Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monroe and Quincy went home yesterday evening and it made my house a bit quieter. This morning I went into town to help CC a little and let Nick do some work on my website. Since I got home I have been looking for some clothing I could use for pool wear, I have been invited to a private swimming pool and I do not have a swim suit. I am looking forward to the people and the pool, it is really hot outdoors and not much breeze. The driveway is too hot for my barefoot walk to the mailbox. The new catalogs at the Lifelong Learning Center look really great and I am looking forward to seeing them when they get back from the printer. In the meantime, the new website is so great and it is much easier to navigate

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

yesterday I had a very energizing day, went the the Hawkins Wellness the help John, met some really great people in need of improved wellness. Last evening i met the greatest group of people at Lifelong Learning Center at an instructor meeting. I absolutely am stimulated when I am in a room full of great people. I hope everyone will become a fan of Lifelong Learning Center, there is a great web master if you want to see his work: I am listening to more of the Longevity Conference this morning; Dr. Yu is the speaker today and I just love his info. If anyone has the opportunity to watch the DVDs of the Conference they should! If you are in the Northwest Arkansas area on July 16 and 17 you must come to the Lifelong Learning Center, you will be so happy you did. Remember that I have a booth, am signing books and doing a class about: Introduction to Energy Medicine both Saturday and Sunday. I am home today and my animals are happy, will go to the Lifelong Learning Center tomorrow to see if I can help a bit and then Friday back to John Hawkins Wellness for a few hours.
Animals are staying cool when possible and we are doing our outdoor exercise early in the morning. I will do some writing today also, indoors!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Had a great experience working with John @ Hawkins Wellness and will go back a couple of days this week and a few days next week. I had a great time at the Chinese Tea Ceremony on Sunday afternoon and my dogs think I am leaving them too much but they need to be independent of me.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beautiful day outdoors, just don't have time to sit under to old trees and meditate, got lots of "stuff" to get done. Lonna brought peaches and blueberries from the Farmers' market. Jill came to help me get the kitchen cleaned a bit and I am almost ready to sit for a while and watch the ball games, I have books ready to read while I watch. Combed and bathed dogs this morning as I think of the dogs in Joplin that are being adopted today and tomorrow. Hope everyone finds a good home, not just a home. I am looking forward to the Chinese Tea Ceremony tomorrow at Lifelong Learning Center and am continuing to get ready for my book signing at the Expo, also preparing for the Energy Healing presentation. I am going to try to figure out how to do some stuff on my website,

Friday, June 24, 2011

My little pygmy mom is unhappy because I gave my friend Doyle two of her babies; Jimmie and Johnny. I am going to keep Jacob because he is so attached to me. J-Lo is confused to today because she can't find them. Jacob is unhappy because his playmates are gone, but I just can't keep all. I have spent a lot of my morning picking redbud leaves for them to eat, it is their favorite food. I am grateful to have them and I hope Jimmie and Johnny will make someone else happy. It is wonderful outdoors today and we have all been out playing in the back yard. I ordered some of my products from Willards Water today; I have been very happy with those products and will continue to use them. I was also reminded that the Chinese Tea Ceremony class is coming up and I want to attend. It is a class at Lifelong Learning Center and I plan to enjoy.......

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nice Summer days.....

I am busy without much being accomplished, somehow that does not make me feel good at the end of the day. I am working on the "Dragon's Way" nutrition and Qigong program, it takes a while for me to learn all the movements but I can almost get through all of them now without stopping. I listened to a webinar on sleep this morning and am re arranging things in my bedroom to fit the perfect sleeping model but when I add 9 dogs to the bed, somehow it does not fit the model anyway. But I must change my addiction to the pillows for best sleep production. That bit of knowledge was reinforced when I listened to the webinar. I spent some time yesterday recording videos on using Qigong and tai chi for treating diseases.
John Hawkins requested my assistance a few days during the next 2 weeks because his assistant is going on vacation. I will enjoy it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Home for Sugar and Honey

We found the puppies a new home so now I only have 13 dogs; Monroe and Quincy will be here this morning for a few days. The house is much quieter and less chaotic this morning. I am enjoying the peace and quiet for now. I love it!!
I worked on my classes for the Expo in July, a lot this weekend and made some decisions about how much material I could cover in 45 minutes; very difficult for me to present in small increments of time. I have the yard finished and it looks good, feels good too to go out into a well mowed yard. I spent a lot of time fixing fence because my little goats: Jimmy, Jacob and Johnny found a way to wonder into the front yard and tasted new foliage. It certainly was hot Saturday when I was building fence! I am excited about having lunch with my friend Ellen today; such a nice person and fun to be with. Will also visit with CC @ Lifelong Learning Center and maybe even see Molly as she got back from her college summer camp yesterday.
I am hoping Alan and Amy tolerated the puppies last evening and are happy, also hope that Sugar and Honey are happy with their new home...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Learning more and more about energy healing and enjoying The Dragons Way program. Was honored to spend time with Tamera, my friend and she treated me to the spa at John Hawkins Wellness Center. So much Fun!! I am waiting for the sun to dry the grass so I can use the short electrical cord and mow some of the yard. Have been hoping that my friend Doyle would help but he just does not have time.
What is the Dragon's Way?

The Dragon's Way is a wellness and weight management program, Created by Dr. Nan Lu, based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), one of the oldest holistic medical systems in the world. The Dragon's Way is for anyone, young or older, male or female, who is serious about getting well and staying well. It provides you with simple and easy tools that work with your innate ability to heal yourself. Take time and do something for you!

The Program:
1. Ten simple Qigong "energy" movements designed to re-awaken your body's ability to heal itself. Qigong increases Qi (life force or vital energy), improves the flow of Qi in the body and helps the body's organ systems regain their balance and work in harmony. It also allows the body, mind, spirit, and emotions to work together effectively. This is the true secret to the Dragon's Way.

2. Eating for Healing Plan designed to increase and strengthen your Qi. Food chosen to conserve, increase and strengthen overall Qi, and help support specific organ systems.

3. Valuable insights on how your body, mind, emotions and spirit are interconnected and how each affects you health.

Addresses the root cause of various symptoms by healing imbalances. Participants have seen improvement in stress level, excess weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, digestive problems, food allergies and much more. When your Qi is strong and flowing freely, your organ systems are balanced and work in harmony and then there is no disease and illness.

Visited a short time with CC @ Lifelong Learning Center and got times for Ellen's classes so I could sign up. Also got my vitamist supplements, am really impressed with the information I received with them and have been listening and reading as fast as I can. Hoping to find a home for the puppies this week end so I can have an easier time just living here at home.......

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Have you ever done the thing you have avoided for many years and found that it is not as bad as you imagined? I did it! For the past 15 or so years I have been so aware of where my lawn mower cord was and avoided running over it, yesterday I did it. I was distracted and cut the electric cord along with the grass. The mower stopped, I did not get a shock and now I do not have the 100 foot cord to run the mower or the weed eater. My subconscious must have been working; I did not want to mow the yard! Any way now I have to purchase a new cord and mow anyway.
Hoping for a call today to find a home for the puppies; Sugar and Honey, hoping it will happen this morning because this afternoon I get to go with my friend Tamera to John's Wellness and get her health regained.
it looks very stormy this morning so I might better turn on the TV and see if it is going to storm.I put the livestock back into the barnyard so they can make use of the barn. My trees are really weaving about and it is dark outdoors.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back to the computer, I will bet my blog was missed for a couple of days??? Since Wally went home I was able to spend a little time at Lifelong Learning Center and I was going to meet with someone but it did not happen so I came home to do a bit of work and practice some energy medicine; Dragon's Way, a program I think can be a benefit for many people.
My girl puppies, who need a home, are doing better on their pottie training and it helps a lot with my mood. I now can't get over the 600 homeless dogs and cats in the Joplin area because of the tornado. I wish I could help, when I see the pictures it just breaks my heart. It is such a shame that it means so little to so many people, people concerned with their own very comfortable lives, complaining about such trivia. I have to get more yard mowing done if it will dry from the storms last night. We did not sleep well because of the storms, especially Neville he just hates stormy weather and cannot get close enough to me.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Awoke to a real surprise, rain, thunder, etc. I was not expecting it but it is a pleasant surprise. About 50% of the dogs did not want to go out and the puppies did leave messes in the house so I am not a "happy camper" Guess I will just have to; get over it!! This is why I need extra reading and meditation today. I am reading a very interesting book: Be Your Own Shaman" by Deborah King. I must say it is making me rethink a lot of my beliefs and I think it is very good for me. Life is just so complicated and I want to simplify the whole process.
All the publicity over the negatives of using your cell phone, makes me want to get part ownership in those devices that block the electrical field. Now why didn't I know to do that; I would have if I had been using my mind to it's fullest. When I see all the children using their cell phones, I think I need to invest in a company that treats brain diseases or a facility that will care for these individuals in 2025. Am watching Dr. Gupta on CNN this morning and he talked to a young fellow who wrote a book that I have to get, now can't remember what the name was so have to look it up. That is the reason I need the book: to improve the function of my brain.
Because of the thunder, my feet are covered with dogs and I had better go sit on the couch so they can all touch me and feel safe. May not watch ball games today, all my teams lost yesterday, I must be giving off the wrong vibes......

Friday, June 10, 2011

My day was enjoyable, went to Lifelong Learning Center for a little while, found a walk in beauty shop in Centerton that would give me a quick haircut then home to mow the yard and play with animals. Yesterday evening I met Ellen for a very nice visit and back home to watch my ballgames; Rangers, Cardinals and Mavs. I fell asleep on the couch with 11 dogs sleeping on me and missed the end of the Mavs game but glad they won without me. I was going to do some reading but Wally does not like my Kindle so did not get much reading done. I have to finish the mowing today while it is a bit cooler. I am grateful today for the new friend, Ellen and I am also grateful for the cooler weather.
I am still working on my virtual trip in my head and making some contacts, have yet to get a return on my e-mails, may have to buy some stamps, that would be bad!!!
I hope I can get away a little while today also, it just makes my world so much better if I get away from animals for a bit. When I get away for an hour, I am much more patient with all the animals. I do have to hang out the wash and get busy for the day.........

Thursday, June 9, 2011

need to "getaway"

I am going to try to get away a while this morning and go to Lifelong Learning Center for socialization and this evening I meet Ellen for dinner at the Hiwasse Hilton. I need to go see John @ Hawkins Wellness but I can't be away from the dogs very long, the puppies will find something very interesting to do and they are stimulating by Wally the great little Doxie. Lots of noises last night so no one slept well, the dogs were in and out all night barking at noises therefore, I did not sleep much either. I am very grateful for my cup of coffee this morning in my fine china cup, "that's the way I like it". It is a bit cooler today so I need to get out and mow the yard, can't put it off much longer but maybe until tomorrow??
I have started my book on my "virtual" vacation; gathering information about each town I plan to visit, sooo much fun that I am not getting my housework done. Reality will eventually catch up to me but in the meantime; mema will rambling........

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Starting my "virtual vacation"

I have been busy and not getting much done. With the two stray puppies; sugar and honey, they need a home!! Monroe and Quincy went home last evening and Lonna brought me Wally, a dapple min. doxie to stay for a week. He is so cute but full of energy.
I will be forever grateful to Molly for staying with my animals while I went to class. It was such fun, Doug Myrick giving us info from his new book, "Lunch with a Billionaire", So much great information. I am also so grateful that I was "guided" to Lifelong learning center, where I am being stimulated both in body and spirit. The past 5 months have been so inspiring. I met my friend Virginia, I got involved with The Lifelong Learning Center (Howard and CC) and I met John Hawking @ Hawkins Wellness Center. I have renewed life! I felt a bit "hemmed in" with the new stray puppies last week and was inspired to do something creative. Many years ago, probably 40, my husband and I wanted to take a trip through middle America and meet "small town Amreica", He died, I had new responsibilities,etc., etc. Now gas is too high and I do not have a reliable vihicle. I decided to use my computer and take a "virtual" vacation. I have chosen 2 small towns in each of 8 mid western states and am going to meet at least 2 people in each of those towns and take a vacation, learning about them and their town. I have chosen my towns and have at least 2 names to follow up with from each of the towns, now I will start my 'virtual vacation' and start writing a book about my trip. Starting in Missouri the two towns are: New Madrid and Ste. Geneveive, do you know anyone in these towns? I have a couple of names I got from the list on the Chambers of Commerce but I would take others. I have to get my animals cared for so I can take this trip via my computer...........

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A beautiful day for which I am grateful, the animals and I are enjoying playing outdoors early because I believe it will get really warm today later. It is Sunday, if I am correct, but there are work crews on the road outside my house, I think they are working on the bypass but I don't know why they are working on Sunday, as they did not do much during the week.
Monroe and Quincy are here and really enjoying themselves, even tolerating Sugar and Honey. I hoped that I would have found a home for them by now but guess it is not happening yet. I may have to call "Dial a Trade" to find a home for them. They could be entertaining a family and having much more fun.
I am grateful for the Farmer's Market, Lonna bought me fresh blueberries, onions, sweet peas, cabbage and a watermelon yesterday. I am really enjoying the blueberries already and will eat the melon for certain today.
I have to get busy because I need to be ready to watch ball games, starting at noon today. The Rangers start at noon then it continues the rest of the day. I will need to spend a lot of time on the rebounder and pilates bench so I can watch, guilt free.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big signs of summer!

I just realized that it is not summer yet, this is spring. We have had every kind of weather this spring so do not know what season it is. Got out early to work in the yard but probably won't have grass again until fall since it is supposed to continue hot and dry in the future.
Animals all enjoying the air conditioning and very happy to be indoors most of the time. I am hoping to see a two legged creature today then Monroe and Quincy are coming this evening to spend a few days while mom and dad are out of town.
My grandson called last night and I am still trying to figure out why, did not say much but it was good to hear from him. I guess I need to appreciate it without trying to analyze it for a motive. I ordered copies of my books so I can use them at the Lifelong Learning Center Expo. I need to sell a lot of books and Juice Plus. Maybe I will learn something I can use at the class on Tuesday; "Lunch with a Millionaire". Maybe I will find home for the puppies by then also????? I have only had them since Monday, it just seems longer. They are really sweet and loving, just puppies. I am grateful that I do not have anything of value for them to chew up and I am grateful that God has given be a gift of tolerance for the antics of animals.
Hope some ball games start early today so I will have something to entertain me today. I am so grateful that I can enjoy sports on TV, I am certain that my husband Roy, up in heaven is wondering why I did not enjoy sports with him more. The reason dear Roy is small children. Always too busy with work and kids to get really caught up in sports. He could easily ignore all that other stuff, he loved sports of all kinds and would already be out of the golf course, if he were alive.
My house is calling me to start working this morning so..........

Friday, June 3, 2011


After fixing fence, mowing yard and herding dogs, I had to run to Rogers so I could see John @ Hawkins wellness center for a biomat and detox treatment. I also enjoyed the socialization with two legged creatures. I was out mowing, came in to check on things, saw black stuff on the floor and was relieved that it was just my broom handle all chewed up. These two puppies do stay busy. The cable guys came last night and fixed my cable that has been "acting up" for many months, they were supposed to come between 5 and 7 pm, got here at 7:30 after I had given the house back to the dogs; life plays tricks on us sometimes.
I am not a fan of air conditioning but for the past two days I must say that I am grateful to have the cool house. I am also grateful for the puppies that remind me of how good my older dogs are and they do give me more exercise. Again, so thankful that I have a great cup of coffee to sip on this morning.
Monroe and his brother Quincy will come this week end and be with me a few days, I don't know how they will like the puppies. i think Rambo and Lela will go home today and they will miss the fun they have here with all the animals.
Gotta get productive..........

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Puppy fun....

I am really grateful for my great cup of coffee this morning as the puppies rest a bit after playing and chewing all night. They certainly need a home, I had gotten out of the habit of putting everything out of sight that could be chewed upon. They have had; Lonna's hair gel, foot lotion, melalucea toothpaste, a pair of shoes (no only half a pair), and toilet paper, etc. etc. The have fun all day and all night but are just being puppies.
As soon as the grass dries a bit, I will start mowing again and working on fence. It got too hot yesterday for me to finish the fence. I am nailing boards on the bottom of the fence so the goats can't lift the fence and squeeze out into the yard. It would probably help if I could have a really good well stretched fence, may have to resort to hiring some help, if I can find someone who will work. Slave labor would be good?? or maybe I could become a modern day Cougar???
It is quiet so I had better see what the puppies have found that is interesting.....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life Down on the Farm.....

Something happened to my cable last night so this morning I was out by the pole trying to find the connections, what a mess, I just connected every line to something and it is at least giving me Internet now. I also had to fix fence this morning, the goats found a hole in the front part of the barn lot so I had to find it and fix it. It is a temp fix; I need to go to the farm supply and find something to anchor the fence to the ground so they can't push it up and get their heads through. I had to keep all in the back yard last night and this morning. The puppies; Sugar and Honey have been having a ball at my expense, loving life and being puppies.
I am enjoying my coffee since we went to the Milk Barn on Monday; I have good fresh cream in my coffee and that gives me great pleasure. I am grateful that we found that nice co op so I can have good cream and good cheese curds. I love it!!
The new girls found the bed so I did not sleep well; they did. Rambo and Lela are here and are having fun, Lela is keeping busy watching goats and cats. Rambo is just loving being loved and playing with Jackson. When I go into the farm supply today I will stop by the Lifelong Learning Center, have you gone to and signed up for classes? Do it Now, Do it Now!!!