Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wonderful Autumn Day

another beautiful day, sun looks so nice. I have Princess for 10 days and she is keeping herself glues to me until she decides that the other dogs and cats are her friends. I listened to seminars by David Wolfe all day yesterday so I am anxious to do some more writing. I have to find a place for all the things I pulled out of the closet yesterday, things I thought I had lost. Have to wash the rest of the winter bedding and clothes also. The animals are having their morning nap, I have my coffee, the dishwasher is busy, the washing machine is busy and I must get busy too. Penny brought me some stuff from the farmers' market yesterday so I will have sweet potatoes for lunch.

Am working on how I can hide Princess and take her with me to the First Christian Church in Rogers, fall festival performance. It will be at the Roger Little Theater so I could probably carry her in my purse and no one would know. I could put her in her little 'jail' and leave her here but I hate putting dogs in their kennels. I guess I like freedom too much. The wash has stopped so gotta go hang out the wash on the clothesline.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

So much to do, Princess is coming back today for several days so I need to do any errands before she comes. It is Halloween season so Lonna comes home with ideas, need help with costumes for fall festival, need my van emptied so she can take it to "Trunk or Treat" tonight. She is taking some of the dogs and making the van like, "where the Wild Things are" need to choose which dogs will enjoy the attention, gotta find the Halloween decorations to dress up the van. I did not think old people had to do all that, but I enjoy. Living out here, I do not have trick or treaters so that is good, they would not enjoy my treats, probably, no candy. It was a busy day yesterday so I did not get "10 most important" things done will have to finish the list today. I don't think I will have much time today to do my yard work that I did not do yesterday. While I was in and out yesterday, I replayed Dr. Sinatra's seminar and also Dr. Shealy. Beautiful weather today, just like football time and Halloween should be. I found a website yesterday so I could dream: infrared saunas, air purifiers, water systems, etc, etc. I put my wish list on it so when I make my fortune I can just go in an order I came up on it when I was searching the vendors who will be at the women's conference in January.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Went to put ditemaceous earth on the poops and they were freeze dried this morning, it was a bit cool, think I will put my shoes on. No butter to put on my oatnut toast or cook my egg, had to use coconut oil, it worked. Have Dr. Bruce Lipton on my computer to listen to while I move about, NLP specialist, don't agree with him all the time but you know that I usually do not agree 100% with anyone, but some of his info is good. Nice sunshine today so can get some free Vitamin D and may warm up enough to go barefoot, run, laugh and play in the sun, to improve my wellness. All that treatment is free, free, free, and I do like free. So sorry that my Rangers are not doing well, they do not look like my rangers. I spent some more time reading product labels on the Melaleuca website last night while the ball game was on TV.

Spent a lot of time getting the plumber to fix the water leak in the back yard, it was a well pump that I did not know I had in the back of the storage shed, I guess that it was originally a well house, the pump had 'sprung a leak', I had a well and did not even know it, I have got to be more aware of what is out there. I guess I had better climb into the attic, there may be treasure there. I have lived here four years and just have not investigated enough. Any way the bags of cement that were in the shed are now very big, heavy paper weights, think I need to find somewhere that needs a couple of concrete steps so they can be useful.

I have to go out and finish my outdoor chores then hang out my wash.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn air

Cool this morning! feels like fall. I am listening to Dr. Norm Sealy and Dr. Stephen Sinatra today, they are so great. I have a great day when I can listen to either one of those great doctors, so to listen to both makes my day even greater. I also been studying about all the Melaleuca products and have made my favorites list. Don't have time to do as much as I want because my animals are trying to keep telling me they missed me. Water in the back yard so need to call a plumber.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trip out of town

I had a trip to the Arkansas River Valley and spent the night with my sister, Gussie. Had a nice visit, today had lunch with Joann Perea, visited with my cuz Demona, and did some melaleuca business, gave away books and now home with the animals. The animals were very happy to see me, they felt so neglected! It was a fast but very good trip. Am home in time to see my Texas Rangers in the world series.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dealing with "the support team"

I am finally getting around to writing the blog, it has been a stressful morning. I decided that instead of waiting any longer on the phone for Gateway support, I would use the chat line, I talked back and forth to his person for about an hour and kept telling him/her that all I wanted was for them to give me the codes to send my computer for repair. She kept telling me to do stuff to this computer that would not even awaken. She/he finally told me to call support. I told her/him that I had tried, then was told that it was my only option. I got this machine that answers the phone to finally read back my computers numbers correctly after about a dozen tries, I got a man on the phone; probably a very fine person who sounded like Hasu so I think he was Indian. He again tried to tell me options for fixing my computer, I finally interrupted him and told him that I had had everything done that could be done by my expert and the company needed to repair the-- computer. All I want is a reference number to send the computer to them and if he was not going to do that it was of no value to talk to him. I finally got a number to use to return the computer for repair. I was on the chat and on the phone for over 3 hours and I think now I can send the computer to be fixed. I don't know why they call themselves a support team, they do not support the customer. I am not certain what he said at the end because I could not understand him but I was tired of asking him to repeat his statement. I now have to go do a few minutes of Spring Forest Qigong before I can finish my wash.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

trouble with my internet service

I am not happy! Since the storms yesterday I have not been able to get on my Internet and that makes me unhappy. It has taken me 2 hours this morning just to get into this site. I have not yet been able to pick up e-mail and face book. The indicators tell me that my wireless is working but it is just not happening. The TV in the living room on the cable box did not work either, had to watch the baseball game on the little one in the bedroom. Sometimes electronics are so fickle.

I have to plan my week today and decide when I am going to do some day travel to Mo and to the River Valley.

Monroe and Quincy went home last evening and now it is just me and my animals. The wind is blowing and has blown some of the apples from the top of the old apple tree, I have not been able to reach them even with the ladder and poles. The livestock think the wind is their fairy godmother.

I did some reading about, genetically engineered food, it makes me more aware of what is happening in the world that touches all humans. When I take a bite of food, I wonder if it has pesticides in it to make it grow without insects or hormones to make it grow faster, it is such a terrible thing. When I order seeds I do try to get organic heirloom seeds. It makes me want to get a green house so I can make my growing season longer for my garden.

I listened to more information from, good info.

I want to remind you that you can purchase my books on or you can send me your address and I will mail you what you want. visit my website

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Acupuncture for vision improvement

Wow, my Texas Rangers are playing in the World Series!!!!
I am missing my old computer, people are e-mailing needing a copy of my book but their address is on the old computer, I have to re get the information. I have been sorting large piles of bits of paper looking for a note I made when I got the address. I am having trouble with, I am referred to a page where I can pay for an address, how about that, have to pay for an address. So many people used alternative phones too, in fact I do. I have my cell phone and a magic jack phone on my computer, our habits have changed so much.
Windy and rainy today will not be a good day to pass the football. I hope the Hogs have a good running game. I won't be working in the garden today or mowing the yard.
Just got a great offer?? only one dollar for a first month subscription then your credit card will be automatically billed $39.95 a month until you cancel. Number one it takes more than a dollar to process a credit card and it is going to be almost impossible to figure out how to cancel the subscription. I call that a scam even though a lot of people will not be so cynical and will bite. I got a great book yesterday by Dr. Yu who is in St. Louis. I would love to visit with him. I tried to read some of it in bed last night but with 12 dogs and a cat all trying to touch me, it was only possible to read the contents and a few pages of the book. Could not get it on Kindle so had to hold the book. It is a fairly large book so it will take a while to decipher all the information he provides. I have already read a lot about his ideas on his website, I like what I see. I heard about him when I was listing to some of the Longevity Conference.
Because of Monroe and Quincy, I have not been very faithful to my eye exercises so have to get back to it so I can do away with carrying my glasses around with me. When I can go without carrying glasses with me will be like the first time I could go out of the house without a diaper bag, so many years ago. I had carried a diaper bag for at least 8 years. Now I grab my phone and my glasses, put them in my pocket and walk out the door. We have an acupuncture clinic that treats eyes and improves your vision, when I requested cost, it takes about 20 visits or more and it is $45 a visit. Probably not out of line at all but I bet my medicare card that I never use would not cover it, even if I can find my medicare card.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Want a copy of my new book?

My big box of books arrived yesterday and the animals and I are very happy. If anyone wants a copy just e-mail me and give me your address. I am really proud of how it looks, the material could have been arranged and written better but if you start on page 84 you will enjoy, I am sure. I stretched my computer skills this morning and taped a video of Chloe and me.
I think it is going to rain this morning, the birds are singing and all the nature sounds are loud. Would be happy to see some rain, my plants need rain.
I got the grounding pad I ordered for Lonna and since there will be days that walking barefoot is going to be a bit difficult, I may use it some during the coldest weather. I love the technology. Yesterday I had visits from: UPS, Fedex and the postlady, the dogs were really excited. I opened the box of books and gave one to my postlady, she seemed pleased. I am listening to a replay of a seminar from Dream University, it is more practical than I thought it would be and today I have to finish the 10 most important things list that I did not finish yesterday and start on some new projects. I will dry clothes indoors today because of the possibility of rain and the dryer will warm up the house a bit also, that will make the dogs and cats happy. I had an old cat come to the front porch to eat yesterday, she looked old and very skinny but very loving. She had a tick on her so has probably been a stray for a while, seemed to have problems with the dry food but loved the canned food.
Gotta figure some ways to sell as many books as I give away, wonder how I can do that?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I could have been "great" IF ONLY

I just figured out why I am not financially successful, after listening to many, many speakers and reading many, many books, if I had been abused as a child or teenager or had a dis functional family or been raised by alcoholic parents, I could have become a great person. I could double my income and been rich. So sorry but none of that happened to me and I am a very happy person. I sometimes wonder how many of the stories are out of the imagination of these people. I have many great memories of my childhood and I had wonderful parents.

Spent a lot of yesterday catching up of the information about the Melaleuca products and getting my order together. Talked a long time on the phone with my friend Joanne Perea, ran all the battery from my cell phone and did not get my garden plowed because I spent that time fixing fence, I am losing my chickens, I thought they might be getting out and free ranging too far. I can only find 6 of my nine little hens and roosters. Someone may have needed them or something may have needed them.

Am listening to a replay of a webinar by Jack Canfield this morning as I write and get my house work done. I downloaded his free gift as I always do, anything that is free is worth downloading.

Another beautiful day, all the dogs and cats are taking a morning nap in the sunshine that is coming through the doors and windows. Sophie, the outdoor cat, is laying in her box in the sun on the deck and everyone has full tummies. I am so thankful that I have a screen door on my front door so I can open up to the wonderful world outdoors. I am also a front porch sitter when I have time, years ago I had an old porch swing, I would love one now. I do have an old tire swing in my back yard under the old pine tree, it is too far off the ground for me but my nineteen year old grand daughter loves it. My oldest daughter Penny is coming over to see me today and that makes me very happy. I love those two legged creatures both family and friends.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Study of Quantum Touch

Penny came by this morning early to get some help for her mouth pain because of inflammation and swelling of her sinus and lymph nodes. I snapped a picture to show you how we look early in the morning. I fixed her up with some holistic stuff; hope she will be pain free soon.

Sun is beautiful this morning. So nice out the Nellie the new cat decided the back yard looked good so she went out and sat on one of the tree branches the goats climb on. I will be glad to get rid of the litter box if she will just do her business outdoors. I spent a lot of the day yesterday learning Dr. Shealy's rings of fire, earth, air and crystal. Also studied the Quantum Touch method of healing.

My friend Dan retrieved all the data from the old computer so I can send it back to the company for repair, was so glad that Dan could do that and also find that it is a problem that only the company can fix. Now the problem of getting information from a company rep in order to get it sent. I hope I can get the fall plowing of my garden done today, I will get my exercise easily using the tiller. Need to get some bulbs to plant too so I can have spring flowers.

So proud of my Texas Rangers, BEAT YANKEES!!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beautiful Rain, Gratitude for rain

A beautiful rainy day, got my feet wet this morning but the dogs do not like wet feet so had a problem getting them out to do their business.

I spent the day yesterday listening to webinars and replays, learned a lot more from Dr. Shealy. Also did some research on the new acupuncture center in the area, their focus is eye health. May need to refer someone to her so want all the information I can get. If they are not too expensive, I can give them some clients. I really believe in all those energy modalities for staying well. I might even have a treatment if it is not too expensive, I could find something about my wellness that is not quite 100%. I got my books and video on Quantum Touch so will review them today, did not come on Kindle so had to buy a real book, wish everyone would get their books put on kindle so I won't have to buy another book shelf unit.

Next week, as of now, I have no sleepover dogs so I am going to make a trip to Monett, Mo to visit and promote my book. May try to go to Booneville,Pair and Ozark, Arkansas too. It will be nice to get away from these 13 dogs, 4 cats and my livestock for just a day or two. As poor as I am it is difficult to pay for gas both emotionally and financially. If I had enough income to pay taxes I could take all the expense off as a business expense but as of now I give away a lot more books than I sell, maybe that will change. It is a great day and I am so grateful for it and all the joys it brings.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A beautiful day, have hung my wash and exercised the dogs and the sun is so nice. I am listening to Dr. Norm Shealy on the computer as I move about the house, he is really full of great information. Also did some research on holistic dentistry and the dangers of root canals and fluoride. " Holding a grudge is just like taking a poison and expecting to kill the other person" is one of the statements by Dr. Shealy. People love to hold grudges and it really is detrimental to their wellness and causes lots of chronic illnesses.

My sports teams did not do well yesterday, I should have just kept the tv off. I will watch my Texas Rangers tonight.

My new book went on sale at yesterday and I hope that it is selling well. Will take a look in a few days and see the numbers.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meet Monroe

Meet Monroe he and his brother Quincy are doing sleepovers at Memas this week, they have already learned how to go in and out through the doggie doors. I did see 2 legged creatures yesterday, all my daughters were here, talked to my son and grandson on the phone and chatted with Molly my granddaughter on facebook, all in all it was a great day.

I am replaying my webinar of Dr. Mercola at the Longevity Conference this morning all about living 150 healthy years. I learned about the bio mat from Donna Gates and did research on it, would be nice to have one but they are too expensive for my budget. However if I were ill or had aches and pains, I would purchase one. Nothing is as important as your wellness and being pain free. Penny went back to the craft fair and bought a couple of things including a beautiful woven rug made by the people at the human development center in Booneville, I think I may call them for more. or phone 479-675-1492. The rugs are from recycled materials. I love thoughtful and creative people.

Razorbacks lost yesterday but my Texas Rangers won!! Will get to see my Chiefs and Cowboys today. Another beautiful cool fall morning.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Longevity Now conference, learning new info

I am listening to more of the Longevity Conference and really learning a lot of new information.

A beautiful day, even though I did have to have my shoes on when I fed the livestock, a bit cool but nice sunshine. I have a list of stuff to research from the information I gained listening to the lectures I listened to yesterday and today, I may have to take my laptop outdoors in order to get sun at the same time I am learning. All the animals would enjoy that. I think I will see some two legged creatures today too, that will be great. After the exercise the dogs and cats got this morning in the fresh air, they are all napping so I will have peace and quiet unless I get up from the computer. If I stand up everyone thinks it is time to go do something in the yard so lots of activity begins. I did a short version of my energy exercises this morning barefoot but will have to finish up as the sun warms the earth a little, my feet got cold. I will gain two dogs for a week that I have not met, will take a while to get their orientation done as they get used to all these animals, hope they like cats. It always takes a while to integrate new sleepover dogs, lots of barking, sniffing and bumping butts. One of the female goats must be in heat because Jesse is really chasing them this morning, taking care of his harem keeps him busy.

Really sad that my Texas Rangers lost the baseball game last night, gotta win today.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Craft Fairs

Penny and I went to the Bella Vista Craft fair and Spanker Creek craft fair yesterday and it was great but made me very tired. I saw my friend, Julene Baker in her booth with all her animal portraits and Nancy Dane with her civil war novels and made a few new friends too. Found the very best raw honey that I have ever tasted and also saw a few old friends. I still think it would make a great book just interviewing some of these vendors. I do a little interview when I find a vendor that has done something very creative: the people with the honey spreads from WI,, the guy who makes rain barrels, the man from Texas with the fire starter, Elaine Sick from MO with Goats milk soap, Douglas Fulks a pen and ink artist from Missouri, Belinda Riley who does custom pet sculptures, a man who makes baskets etc, from pine needles, Essential oils, man from Kansas who does lotions for human and dogs, a man who makes models of all the football stadiums around the US. Just so many interesting people. I think next year I will just go and do some interviews for a book. Could do it in the form of CD so their interesting voices can be heard. The Cajun, MI, WI, Texas, etc. vocal patterns were so interesting. Maybe I am weird but I enjoy learning about people from all over the US.

I listened to more interviews via the computer; Donna Gates the most knowledgeable nutrition person in the world. I am still listening to her downloads.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My new book has been proofed

Another Beautiful Day!! I am going to battle the crowds and go to the Bella Vista Craft fair just to see my friend, Nancy Dane, she will be signing books. I will also see my artist friend, Julene Baker. I did get my book proof so it will be on any time now: "Mema's Wellness Notes", more ramblings from Mema. I found some mistakes in it but could not re submit because the computer with it is being repaired. I always believe you should see the end of the book first so I started the fun pages on page 84, everyone should start reading on page 84.

A bit cool this morning so I have to put my shoes on these cool old feet. I am listening to a webinar interview with Donna Gates and I just love her, the very best information on nutrition. Found an old Friend via Facebook and that really made my day. I will say it again, I am so thankful for this electronic age.

I need to get my wash on the line so I can dress to go out, I will wear shoes today too.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another beautiful day and I am going to do yard work today and get my vitamin D. Did watch a lot of the miner rescue last night so could use some sleep. Mailed out stuff yesterday and also went to the feed store for livestock food. I listened to webinars on the computer most of the day as I got my work done in the house and took care of my animals. I enjoy so much listening to the Longevity Conference replays, I learn so much wellness information. Also listened to my favorite lady: Donna Eden yesterday evening and did stop everything excepting my exercise while watching my Texas Rangers win the play offs last night, such fun. Clift Lee was magic!!

The largest craft fairs in Northwest Arkansas starts tomorrow and traffic will be horrific. For many years it was a big week end for our family but life has changed. We used to get a booth for my sister, Jimmie and help her sell whatever she was sewing, quilts were a biggie, she loved it and loved to trade stuff with other crafters. We celebrated big with every sale. Fun times with Jimmie, sure do miss her.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cat is adjusted to surroundings!

Nellie the cat is doing well, she ended up in bed with the dogs and I, I think that means she has adjusted to her surroundings. She has been all over the house and has no problem with anything.
Because it was raining last night Stormy one of the outdoor cat went to the storage shed instead of into the kitchen.
Since I went to the post office yesterday and it was closed, I have to go back today. Also have to get some livestock food, Nellie's friend Nancy Nelson brought me some dog food and cat food yesterday and I really appreciated it, you can not imagine how much food; livestock, cat and dog, that I use.
I listened to several health webinars yesterday and have some to listen to today, one is from my favorite energy medicine person, Donna Eden. I am listening to a replay of a webinar about activating and rewriting your genes, very interesting.
I am looking forward to meeting an author who is doing a book signing at the Bella Vista Craft fair, Nancy Dane, she is a facebook friend.
Very foggy this morning following the stormy night.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A picture of Nellie the new cat

New cat

A new cat arrived, a declawed female cat showed up at my friends house, she could not keep her so she came to stay here, hoping I can find a home for her. She is living in the kitchen and seems to tolerate the dogs well enough to survive. Nellie came out to eat and did not seem at all frightened by all the dogs eating also. She seems like a nice cat and has a very loving personality. I will try to get her on my webcam today so you can see how pretty she is.
How can it be that four of my teams played yesterday and four of them lost, so sad. Molly, Jill and Lonna played Phase 10 with me yesterday afternoon and I did not win either. Yesterday was a no win day I guess.
Looks like rain today and I need it for my plants and for the dust in my back yard. My animals have been doing dust baths every time they go out. Hot coffee is good today because it is cool. Hope to get the proof copy of my new book today. If I did not have dogs sleeping over this weekend I would go to a craft fair and sign books. Just coming at the wrong time. There will be so many people out going to all the craft fairs, I could just set a card table up in my yard and put a sign up saying craft fair and people would stop. If you have stuff to do in Northwest Arkansas you had better get it done before Thursday because starting Thursday morning traffic will be bumper to bumper.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A great evening out

What a great day yesterday, I was invited out for dinner, went to Mimi's with Sue and Beverly, had such a good time. I was so starved for 2 legged creatures that I talked too much and ate too much. I have left overs for today so can enjoy the meal the 2nd time.

The only negative thing that happened was,; my Texas Rangers lost, but they will win today. I will get to see the cowboys and the chiefs today so I am warming up my exercise equipment near the TV. Molly will be over today to spend some time playing cards, either Skip Bo or Phase Ten. I remember so well when I learned to play Skip Bo. A great lady, Mildred Rucker taught us when my children were young, I can still visualize her laughing and playing. Mildred loved playing and also going to the "dime store" to shop, she could spend hours shopping but buying very little. I love 'going down memory lane' makes me feel good.

Since I was away from my animals a few hours, they have been like velcro since I got home from my evening out. I have to start being away more. Everyone is lined up ready to be combed so I gotta quit writing and start combing.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back to "Normal"

Princess went home so we are back to a normal household, I have to write a while because I get really upset and some of the political agendas and rhetoric, some of our so called christians that rant and rail about their "ideals" and they would walk right off a building following a person who spouts their ideas. such narrow minded people.

Will have fun watching TV today because my Texas Rangers are playing a baseball play off game and all the college football will be fun to watch. I have placed my rebounder in front of the TV and my palates bench in view of the TV so I should be ok to watch and not put my wellness down the drain. I have to find some time to mow my yard and get some sun.

I went to this morning and had a Nancy Dane book and Trenton Lee Stewart's books sent to Molly's college address. As winter approaches everyone needs plenty of reading materials. I might even have to download another Kindle book. I will need something current, reading Nancy Dane, Donlyn Arbuthnot and Demona Reeves, I might start living in history., and, if you go to these webpages you can get all the history you want. All are very interesting. I have some very interesting friends and relatives. If you want some real fiction, read: Trenton Lee Stewart about his Benedict Society. If you want wellness information read: My Memas Ramblings. The information above should give you enough variety in reading this winter.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Great Birthday

I did have a great 76 birthday yesterday, out to lunch with my daughters, wonderful phone call from my son and grandson, and many greetings from friends and family. I used to have a rule that I would not spend money on eating out unless I was served on a white tablecloth, had a large cloth napkin, real silver, a crystal drinking glass and good service. Yesterday the girls did just that; all the amenities I wanted. Besides that the food was good and served beautifully. I got word from createspace that my proof book has been shipped and I will only have to approve it then it is available for sale on

We took a picture of my little visiting poodle and I from my webcam and I will attach to this blog, you can see how cute she is, as usual afterwards I remembered that I should have dressed differently but now you know how I look in my Jimmy dress at home on the computer.

another great thing happened, the Texas Rangers won both games so far in the baseball playoff games, guess we could win the World Series!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another beautiful day and maybe I can spend some time outdoors. I have a note this morning that my book cover does not fit the correct standards so here I go again, I worked on one for several weeks last time and finally just let them print a plain white cover, I am not doing that this time, if it happens I will just send to another company. I like createspace because it is attached to amazon but I can go other places. I spent some time yesterday watching baseball playoffs and watched my Texas Rangers win and saw a no hit game also. The wrong team had the no hitter!! Plan to go out to eat today and am looking forward to it, Penny will watch my little pocket poodle while I eat. Princess has been in my arms or in my pocket almost constantly since Sunday afternoon, she is a little less aggressive when one of the other dogs get near her but she still does not socialize with them. When I was feeding the livestock yesterday, I had her in my arms and JR got his nose too close, she bit him on the nose so he backed off. I am so surprised that her mother has not called and checked on her, if she were mine I would be worried and just have to check on her. She has not even met me, just believing what she has heard about me. I would not be that trusting.

A young friend of my said that because today is my birthday; "Miss Freddie went another year without getting sick", that might be a good way to describe my year.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New learning opportunities

What a beautiful day, I think I will take my laptop outdoors today under the old apple tree. I did get my book ready for the publisher to work with last night as I finally figured out, with Lonna's help, how to get the covers correct. Certainly delayed everything when the main computer went down. I have learned over the years that detours usually create learning opportunities and just have to take them as they come. Today I have to figure out how to redo my flyer on the laptop, lots of 'should haves', should have e-mailed a copy to me so I would not loose it when the computer changes. I imagine some young person who is computer savvy would be able to figure things out much faster but they would not have nearly as much fun as I do. I listened to a webinar by Brent Phillips on Theta healing but it was a repeat of what I already knew.

I did download that animated e-mail this morning and my little animated dog is telling me that I have new messages, now I have to figure out how to get my contacts into that program, so now I can only use it for sending out, if I know the address or if I am answering an e-mail. It is funny though, hope I can figure it out.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a beautiful day and besides that I have already seen a two leg creature today, Lonna spent the night here and cut my hair last night. It is nice to have someone to converse with in the mornings that has less than 4 legs. Princess, my little pocket poodle, who is spending the week is enjoying twisting me around her little paws. there was not one show on TV last night, no sports, that I could enjoy watching so worked on some things on the computer and read some on my Kindle. I did get some of my book shelves re arranged and more "customer friendly" maybe I won't have to spend so much time hunting down information in my books. When I listened to John St. Augustine's webinar, I went to and got his latest book on my Kindle and now I have an app on my computer so I don't even have to go to amazon, just click from my desktop, how about that. Electronics makes life so much more interesting. My friend, Dorothy, went for a pet scan yesterday and they told her that it would be several day before she could find out the results, are you kidding me? I think they could get instant results, I guess they want to control the information. I guess I would demand results right away and ask them if they think I am stupid enough to believe they can't get the information right away.

The medical person who started her IV told her that they use sugar to search out the cancer because cancer loves sugar, so why do doctors never tell a cancer patient that he/she should never feed the cancer sugar. would it not be wise to let the cancer starve? So much for my soap box, I must get busy.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Books, Dust and More Books

Princess came to stay for a week, she is a teacup poodle and is still a bit frightened by the other dogs, wants me to carry her all the time. It is cool this morning and everyone is laying in the sun or in front of the little electric fireplace. I spent lots of time yesterday cleaning books and bookshelves. Dusted lots of books, moved three large bookshelf units and was a bit tired when I went to bed. I started out just preparing a corner of the living room so I would have room for a small wood stove, one thing leads to another and since there is also a huge collection of dust on everything, I could dust 3 times a day and still have dust on everything. Those 52 little paws bring in lots of dirt and dust every day, especially since they dig a lot too. The air filters I have just do not take care of nearly all of it. When I was growing up we had a neighbor who had a dirt floor in her kitchen, sometimes I think I would be better off with a dirt floor. We were always amazed that she swept her dirt floor. I has been 70 years ago and I can still visualize her sweeping her dirt floor.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Frost on the pumpkin??

Dixie and Xena went home so it is just the 13 dogs, 3 cats, 4 goats, 9 chickens, the old mare and the mini mule, and me of course.Today I will get a tea cup poodle for the week so have to find an apron with a big pocket, that is the way I carried Harry when he was a baby and the way P.G got around when she was with me. i did see a 2 legged creature when Lonna came by for 5 minutes and when Tamera came to get Dixie and Xena, that was a treat. Feels like 'frost on the pumpkin' this morning, had to put my shoes on and warmer clothing. All the animals are frisky too. I would have loved to just stay in bed with my quilt over my feet, watch tv and read on my Kindle but everyone wanted to be fed and loved. I wonder if I could teach the dogs how to make my coffee and serve it to me in bed.

I packaged up the computer to mail to Dan so he can make it well and it makes me so thankful that I have my new little laptop. Thanks to my son and Dan. I will restart writing on this computer today and if the first 50 pages can be retrieved off the other computer, that will just be 'frosting on the cake' as they say.

I am making plans for a wood stove and have to decide where the best location would be and move furniture around so there is the perfect spot to warm my toes also my doxies will love it, they need heat.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What a beautiful October Day. I have to spend more time outdoors today. Xena and Dixie are here for the weekend and they helped me finish the floor in the extra room. I had lots of 4 legged help and got it finished now have to clean all the stuff that goes in there before I take it into the clean room, also have to clean where it has been sitting in my bedroom and the hall. It is Bikes, Blues and Barbecue in Northwest Arkansas so is very noisy on my street. Lonna says in trying to travel around that she is ready to cancel Bikes, Blues and Barbecue. Motor cyclist try to see who can make the most noise and disturb the most people.

I got my computer ready to send to Dan this morning and hope he can make it work again. will have to see if I can get someone to send it on Monday, just hope I see a 2 legged creature today. The sun is saying, "come on out and play" and the animals are saying, "come out and play" so guess I had better just go on out and work in the yard.