Thursday, February 16, 2017

It looks like spring today, was freezing last night, that is typical Arkansas weather.  I have been trying to catch up today because I consider it my day off.  I have been doing a lot of research and gaining new knowledge.
There are days that I think I will quit working and just stay home and take car of my animals and do some dog walking etc. to fill my time then I listen to another webinar and I am off again to "heal the world". Today I also signed up for one of Dr. Cowan's conferences about heart disease.  He is so good that I just have to listen to all the information that he offers.  
I have been on the computer enough so gotta exercise and also exercise my animals. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

For 25+years my family and I have been pet/house sitting  and all really enjoy it, the pets and clients are wondeerful. Last month a lot of changes happened in Lonna's company, she has worked there many years, so it was realy impossible for her to see all the animals every time they needed her so she quit her job to do the sitting full time and take on a parttime job at her church.  We do have to really tighten our belts and her sisiters and neice now know that they must carry their own weight, including not counting on her to give them lavish gifts, vacations etc.
I have a few paying live/wellness clients who can pay a little so we can pay for the dog food, horse food, cat and goat food so life is good and getting better.  
I am dealing with an old dog that has severe dementia and is very difficult to handle but have a difficult time putting him to sleep, forever, The lady who left him with us gave her permission several weeks ago but he still eats and drinks.
The health food store moved to a new location and setting up the new location kept us busy for a few days but I feel really positive about the move and so do the employees and owner of the store. I help them and see clients on Monday and Wednesday and if someone needs me other days, I go meet them theere.  As you probably know I really enjoy toalking to all of you. Thanks