Thursday, December 31, 2009

That beautiful snow turned into a big yard of mud. At least my hose thawed so I was able to get water to the live stock in the afternoon.
I spent a lot of time writing yesterday and listened to some very informative interviews. Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a cardiologist that I just love and he was interviewed on tv so I got to hear it. He is one physician that I can totally believe in. New friend on facebook that used to be my neighbor about 30 years ago. Her house was the one with a great basement so always visited her when we had tornado warnings. I did enjoy a few cups of coffee with her. So much has happened in our lives.
Gotta mop the house today because those 80 little paws carry lots of mud.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I worked a lot more on my book: Mema's Ramblings on being well. I talked to two publishers via phone, one better than the other because it would not cost me anything. I think I have about 2,000 more words to write because it is not going to be too long for anyone to read. I also worked on my reflexology class and wellness coaching class. The healing with Qigong takes lots of time and patience.
Was happy that Adelaide's parents got home, a lot less work here.
More snow last night so gotta carry water to the livestock. The two westies love to bark at my cats so have to go wrangle some dogs and cats.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It looks positive for sun today and that makes me happy, still looking forward to the thawing of my hose to the barn yard.
Did lots of work on my book yesterday and listened to an interview with David Wolfe on minerals that I really enjoyed and learned a lot of new stuff. I also got my next group of lessons on Qigong and watched the videos last night, have not practiced with them yet. Lots of information on healing.
I will send Adelaide home today and that will be a relief, also less wash to do every day. Don't know when Barky's parents will be home, soon I hope and will have Abby and Zoe a few more days.
Got a call from a book company yesterday and she will call back today to talk to me concerning publishing an on demand book.
I heard from Romo (Dallas Cowboy quarterback) that Santa left my Kindle with him. I think I need it more than he does but guess I will continue to have books all over the house and spend hours hunting information.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thankful for the remote control last night, Cowboys and Mavs at the same time, both won.
Hope it thaws enough today for me to get my water hose thawed, would like to quit carrying water for a couple of days.
Everyone up before 5 am so are taking a nap after our outdoor exercise, feeding, water, etc.
Am really feeling the results of eating wrong, need to get that sugar deleted from my nutrition, starting today. Adelaide may go home today and that will give me lots more time. I won't have to wash and dry floor quilts and pads constantly,also her daily bath,and feeding 3 times a day will give me more time for the other dogs and might even get some extra Qigong today.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

That's it, I am going to win the lottery (better enter first) and move to a warmer climate. I don't like cold weather especially the ice and snow. It takes so much energy just to get everyone fed and watered. Maybe I just need more money to make the place I have more "user friendly" The dogs and cats are all taking their early nap and I am washing and drying floor quilts and pads and mopping the floors. Gotta bathe Adelaide this morning after she and I have our time in the yard. She is so incontinent that I could easily bathe her 3 times a day, if it were not so hard to do.
Harry's stitches come out tomorrow, they are so hard that I will probably take them out this afternoon and see if the vet wants to see him tomorrow.
Watched my Dallas Mavericks yesterday afternoon and did enjoy, the Suns,too late for me. I don't think any of my extra dogs will go home until Tuesday.
Will have my cup of coffee and get started with Adelaide.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


what a great life? My body tells me this morning that the goodies everyone left when I got their dogs, were not healthy snacks.
This is when I do not enjoy my little farmette, carrying water to the livestock, feeding everyone and life in general is very hard on this old lady. My young friend Doyle came yesterday morning and got my car started so first thing this morning it was; start the water to be certain it did not freeze, starting the washer and dryer, then starting the car and letting it run for a while so the cold battery will start again when I need it.
Janet the horse kicks all the water buckets over if they are not full so I must keep carrying water until the hose thaws out next week. I have one small heated bucket but it does take her long to empty it out, so I must fill the half barrels and the 5 gallon buckets. If I get enough sun today I will be able to get the hose loose from the faucet so I can fill from the outside instead of having to go to the bathtub. I forgot to take the hose loose before the freeze, it makes my work a little harder, when I forget something like that.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Snow, ice and more snow, lots of drifting because of the wind. It is cold and I did not enjoy feeding the livestock and getting their water. JR the mini mule did not want to come out of his stable so I carried food to him and Julie the little hen.
The washer and dryer are running constantly because old Adelaide does not know when she is urinating and wets all over the house. The two little westies have not yet gotten used to the cats so bark a lot. Barky wants to sleep on top of me, other than that, we made it through the night.
If everyone gets all the pets visited without incident, all 3 of the girls and Molly will be here for a while this afternoon, weather permitting. 27 visits between the 3 and Molly is staying with some pets in their home. We will not be concerned about health and wellness as we eat today. My friend Sue brought me some wonderful "food" yesterday and I loved it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A short night with lots of distractions, the two Westies, Zoey and Abby were not used to all the different sounds you get from an animal house. All 21 dogs slept poorly and so did the cats so everyone is relaxing now after being fed and loved.
Molly, my grand daughter spent the night so the new dogs could get used to everything and everyone. I feel like I have "been ridden hard and put away wet" as my dad would have said. I feel every day of that 75+ years this morning!
Did not get much research or writing done yesterday and had only a short version of Qigong....probably not much today either, supposed to snow tonight, will be hard for Penny, Lonna and Jill to do the 30 or so visits to dogs and cats tonight and tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

will add a picture of Dixie and Zena

Got A call last night at 10pm because Dixie's (the dog from the devil) mom called and needed to bring her and her old sister over for a couple of days. It never ceases to amaze me how people can "forget to plan" for their animals. I already have my plate full but agreed to take them, also have my 2 westies coming, they have never been here but I know them and their mother, we took a class in t-touch for dogs together a few years ago. Lonna visits these 2 every day at noon. My big dogs will be back today and that will make, how many?

Worked on my on line courses yesterday and really enjoyed the class on health coaching because we are in the one on goal setting, I enjoy that because years ago I did classes at the vo tech school and did a lot of goal setting seminars on such things.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When Cowboy and Dude left for a couple days and the new bassett hound stray went to Penny's, I thought I would run to the dollar store and pick up some things I needed. Found that my car would not start, probably dead battery. I had to change my plans, I was really disappointed about not being able to get out of the house but my life is flexible.
Barky and Adelaide came to stay a week, Barky is a pug who comes to see me often and Adelaide is an old dog who should have been sent to heaven months ago, she has a dementia, is deaf, incontinent, and almost blind. I have to wear light colors so she can follow me into the house when she is outdoors.
Listened to a lecture on the Omega fats, 3, 6, and 9. I always learn something new. I also listened to a webinar on EFT tapping.
Will spend most of the day following Adelaide and mopping.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Today we will find someone to scan the Bassett Hound and see if she has a chip, if she does not we will look for her a home, we are calling her Buttercup, she has a sweet personality.
Cowboy and Dude will go to Kansas City today with their mom and dad to visit relatives for a couple of days, mom and dad are off their part time jobs today and tomorrow. I will have two more today whose parents are going away for the holidays and by Christmas I will have a house full.
Have been lazy for a couple of days so have to catch up with my classes today. After the big boys leave, I will take my car load of cardboard to the recycling

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Somehow on my twitter, facebook, etc. my print got set on small and I had to find my reading glasses from "Dollar Store". I have to figure out to make it larger.
A friend, Laura, had a stray Bassett Hound come to her house and could not find the owner. Guess who has it now until they find where it belongs, a nice well cared for beautiful female. She does like all the garbage bags and snoops into everything in the house. It must have been a really big shock when she came into this house with all the dogs, lots of sniffing going on.
Carma? all the teams I root for won yesterday, Cowboys, Hogs, Jazz, MO, Stars, the stars must have been in the right orbit. How about my cowboys, they finally helped Romo out a bit and won!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cold and dark this morning but lucky I do not live in the North East, sounds bad. Harry got through his little tumor removal yesterday and is playing "poor little me" this morning. I will get two round bales of hay this morning for the livestock and hope it will last the rest of the winter.
Did some study in my King Institute manual yesterday and listened to another seminar on eft tapping. I have to do another lesson in reflexology today and a lesson in the wellness coaching class. Will finalize the next week pet sitting schedule for the pet sitting business so that the girls will be sure to get all the pet visits done for the holiday, looks like they will be busy and I have a few extras scheduled to be here too.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The sun is peeping through the clouds this morning but not lasting. Harry Potter is having his little tumor removed this morning and I am anxious, since I cannot leave all these dogs Lonna took him on her way to work. He loves to ride so was anxious to get into the car but he will not be happy to be left there. His buddy, Trevor works there so will help him through his ordeal.

I have been increasing my Qigong and read some more of Dr. Blaylocks books yesterday, it takes longer to read him because he is technical in his writings. I listened to David Wolfe on super foods and learned a bit more about some of the super foods; goji, cacao, maca, aloe, bee products, Noni, etc. He is a delightful speaker and I really enjoy his videos and audios. Have to take a test in my reflexology and health coaching classes today and I am competitive enough to want 100%

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wonder of wonders, the big dogs mom and dad were off their part time jobs yesterday and came over to clean my back yard for me. Needless to say I was happily surprised. It made all the dogs happy, they had some more adoring friends.
Lonna went to Gordmans and brought me some flavored coffee beans and that made me happy, I love raspberry/white chocolate coffee beans, it is a pleasure just to smell them while they grind. Missed my conference on Health Coaching yesterday because I was busy getting my yard clean and my garden fence repaired. The sun was probably more important to my health anyway. I did some more work in my reflexology class and did extra practice in Qigong. Had a call from a person who was terribly afraid of getting cancer and I told her to do two things, give up sodas and sugar. She said she just could not do that, people continue to amaze me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Life, the journey

Everyday I learn something that leads to some other study and the journey takes me to another place. Yesterday as I was doing my Qigong, I was reminded of the classes I took in EFT and decided to do some review, of course I could not find all my old dvds and cds so had to go into the website and review. I know the "stuff" is here somewhere but I wasted an hour or so looking and did not find it, I have a photographic memory so I could visualize the books, cds and dvds in this great little bag, but where is the bag? I have even gone through my little memory exercises, maybe it will all come to me today.

Got two new dogs today because the parents had a business trip, Lela and Rambo have been with me so much, they came in with vim and vigor at 6:30 this morning and of course Cowboy and Dude became equally energized, everyone is resting now and listening to Christmas music. I have got to learn how to take pictures with my phone because as I write I can see at least a dozen pictures I would like to take but have not put enough energy into learning how, have to get Molly, my granddaughter to teach me.

Read more info yesterday about avoiding eye disease and cataracts by Dr. Ed Kondrot, MD, needing to refer someone who like me does not want cataracts.

Am going to try to get my grandson's picture on this blog, hope I am successful!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Had to take Harry Potter to the vet yesterday to have her check his little tumor, will have it removed on Friday. Lonna took half a vacation day so she could take him, the two vacationing dogs were still here and I do not leave the house when I have other dogs here especially big ones. I have this worry that something would happen to them if I left. Lonna will take Harry when she goes to work on Friday. I am really odd you know so I will call and make certain that the surgical wound is flooded with oxygen and left alkaline. I don't think it is cancer but I have seen in humans, when there is a trauma cancer can grow, if the wound is full of oxygen and alkaline, cancer cells cannot grow and of course I will be sure his diet is good and that he has no chance of eating sugar.

Dixie and her sister did leave yesterday evening so the house is much less confused and active. Everyone is enjoying sitting in front of the little electric fireplace and not being bothered. Even the big boys, Cowboy and Dude were glad Dixie left. Saturday the big boys mom and dad came to see their big babies and had used their food stamps to buy eggs and ground beef to help me out on making every one's daily meatball. They knew I made meatballs everyday for my dogs, to start their day and were caring enough to use the food stamps for the ground beef and eggs. I really appreciated them doing it because their boys like two meat balls every morning. I put ground beef, eggs, oatmeal and fish oil in the meatballs and freeze in mini muffin pans so everyone is anxious to get to the kitchen every morning.

Did some more study and practice in my reflexology class, will spend more time on my qigong today. It is cold so I won't spend much time outdoors.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Not too cold but windy this morning. The sun would like to shine but is having a bit of trouble.

The doxies think it is cold enough to curl up on the quilt in front of the little electric fireplace. Ludwig, a red min. doxie, got his training collar removed today because he obeys when we are out of the fenced area so now there are 8 that are trained, have to put more links in the collar for Chloe the black pug's fat little neck. I think she is next because she stays close to me anyway when we are out.

Dixie and Zena will probably go home today and everyone will be happy to see Dixie go, her energy levels are just too high all the time, the little lazy ones are tired of her.

Did lots of training yesterday on the healing powers of Qigong and worked on the sitting exercises.

Watched "Makeover" last night about the lady with M.G. and enjoyed it very much. Bad luck for my two football teams yesterday so I wasted a few hours trying to coach the Cowboys and the Chiefs. I think the Chiefs need a seminar or getting a winning attitude. The cowboys just need a new coach.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

House cleaning one step at a time

Do you realize how hard it is to clean up one area of the house, it takes real dedication! Last night Dixie, the dog who had unending energy, thought she lost her bone behind a cushion on the couch, I pulled out the cushion and you probably know what a "Pandora's box" I opened. Spent last night pulling on the cushions and using the vac, it was gross. This morning I have spent a lot of time doing the other couch in the living room, these are large couches with lots of cushions that are used by the dogs. I have done my work for the day, fed dogs, cats, and livestock, watering everyone, exercising everyone and cleaned a gross couch. I will now sit and have my cup of coffee. There is a show on HGTV called yard crashers that I like to watch on Sunday morning so while I have my coffee, I will watch tv before I start the wash, do my research for the day, take my Qigong lesson and my KI and do my reflexology exams. I am planning to find a musical cantata on the tv to enjoy and of course, I have to watch my Cowboys and Chiefs.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Warmer this morning and a tiny bit of rain at my house, was able to use the hose to water the livestock so will have to figure another way to get my strenght training to replace carrying 5 gallon buckets of water to the barnlot.
Dixie, the dog the devil sends to make me humble, came yesterday with her sister so their family could go to Silver Dollar City. Dixie acts like a 7 foot 2 year old and has unending energy, night and day. Her old sister is very good but is big enough to take up all the space on one couch.
I got a new electric fireplace and when I plugged it in it blew out two different wall sockets that must be on one line, did not blow the breaker just the plugs, guess that tells me something about the electric circuits in my house, will use extension cords for the computer and tv then call an electrician after Christmas. At least I have good heat in the living room now and don't have to turn my oven on every morning.
Did more work on my reflexology class and studied my Qigong and KI, with the time I used to get my electricity running to all the necessary things such as tv and computer, I wasted a lot of time I could have been working on learning. Heard another interview explaining the great things fish oil does for you, nothing I had not already heard but explained it well so I could impart that knowledge to others.

Friday, December 11, 2009

My "nest" is so full and unorganized that I have to clean it up. One whole shelf of the bookcase is empty, it will be full when I unload my nest.

Made an appointment for Harry Potter at the vet, he has a growth on his left ribcage and he bumped it or something and it is growing and I called the vet, she will see him on Monday. He is my old man and goes everywhere I go so have to keep him well.

The toilets were draining slow, I think the drain to the septic might be a bit frozen but I decided I might better put the bacteria in so it could clean out the septic and the drains.

I spent the afternoon yesterday studying the KI manual and learning the techniques for stopping seizures and the other first aid procedures, I am really fascinated by this stuff. Also took some more lessons in Qigong. Also listened to some lectures by Dr. Norm Shealy and Dr. Bernie Seigel via the computer. I am so glad I am living in the computer age.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Does not feel as cold because the wind left us, it is 9 degrees this morning but the horizon looks like it will yield to the sun soon.

Dread carrying water to the livestock, those 3 animals cause a lot of extra work but where can they go, no one wants them. Have to order more hay today and get another bag of grain. When I get them food or order more dog food, I say "Merry Christmas to all" and think of their sweet natures. Jesse, the pygmy goat, Janet the old horse and J.R. the mini mule do not really have sweet personalities but they do have personalities. Chloe, the black pug, has the most personality, she can keep everyone in line and talks to the tv.

I will enjoy sitting indoors and having my oatmeal this morning: old fashioned oats, nuts, flax seed, raw honey. salba and a little butter. I really feel sinful when I put the butter on it.

I listened to an interview with Dr. Sinatra yesterday, he is the cardiologist that I firmly believe in and would take his advice most any day.

Gotta check my bank account today and see if I can order some more cacoa, I enjoy it so much.

I have a problem with a couple of people that had me care for their dogs and keep forgetting to pay me, they have money too and jobs.

I have not heard from my Cowboy and Dudes' parents this week but now realize that I have had them over a month and they are thriving eating healthy food, great bones and meatballs and enjoy a wonderful clean bed every day. Just hope the parents can get out of the shelter soon.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cold and windy, nothing on tv, so watched 'on demand tv', Julia and Julie. I really did enjoy it.

It is very cold here so I have to go break the ice so my farm animals can get a drink. The dogs are not wanting to spend much time out doors. I started the washer right away this morning because I do not have a heater in the utility room so wanted to be certain my pipes had not frozen. Stormy the cat lives on the dryer when she comes in so I guess she is keeping everything warm.

I don't know why but the dogs wanted me up @ 4 am, I was determined to pretend to be asleep so they would go back to sleep but it did not fool them. Even the big dogs, Cowboy and Dude decided they wanted to sleep with me so my bed got too small and I got up, just as they had all planned in the first place.

I did some reading yesterday and also worked on the book and my reflexology class. Did a little extra Qigong because I watched another master and really loosened up my old joints.

Going through some old things, found a playbill from my husband attending a performance of South Pacific in London 1950's! Some of those things were in a cedar chest that was not in the house when it burned. The playbill did not have a date but was probably 1951, it was the real performance with Mary Martin @ Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Also found the Cotton Bowl tickets from 1959, they were good seats and cost $5.00, We went there to see Air Force play, I don't remember the other team but it ended in a tie, I think.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rainy this morning, you up north of me are getting snow, me may have snow tonight.
Yesterday started my online classes in reflexology it blends in nicely with my at home classes to become a master of qigong. I do love learning and hope I can instill that love of learning in others. My grandchildren seem to have the learning bug and that makes me proud. Yesterday did a lot of research on alternative cancer cures and was really happy with the results. So sorry that mainstream medicine has not been happy about trying very cheap, safe alternatives.
Must say that I get a lot more reading done because the tv is so poor. Tonight my Suns and my Mavericks play but the tv stations do not show the game, is not that terrible?
All the dogs are great, happy, full and relaxing to Christmas music.
Found a couple of good websites yesterday: We are one and Act on. Act on is a social networking of people who have "causes" and We are one is about saving the earth, videos sound like the old Indian talking about saving our resources. I can listen to the video on the earphones while I am on the computer. Also wrote an essay on Helium, about animals and the homeless.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Finally got my washer changed out, I no longer have to mop the floor while I am washing. Had trouble finding anyone to help so Lonna and I moved it ourselves. My body aches a little this morning. It is great to have it washing this morning, sounds good. Stormy the cat. the utility room/outdoor cat did not like us disturbing her room but she got over it when I put fresh food out this morning and a few extra treats.
Have to put a new cat door in the kitchen door because, Cowboy (huge dog) tried to get his shoulders through it. With two large dog doors you would think he would not need to use the cat door.
Did some more research yesterday and added some information to my book, have to keep using my brain so it will not become stale. Watched some sports on tv but very disappointed, Chiefs and Cowboys both lost, I do think I could have coached a bit better than their coaches did.
Have to hang out a load of wash and exercise these dogs a bit.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I have never liked cold weather, I think it stems from the fact, I grew up on the farm and had to get out and feed the livestock and milk the cows. Now I would probably enjoy it if I was not now; feeding the livestock and carrying water to them. The sky is beautiful and it would be nice to take a little walk, all bundled up but I would have to take all these dogs with me. This old lady is not up to that kind of walk.

No money to buy Christmas gifts this year because the money is sitting on my roof in the form of a solar panel that heats a hot water tank. Also some money invested in supplements for all my family, I am the only one interested in their health. I must say I have some of that money tied up in books and cds to keep my brain filled with new information.

I have a very contented group of animals this morning. Their "bellies" are full and they are napping with a smile on their little faces. I don't know what to do with them, and I certainly would not know what to do without them.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The mom of Cowboy and Dude called last night to check on her dogs and to tell me she could not come to see them because the water pump on their car broke. Someone there at the shelter was helping them get it fixed. She and her husband both got part time jobs, don't know when they will make enough money to have a place to live so they can take their dogs.
All is well here at this "dog house" even though it is very cold. The sun is just making an appearance as I look out my window, the animals have been fed and are napping to Christmas music.
Did some more reading and writing yesterday, listened to an interview with Dr. Blaylock and got his book off the shelf to review. I agree with probably 90% of what he says and have to do further research on the other 10%. Did some research on the Budwig nutrition program for cancer and ordered a book from King Institute, so I can learn a new wellness procedure. Also looked at online reflexology classes, I used to do a lot of reflexology using the hands and found it very effective, gotta learn the correct methods.
Gotta get me a kindle, am in the contest to win one then I will not have so many books on the shelf, I can just pull them up on my kindle.
Gotta go carry water to the livestock, hose is frozen!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Today the moon and stars are beautiful and the sun is starting over the horizon but, it is 16 degrees and my nose is cold. I got my small heated horse water bucket plugged in yesterday and it was nice and thawed but the other buckets are frozen solid.

Did not get much work done yesterday but I will catch up today. I believe in tomorrow, what you don't get done today, you can do tomorrow. I sent Sonny, the little doxie/lab to stay a few days with Jill yesterday because Cowboy loves him and will not leave him alone. He has the battered woman's syndrome any way, if another dog is bothering him he just lets it happen without retreating. Then keeps going back for more.

Did some study on new ways of treating cancer and listened to some videos on treating depression. Did not do my qigong lessons yesterday but will catch up today. Again, putting off until tomorrow, I guess I am a procrastinator even if I am not usually in that mode.

Between God and the Dogs, I am well taken care of anyway.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Had a short night, my son-in-law who has the worse health habits in the world, had seizures last night, he has huge unpaid medical bills for the past few years from a medical problem where he was in the intensive care ward for a long time, and insurance paid only a small amount. They lost everything they had this past year including their house and they have no insurance and since he lost most of his short term memory skills when he was ill, he cannot do any job excepting washing dishes at a restaurant. His wife tries to keep things going by working 3 jobs and they have a daughter who is a senior in high school. They live with her younger sister in a small house. I looked up info on a free health clinic this morning because he cannot even wash dishes unless the seizures are under control.
My son-in-law will be at my home today because he cannot be left alone and my daughter has to work. As you probably guessed, he is not my favorite person in the world and I hope I can be tolerant, must do my relaxation and Qigong. Will take extra Zamu today and make the best of everything.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Had predictions of snow today but as usual the weather man changed his mind last night. I think it is now rain this afternoon, so will hang out clothes early. I worked so hard yesterday rearranging the house to make it more comfortable for the big dogs, they so wanted to sleep with the little ones and I, I made them a couch in the bedroom, I can hardly walk in the room but they were so happy. Had to move one of the large book shelf units to the hall so had to move about 150 books and that was just one of the 4 units I have. I am a book lover and can never find the one I want, gotta reorganize them, have a dozen or so by my nesting chair in the living room and another dozen or so on my bedside table. Found my biology book from nurses training, 1952 was the year. After my house burned in 1982 my dad found it in his house and he brought it to me just in case I needed it. I think the only thing in it that is usable is our body structure.
When I moved the cookbooks, found a Christmas cookie book that brought back lots of memories, the dogs and I do not eat sugar often so guess I won't use it this year.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thrillionaire of the Week

Thrillionaire of the Week
I am listening to those wonderful 14-15 year old boys sing opera and thoroughly enjoying it. It is such a thrill to hear young people do outstanding things. I placed it on twitter and and facebook, wanting everyone to hear them. Will try to get it on the blog.
Sun is a little under the clouds today but can hang out my clothes as soon as the frost is gone.
All the animals have been fed and are listening to Christmas Music as they nap. Even the cats are napping and listening.
Will do some more writing today and have to move some furniture around to make it easier to walk around in the house. In order to do that have to move a book shelf so unload books, dust and that takes time, Will listen to a cd while I do that.