interest in volunteerism as well as writing.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Learning from Dr. Gordon

I missed writing yesterday because the time just disappeared, I did get to town and had the opportunity to play some phase 10 with my granddaughter and visit with her before she has to return to college. She is going to PEO meeting today to discuss her college experience and photos from Cottey College.

I am listening to Dr. Gordon and really enjoying his webinar. I would love to go to Phoenix to his conference in March, hope I can figure out a way to go and a way to pay for it. Many of his friends are my experts too. Dr. Gordon is my age and is a real advocate for ultimate wellness.

I did get my new and improved DVD of Chunyi Lin and practiced it yesterday, I really love the new additions to his teachings. Watching it made me want to run out and teach everyone how to improve their health, of course, no one wants to listen to me or follow any wellness teachings. I am feeling a bit negative because I can see how simple things could improve the health of friends and relatives but no one wants to put any effort in being well.

Tomorrow I am going to follow through with a promise I made my oldest daughter and help her clean out her garage, part of my Christmas present to her.

Webinar - Stemming The Tide of Cancer

Webinar - Stemming The Tide of Cancer

Monday, January 3, 2011

Infinite Love and Gratitude every day

Monroe and Quincy went home yesterday evening so the house is quieter, Barky is still here but will probably go home today. I am again listening to my Kwik memory lessons and trying to catch up with the lessons I 'speeded through'.

Cold but nice sunshine this morning, would love to just sit in the sun as everyone in the house; dogs and cats are sleeping near the windows. I do really appreciate the sunshine. I am practicing Infinite Love and Gratitude every day, starting with brushing all the dogs, feeding apples to my livestock and spending time in the back yard playing with the animals and getting outdoor exercise. I am also starting my list of people who need their buckets filled and I am going to start filling them (practicing "Dipper and Bucket" lifestyle". Who is holding the empty bucket that you need to fill?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A day filled with TV Sports!!

Just as I said, I fried my brain watching football and basketball on TV yesterday, My teams would have not won, if I had not watched and cheered. Penny made some snacks and Lonna went to get them so I could snack while I watched TV and cleaned the house. I did have to get outdoors and fix the gate, temp fix only, so my animals would not mix and mingle every time they decided they wanted 'greener pastures'. It was so cold!!!! The hose never thawed so I had to carry water to the barnlot and will have to do it again today. I will continue, one more day of sports on TV today. I will use the Pilates bench and the rebounder a lot while watching TV.

Barky's parents and the parents of Monroe and Quincy will probably make it home today.

I am grateful for the Sunshine today. I am also very thankful that I have the physically ability to keep my little farmette in good shape and all my animals happy. I have already started doing my new memory classes this morning and hope to spend a lot of time on improving my memory with Jim Kwik this week.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I had a really big celebration last night, in bed before ten and celebrated with a mattress, pillows quilts and of course, lots of dogs and cats. I did watch sports on TV many hours yesterday and as the experts would say; fried my brain with TV. I did exercise and worked around the house, today I will do the same. Bowl games on and I do enjoy them. Doyle called and is bringing more hay for my farm animals and hope he has time to fix my broken gate. I am listening to excerpts from the Longevity Conference, the segment on clean drinking water. I can't watch it because the presenter is just not my kind of presenter, I like the material but the presenter is absolutely covered in tattoos, long pony tail, etc. just not my type of looks. Daniel Vitalis is focused on the purity of water but forgot that the dye in the tattoos could be slowly poisoning him. That is the problem with lots of highly intelligent people; too focused on just one thing. The material he is presenting is very good and I will take some notes and also re listen to it. And I will just listen, not watch.

Have finished up my 4th book and will get it ready for the publisher in the next week. On Monday I will have just my animals and no sleepovers, I will get my errands done and can be away from the house for short periods. I can socialize with two legged creatures.