Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am late getting my blog written because I am trying to get a new floor into the back bedroom, I am almost finished but I am tired. I am removing some old carpet then replacing it with tile. Pulling the tacks and taking up the tack boards and removing the staples is a very hard job for my old body. I am going to finish up tomorrow. Also worked on the computer getting it open long enough to remove some of the programs. I just need to be patient and do as I can.

No food in the house so I have to go to the grocery store tomorrow. A beautiful day but I did not get to spend much time out in the sun. I think I will pop some popcorn and watch a couple of baseball games as I rest up and do my relaxation exercises. I did not have any two legged creatures to help today so I wrote my granddaughter a letter and sent her a few stamps.

Have to do a lot of cleaning because when you deplete a room of everything, gotta organize it and move it back in. I need a human to help me, I am getting a lot of help from my four legged friends!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

computer problems

Yesterday I got the computer open just long enough for it to tell me that there is a bad program in it and therefore it can not come on or it will destroy the computer, now I have to figure out what to do and how to do it. I have to ask for help.

I got to the feed store yesterday, now I have horse food, dog food, goat food, goat worming pellets and chicken food. I did get in a visit with my friend Carol and had a conversation via phone with my friend Dorothy. Since I got home from my errands, the dogs have been even more like Velcro. I did get another book on my kindle, cost only $8, books are a lot cheaper on kindle. If I can get the computer on long enough to get some of my stuff off it, I will be very happy. Will replay a webinar today that I missed yesterday.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beautiful Kindle cover

I got a kindle cover from my friend, Mary Alice, it is so beautiful. She crocheted it. Now I want a laptop cover to match, is that asking for a lot? I still have not found a solution to my crashed computer, will try to get the company and my friend Dan today and solve it. Can't finish downloading my book to the publisher until I get it to open. May have to completely start over, hate to do that. I am listening to a webinar now and will re listen later and take notes. Did not get to the farm feed store yesterday so it is number one on my list today.

I am being tempted to order another book on Kindle, almost can't resist "one clicking" and getting a new book, I really need it! I started to so some more of the research on a healing technique and guess what, I downloaded to information to study on the computer just before it crashed so will find more information from another source.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Good food, love and exercises keep me away from the Dr. and vet

My but it is cool this morning, had to wear shoes! Now that the sun is out, off come the shoes so i can wake up my energy system in my body and get healthy. Zoey went home last night so the dogs are quiet this morning and I can get some work done, have to go to the livestock feed store today to get goat food. Very expensive to feed all these animals but with good food, love and exercise everyone stays very healthy and no vet bills. Same with me, good food, love and exercise, I stay healthy and no Dr bills.

I investigated the possibility of having a table at the Women's Expo in January and getting some paying wellness coaching clients also showing my books.

I have a long list on my 'to do' list so I had better get busy, also hope I will get another supply of my books today and a kindle cover Mary has sent me. I love mail so have to send a letter to my granddaughter in college today, she has sent out really strong hints via facebook.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Picture of my son and Dory

Cool and rainy today, may have to put my shoes on, hope not. Will call Gateway today and see if they have any suggestions on how to get the computer started, if not will send it to my friend, Dan and see what he can do. I do not handle poor service very well so dread encounter with "customer service". Zoey will probably go home tonight so I will be able to start getting out with two legged creatures I have long list of "things to do" when I get out. Since my writings are on the crashed computer, I must start over on my laptop. Doing some research to find out how to get my son a gift certificate for a night out at the healthy restaurant in Mesa. Will get the phone information from Dr. Weil's website. Dogs are playing all over me so can't write any more for now.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The big computer is not working so I got my laptop just in time. Now I have to do without all my pictures, my documents and the first 30 pages of my book, starting over is not new for me so here goes. A beautiful day today, autumn feeling, and I believe I will see those two legged creatures today. I do have to go online and purchase some supplements that are running low and I need to do some research today to follow up on some information I heard on webinars. I also have to do menus for some one's plant based nutrition, should be fun. I am listening to a replay of Dr. Norm Shealy, one of the few physicians that I almost always agree with, without exception. I am still dreaming about going to one of his trainings.
Today is a day when I will fry my brain with TV watching because of football and baseball. I have moved my rebounder so I can get more exercise while I am watching and of course I will be working on the computer too. Have wash to hang out and yard work to do so I will be outdoors, barefoot and will spend a lot of time with my animals. I have 2 doxies on my lap now and have several friends sitting on my feet. Lots of fun today.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Windows Live Hotmail

new blog on my new computer


Windows Live Hotmail

Trevor came and picked up JuneBug, my little 4 month old goat and took him to a new home, we are all missing him, the goats, the dogs and me. Life goes on. I hope he enjoys his new home.

The Clinton Global Initiative is over and I will have to find something uplifting to fit into that space. I really loved watching it. I am listening to all the replays of webinars that I have missed the past couple of days. I also need to add some information to my book. I gathered research on the smaller laptop, my new one while I was watching the livestream on this computer.

It rained last night so had a problem getting my dogs to go out and get their little toes wet, had to force some of them to go out and do their business.

Did not see a human yesterday, except when Trevor picked up JuneBug, and probably won't see one today so will have to find some other way to communicate with the two legged species. One of the flaws in my life now because for so many years I saw hundreds of people every day, it is hard to get used to the world of "no human". Just have to be creative.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

watching Clinton Global Initiative

Some good news, I am a grand aunt, My sister is a great grandma.

Zoey is here and since she has no playmates at home, she is having a ball.

i had a great day yesterday watching Clinton Global Initiative via my computer, I even planned my day so I was out of the house only when they had breaks. I have it on again today. It is just so good, wish everyone could see it. So many good things going on that you never hear about. People from all over the world working together. It is really great to be able to sit at home in my old Jimmie dress and watch a great conference. I used to have to leave home, pay for the conference, pay for hotel and food, to be at a conference, how life is improved with electronics. I love it!!
Sophia, in the picture, is wanting a treat so gotta get busy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Listened to the Ex presidents, Carter and Clinton

I started to walk to the post office yesterday then remembered that I had not started my car for several day, drove to the post office then walked in the back yard, seems silly but at least I am not letting my battery run down in my car like I did last year. I am a bit worried today because my son is having an angiogram done this morning, would not have found out if I had not gotten my grandson on the phone. He does not follow good wellness rules but I just hope this will wake him up. I can't understand why they did not just use that little scanner on his heart and arteries instead of the more invasive procedure, I have given him the names and phone numbers of alternative/complimentary clinics in his area but he is sticking to the traditional medicine as does so many people until they maim or kill them. I wish we had access to the good wellness clinics in our area, he has the best and does not take advantage of them. I did ask my grandson whether or not he was reading my book and taking advantage of my research, he said he was doing it as time allows, he has probably not read past the first page. I listened to an interview with Bill Clinton yesterday and was impressed that he could tolerate the plant based nutrition program, since he was such a meat eater. He is doing it for the right reasons, cleaning his arteries. I also heard an interview with Jimmy Carter and loved it, he is almost exactly 10 years older than I am and is so sharp and active. I have to get all my running around done today because Zoey is coming early in the morning, she is such an active little dog and loves to play.

Have to listen to the livestream of Bill Clinton's global conference today.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Certique of Dr. Oz Show

I got a new laptop from my son yesterday, so great. I could not thank him because he did not answer the phone and did not return my call.

I tried one more time to watch Dr. Oz TV show yesterday, it was terrible. He spent an hour on Anti-aging, talking about looking pretty, not a thing about staying active and healthy. I was so angry that I went on the webpage, of course there is no place for comments about the show so I went to the Facebook page, I had to "like" it to comment but I wrote on the wall my thoughts. He wasted an hour advising people to use Botox and fill in wrinkles with fillers. A very bad idea. So much good could have been done. As you can see by my picture I don't think I look 76, maybe 75, and I am healthy and feel 40. I only criticize to help them improve but I have gone to so many webpages that do not want comments, I have had to "like" a lot of Facebook pages.

Beautiful day today and since Rambo and Lela are going home today I will go to the post office and mail off some books.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy Day??

My but my brain got fried yesterday; Chiefs on CBS, Cowboys on Fox and Cardinals Foxsports NW, all at the same time. The remote was handy, I can not imagine the days when there was no remote control, I would have gotten plenty of exercise walking from the tv to my chair. My poor Cowboys. Then there were the Rangers later in the day. I missed some plays because I did have to take care of my animals, hang out the 3 loads of laundry, knock apples from the tree, etc. I did some more reading and also saw some of the In one segment was discussions with Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, enjoyed that a great deal. Had a short time of wellness counselling with a client via phone, the only really productive thing I did. I guess, at my age, I do not have to be productive every day.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Rant about TV

I tried to watch many of the "information" shows on TV during their grand new season. I was appalled, Dr. Oz has this great platform from which he could dispense great information, instead he spent a hour on bed bugs, an hour telling husbands and wives not to use each others towel, etc. There are great new studies on modalities of healing but did he touch on them, NO. The Drs. give out bad information and waste a hour in which they could be doing good. Dr. Phil, a cat fight among women and a panel of stupid men. All I can think about is; What a waste of time and energy. I really turns me off when I see that many of the sponsors are drug companies, etc. At least I have finished my daytime TV for the year. It was good to see Oprah doing good. I am not her number one fan but she did some great things for people last week. Jeopardy was good and informative, guess you can't mess it up easily. I don't have access to Martha Stewart any more but she has gone so commercial that I would probably have a problem with her show. She spends her time designing and promoting the companies who sell her products. I used to love her.

Now to the positive, Wonderful weather, great friends and family and my animals are all great. Love and gratitude for all that I have, I put another download on my webpage, you might enjoy. 0

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good Morning

Would be a great day to do something great, I think great for me is going to be clean house, mow the yard and take care of the animals. Lots of baseball and football on tv from 11am until 11 pm. I have 35 e-mails telling me to buy something that I do not need and I have at least 5 pieces of mail each day wanting me to buy something. No thanks, I am poor, no extra funds!!

This guy that got rich in 3 years requested that I write an article for his book, "101 ways to enhance your career', I haven't sent it in but I did write an article about how to keep reinventing yourself as necessary for survival and mentioned how I became all those people, 25 different professions in 50 years. Some of those were, 3 jobs at a time. I really do not think that was the kind of story he wanted but I think that is the real life story of many. I also wrote that I would be considered unsuccessful by monetary standards but very successful in happiness and health. It is all in the eyes of the beholder. Another success: NO MIS SPELLINGS!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Evening with "Nunsense"

I had a wonderful evening going to Rogers Little Theater to see Nunsense. Went with Penny and 2 friends to see Lonna perform. It is a great play and I enjoy it everytime I see it. Jill was appreciated because she came to watch my animals while I had an evening out. All the nuns are very talented.

I am listening to a webinar about Qigong, I love that healing modality. I wrote an article this morning about "How to re invent yourself when necessary" at least how I have done it many, many, times. I just wrote that most people would see me as very unsuccessful because I have no money, But I am very wealthy in happiness, knowledge and wellness.

I live in a 35 mile an hour speed zone; a motor cycle just went by my house, airing out his pipes at about 70 miles an hour and I am able to forgive him and wish he were happier. I also wrote "if you become a stray just 'come to mema'.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I see the sun this morning so can hang my wash on the clothesline today. Will spend more time outdoors with my animals and get some vitamin D activated in my body.

Jill is coming to stay with my animals this evening so I can go to the theater to see Nunsense live, my middle daughter Lonna is performing in it. I will take a couple of friends and really have a night out. I have seen it a few times but will enjoy.

I am replaying a webinar that I could not listen to last night. Carol Look on EFT (tapping). I do learn something new every time that I listen to a webinar. I did a great deal of writing in my book yesterday and did more research. I also did more reading in the Huffington book. Did you know that 1800 large corporations have the same address in the Cayman Islands so they can avoid paying taxes to help run our government even though we are cutting services for the poor and middle class? How selfish and self absorbed can you be if you can watch people become homeless and live on the streets while you avoid taxes even though you are rich.

I am grateful that I do not have to live on the street, even though I have gone from middle class to poor.

My gift today is taking someone to the theater. I am also writing some notes of encouragement.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Replaying Dr. Norm Shealy, the very best

Rain again today, I know I need it but I do need to dry my clothes on the clothesline. Today I will have to use the electricity to dry the wash. Lela and Rambo came today to stay 5 days, they both love being here but Lela is so fascinated by the cats that she sits and watches Ruby all the time that she is indoors. Rambo just adds his little body to the other nine sitting at my feet.

I am listening to a replay of a webinar with one of the greatest physicians alive, Norm Shealy. Every time I hear him I learn something new. He is one expert that I agree with, at least 99% of the time. It is really difficult to find someone I really agree with most of the time. I cannot believe some of the hogwash people are being fed by their physicians.

I worked on a new flyer for my wellness coaching, now having trouble doing the printer, it will not read the fact that there is paper in the tray.

I have a couple of books ready to mail out and I also ordered some magnets yesterday, hoping they will help my daughter's knees.

I am reading Huffingtons book and really like the way she researched all her information. She talks about how terrible the economy is and does not sugar coat the employment situation. I spend some time every night reading it before I go to bed. Wish we had people like her running the government. With all the talk about fantasy football teams. I have a fantasy elected government employees.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vitamin D Review

Oops more rain today

The weather man said 20%, when I look out it looks like 100%. I was going to go to the feed store today and get some food for my livestock but it is difficult to drive my van when it is raining; no back window. I was going to get some window plastic to cover the back window but it is difficult to get it and put it on when it is raining, sooo guess I had better change some plans today. Maybe I could clean house or maybe not. Maybe it is a good time to write on my next book. New season for TV started, I have not been turning my TV on during the day but had to watch Oprah....So exciting. I started watching Dr. Oz, even though I don't always agree with him, I am going to try the things he suggests. Yesterday was all about getting rid of pounds. Suggestions: trade soda for water, move 10 minutes, weigh every day, no snacks bigger than your fist and no eating after 8 pm (I would say 7 pm), He suggested more vitamin B and adding a supplement African Mango. That started me on the quest of knowledge about the African Mango.

A niece has opened up a cake shop; I love to see people start a new business and succeed. Don't forget to check out my website:

I ordered my new filter for my water filter system, Nikken, and I will be contacted about getting some magnets for healing. I have to get busy, my dogs that hate storms are all over me.

Monday, September 13, 2010

2 new family members

I was brought 2 new goats yesterday, family no longer could care for them so they joined our family. Lexi and Mattie have had a bit of difficulty with Jesse, my billy, he wants to add them to his conquests. I imagine he will win eventually and they have learned about dogs too. It is a big adjustment to come here to live but they already love me too much. I failed to get all my list done yesterday because I was spending time with their orientation. I am trying to think how to change their names a bit so they will start with the letter, "J". Lots of baseball and football on TV yesterday so I did have the TV on most of the afternoon and evening to stay caught up on my teams. I spent a little time reading my new book by Huffington, "Third World America". it is a very good book.

I did not hear the weather man say it was going to rain this morning so just had to rush out into the rain to put the livestock in the barn area so they could stay dry, goats hate water.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beautiful weather, new friends

Beautiful weather and all is well! I did a little more work on my new website yesterday would be nice if it did not take me so long to learn how to do things and then hope they are correct. Maybe if I were ten years younger??? Tomorrow I will talk to my publisher and try to get book number 3 completed, when I download it to them I usually do something wrong but it is "fixable". Almost everything can be fixed we just have to learn how to do the fix. I found a new friend on facebook this morning, or she found me, she has a great webpage to sell laptop carriers, I LOVE IT;

Yesterday while listening to C-span book tv, I hear Huffington talk about her new book "Third World America", had it on kindle so....I now have something else to read on my kindle. It is a great book that everyone should read. I read too late last night so have sleepy eyes this morning. I have to go spend some time under the apple tree, having my coffee and listening to the birds.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gratitudes and blessings

I have been waiting for one of my roosters that I raised to start crowing and this morning I heard one of them make a good attempt. Sounds like I may get to hear the crow of a rooster every day now. I really do feel blessed when I hear the crow of a rooster. I am another thing I am grateful for; Stormy one of my outdoor/indoor cats was not present for treats yesterday mid day or dinner last night. this morning when I fed breakfast, she was no where in sight but a few minutes ago she showed up on the porch very hungry. I really miss any of my animals if they do not show up for a meal.

I am grateful that I got to meet one of my cousins, Demona, and her husband for lunch yesterday. It is so nice when I get to visit with people I enjoy. Last meeting was at a funeral several years ago. When you reach my age most meetings of extended family is at funerals, sad to say.

This morning the birds are singing, the grass is growing and my little JuneBug, kid goat, is talking. That makes me happy. Dixie (pictured above) and Xena are here for the weekend, Dixie gives my other dogs lots of opportunity for exercise, she loves to be chased. Just saw my grand daughter is on facebook already this morning, I did not know that college kids got up this early on Saturday.I think it is Saturday. After you leave the work-a-day world it is sometimes difficult to know the days of the week.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Great visit to health food store

I spent too much money at Cook's Health Food Store, my list was too long. I can't afford to go very often. Have another away from home experience today; going to meet my cousin Demona in Rogers for a little visit. Did not get as much done while I was out because I found that I had lost my cell phone. Spent some extra time looking for it and found it!! I do get very anxious when I loose something I use so much.

While I was watching my ball games, I listened to a couple of webinars. Am listening to a replay while I write this blog. I think I need to do a blog on each webinar I listen to, would be a nice idea, also might follow up on which advice I actually follow a week after I listen.

I will have Dixie and her sister here for a visit so will not be able to get much done this week-end.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beautiful Rain

The rain is beautiful, the rivers of water I have to swim to get to the barn are deep and I must express gratitude for the wonderful water. My dogs and goats are allergic to wet so getting the dogs out to do their business has been very difficult. I am listening to motivational webinar replays this morning while I am on the computer and being motivated. I worked on my new website last evening as I watched my ball games. I added an article that anyone can download free and added a new page, I had to call the web people to see how to do it. I probably could have figured it out but it was taking too long.

Today Penny is going to pick me up so we can go to the Health Food Store, Cooks, I am reluctant to travel in my car because it is raining into the back, which is windowless. I need to make a list but just do some looking and shopping. I also spent a lot of time reading material from "The Wolfe Clinic" most of it was about digestion and fungus. I will continue reading the mounds of info they sent me.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Accepting differences

I was watching my animals this morning and even though they fuss at each other they all get along; dogs, cats, chickens, horse, mini mule and goats. It is a shame that people can't live the same way. I am replaying a webinar this morning on forgiveness, especially self forgiveness. Some times I think that is the cause of so much chronic disease.

I set up a new webpage yesterday, and put a Buy button on it so my book can be bought from it, today I am going to find out how to put downloadable books and articles on it. I went through and cleaned up my hotmail account and made my password much larger and more complicated so no one can steal my contacts and send out their ads. I went to the Canadian Health Mall and tried to fill their contact e-mails with complaints. I probably wasted my time but I hope I wasted some of their time too. I had to forgive them in my energy exercises this morning. I am progressing with my eye improvement project and will have 20/20 vision before my 76 birthday next month. I am looking forward to not having to have reading glasses.

Don't have my solar clothes dryer (thankful for the rainy weather) this morning and will have to use the electric dryer, hope it still works.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Great Day, birds are singing, dogs are sleeping and I am having a cup of coffee. Is that not great!!! I am so thankful that I live in the country and even though the traffic on 279 is loud, I am able to enjoy the plants, animals and birds. The dogs have begun to play but my little black pug is supervising, reminds me of my older sister. She was constantly supervising me when I was young. She would even tell me who to be friendly with and who to ignore. We would meet someone and before we got to their location, Gussie would tell me to smile and speak to them. I was shy but I resented her telling me how to behave. When that little pug lady starts bossing I always think of Gussie. She used to even tell me which desk to sit at in the school room. I did grow up and learned how to take care of myself very well. When I went away to Nursing School, I learned to do my own talking and became a completely different person. I think these dogs could survive without Chloe's supervision also but she is fun to watch. I love that old girl and love the workings of her little brain.

My vision improvement program tells me to tap the tips of my fingers together several times a day to stimulate the energy to the brain and the eyes, so every few minutes I put my hands together and tap, tap, tap the ends of my fingers. If I show a low of improvement in my vision I will teach everyone else how to do it and they will not even have to spend money on the program. We used to go the the craft fairs and buy something so we could use it as a pattern and make some for everyone , that is the way I use all the programs I purchase, buy one so I can make one for everyone else. I just love to give away information and 'stuff'. My O My I reached a goal already this morning; "No Misspellings".

Monday, September 6, 2010

Life ending encounter of an opossum

I think in text language it would be OMG, an opossum learned last night that he should never get in the yard where doxies live. In the middle of the night my doxies went out and had such a fit, all the other dogs came in but the doxies stayed out most of the rest of the night. Since I could not smell a skunk, I figured it was an opossum. This morning an opossum taking his last breath was being watched over by Megan, I threw him over the fence and the chickens were so excited to see him dying. Everyone got their thrills. We did not have a very restful night but everyone but me can nap this morning. My little hens are singing but I can't find any eggs, guess there is one hidden somewhere even though I set up some really nice nests and put an egg in them. Everyone I live with seems to be independent and wants to do things 'their way', it gives me a challenge; find the eggs, it is like Easter every day.

I started my eye exercise program yesterday to improve my vision and avoid cataracts. Most of the stuff I have done before with the exception of the starring at a string of beads, which is kinda interesting. I am going to do it the way it is set up and measure my success. I did a lot of reading yesterday since I am gathering new material for a new book.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day and all is well. If I quote the song, "you are the cream in my coffee" it would mean that you make me happy. I have been without cream in my coffee for several days and today I have cream in my coffee and it makes me happy. Cream in my coffee is a vice of mine and I think it's negatives are cancelled out by the way it makes me happy. and happiness is the key to wellness, So There!!!

Because of the cooler weather the cats are very frisky this morning and are entertaining the dogs just outside the screen door.

When consulting with my friend Dan yesterday, I realized that I need some computer lessons, he is so knowledgeable and I have so much to learn. I think I will pick his brain and make use of it. Because I commented on facebook, I found an old friend, I love to connect with old friends. That is another thing that makes me happy. I have been using September as a month that I am trying to give something away each day and so far I have been successful. I am happy that I have touched some one's life every day. Some days it is difficult as I have some days in which I do not see a human at least not a 2 legged person. By the magic of the computer I can touch lives anyway.

From the looks, it appears that 4 of my chickens are roosters and I told them this morning that if I did not hear some crowing soon, they could make someone a nice dinner. I have been missing that morning crowing since Big Jim was murdered by something a couple of months ago. The early morning crow of a rooster makes me happy as does the distant sound of a train. Sounds of nature???

Saturday, September 4, 2010

So Long, Felix

Felix did go to his new home yesterday evening and my house seems so much quieter. I will now watch the real Felix play football for the Cowboys. I opened up the cat door and the extended yard because no one else climbs the fence and goes on a 5 minute vacation up and down the highway. he will have a little boy and girl to play with and I know he will be happy even though he probably needs another dog to play with too. I really believe that every dog needs another dog as well as a human to be happy.

The season has changed, I notice that no baseball on tv, everything is football again. The air is autumn also. We had immediate change in weather from hot, hot summer to cool fall. I would bet we have more hot weather during September. I do like the cooler weather.

I am going to start another book on the computer today as I have sent my 3rd one to the publisher. Number Four has no title yet but I have been making notes for some time with info to write in it. I did a study of white tea yesterday and was surprised with what I learned. There is so much new to learn and research and I am excited about this new phase in learning. I have now started trying to find places to promote the 1st three books since I have fewer responsibilities here at home. I have been looking for new ways to do things and new ways to meet people. I want to start the new year of my life in a new way as I am closing out year 76 and starting year 77 in one month. Life is great, infinite love and gratitude.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Beautiful rain

A little stormy last evening and I lost connectivity to the computer until almost noon today. I did enjoy the rain, what a blessing. I was listening to webinars last evening and lost the last half of the last one. Enjoyed the one by Noah St. John and went to Kindle and guess what, his book is on kindle so I did the 'one click' also got the beginning of a book, "How to rule the World from Your Couch", it was free to try and as you can guess, I liked it so much that I NEED IT! Stayed up late to read the one by Noah St. John and listen to the rain. Sunshine this morning so I can hang out the wash.
I am hoping that Felix will go to his new home today, it will be a big relief for me and I can give the animals access to the little yard, he climbs out so I have had to close it off along with that cat door out to the yard from the kitchen. I will have more space in my bed too.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

So funny, you must see

Is that Rain?

I only had a thimble full of rain but it is appreciated. I am hopeful that tonight and tomorrow I will get really wet. I will need to keep my livestock near the barn after they consume their apple treats under the apple tree.

Webinar on tapping yesterday so I am renewing my knowledge on EFT and will start using it more. I ordered Molly, my granddaughter, her vitamins/minerals in the form of Verve so she will be healthy while at college. That is one can of vitamins/minerals that I know she will consume every day. Lonna bought a chair for the computer and it does not fit me so today I must do a lot more energy exercises and rebounding. I did need a new chair but I am having trouble getting used to this one, just does not fit my body. between Ruby the cat and the two black pugs, my favorite rocker and there are 7 dogs on my couch, that must be an indication that I am not supposed to sit. I do think that most of the population 75 years old and older do have to 'sit a bit'. Have several webinars today so guess it is time to do the dusting etc. in the living room as I listen or move the computer to the kitchen (not a bad idea).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

EFT to Clear Physical Pain…

EFT to Clear Physical Pain…

I Can Do It! 2011 At Sea Caribbean Cruise

The daily news

It looks like rain this morning!!!!! I am replaying my webinar with Donna Eden and when it is over I will go walk in the rain. I love it!! I am hoping for enough rain to revive my plants. I really do have to go to a grocery store, no food in the house and I do need to eat,( lots of dog, cat, chicken and horse food,) my coffee can is also empty. There are apples on the apple tree but no peaches. I have to get my animals over their peach addiction.

I am hoping to take Felix to his new home on Friday, that will be good for him and me. I downloaded my book to the publisher yesterday, there is always something wrong with the download so plan to do those corrections today.