Saturday, March 27, 2010

For two days off and on, I have listened to David Wolfe, replaying his webinar; getting all the information to absorb in my brain. I learn so much every time I hear him. He is so knowledgeable about wellness, foods and research. One thing he did yesterday; dangers of taking oral calcium, how harmful it is to our skeletal and circulatory systems. I did some research on it earlier and had forgotten some of what I had learned.
He reminded me that walking barefoot out doors was good for me; repairs my DNA. I walked outdoors barefoot yesterday even though it is a little cool. In fact the research shows that it is excellent for our thyroid, so important. Gives me a good excuse to toughen up my feet and go barefoot. You get the same benefit by working in the soil with your hands. It makes you younger!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Well, well, two more little strays had been taken to pug rescue; they are only part pug, they could not keep them so here there are at my house. They are so cute, I hope some one will take them but I do not have good luck getting rid of the dogs once they get to my house. They are very active and sweet. I will try to post a picture, don't have much luck on this little laptop posting anything but will try. Named them Albert and Felix, did not like hollering Pujols so used his first name; Albert and Felix is Felix Jones (Dallas Cowboy).

Thursday, March 25, 2010

There is a statement that I must have made to every new dog that comes into my house, if I said it I don't recall. They think I welcome them by saying; "welcome to my house, pee anywhere you want, I don't mind." I must be getting very forgetful because I don't recall ever making that statement. It is raining today and guess what, very few of the 19 dogs like the rain, their feet just will not get wet. This morning @ 6 am, I stood out in the rain and would not give them a meatball unless they came outside, of course, some ran out; got the meatball and ran back inside as fast as possible. I am wet and they do not mind at all. I live by a new mantra; "I will live with a mop in my hand but I will not be upset"
I did some writing yesterday on the cleansing of the inside of our bodies. It is spring, time to do the spring "housecleaning" inside our bodies. Take a few days out of your busy schedule and do some inside cleaning.
Reached another goal today, "misspellings"!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I got a supply of my books so if you ordered one from me, it will be on its way as soon as I can get to the post office. If you have not ordered one and want me to send you one, I need your address. The cost is $10 per book.
I wrote a plan for overcoming chronic illness yesterday and a daily routine for those with chronic illnesses, am including it in my next book and using it with current wellness clients. I ordered a couple of home lab test kits yesterday to try so I will know whether or not to recommend them, I ordered the CRP, c reactive protein, an inexpensive one, that everyone needs, was the company I ordered from, there are other companies but I thought I would start with this one. If you have a good physician and a good insurance plan, having your physician order them would be less expensive but if you need an alternative, this may be the way to go.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I have a river of mud in my barn lot!! Can't keep my boots on to feed the livestock. I hope there is enough sun today to dry it up a bit today. I have two more dogs coming today, for a couple of days so more mud coming into the house, everything is washable so we will just have fun and relax.
My hand is itching this morning; Dad would have said 'gonna handle money', surely do hope so, I could use it. My Dad had a saying for everything. He was distraught when I broke a mirror; "seven years of bad luck", sometimes I think it should have been 70 years.
If you do not have a copy of my book, 'Mema's Ramblings on being well" please order one: or You can let me know I will send you one, it is only a $10 book, my address is on my website:

Monday, March 22, 2010

additional cough and cold info

Tea for cough: fresh lemon juice honey and oil of oregano added to a cup of hot tea.
Drink plenty of acai, goji betty, mangosteen or noni juice and eat blueberries, pineapple and lots of green vegetables.
The reflexology points for chest and throat; the ring finger and the pad of the big toe, massage these points.
KI; king institute uses these points; each side of lower cervical spine and each side of upper thoracic spine; hold points about 5-10 minutes and wrap right hand around little finger and index finger of left hand, you may hold the positions or if it is a child you may want to massage or rub them.
KI uses the right hand wrapped around the index and little finger of the left hand to relieve coughing. and at first sign of sore throat and cold, do this; place left hand on fight chest and right hand on left shoulder, near the neck; hold for several minutes that repeart on opposite hand placements.
Today I am going to give some instructions on treating and upper respiratory inflammation/infection. The absolute fist thing I rec. is put vaporizers over the house or if you have a wood stove place pans of water with vaporub added, the vaprorub has eucalyptus and menthol in it. i would rub the vaporub on the chest, neck and back of the victum. If you have a nebulizer, use a mix of food grade hydrogen peroxide and breathe it, I can give you the formulas if you want to try it. I would take high doses of vitamin C, lots of physicians give vit C iv and it can cure a cold almost immediately.
The easy remedies: take gel caps or liquid oil of oregano all winter daily, you can alternate with some of the other antivirals. Add garlic to food whenever possible or take aged garlic in large doses whenever you feel an inflammation starting. All winter I rec. extra vitamin D3 also. Lots of hot soups and cold juices (no sugar) sugar feeds virus and bacteria both. If you want to use acupressure, massage the joint where the arm hangs onto the body, that is the lung pressure point. King institute has a method of getting rid of a cold that I will blog, later. I put tea tree oil in one vaporizer in the house also. Have to go take care of some animals but will blog more later.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big snow! I have 4-6 inches, it is hard to tell how deep because the wind is causing some drifting. It is just at freezing and the snow is still falling. I do not like it. My birds are begging for more feeding stations and I am going to run out of bird food. I had real problems feeding my livestock could not even find their feeders so had to take out some dog dishes to feed them. Two of my guest dogs could not come because mom could not leave town; weather too bad.
Gotta watch some final four today but my brackets are a mess. I still think I have the correct winner but you can not tell this year, it is a mess.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy weekend and week ahead; it is spring break week! I think Spring did not spring, today the weather is horrible and getting worse. The cats stayed in last night because they knew that the weather was getting bad. I have been calling around about getting some hay for my livestock, may get some today. Looks like there may not be any good grass for a while.
Put together info to see if I can convince Barnes and Noble to sell my book in the local store. I also sent e-mail to Borders; they might put the book in their stores, will check back. If you have not ordered my book; you can do so on or; if you want a signed copy, let me know and I will send you one. The price is $10. My address is on my website .

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today it feels and sounds like spring outdoors. I have been listening to Charlie the Fox on this morning, I really like this old wellness advocate. He believes; health is making choices and I agree. I have also been reading some more things concerning EWOT and would like to see more people try it. In this study the man with fibromyalgia walked on the treadmill using oxygen through a mask while exercising and it really was a great benefit, returning the person to wellness. I was able this morning to spend a lot of time outdoors doing my energy healing exercises and walking with the animals. I have already hung out a load of laundry, now ready for breakfast and it is not yet 9 am.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Could not listen to Dr. Francis last night because this little ThinkPad is old and could not download "go to meeting". I listened to Gerson interview this morning and I get inspired every time I hear about The Gerson Way of healing. Still do not have the files extracted from the computer and it sent for repair, hope to get that done today. We had out annual meeting via phone for "Health to Soldiers", wish I could contribute more and help Laura. Need to get some fund raising done and also some donations.
Getting calls every day for pet sitting; forgot to book for spring break, I guess it is normal for people to forget their pets. Will have two that I have not met besides my own and 3 extras; 19, just hope they do not need to sleep with me, 12 is enough for the bed. I fear I will not get much sleep.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spent some time upgrading my website today; An indication that the winter has been bad; no hay anywhere, have to hope I have enough grass coming up and feed a bit more grain to my livestock. My hope today is for more sunshine so that the grass/weeds will grow fast. Had only about an hour of sunshine yesterday so got a little vitamin D and enjoyed it so much. I am certainly missing all the data I had on the computer and don't know when or if I will get it back, would have had it backed up if I had not completely trusted a computer that was less than 3 months old.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another computer went blank Friday so I am on the little think pad, I am afraid I have lost lots of data, trying to retrieve it but not much luck so far. I have two almost completed books on it, all the tax data, many many downloads and just plain info. I have had it less that 3 months and it is a gateway, supposed to be good, hoping it will be replaced but it puts a kink in my daily life. Had two extra dogs on the week end, Coco and Molly, Corgi and Beagle. Will have lots of extras starting this week because next weekend spring break starts.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Listened to a webinar last night by Dr. Raymond Francis and really learned a great deal, had another webinar as well that I did not complete because it was not relevant for me. If I am listening to something or reading an article, if it is not of value to me, I do not waste my time with it. Dr. Francis was talking about out toxic world; a subject we all should be interested in exploring.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I guess it is spring, tornado warnings last evening. my two little storm warning dogs were on top of me all evening.

I want a printer that never runs out of ink, every time I want to print something one color or another is empty. I think there is a little imp in the printer that drinks the ink as soon as I hit the print button.

People are starting to make travel plans for spring break so my phone has been busy scheduling pet visits and sleepovers at my house. I had someone text me, I do not text, so I ignore it, they will call if they want me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Really enjoyed my time with the little church group Monday night and spent yesterday in Monett, Mo. visiting with an old friend and neighbor and giving her my views on health. Was really nice to be back in a community where people still know each other. Did not stay late because I have a headlight broken and I don't drive well in the dark without good headlights. My animals really missed me because I was gone all day; they are not used to being alone, but survived.

Did not write in book #2 yesterday so gotta catch up today, the sun is shining this morning so may have to do it outdoors, under the old apple tree.

Monday, March 8, 2010

If anyone noticed, I skipped a day of blog, it was difficult but I did blog on another blog because it was part of my next book. If you have not ordered one of my books, "Mema's Ramblings on being Well" go to or and order a few. I have been invited to have lunch with an old neighbor in Monett tomorrow so hope that the weather is nice so I can enjoy the drive up. Have a small workshop tonight on wellness and will find out from the health food store whether or not he is going to stock my book, hope he will so I can refer local people, where to purchase.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

It was a beautiful day yesterday, lots of playing with the animals outdoors. Spoke with my publisher; trying to get some books ordered, it may be easier just to pay full price with no postage and go to or When I used to travel in the River Valley, I frequented the Booksamillion store in Fort Smith and really was fond of it. Made a promise to a friend that I would go to Monett, Missouri on Tuesday and see her, may try to see the newspaper while I am there and the radio station. Did a lot of research on some supplements, one is a part of the licorice root; glavonoid.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I looked at getting my book into Barnes and Noble; too much of a hassle and also in the long run might be expensive, I will continue to refer all to and . I did give it to a health food store and he is looking into stocking it. Did health coaching yesterday, spent 3 hours with the client and don't know if I helped. Have to over ride her mindset of being chronically ill. Does probably have hormones out of balance and many vitamin/mineral deficiencies. Will continue to work with her.

Beautiful weather and just gotta get out. New little goat as our guest to let Jesse mate with her. Lola is so cute but a little lonely for her herd. I will try to get pictures of her this week end and pictures of Julie and Jim, the hen and rooster.

While I was out yesterday, visited with a few unhealthy people; one is having numerous health problems but does not intend to quit smoking, one is having cataract surgery and another wanting knee surgery. What a shame, we want to do as we please then have instant healing with surgery, etc.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The SUN IS COMING, THE SUN IS COMING! I can't believe it but, I see the sun. I absolutely love it. Can't wait for it to get above freezing so we can spend time outdoors. My daughter cut my hair last night so I feel like a new woman today. It was so nice when, years ago, I went to the beauty shop every week and got that head massage. Hope to get my first books today either from the publisher or from I can then start showing it and getting some publicity. All the dogs are wanting their massages this morning so can't spend much time on the computer, Rosie, toy doxie, has already been in my lap and Franklin, pom, is wanting up too.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The sun forgot to come out yesterday but I did not have time to get out in it much anyway, Started doing some cleaning in the bedroom that the dogs and I spend most of out time in, what a mess. I made the extra bed back into a couch, since the big dogs left and I had it out just for them. Ruby decided that it would be good for cats so she enjoyed making it hers.

Last night I did a great deal of reading in Donna Eden's book and I learn something new every time I read a chapter. Today I will run her audio during the day and pick up some stuff from it.

Really am angry at one of my neighbors. I love living out here in the country but, I have a neighbor who has a gun and loves to use it, he is an angry old man and hates animals, even birds. I was out in the front yard with Harry when I heard him shoot; a small dog came running as fast as he could and darted across the highway. Just missed getting hit by a truck. That little dog couldn't have harmed him or his property. He must be a very unhappy person, he even shoots my birds and they fly just far enough to drop over my back fence. I don't see how those red winged black birds or cardinals could be harming him in any way, I keep hearing the phrase that "guns don't kill people; people do" but if he didn't have the gun he could not be shooting my animals. If one of my animals happened to get out, I don't think he would hesitate to shoot it, especially Jessie my pygmy goat, he has told me how much he hates goats. I just hope there are not too many people like him.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Not freezing this morning so I could run water for the livestock this morning. My rooster really sounded great this morning, he was in good form. I found out how much iuniverse charged for postage so I went to and found my book, I can get free shipping there. I am a bit disappointed in my publisher, high charges, etc. I may have to find another publisher for my next books. I ordered 3 books from and paid for them because I want them this week. I will be in contact with iuniverse today via e-mail and let them know how disappointed I am.
Got to watch both my Suns and my Mavs yesterday so I wasted my time but it is worth it. I also watched USA get beat for the gold metal in hockey, that was a waste, since I don't really enjoy hockey.
Have a long 'to do' list today, will need to avoid wasting time today.