Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I must admit that I have not been at my best, something to do with my attitude; I must change.  I have been doing more study and have changed some of my goals.  I, also, have resolved to delete wheat from my nutrition program.  I don't usually eat much but I am going to be more aware of what I am consuming.  Because of the new documentary: Fed Up, many people are getting rid of added sugar but I think that since I eat little sugar; wheat is a problem.  I am also being more consistent with my daily routines for my wellness: doing the morning oil pull, doing my early morning eye wash, adding Himalayan or sea  salt to my first glass of water: doing Qigong every day, using MMS for my mouthwash, keeping a "10 most important things" list daily and I am going to make an effort to charge for my coaching services, consistently. 
I had a great time having lunch with my friend, CC, yesterday am going to Calvin's garden tour on Saturday afternoon and the first week-end in June, Lonna and I are going to have a weekend in Kansas City and see some Royals baseball; those activities will make my social life more complete and I know it will improve my attitude and my emotional health. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Going down memory lane

I often have a flood of memories concerning a trip that my sister, Frankie gave me many, many years ago.  I have had lots of traveling since but none have been as important to me.  She and her husband, Larry, took me with them to Florida.  My very first trip to Florida and Disney.  As we entered the gates tears flowed from my eyes and I can still recall the great feeling that overcame me at that moment. I can even recall the smells on Clearwater Beach the day we spent on the beach.  It was such a great gift to me and I do not think a week passes that I do not think of that week.  We shopped; did not buy much, sat on the beach (my first time in the ocean), walked across the drawbridge, went to sea world and Disney world, all in all such great memories from more than a quarter of a century ago.    I have made many trips since but I will never have a week like that week.  Thanks to my baby sister, Frankie, for making memories for me and adding positive things to my life. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014


I have spent several days doing a lot of research and one therapy keeps coming up in my study; Frequency Specific Microcurrent.  I have even checked for practitioners of the therapy, cannot find anyone in the 4 state area.  I found the equipment and the training in Tampa, Florida.  I would like to do it but I need to negotiate so I can afford it.  It not only treats pain but can eliminate most vision problems. 
 I have been building a treatment plan for people who have severe chemical and electrical sensitivities.   The FSM is also used in that treatment plan.  I am making contact with a friend who does the color/light therapy and I need to know more about it and start people taking advantage of it.  Because of all my research, I have not been getting enough exercise, must change that....

Monday, May 5, 2014

Progress on the Reinvention of ME

As I start a new week, I have to do a little review and take a look at what I achieved last week.  Progress is slow but visible; makes it easier to march forward.
Walked through a craft fair on Sunday afternoon without a purchase, now that is real progress in my attempt to not adding to my clutter.  Lots of really great artisans and I admire them for sharing their great talents, but I do not need any more clutter in my life.
When I attended the Farmers' market on Saturday, I only brought home stuff that I will eat this week.  I did enjoy visiting with some very great farmers and I felt much better about life when I got home with my raw milk and fresh free range eggs. Also purchased some fresh veggies and cheese curds.
  I also celebrate May third because my Social Security check appeared in my bank account so I could order some necessities of life that are consumable and necessary for my wellness.  I really need to invest in a dumpster to get rid of my 'trash' more quickly but I will put that off until the next 3rd of the month celebration.  Because of the expense of gas I am trying to cut down on the "run to town and get stuff" trying to combine the trips so I do not have to purchase gas for the old car.  I will have to go to town tomorrow to get animal food and some soil for some container gardens. 
Just to keep me on tract, I am going to start a list of people to invite to my 80th birthday party in October, to celebrate the new reinvented ME.