Saturday, July 23, 2016

Just saying

Just drinking my special coffee, loosing inches and pounds.  I am also trying to help more people with my body code 2 and intuition. It is so hot that I am not getting much done outdoors and even have to put on shoes to get to my car, my feet get burned.  The animals do not like to go outdoors much either because they do not like hot or wet, so do not get out much.  I am also really trying not to worry about my children.  I have to keep one of my daughters and her husband well by purchasing their supplements and being certain that they do not need medical care, which they could not afford.  I am being treated to a Royals baseball game in KC on Sunday afternoon when they are playing the Texas Rangers.  It will be hot but fun, just getting away from 12 dogs and a few cats will improve my mental health. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

so. busy learning new things

I am so busy every day learning new things and I just can't seem to have enough time.  I am learning to be a medical intuitive, learning to communicate with animals, learning to use my crystals and tuning forks, learning to improve the brain, and at the same time I became a part of a company that has a healthy weight loss coffee etc.  I am losing weight and lots of inches, as a result of drinking this coffee.  I would love to make money doing this business.  
I try to multitask when my baseball is on tv so I can relax, not certain that me watching baseball is relaxing.  I am also trying to help a few people with their issues, not certain that my work in this area is very productive. So because of that fact, I am learning to do a better job of meditating.  Doing guided meditations.