Saturday, January 14, 2012

I am really tired of the Facebook info, most of the people on my facebook are writing such "dumb" info that I only skim the info now very quickly and there are only a couple of people that give me any good info or status updates.  I think I will start just looking at it a couple of times a week.  I have better things to do with my time.  I started my new 2012 book but the computer locked up and I lost it, started it again on this computer and will start writing every day. I am listening to webinars today; the ones I missed during the week and had very good info on e-mail today. I am writing on this blog and also the one on wordpress. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feels and looks like winter today, feels like my embellished oatmeal may be necessary to get this day started. I add dried gogi berries, nuts, nopal cactus powdere, chia seeds, coconut and a little butter and honey.  All that makes it nutritious and full of energy.  A bit cool but I did hang sheets and quilts on the line to dry outdoors today.  Just can't wait to get busy, cleaning house, actually the worse punishment I can imagine.  My nest is getting too full so it is time to throw away stuff. Via Facebook, I notice that my friend Doug is opening his office in downtown Rogers so I must go visit tomorrow.  I have to get animal food tomorrow anyway so will make my list so I won't waste gasoline, it keeps getting more and more expensive.   I have spent some time this morning trying to use my computer's video camera and so a class on video, just trying, don't know whether I can be successful or not.  I will need to move my computer to a less messy place to do the finalized video because my nest is always messy but full of great stuff, I think "neat freaks" are not creative or could they be....

Monday, January 9, 2012

Another beautiful day.  Spent sometime @ Hawkins wellness meeting old and new friends, helping as I could.  Made up a blend of essential oils for vetiligo.  I spent time on the TZone machine and came home to spend time outdoors with my animals. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The weather is fantastic! What a great day yesterday, met old friends and made new friends @ Hawkins Wellness and learned new things also.  Tamera and her great family, the Zielke family and my friend Ann all came for new learning.  I was able to play with the essential oils, the Compass, T-zone, the biomat and everything else I could enjoy. 
The Razorbacks won the Cotton bowl to end a great day.  The animals are all happy with the great weather and Max is doing great.  I must say I do need to do some work here at home today, which I do not enjoy.  I am looking for ways of doing "housework" in a way that I can enjoy it.  I have tried it all and still can't find that modality that will help me enjoy "housework", unless I can afford a paid housekeeper.  Jill does come and help me most Saturdays because she loves doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.  I have my brain entrainment music on but as I am working I can not do it with the head phones on.  Guess I need another way of listening so I don't have to stay close to the computer.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Had a wonderful lunch with my friend, CC and then went to Fayetteville to pick up Max.  I got a call from India yesterday morning requesting that I pick up his Beagle, Max and keep him this month.  Max is a bit confused but is settling in and really enjoying the ability to go in and out the doggy doors, spending lots of time on the back porch surveying what is going on in the back yard. Had an e-mail about a beautiful black lab that has become a stray, hoping someone else can give him a home..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Very good week end, Saturday a couple of hours @ John Hawkins, to meet with some friends, Sunday, a few hours to support Dr. Tammy's Fab. you start.  Dr. Tammy has started the 90 day to a beautiful you program.  I spend time yesterday over @ the Hawkins Wellness Center, met friends and made new friends.  Spent time last night watching football and basketball on tv. I am continuing to do research on the Moringo Tree and trying to weed out the hype and get to the real info.  Now I will be happy when the political compaigns are over because it takes up too much space on my news programs.  All very repetitious, don't need that!
Hopefully having lunch with my friend CC, love the conversations I have with CC.