Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LIstening to Dr. Mercola and David Wolfe

Brrrrrrr cold this morning. My little puppies love to go out with me, watch everyone pottie then come back in and ...........Lot of clean up! Now they are ready to nap, on my rebounder, but if I get up and move about, they have to move too. Molly and Coco went home last evening and I have a bit more room to walk about in the house. Kidd, Nash and Buddy are always exactly where I need to walk, of course.

I am listening to Dr. Mercola and David Wolfe in a repeat webinar, so much good information. As I listen and write, have to have coffee to keep my hands warm. There are several different videos so I will get to listen for a long time this morning as I clean up, do wash, fold laundry and talk to the four legged creatures, I sing to them but they do not seem to enjoy it a lot, don't know why, I have a booming voice and can sing 2 octaves without difficulty.

I have to get to the bank because I put my last 2 books on Kindle yesterday and need to replenish my account. It was my only cyber Monday purchase. I think that shows a lot of restraint; had plenty of opportunity to spend money, my e-mails were full of great offers. I did get my new Qigong DVDs yesterday and my Donna Gates Book. Need to increase my memory and speed reading quickly so I can catch up. My classes are progressing well even with the puppies as distractions. Wish someone else would love these little distractions, I vowed years ago; "No more puppies" older dogs only, I am too much of a doormat and "I am just a girl that can't say, No". How can you say no to these sweet little animals?

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Night with New Puppies

I went and got the puppies, they are cute but terrible. I had almost forgotten how really bad puppies are, I did resort to a kennel in my bedroom for them to sleep, they slept 2 hours than had to be out for 2 hours then on and on. The other dogs already hate them but are very tolerant. Of course there is pee and poop everywhere, it is a good thing I do not have anything nice to be ruined. My biggest problem is with my computer cords, etc. They bonded very rapidly and want to be close to me at all times. I named them Nash, Kidd and Buddy. Buddy was the shy one then the other two are NBA stars that I love; fast moving, assertive and everything is fun. We took Rambo and Lela home so the cats are happy but still have Molly and Coco, haven't heard from the Mama guess she just forgot to tell me she is home, I will call her soon and see if Penny could bring them home, Molly and Coco are not very tolerant of the puppies antics.

I did my Kwik learning lessons yesterday and last night tried to watch the Hallmark show, it was such a nice little show, I loved it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Stray Puppies comming

Dixie, Zena and Zoey went home last evening and the house is a bit quieter, but today I will pick up three stray puppies that I do not need. Maybe we will find a home for them quickly. Does anyone want a male lab/pit bull ?? mix? Diane says they are very sweet and smart little dogs. In the time of black Friday/ciber Monday, you can take one free and get a second one free, such a bargain! Anyone that would stay in a tent at the store front door for several days for a bargain should be glad to get a free puppy. I may have to start feeding cheaper food than the best.

It is cold this morning because there is some wind, the dogs love it outdoors but I can't stay long and they do follow me in quickly. I suppose I make a nice security blanket for them. Nellie and Ruby are hoping that Lela goes home today, she has had too too much Lela the past several days. She will have infinite love and gratitude when Lela is gone!! I an grateful this morning that I have four walls and a roof and also a soft bed to sleep in, can't imagine how difficult life could be, homeless. anything is possible. I will give away some more books today as I travel to pick up the puppies, would be nice if I would sell them, wouldn't it?

I will do more of my Jim Kwik memory classes today and by tomorrow I should be able to remember everything!!

I have to go get another cup of coffee to keep my hands nice and warm and Rambo says he has been out of my lap way too long so gotta quit rambling.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beautiful sunshine

Beautiful sunshine today, looks warm but I am not fooled by the look, after running with the dogs and feeding all the outdoor animals, I know how cold it is but it will warm up I am sure. I am listening to Darren Weissman who teaches Infinite Love and Gratitude; replaying a webinar. I have gratitude for the ability and strength to care for all these animals and am very grateful for the sun, more time outdoors. I think Jill will come for a while this morning so I am grateful that I can talk to a two legged creature also. Plenty of football to watch today and I will love it!

I think Dixie and Xena will be going home this afternoon and that will give me a bit more floor space. Most of them are napping now but Jackson, Rambo and Zoey, they are playing right under my feet.

Friday, November 26, 2010

winter scene out my window!

I feel like the day should be about over, too much ice to go through to feed the livestock and lots of dogs and cats to feed. Now everyone is napping and I have to get busy in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the living room, cleaning a bit just to get through the house. Everyone is fat and happy but me and I am just fat, well maybe happy too, just tired. I will have to do a lot of qigong and rebounding today. My Internet was off this morning, the little box was not lighting up, I had to unplug and replug, don't know whether the cat or dogs were responsible, someone was. I can hear it now,"not me, not me". My trees are ice covered and the sun is shinning through them so my window looks like a Christmas card. The water did not have time to soak in before it froze so I could have skated to the barn that is if I knew how to skate. I am happy to cyber shop instead of going out to all the stores, fighting the crowds and the cold. The shopping channels keep trying to entice me with "split up your payments for 6 months", etc. Free shipping really gets me excited.

Penny brought me some really good food last evening and Lonna came and spend a couple of hours so I did get to speak to two legged creatures.

I listened to a lot of webinars yesterday and almost caught up on the ones I had saved, learned a little and now I have more stuff to research.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gone to the Dogs!!

As I 'cleaned' my house yesterday I listened to "Happiness for no reason", enjoyed it and will need to take some notes on it later. when I say clean; meaning able to tolerate a couple of rooms. Got a call from a friend and she has not been able to find a home for a couple of puppies, so will probably bring them on Sunday; I will put Tamera at work trying to find a home for them and a "chiwawa" that Diane has also.

I am listening to a replay of David Wolfe's newest webinar and learning a lot, will have to re listen several times. Hope I can purchase his book and DVDs.

I can't believe it but Lela just came in and knocked over my coffee cup and is trying to taste Nellie the cat. She is a loving dog but so big and clumsy. Dixie and her sister will be here later today.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Listening to Dr. Stephen Sinatra/Clint Ober

Last night I got to listen to a webinar by Clint Ober and Dr. Stephen Sinatra, two of my favorite people. they were talking about the importance of touching the earth; Earthing (grounding). I really believe that touching Mother Earth is so important and am sad that it is almost too cold to go barefoot out doors. One of the focus is healing arthritis and thyroid problems by just going barefoot or sleeping on a grounding sheet. I have the book and the grounding mat to put my feet on under my computer. If I am having trouble sleeping I place my little mat on my bed under my shoulders.

I have Molly and Coco now for the rest of the week and they are really enjoying everyone. It does get active under my feet, hope I don't trip over a dog and break some bones. Will have Dixie and Xena, Rambo and Lela on Wednesday morning.

I was reviewing the information I have on Quantum Touch Healing yesterday and found a practitioner nearby so will meet her next week and make a new friend. I also reviewed my study materials for my Jim Kwik memory program and am progressing. I am doing my vision improvement routines, etc.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Started my Jim Kwik classes onling

It is beginning to rain so had to be certain to get Jesse back into the barn area, he hates rain. All my goats hate to get wet and I have to be certain to get them out of the back yard when it starts to rain. Everyone is fed and taking their morning nap and Nellie seems to feel better today. She ate her breakfast and has been out with the dogs a couple of times. I will get two more dogs today for sleep overs through the holiday, Coco and Molly, I really love those two dogs, but I really love most dogs. Molly a beagle and Coco a Corgi.

I am listening to Sue Mortar this morning, a replay webinar, I don't know how much good she does me but I listen, just in case. Yesterday I started my memory and speed reading program, Jim Kwik's program, an online class for 6 weeks. I started recalling my days of the Dale Carnegie classes back in the olden day, 1978 I believe was the first classes my husband and I took and really enjoyed, kept being graduate assistants until his illness and death. I started yesterday remembering lists of 10 and 20 things. I also got the class for Jill, my youngest, I think it will help her. I will get another dog tomorrow then the others will come on Wednesday.

I was not enjoying Sue Mortar so I changed to Donna Eden to listen to this morning.

As you can see from the picture, Zoey is assisting me.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Peanut Brittle

I am replaying the lecture by Dr. Symeon Rodger this morning because I am in and out so much I miss a lot so have to keep re listening. It makes me want to start my exercises and Qigong right away this morning, so I can negate the 7 deadly spirals of disease in my body.

Very windy today so lots of sounds in my little house that are not dog or cat sounds, more like ghost sounds.

My children and their friends went to "Steal you dollar city" yesterday; it has been tradition in our house for 40 years to always bring me some peanut brittle when anyone goes, so, I have peanut brittle to eat today. When my children were small, my husband was always taking groups of under served children and disabled adults on trips to Silver Dollar City and when ever he went he always brought back peanut brittle. Since his death the children continue to bring me Peanut Brittle whenever they go. I am grateful that my teeth are good enough to chew it!!

Nellie, the cat, does not feel well today; did not eat all her food and spit up on my desk. She must have eaten something at the barn that did not agree with her digestive system. She is sitting here on the desk in the window asleep now. Jackson and Zoey are playing so hard that most of the dogs are having their nap interrupted. They are of course, playing right under my feet!! I have a lot to do and I have to get busy.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just Rambling today

I just read a quote on Twitter: Cats are smarter than dogs, no one could get 8 cats to pull a sled through snow. I do agree, my cats are too lazy and do not like cold.

I got a bale of hay last night for my livestock and they are happy. JR the mini mule is eating as fast as he can this morning but he does not move very fast. Coffee cup feels good this morning but the sun is shinning so will probably be a nice day. My kids are going to "Steal your Dollars" City today with a group of friends; crafting and riding all the funky rides, should be a nice day for it. I could not go because every time I spend money on something like that, I think about better things the money could go for, too much "guilty feelings" whispering in my ear. Just think how many hunger animals or children that money could feed.

Zoey is enjoying her vacation with us and Monday evening we pick up Molly and Coco, beagle and Corgi, then I add some every day. Sleepover at Mema's is very full for Thanksgiving; Lonna will bring me some large bags of Blue Buffalo food, it is the best. I wonder if there is any place that has damaged bags of Blue?

I have been wearing my pinhole glasses to improve my vision, doing my eye exercises, taking my eye supplements, etc. I can now read 12 point print but most of the books etc. are 11 pt or smaller. I will keep working at it to get perfect vision and am putting drops of castor oil in my eyes at night to disolve any cataracts that might be forming. Give me another month to become perfect.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter is on it's way!

Really frosty this morning, had to put my shoes on when I went to take care of the animals. The sun is shinning so it will warm up a bit I know, Zoey is coming today, that little white dog gives every one exercise, it is run, run, run. Sophie the cat did not come for breakfast this morning on the deck, when I went looking, she came running from the direction of the barn and acted a little frightened. I had to hold her and feed her so she would look comfortable. Don't know what happened, wish she could talk. Since it was cold last night I tried to get both Sophie and Stormy to come inside but they went right back out, guess they are happier out side.

I did some more reading on the Kwik reading and recall systems, wish I had known this 50 years ago. I do remember sending my husband and son to rapid reading seminars back in the '70s. I am grateful that those things are available now. I am also very thankful for the sun this morning, bought some black water hose to get water to the barn lot and put it to use this morning, black hose thaws faster than the other colors so I can thaw it out fast once the sun comes out. I am already dreading the feeding and watering routine when it is very cold and especially in ice and snow, guess it makes me healthier. Whoever goes to football games tonight will really have to bundle up. Here comes Zoey so gotta hush and go run.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I had a wonderful luncheon yesterday with two new friends. I am afraid I talked too much because my interaction with 2 legged creatures has been so restricted the past few years. They bought some of my books so that is different, I usually give away many more than I sell. just in case you are interested I have some to sell and they are available on http://www.amazon.com/

I am listening to a webinar this morning as I go about my business; Jim Kwik, brain longevity. I have never heard this speaker so am anxious to hear what he has to say. I got a new book to read yesterday: Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Be One, and while you are at it change the world, by Wendy Robbins. I started reading it last night and it appears to have some good info. Not that a 76 years old lady could marry a millionaire anyway, maybe I could be one??????

I am grateful for new friends and also grateful that it did not snow last night, felt like it might.

Jim Kwik is reminding me of Dale Carnegie classes, techniques for remembering names, etc. One of his subjects is speed reading, also. He is into reading a book a day. I do that but mostly on line. I am going to have to re play this one because when I am working around the house I miss too much. I would suggest that you look him up on the web or at the book store. I will see if his information is on Kindle.

When the NSI recommended a supplement, Modifilan for removing toxic heavy metal from your system, I ordered it, started taking it this morning, just because. Can't imagine how I can figure out whether or not it is effective, Oh Well.

Today I have to do some house cleaning so I have to get started, my least favorite job.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Infinite Love and Gratitude

I am cold this morning, went out barefoot but need my shoes. I had to get everyone fed and now we are all relaxed and most are napping. I am listening to Dr. Darren Weissman, I have one of his books on Kindle and practice some of his Lifeline techniques, Infinite Love and Gratitude. So much to be learned. I am so grateful that I am going to do a bit of socializing today with new friends.

I just glanced out the window and saw Stormy the cat dart down the driveway on her way back from the barn where she always goes after breakfast for a bit of dessert. She then scratches the door for another little treat. She certainly lives a good life after being a stray. I think she is so interesting to watch. I have developed a love of cats in the past 5 years, I thought you had to be a dog person or a cat person but I find that they mix rather well. I read an article about how teflon is poisoning birds so went out and picked up the old teflon skillet that I had out for watering the cats and birds. It is like the canary in the mine; kills birds, next kills humans??

Ludwick, one of the min. doxies, has something wrong with one toe and it is swollen so I have been soaking it in warm water, hydrogen peroxide, oil of oregano and Melaleuca oil. I can't see any wound but he licks it a lot so I treat it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Curious cats and bossy dogs

I am grateful that I see sun this morning, rained last night. I have a long list of things to do and much of it is outside stuff, do love the sun.

I am listening to Donna Gates http://www.bodyecology.com/ this morning, learning new things about fermented foods. I do learn a lot from her and in the background I am listening to healing sounds. I did stay up a bit late last night because I started doing some writing in my next book, had to write while I remembered some new researched information. The dogs think we deserve a nap; they do not like being up late. The cats were confused also because Lonna was home last night and they could not understand that they do not have the run of the house when she is here, she does not allow them in her room. They like to have access to every nook and cranny of the house. I can't say that I blame them. Nellie and Ruby are both very curious cats. Sophie and Stormy are still comfortable outdoors but I expect as the weather gets consistently cold they will be indoors too. I ordered some weaker reading glasses last night on http://www.zennioptical.com/ as I am improving my eyesite with Greg Marsh system. I can order reading glasses for less than $7 and can afford to keep going to weaker corrections. I will let you know how pleased I am with the product.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Northwest Arkansas Fencing Foundation Meeting

I just got back from having a get acquainted coffee for the Northwest Arkansas Fencing Foundation. I am on the board of this organization: empowering youth and disabled persons of Northwest Arkansas to become exceptional athletes through the sport of fencing. We work with under served youth of northwest Arkansas and disabled persons. Hoping to assist youth in getting college scholarships. I did get to mingle with a lot of nice 2 legged creatures and met some people I did not know. I love visiting with intelligent people.

The animals missed me, I had to hurry everyone through their morning routine because of traffic I had to leave home by 7 am. Everyone felt a bit left out because I was in a hurry. On my way home I had to pick up horse food and dog food, have to do it all so I won't burn gas to go back into town. I have a board meeting via phone this afternoon and the dogs will feel completely left out again.

I did some reading and writing yesterday as I listened to "Random acts of art" which I really enjoyed, listen to several at, http://www.knightarts.org/ it is such a pleasure to listen to and watch. Also had to research all the stuff I learned from reading the reports from the Health Science Institute. Lots of work to do today to catch up, my list is getting longer not shorter.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Frost on the Pumpkin"

You could truthfully say the frost is on the pumpkin this morning, my neighbor has a fall display in his yard and the pumpkins are covered with a heavy frost. I did go out barefoot this morning but my toes felt very frosty. Lonna came yesterday afternoon for about 10 minutes so I did see a two legged creature, she brought some food that was left from the luncheon they served and also had been to Sam's Club so had bags of dried fruit, baking soda, etc., etc. I am well stocked for a few days. The dogs and cats had bits of ham in their breakfast this morning and loved me a lot for giving them a taste.

I am re listening to Bob Proctor this morning, he is so inspirational to listen to, not that I follow through with his suggestions.

Even Domino, the border collie, wanted to sleep in the bed last night with the rest of us so I did not really sleep well. Part of my problem was that I had a nutrition bar yesterday that contained sugar and I know better now, I learn from my mistakes. I think the goats would have come in too if I had let them back into the yard instead of in the barn lot. Everyone wants to hibernate with me. Nice sunshine today so the frost really sparkles. I will be able to get my free vitamin D today and also make my telemeres longer going barefoot, so I can increase the activity of all my body systems.

Got some new reading material yesterday and now have to decipher it and do more research. A representative of Protocel called yesterday to see how the product was working, had to tell her that it was on my shelf waiting for someone else to need it, it treats cancer; I wanted it so I could offer it to someone else, I do not need it and never will. I did have a nice discussion with her and told her about the experts that I listen to and believe. I have no problem talking to anyone about real wellness, not hard for me to get on my old soapbox.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Need to do work inside today

The sick computer came home and I don't like the way it is behaving but I guess that is the problem with customer service from the support team. I can't get into hotmail, facebook, twitter of my google, I wasted a lot of time trying to get it to work so now must request help from family and friends. I just wrote this blog on it and could not get it to publish so have to rewrite.

It is so wet and cooolllddd this morning as I was caring for my livestock and running the dogs. I think I will stay inside today as much as possible. The dogs begged me to hurry and turn up the heat in the little electric fireplace so they could nap in a warm spot.

I did an evaluation of my vision program and found much improvement, I am really pleased with the program put together by Greg Marsh and would love to go learn from him in Fort Collins, Colorado. I wonder if I have any relatives who live there? I could probably stay a while with my cuz in Boulder. I would then be able to teach the program and all my friend and relatives would be able to throw away their glasses, wouldn't that be great.

I have a long list of things to do today but am going to skip most of the stuff that is outdoors.

Friday, November 12, 2010

I spent yesterday with my granddaughter, Molly, at college, she had the day off, her mom had the day off and I............ It was a good day, spent some time with my friends Jim and Mary Alice, in the '60s we spent lots of time together, that was 'a while back'. I am grateful that I have old friends and also grateful that Molly is doing well in college.

It looks like fall is here, cloudy, some wind and lots of falling leaves. Since my animals missed me yesterday I have the feeling that I have Velcro attached to me this morning. I have lots to catch up with today, my chores do not get done unless I do them. Several calls on the road yesterday of people needing dog/cat sitting during the upcoming holidays. A few to sleepover at Mema's house, looks like Thanksgiving will be a lot of fun, hope it isn't bad weather so we can spend a lot of time outdoors, running and playing.

I downloaded an audio by Czerral Wheeler yesterday early so I could listen and absorb the information. He was lecturing on how to make yourself and your family immune to chronic disease. Fermented superfoods was one of his answers and I of course, agreed with that suggestion. I still have to look at the research projects he did at Harvard in the '80s in which he and his co researcher cured cancer in hamsters with superfoods. It of course was dropped because the drug companies were not involved and very little money can be made on spirulina. They should have mixed it with crestor or prilosec and no one would have cancer today. There goes my soap box again so I had better shut up.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Visiting my Granddaughter @ Cottey

I am listening to a Dr. I found through Dr. Symeon Rodger and can't hardly contain my excitement over his information. I will blog about him tomorrow. I am dressed and ready to go see my granddaughter at college today and spend the day with her. I did a lot yesterday but can't think of much I really accomplished, I did take some books over to Janice Labrie so she can show them and maybe sell a few. I went to see my friend Carol and see if my pain dots, Icewave, would relieve her knee pain. I spent hours on the phone without much good outcome and I got some hay for my livestock. I hope to see my friends, Mary Alice and Jim Shannon today while I am in Nevada, MO. It is a holiday today so I do not need to worry about getting any mail of packages. I am grateful today for the opportunity of see my great little granddaughter.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh Happpy Day!

I was so happy yesterday to get out among the two legged creatures, had to run errands and catch up on the things I had put off for over a week. Made a stop at the office of a new friend and so enjoyed a conversation concerning wellness. Dr. Labrie is a chiropractor that my daughter has been seeing for a chair massage, she also does qigong, that is why I wanted to meet her. Her office setting is so wonderful and relaxing with good outdoor space. I think I have found a friend with a 'like mind'. I also stopped by Bud's to see my old friend Carol and came home to animals that thought I had abandoned them. I still have not caught up on my dog baths and getting the shed cleaned out, maybe today. Made a new batch of fermented slaw yesterday so I can stay healthy this winter. Listened to some more info on http://www.melalueca.com/ as I bathed dogs and made my slaw. I listened to more of Dr. Norm Shealy last night at bedtime and am listening to Donna Gates http://www.bodyecology.com/ this morning as I get things done.

I am grateful for new and old friends and appreciate the fact that I can still enjoy every day of my life.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Learning from great experts!

Princess went home so life is easier this morning, don't have to have her in my pocket all the time. I listened to a webinar by Dr. Norm Shealy last night and am replaying today, also listened to some of the information on the melaleuca website, to learn more. I have to finish the dog baths today and finish cleaning the shed so I can put away my lawnmower and tiller. Then I have to clean the tub so I can do some of Dr. Shealy's suggestions on the bath and castor oil rub for detox. I transferred some of Donna Gates' mp3 to disc and listened as I got ready for bed. I am really grateful that I have the ability to learn from all these experts.

The sun is great this morning and I am grateful that I can take off my shoes today and walk on the earth and at the same time get my vitamin D. I do have to get dressed today because Nellie reminded me that we can not run dry of canned cat food. I did the deworming of dogs and cats yesterday so used up all my ground beef so they would love their treat?? I spoke on the phone to an old friend, Pat Lemmer last night and really enjoyed my conversation, have to find a time to meet with her and teach her some healing modalities.

Monday, November 8, 2010

So little time....

I have so much to get done today, I am overwhelmed, don't know what I would do if I had a real job. I have to bathe animals today, clean up my lawnmower and put it away, clean out the storage shed so I will have room for my lawnmower and tiller, fix my gate, lots of wash, get canned cat food, etc. etc. So can't linger on the computer. I am grateful that I do not have any stock port folios to care for or gold bars to dust and have to be thankful that I have creatures that love me, a cat sitting on my keyboard and two dogs in my lap.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Touching the earth for health

My animals forgot to have their clocks 'fall back'. They really were quite impatient today with my lateness. I did find my hen's nest yesterday and have fresh organic, rangefed eggs now, until they hide the nest again. The sun is beautiful today and I can go barefoot today and get my DNA telemeres extended and my thyroid in the right balance. I have to get my 'bubbling Spring,' the spot just under my big toe, to touch God's earth. I got more soil on 'Lil Bear's flowerbed yesterday and planted some mums on it.

Hot coffee does feel good today and I must express my gratitude for a cup of coffee. If you watch http://www.youtube.com/ ask for "Life is like A Cup of Coffee" you will get a great inspirational piece.

I received the LifeWave order yesterday with the pain patches, Icewave, now I have to find one of my acquaintances that has pain to try them on. They use a blend of herbs placed on acupuncture points to relieve your pain immediately. If you are interested in reading about them the website is http://www.lifewave.com/ and I had to get a number to read all the information #744540. I am anxious to see if they work, just gotta get out of my house to find someone with pain. If you want to try one, just let me know. Maybe I will see a two legged creature today that has pain. I am listening to a webinar; Dr. Bradley Nelson is the speaker. Using our energy and magnets for healing. I have been reading his books and website. When I have time I am going to read more of his work.

Get to watch my Chiefs play today and tonight my poor, poor Cowboys are going to attempt to get through a game. Love them even when they are losing. The Suns are playing basketball but not on the tube.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Down right cold last night, football weather for sure and almost basketball weather. Everyone is in front of the little electric fireplace, I have to move more blankets over there. Tater, the big fat Shepherd that looks like a huge Sweet Potato, is curled up in one of the little beds and hanging over on all sides, he thinks he is a toy dog. We stayed in bed a little longer this morning because everyone wanted to snuggle for a while. Since the mimi mule and chickens were not snuggling they vocalized their disgust at being fed a little later. Nellie and Ruby also meowed loudly. I have lots to do so I can catch up, Really got behind yesterday because of 'Lil Bear's death, never did catch up. I have to call and order more hay today because there is no grass because of the big freeze. Trying to get in touch with Doyle.

Yesterday I heard a webinar on TAT, using it for weight lose, then had to spend time doing the research and downloading the free booklet and MP3. My documents are full of free stuff that I am needing to read and listen to. When Princess goes home next week , I can spend more time reading.

Infinite Love and Gratitude for my great little animals, they love me whatever my mood. The picture today is of Jackson, he was named Jack and I do much better with 2 syllables because they hear me better and obey much quicker, just like I used to use first and middle name when correcting my children. They knew I meant business when I used the whole name.

Just like going to the store and as soon as you leave you know you forgot something, I did my Melaleuca order and almost immediately remembered what I did not order. It is not due to my 76 years of age, because I did it as a young person too, then I blamed it on the kids distracting me. I just try to put too much in each day, I think.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Good bye 'Lil Bear

Last night when Princess and I got home from our Melaleuca meeting, 'Lil Bear did not want to go play and I carried him outside to do his business. He climbed up the stairs to his favorite place in the bed and when I got up this morning he was dead. We don't know how old he was but when I got him, almost immediately he had to have his teeth removed, his ears had to be treated every day but he never quit letting everyone know what to do, he would bite with his gums anyone who opposed him. He was a really fat little Pom and I had to brush him at least twice a day. I fixed special food for him twice a day and he loved life. He was left with me I think four years ago and I will really miss him. He made certain that he was fed first, brushed first and into the car first when we traveled. He was one of my car boys and went with me whenever I got into the car. I have spent time this morning expanding my graveyard flowerbed and had to haul soil from my garden, move the edging bricks and plant flowers on his grave. I got my weight exercises for certain, I still need to move a bit more soil and manure. Princess had to be with me so that made it a bit more difficult.

When I took Princess last night I had to sit, not too close to anyone, because she will bite anyone but me who touches her, not an easy dog to take because she is so cute everyone wants to pet her or hold her, she is a mighty opinionated little soul. I covered her with my shawl and she even went into Panera Bread with me for a bit of soup, we sat in the back room, Jill and Penny got my food for me. All the other dogs and cats missed me because I was away from home almost 4 hours. Only 12 dogs and Princess this morning and I already miss 'Lil Bear, he was always touching my foot.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Listening to Bob Proctor Interview

I got about 1/2 through my 10 most important, yesterday so am starting out behind. I did get my melaleuca order yesterday so have to do some cleaning today and that was not even on the list. The washer is going, the dish washer is going, the animals have been fed and all are taking their morning nap. Princess is in my lap so I miss a key often on the keyboard. I am listening to an interview with Bob Proctor, I really like him. Yesterday did do the research on the Ice Wave for pain and was impressed, I, of course, order a trial package. I will start with getting rid of Lonna's knee and shoulder pain. Hope it will work so I can free others of pain, that is the ones who want to be rid of their pain. After all the years I realize that some people just don't want to be well. I did not see any 2 legged creatures yesterday, with the exception of the UPS guy, this evening I will see people because we have a Melaleuca meeting and I am figuring out how to take Princess with me. I lost my puppy purse sometime ago after Harry quit using it. It will give me something to think upon while I hang the wash.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Improving my skills in Spring Forest Qigong

While doing my morning chores, am listening to a replay of Dr. Norm Shealy, he is the greatest. I will probably listen a couple of times today because as I move about I miss a lot. I also have a lesson in Spring Forest Qigong to do today and a new interview with Chunyi Lin.

Beautiful sun this morning but a bit cool, did do my outdoor energy exercises barefoot but it was a bit cool. I am doing some research on ice wave patches for pain, all the info so far looks great for chronic pain in joints. spent some time yesterday researching the supplement PXP especially for people with cancer.

Nellie is enjoying the sun in the window over my desk, Princess, my pocket poodle, is in my lap, the dogs are in the sun and by the fireplace taking a morning nap, Ruby the cat is sitting in the sun in her favorite chair. and I had better get busy. I am hoping I will get my Melalueca package today, takes it a while, has been a week. I have some companies that have very rapid delivery, wonder what they do different. I usually order only if I get free shipping but sometimes I do have to break down and pay shipping. Hope to get the fall plowing of the garden done today, will have to put Princess in my pocket. Daisy is in the picture, a toy doxie.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"I 'had' a dream"......

I had a dream that someday I would be able to get out of bed leisurely, have my coffee, read the newspaper and be lazy in the morning. But instead of a dream, it is a nightmare, getting up, getting busy feeding everyone and making all these four legged creatures happy. Maybe, someday that dream will come true. Cool cloudy day today, the dogs have already reminded me to turn on the heat and move their beds in front of the little electric fireplace. Nellie the cat looked at me as if to say: "turn on the sunshine, this window seat is cool". Today is election day and I am going to vote the goats out of office, they have stepped on me far too often, I am going to become CEO of my own household. I don't think these creatures gave me the right to vote.

I have already been looking up information for a wellness client and need to spend some more time on it this morning, I am going to dry my clothes indoors and may even have to put on my furry slippers. I have a couple of webinars to listen to about health and wellness and one about, "how to use 'the secret'" for my benefit, haven't exactly figured that one out but give me a few more years and it will come to pass. Come with me and laugh and play today. Already reached a goal, no misspellings!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wonderful Monday??

I really never got into the Monday thing because all the jobs I have ever had, did not have a week-end off. As I nurse I always had to be alert on the weekends and usually had to work, as a realtor I nearly always had clients on Saturday and usually Sunday afternoon too. When I worked in a restaurant, week-ends are 'when no one else shows up for work', etc., etc. ......

Went to a church fall festival last night so had a little time away from the animals, I regretted it when I got home, every one acted like I had a Velcro strip on me. Now back to getting all the winter clothes ready, putting away a lot of the summer stuff, don't know where I will put it, anyway I have plenty to do today, would love to be outdoors this morning while the sun is shinning. I hope to get some writing done today, if I don't do something creative with my mind and hands, I will get withdrawal as you do with a addiction. I had intended to go to Monett this week but since Princess came, I have to keep close to home or go where I can take a little toy poodle. She is really in a playful mood this morning. As you can see, Chloe and Daisy are in my rocking chair taking a morning nap.