Sunday, January 22, 2017

My new life

it has been a while since I wrote on the blog so I am ready to spill out a few ramblings this morning. I will admit that I have been a bit addicted to the television since Trump has been invading my life. I was instructed by someone that I needed to read some stuff or listen to stuff that I strongly disagreed with: sorry but I just could not tolerate even 5 minutes of Fox News. The womens march was yesterday and at age 82, you would think that I would not be inspired to run for political office but I am inspired to DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING... So if you are a progressive, thinking about getting into politics, contact me, I will help you!

The health food store that I have been helping is going to a new location next week so I will get another new start, my life has a lot of restart buttons.
I got a dental evaluation last week, paid for by a friend, so I will have a plan to get my teeth repaired, my vision is improving and renewal for the new year.  Just have to figure out how I can go to Canada or Mexico for my next restart. My "to do list" does have "a passport" written on it.   
I keep listening to webinars, watching, reading on my Kindle and learning every thing I can about everything as I love to dispence information and learning.  I already have a new book started on the computer and a whole list of "stuff" that I want to learn.