Monday, February 28, 2011

an Oh Bother type of day

Cold, rainy, windy and just plain dreary today, go figure, different weather every day. All pets are staying inside today and i can't blame them, my feet absolutely froze this morning, just running out and feeding the farm animals. The dishwasher is running, the washing machine is going and I need to get busy cleaning the house, the job I absolutely hate to do. Oh for the income to hire a housekeeper. Since these new doxies like to walk on the end tables, I have to clean off my nests. I need to clean anyway because Lonna is home for a few days, at least to sleep. Am feeling a bit sluggish today, stormy weather so dogs did not sleep well and that means Mema did not sleep well. I have the need for a nap already. I listened to some recordings on the computer yesterday and have them on this morning. I am not hearing a lot because, Jackson is teaching the new doxies how to play and that gets everyone excited. Franklin and Chloe are supervising very loudly.

I still have some work to do on the organization of my classes but must get busy on my least favorite chores.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Freshman Orientation for the Doxies

New doxies are adjusting well but still are uncomfortable using the doggie door, it could be because they are afraid Nellie, the cat, is on the other side to hiss at them. She is declawed so can't hut them but they do not know for certain that she would not. They of course started sleeping with the rest of us; I have to find a larger bed, I think. I am finding out their little quirks; Daffodil, (daffy) wants to climb on tables, the one by the bed and the one I have my nest on near the couch. The other dogs look at her as if to say, "what do you mean, disturbing Mema's nests?" She was also tangled up in my crochet yarn, I am working on a laptop bag. They are great fun to watch exploring the back yard and getting to know the other dogs.

I worked on lesson plans yesterday and have run out of paper for the printer because I am a big one for handouts. In the olden days I used the mimeograph machine with all that terrible ink. I never learned how not to get the ink all over me and it did not wash off easily. I really appreciate my computer and my printer; very neat and clean, wonder what is coming next. I relistened to some webinars and explored the Juicy Plus information. Today I am also grateful for the warmer day and the birds singing everywhere.

My spell check does not recognize "doxies" as a real word, imagine that!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two new Doxies

Last night Lonna brought me two more doxies, they look almost identical to Ludwick and Megan; some minor differences. I of course was not pleased with the names, my girl doxies are flower names; Rosie and Dairsy, these have been name daffy (daffodil) and Tulip. They are still a bit cautious about stairs and the doggie door but those "skills" will be learned by the end of today I am certain. i tried to call Trevor to find out if he knows any one who is just dying for a doxie but he seldom picks up his phone when I call it. The have all their papers and Lonna still has them so don't know what puppy mill they may have come from originally. I think the mom said they were from somewhere in south Arkansas. They are really co-dependent so could not be separated; doxies are like potato chips anyway, you have to have more than one.

I spent the day caring for my animals and on the computer so did not get dressed at all yesterday. I am re playing the Chunyi Lin webinar for the 2nd time as I miss parts all the time. I really love his ideas on Qigong; he wants a healer in every family as I do. He is talking about "The Seven Steps of New Life" that I try to do several times a week.

Cool and cloudy this morning but I am hoping for more pleasant weather later today so I can be outdoors with my animals and cleaning the yard. I spoke with my granddaughter Molly via phone, she has a cough and upper respiratory infection; went to the campus Dr. and of course he ordered antibiotics and a cough medication. I told her that when she is home for spring break in a couple of weeks we will fix her up with some oil of oregano and olive leaf throat spray and really heal her. Since she does not have a fever why would she be given an antibiotic? not surprising but wrong. I have to get her on the Juice Plus.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Planning my class on "Overcoming Chronic Disease"

Cold and cloudy today, hope it will warm up soon. I filled the bird feeders because Mr. Cardinal came to the window this morning to let me know the feeders were empty, also had to get the garbage out, so have found the cold weather a bit unpleasant. It is really unpleasant if I have to put my shoes on just to take the dogs out!! All the cats spent the night indoors so you know how nasty it must be outdoors.

I spent 3 hours busing tables for Keith and Carol at Bud's yesterday because there was a big class at Walmart; 200 people, and they ate at Bud's. I think I am too old for that line of work but I am always available when I am needed; that gift of serving certainly makes me an easy doormat. Got home and needed to use my gift for teaching; began putting the notes together for my class on "overcoming chronic disease", I loved it but the dogs all wanted to be on my lap so kinda hard to write with 10 or 12 dogs on my lap. I was trying to catch up of every thing and missed my webinar last night, oh well, I am getting so much on my mind's hard drive that I just can't get it pulled up to the desktop when I need a bit of info. I am grateful that I am not wasting away in a medical facility somewhere or among the departed. I am listening to replays from the webinars by "The Conscious Activist"; really interesting speakers. Some interesting people that I have not heard before. Today is a man in Canada that does market gardening; the right time for the webinar because I will get a head start on my gardening projects. If the weather is nice enough next week I am going to do the first plowing of my garden; the border collie and the doxies will be so happy to help me dig, they really love to help me garden. I will mix in the horse manure to make things grow well. The big rain yesterday will make all the my trees and shrubs grow and bloom when the sun shines again. I would like to have a community garden in my yard but am not certain how to get it started. Might have to educate myself and do a class. I am going to have to live to be 130 just to do all the things I want and need to do!! Better get busy!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Teaching at Lifelong Learning Center, I hope

I guess it is spring today, rainy; I thought it was April Showers, I mast have been wrong. That Poncy Phil probably messed up the schedule for showers, etc. The picture is of my little expectant mom, still waiting to drop that kid.

I went to town yesterday and met with Horward Foy, he has started a learning center and I like it very much, I am going to try to teach some classes there. Check it out take a look and see if you want to go to a class or teach a class. I really had a nice visit, then went to Panera Bread to do some work on the computer and put in my info.

I ended up at Bud's busing tables for them because they were busy, Keith requested that I drop by today about 12:30 and help them out an hour or so.

Lonna found two 1 yr old min. doxie sisters that have to find a home, if no one else offers; doxies can always find a home with me. My dogs, cats and livestock really missed me when I was gone yesterday but they are going to have to get used to me not being here all the time; I'm getting out some. i got my weight lifting done for the week, carrying 50 pounds of chicken food, 40 pounds of horse food and forty pounds of dog food from the driveway up the steps and into the back room; weight training done for the week. At the same time I got my walking in for the day.

I spent last night doing some outlines for the classes I want to do at the Lifelong Learning Center of Northwest Arkansas. Really fun, had trouble going to bed because I lost my concept of time. One of my favorite things is to plan the class then lead it, can't think of anything more fun.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Number 13 on my "rules for wellness"; Socializing!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and even though it is cloudy today the air feels good. I went to town yesterday and met some really nice people. I had to get horse, goat, cat, and dog food so had to go to the feed store. I usually lift all the big 40 pound bags of food into the van but a nice young man helped me yesterday. I went to the Clarion Hotel to check on prices of renting a conference room, met a great lady there; Barbara Tillman, visited with her, gave her some books and also got a lead from her which will lead to my appointment today; teaching classes. I also went to Any lab test now and met a really nice young man who showed me their lab facility and showed me how they do their business. I will start referring people to them, he is a great resource for health and wellness. You have probably guessed that I gave him a couple of books.

The animals thought I was gone too long and they let me know that this socializing was not good for them. I made a big mistake nutrition wise, I stopped at the Subway and got a sandwich, too much bread for me so my gut did not feel good later on; but it was good at the time I was consuming it. Today I will visit with a Mr. Howard Foy concerning doing classes in wellness at his facility, it will be a fun morning. I will also check on some friends, Carol and Cindy. I may drop in on Dr. Labrie also. Maybe this socializing could get habit forming and I might neglect my animals, don't think so. I do have to up my pace so I can get more done.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wonderful Day on the little farm

That big sun looks so nice out there but is is cold, hoping it warms up fast. It is so cool that Sophie came inside last night and had her breakfast indoors. The animals were all noisy last night, this morning I figured out why, I can smell skunk in my back yard. The dogs just kept getting up, running out barking then back in; it did not make for a pleasant night of restful sleep. I am ready for a nap but have chores to do and errands to run.

I had a notice in my live mail that the blog I have on it is going away so need to open up a wordpress site. Now I will be writing some on I guess since this blogspot is with gmail, live mail had to try to go one better.

As I look out my window I notice that the school bus is going by, it is an hour later today, I wonder for what reason. Everyone had school yesterday even though it was presidents day which is usually a government/school holiday; trying to make up snow days. Hopefully there will be no more snow days; spring is on its way!

I enjoyed a phone conference with Virginia'Juice Plus yesterday and had lots of phone and computer interaction yesterday evening so missed two teleconferences and webinars yesterday evening. It is nice to be busy. I am listening to a replay of Larry Crane, I am not very familiar with him but he is telling me how I can be a millionaire; I have to get all the virus out of my computer brain. I am going to be calm, successful and happy when I rid my brain of all those germs. He is talking about money success, I already have life success, just not money. I am very grateful that I am living with ultimate wellness and at age 76 very busy and happy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Reading Jonny Bowden books

Cool rain today and a bit of winter tonight but as long as I can see spring in the distance, I can make it. Later today I have to go pick up animal food but since I do not have a back window, only a little piece of plastic, in my van, it is not pleasant to drive it in the rain or wind, I have to wait for my "window of opportunity". I have a few animals that would be unhappy with they did not get food twice a day.

I did some reading concerning "The most effective ways to Live Longer" by Jonny Bowden, some really good information and I agree about 95% of the time; that is so unusual for me to agree that much with someone. I was happy that I found him and his website. He has an anti-aging action plan: I like it. His healthy nutrition plan: Increase your consumption of Omega 3 fats, no saturated or trans fats, eat a diet high in fruits, veggies, and nuts; low in sugar and refined grains, avoid processed foods, choose foods low on the glycemic index. A pretty good plan. He is really wild about wild salmon and I need to find a good source of wild salmon. He suggests a company called Vital Choice, I will check it out. He has written several books and I have them on my Kindle. I have consumed my supply of Tulsi Tea and need to replenish it, there is a lot of data concerning the benefits of drinking Tulsi Tea.

The dogs are lined up ready to be combed and massaged so I had better get busy.......

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wonderful "early spring" weather

It was a beautiful day yesterday and looks good today, so far. We spent a lot of time outdoors so had to use my Theratears in my eyes last night, the wind and sun had really dried them out. I got my berry bushes planted, hope they live because they looked pretty dead when we got them. I got my package of information from Juice Plus and spent some time reviewing it. A little more cleaning, washing, etc. done; guess I am early spring cleaning. The weather makes me want to run, laugh and play (Number 20 on my list of wellness activities). Going barefoot was such a pleasure and it makes my joints feel strong. I did not need weight lifting yesterday because I moved "stuff" in the yard and gained the strength I needed. I am listening to Jo Dunning on line; not certain how much I agree with her but it is interesting. Interviews like hers gives me 'things to ponder' and there is always more learning to be done. Lonna and Jill both came to visit for a short time yesterday and I enjoyed the visits. I broke some fingernails yesterday so I have to do some manicure work today.

I am grateful that when I look out my window, I do not see snow instead I see the beginnings of a new season. The birds have moved away from the deck and are out exploring the world, the cats and dogs are running and playing outdoors and it is a great experience. I am also grateful that I am well and can enjoy this wonderful weather. It may rain soon, maybe enough to revive those plants I put into the ground.

The new book I have started concerns; where my mind and eyes travel when I look out my window every day. Soon I will be seeing the blossoms on all the plantings I have done the past 4 years.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Prepare for not getting my Social Sec. Check

As I look out my window, I cannot see the sun; that is so disappointing. Maybe later today. I have another long list today so I must get busy even without the sun to cheer me on. I am re listening to Donna Gates this morning and am gaining tidbits of info all the time. The dogs are all happy because I presented them with new bones this morning, another visit to the butcher is needed because I gave them the last of my supply. I am so grateful today that I can run outdoors barefoot, enjoy the wonderful earth and improve my wellness. Weather is so different and feels like spring. I am feeling a bit guilty because my neighbor has really cleaned up his yard and mine looks a bit messy. I had thought that this month I might be able to come up with money to purchase the portable infrared sauna but it looks like the government might get frozen and I won't get my social security check, I hope the House of Rep. members who have Moms and Dads on social security realize what a hardship their radical deeds will cause for we seniors.

Friday, February 18, 2011

work, work, work

According to the board of labor, I have to give myself a break from work every 4 hours and I have been going for 6 hours so before I get into trouble, I must take a break. In addition to the rules, I am tired. As usual when I do necessary "house work" I don't seem to accomplish much. The "dog house" does smell better and my clean bed will feel good tonight. Just an endless job that I have never enjoyed. Now I must get outdoors and do more pleasant work out there.

Listening to Donn Gates a true expert

I am listening to Donna Gates, my favorite nutrition expert, she is great! I might as well learn as I do the terrible cleaning chores, the wash, hang out the clothes, etc., etc. Unless someone calls and disrupts me i am in for a drudge filled day. It is warm enough to walk outdoors barefoot and dig some holes for plants. I am going to make a salad from the celery root I purchased at the health food store and use my home made mayo. As I always do, I will embellish the recipe. My kefir is also ready to refrigerate.

I put the link for Donna Gates on FB and my blog, hope everyone listens to her, she is truly an expert.

It was almost painful watching my Suns and my Mavs play against one another last night on TV, since I want both to win, how can that happen????

My little red hens have hidden their nest and so I don't have my cagefree, organic egg to eat, I have to find that nest because I need my eggs.

I have to get busy with my list and the chores I hate to do!!!!!!

Donna Gates #TheAwareShow

Donna Gates #TheAwareShow

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Loved the Demos at the health food store today.

I had a very busy day and I did not get my "list" done. Early this morning after all the animal care, I went to Penny's house to help her take care of some storage stuff, she was called to work. My friend, Sue took me to the health food store in Fayetteville, then out to eat a wonder grilled chicken/fruit salad. We watched food demos while at the health food store and learned some neat things. I bought some stuff but could have spent the entire day there. It was a beautiful day but really windy! Every minute I have been home I have listened to Dr. Norm Shealy and am still re running his webinar so I can get all the information.

my tv is on Vanna White, a beautiful dress tonight, I can keep it muted and still enjoy it. My animals are all fed and everyone is ready to have a good night.

Dr. Norm Shealy #TheAwareShow

Dr. Norm Shealy #TheAwareShow

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fun day doing fun things...Laugh and Play

I had a great day yesterday, visited with Marie Carlson concerning the fencing organization, a really nice young lady. Went to the library and visited with Heather, another really wonderful young lady, gave my books to the library and found out that the library is too restrictive for me to have a wellness workshop there so will find alternative location. Did find that I might be able to do a program there as a library program. I went to see my friend Carol at the restaurant and found that they were really busy so I bused tables for a couple of hours, had a ball but did tire me out. When I got home my animals were so happy to see me and greeted me well even the farm animals missed me. Today I will have a phone conference with Virginia my Juice Plus friend and mentor and will get more in depth information. I have to call Cindy and find out how her eco gram went this morning. I need to get my berry bushes planted this morning since the ground has thawed. I was sitting here at the computer and heard noises in the back yard; I had forgotten to let Jesse the billy goat and Janet the old mare back in the barn lot following their feeding. I have to separate them from the rest of the animals because they won't let anyone else eat. Janet can disrupt everything in the yard quickly if I forget to put her back in the barn yard. She is a very assertive old mare.

I have had so many distractions this morning, gotta get busy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Living in the 2 legged world today

I am writing this from Panera Bread, had to meet a lady to have an interview about the fencing non for profit organization I am involved in. Fun interview and the client that was meeting me following the interview, cancelled so I have a little time to use the computer before going to the library to set up a meeting. The animals are really going to miss me today because I plan to stay away from home a lot today, gradually weaning them away from seeing me 24/7.

I am spending time in the 2 legged world for a change and of course, I love it. Spent time on the phone with me Juice Plus friend, Virginia and really enjoyed it. Also went to a Friend's house to meet her new dogs. I think this is fun week for me.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Beautiful day, all I need is a valentine, lost mine 31 years ago. I opened the door and let the dogs and cats see the sun; told them it was their valentine, they love it. I am attaching a picture of my little red hens, they are happy to see the ground so they can sing and scratch. This is national sound day also, I am listening to sounds of the rainforest, so nice and sounds of nature via I am very grateful for because I can listen to great sounds without having to purchase anything.

In the past I have spent days and days, making creative valentine boxes and valentines, some of my greatest memories. The kids always had great complicated ideas and I had to figure out how to make them, Roger especially with his engineering mind he loved the complicated plans but the production usually came from my hands. No one ever wanted just a decorated box. Delivering wrist corsages to school and making special treats; so much fun.

Saturday, Lonna and Jill brought me some tulips to brighten the house and replanting in the yard. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting thawed out and back to learning.

Thawing is going well, did not even get down to freezing last night. Lots of mud but I can tolerate that when the sun shines. Lonna brought me some blackberry and raspberry plants yesterday so will get them in the ground this week. They came from Walmart so may not live (they do not care for their plants); I will plant and see what happens. My berry plants died last year. My animals and I are happy that we can see real dirt. I am listening to a replay of Dr. Shealy this morning, I really love that old man, he is such an intelligent man and has done so much for health and wellness. The cats are very happy because Lela has gone home, they are so smart that the minute she went out the door, they all began to roam about the house and rub against my legs, really enjoy themselves. We expended a lot of energy getting the driveway cleared enough to park off the highway in order to unload my food etc. from her car and load up Lela and Rambo, two wonderful loving dogs.

I turned on book tv this week end and lucky for my finances, there are no good reviews this week end so far. I have to get back on track with all my wellness programs since I will not spend so many hours trying to keep my farm animals warm, fat and happy. Getting back to memory exercises, eye exercises, more stretching, more rebounding, meditation time, Dr. Shealy's energy programs, etc. I might even get my car started, get some of the house cleaned, etc. etc. It sounds like I had better get started. All the time listening to webinars, especially Dr. Norm Shealy. I have started creating another book also, I was afraid I would get withdrawal symptoms if I do not keep working on creative writing. My how I love seeing that big orange ball of sun this morning, the indoor/outdoor cats even wanted to be fed out on the deck this morning, they give me instructions every morning of what their plans are and of course, I do what they request. I have a busy day ahead so I had better 'hush up' and get started.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sun 3 days and hope to see the ground today!!

My seasonal affect disorder is almost gone because this is the 3rd day in a row that I have seen the sun. It is so great and even though it is 19 degrees out there, it feels like 60. Maybe my hose will thaw today and I won't have to "fetch" water for the farm animals. There is an icicle hanging from my roof, in front of my window that is longer than I am, skinnier than I too. I got through that whole mess with sub zero weather and did not have any frozen pipes. That is a miracle in this little old house, can't imagine what the electric bill will look like though. Not warm enough to go barefoot or to hang my clothes on the clothesline but it is still wonderful.

Lela and Rambo will go home today and the cats will be very happy, they can start roaming at their leisure. I can bring in my skillets because I can see the bird feeders now. I did some research yesterday on some supplements an expert had recommended and tried to take some data off a broken computer and place on the laptop, I spent lots of time trying to figure it out and wasted a lot of time, wish I was an expert in computers. I still have work to do and may have to request help.

I tried to get some people on face book and on my contact list, interested in making their kids healthier but am not sure any of the info sank into their minds. Most people would rather make frequent trips to the Dr. and ER, take prescription drugs than to take a few easy steps to insure their wellness. I really do need to purchase a prescription pad to write instructions on so people will follow my suggestions, i think it has to be on a prescription pad and cost lots of money.

Friday, February 11, 2011

"Its going to be a great day" Mr. Sun is visiting!!!

Starting out with: I am so grateful for that big orange ball in the Eastern sky. It is so appreciated. I am waiting for that sun to warm things up a bit before I carry water to the farm animals because it is bitter cold out there this morning. I am also very thankful that the UPS WOMAN made it to my house yesterday, 3 of my parcels came that have been in their ware house for many days. I savored my juicy chews then expressed my gratitude to God and the world that I finally got my "stuff". I also got my exotic juices; Noni, Mango, Acai and Goji berry, so I got out my wine glass and celebrated with one ounce of each. The mail did not come to my mail box because the snow plow had covered it so I must dig it out today. I can't do without my link to the outside world. It is important for we elderly to have our mail, even it it is all going to file 13 (the waste basket). Remembering the mission trips with the elderly group, when we went to Mississippi to clear away storm damage; had to make a path to the mailboxes and sometimes had to prop up the mailbox so people could have that link to the world. I am an expert at dragging fallen tree branches to the street so they can be picked up by a truck, being certain that the pile is not near someone/s mailbox.

Eight am and the icicles are already dripping even though the thermometer reads 10 degrees. That sun is already doing great things and I expect a lot more!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Record Snow and Record Cold, very hard on my farm animals....

My snow totals for the day was about 20 inches and this morning it is minus 17 degrees, even the small heated bucket that I carry water to for the livestock would not melt the snow. The sun is shinning and the trees all sparkle, maybe there will be some melting soon. It will be super cold again tonight. I was really frightened that all my little red hens would be frozen to death when I went to the barn, all are still singing, they remind me of the little hens in Chicken Run ready to go on holiday. I now have 5 parcels at the UPS office in Springdale, that is just the ones I have been notified about. Hope they all get here, soon.

I completely re read "Out Smart your Cancer" by Tanya Harter Pierce. I have a hard copy of the book waiting at the UPS office. Everyone should go to and purchase at lease one copy of the book, there are other books about alternative cancer treatments but I think that book is the best. Of course there is info for more info about specific cancers and treatments in the book and a DVD concerning many of the treatments.

I can't believe that I just heard the NBC medical consultant state that she drinks diet sodas!!! She evidently does no research on her own and makes me not believe anything she says. I don't listen to TV in the morning much but did have it on this morning, makes me angry that these people are telling others what to do for their health.

Lela is still keeping the cats nervous and since they cannot go out in the deep, deep snow, they do have a problem. I have to get busy and prepare my oatmeal and get my day started. The birds are ready for refills also.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More than a foot of new snow......

I now have 4 packages at UPS, they say unable to deliver but my road was clear since Friday, until today. I will never send anything ups again and would rather pay for FEDEX, they have been out delivering every day as has the postal service. It angers me because you can't e-mail them or talk on the phone a computerized voice is all you get, can never talk to a human and e-mails won't get through. My garbage was finally picked up yesterday but my garbage container is still out by the road, forgot to move it to the house last evening.

I have lots and lots of new snow, it took a long time for me to feed my livestock and chickens and my dogs and cats can't even get out in the snow, it is too deep for them. I have Rambo and Lela too, Lela is a big furry thing so she goes out ok then comes in a shakes off the snow, so I have puddles of water to towel up. I had to set skillets full of bird seed out for the birds and have to replenish often, snow covers it. More than fifty colorful birds feeding on the deck and waiting to eat, sitting on my tree just outside my window. Emergency vehicles going down the highway and a snow plow making a path for them, hope no one is injured or ill. No other cars or trucks moving. There goes the snow plow again, it is a non packing snow so plows off easily, of course since it is still snowing it builds back up quickly. By the way, I think Hell just froze over!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red sky this morning......more snow on the way...

Red sky in the morning, Sailors take warning!!! My sky is very red this morning. More snow is coming; that does not make me happy. Guess I am ready, livestock water buckets are filled, everyone has been fed, dogs have new bones to chew on and my house is warm. No good TV last night so I read a lot about alternative cancer treatments and the research behind them. I had to order another book because I cannot share my Kindle, have to have a book to share; that is the way my last book disappeared, sharing. It is no value to me to have the info if I cannot share it.
My juice chews are in Springdale at UPS, have been there several days, the webpage says that 'unable to deliver due to conditions beyond their control' my road has been clear since Friday, the postal service has been here every day, must be a bunch of people who do not like to work. My Melalucea order is there too. They have all day today then tomorrow it is going to be deep snow again. I just looked out my window and saw Stormy, the cat in the field across the highway looking for a rodent, I suppose she got tired of waiting for the birds at the feeder to slow down so she could catch one. Someone caught a bird yesterday, a cat or a dog, because there are feathers in the living room. It may have been a partnership between Daisy, a doxie, and Nellie the cat. One of the hazards of having all kinds of animals and birds. I am listening to a tapping webinar via the computer this morning I really have never seen results myself using tapping but I know lots of people who have had lots of positive wellness results using EFT, it is such a simple modality. I have studied it for several years. Since it is so simple there is no reason for not trying it and of course it is 'non toxic', unlike most medications. If you want to learn about it, try seeing some of the things on and search tapping or EFT. I, of course, have CDs, DVDs, and books, just request them. When my husband was learning self hypnotism many years ago, it was difficult for me because I really do love to be in control, he used it all the time when he was alive and could not understand why it did not work for me. He thought it was my scientific background and brain washing as a nurse. We were taught that if a pill or surgery would not heal you, nothing would and everything else was quackery. I have really changed as I got smarter and older.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Review of the superbowl???

Super bowl game pretty good but all the rest terrible; half time, national anthem, ads. The only good ads had animals doing the performing. The little boy that starts the car; I saw that in the 1970's when Brad Archer used my desk as a car, had the varnish off it where he started it with his thumb. I guess they are surprised that a kid could have an imagination. I hate to start of negative but now I am over it!!
no new snow today, just a few flakes. I hope my hose will thaw today so I can get all the water at the barn lot filled and no carrying water today??? I hope. My garbage has been at the street since Friday morning and it is still there, bet they will not forget to charge me for a pick up. Still lots of beautiful birds every color and size.
If those wealthy 'movie stars' would stay out of trouble, we would have no news. So tired of hearing about their problems. Now I guess we are going to hear those high paid football players and their wealthy owners fussing about money when it could all be handled by cutting profits by half and salaries by half and cutting ticket prices by half so real Americans could afford to attend the games. Take a page from the books of the Texas Rangers, cheap family tickets and food so real families can see them play and enjoy the games. A "cheap team" that made it to the world series. If I did not already love them, I would love them just for that attitude.
I did a lot of reading on the cancer treatment "Protocel" and really found the new information very good. I bought a bottle of it several months ago so I could let someone try it, it was refused so she could do chemo and now she is dead. I wonder when people will notice that the physicians do not have a superman cape or a halo and start thinking for themselves. Am I a bit bitter; yes, when I see them killing people every day.
I need some sunshine and I also need to be able to see the earth. My attitude will be much better when that happens.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Looking for Mr. Sun....

Looking for the sun, where did he go? Must be a man since he is so difficult to find????

I can finally open the chicken house and let my hens roam free range even though there is not any ground to be seen. They needed to stroll or so I think. I am hoping there will be enough thawing today so I won't have to carry water to the livestock, my arms and shoulders are beginning to become sore, guess I need more stretching. I watched my Mavs last night and read some more about the alternative cancer treatments. I figured out why your physician will not give you a list of the alternative treatments when you are diagnosed: the drug companies would have his lic. revoked, too much extra money in the pockets of the drug companies, the ones that do give you alternatives are brave souls. If only people would do their own research. I am going to have to injure my finger just to keep from ordering more books, that one punch system that has is just too easy. I did some more study in my speed reading so I can catch up on my reading,

I have many, many birds this morning eating on the front deck and from my kitchen window, they are hoping for a thaw also so they can find their own bugs and seeds. Lonna brought me bird seed, horse food, goat food, chicken food, cat food and dog food; just a little people food. We can all be fat and happy for another week. I think Barky will go home today; his dad will pick her up. I might make a path for him to get into the house after I do the wash, sweep up the trash and try to remove some of the ice in front of my door. I don't have to worry about anyone invading my house because he/she would kill themselves getting in and if he/she got in the dogs would lick him/her until they would beg to be let out. I is so nice to reach goals and I have reached my first one; no mis spellings!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Uploaded my 4th book to the publisher..

If my home was a Thomas Kincade painting it would be beautiful but he did not have to go out and take care of the animals and "slip slide and away'. Additional heavy snow yesterday and more on its way, I can't believe this weather. Snow and cold was the reason I did not like Colorado and Kansas City. I talked to my grandson in Mesa, AZ, he is having cold weather also. The birds are eating well as long as I do not run out of seeds. I hope Lonna can come out today and replenish my supply of animal food. The sun is trying to come out from under the fog and clouds. We older people need lots of sun!!!! One reason my attitude is poor; I can't walk outdoors barefoot!!

I uploaded my 4th book yesterday and worked on a cover. Last night I did some reading on my kindle "Outsmart your Cancer" and watched my Mavs win, love those guys. Barky is still here because the roads are too bad to take her home. The little bit of sun is already causing the huge icicles hanging from my roof, to start dripping. I guess when they refreeze they will be longer. I need to do some Qigong and rebounding just to get some improvement on my attitude, need an attitude adjustment. I really do appreciate the sun today and my beautiful birds. I am grateful for my warm house and am also thankful that all my farm animals are alive and apparently well. I look forward to seeing a two legged creature today. If Lonna does not get out here I made make a path to a neighbor[s house.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I am ready to move south!!!

I am so tired of this weather, grateful that I do not live any farther north and am ready to move south, do you live south and have an extra room for me and of course a yard for my animals?
Today the blue jays are hungry, I have cardinals, blue jays, titmice, starlings, red winged blackbirds, doves, nuthatches, etc. etc. full bird feeders and they are so beautiful, it won't take long until I have to do a refill. I took the garbage to the street with a lot of difficulty, the garbage pail did not want to move but I am stubborn and 'assertive'. Lonna did not make it out here last night she had to stay in Bentonville because of the icy roads. More snow today, they say!!!!!
I had loaned out my "Outsmart your cancer" book and did not get it back so I ordered it on Kindle so I can't loan it out, it is probably the most informative book on holistic treatment of cancers that has been written. The Kindle edition is a newer edition with more information. I am re listening to Dr. Lipton this morning and each time I hear it i learn new information. If you do not have this book in your library, you need it as a reference book, never can tell when you are a family member might need it.
I gave bones to the dogs this morning because I needed some peace and quiet from them, it keeps them busy for a while.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy to be able to stay off the roads....

It is very cold and I am grateful that I do not have travel to work on these roads, I have been in the ditch so many times before daylight, trying to get to work. As a nurse or an administrator I had to be there or so I thought. God always provided a human to get me out and on my way. I lived with sore jaws, dealing with the stress of driving in ice and snow. So I am very grateful for the nice warm house and that I can stay in it! My farm animals do not like sub zero weather and it is no fun to keep them fed and watered. It does not look as if there will be any sunshine today. I think Barky's parents will make it home today, that is if Dallas or Chicago airports are not too far behind in traffic.

I am listening to Dr. Bruce Lipton and Jack Canfield this morning via the computer and spent some time yesterday doing some Quantum-touch study and found a workshop in Greenbrier Arkansas that would enable me to learn a great deal more. I do not need my weight lifting exercises because I get lots of that kind of exercise, walking in heavy boots through lots of snow and lifting water buckets etc. for the animals. I have not been shoveling much snow because I soon reach the sheet of ice under the snow. I do have a trail off the back porch and my steps cleaned off. I learned years ago how bad it is for old people, falling on ice covered steps. As a young person I thought falling and breaking a hip was the worse thing; it meant months in the hospital and special beds, etc. My how things have changed over the years. I do think falls cause all sorts of problems for older people. It ages people rapidly.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Terrible Winter Blizzard-in survival mode

The sun is trying to peep through the clouds and that makes me happy!!! Deep, deep snow and cold, cold temperatures. I am almost surprised that my farm animals made it through the night. The birds were anxious to be fed this morning and they are so beautiful. Rosie, my little toy doxie, went out with me but her feet froze in the snow. She was such a pitiful sight and moaned, I had to pick her up carefully so I would not injure her feet. She is getting lots of love this morning. I put down puppy pads because it is almost impossible for my little ones to do their business in the deep snow. The tree limbs glisten in the sun and that beautiful sight does not seem bad when I look out from my warm chair. There are about 25 birds eating at the one feeder and another 25 or so waiting in the tree under my window. The kitchen window is full also.

I did some final corrections on my 4th book and will probably submit it to the publisher today. Most of the day was spent trying to make life more comfortable for my farm animals so did not get much done on the computer. I did listen to a webinar by Dr. Permutter, a neurologist that I consider the best but did not have time to sit and absorb the info, will have to relisten. Virginia sent instructions for using the juicy chews in the anticipation that my chews and Taylor's will soon be here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Burrrrrr....Very cold, heavy snow, wind etc.......

I have been out in this terrible weather trying to make my barn animals comfortable. I got 6 little red hens yesterday (I already have 3 brown eggs) and had to get their roosting house more weather friendly. It is blowing snow, 18 degrees and already have 5 or 6 inches on the ground. The birds are crowding at the feeders and the snow is coming down too fast to keep the feeders that are not covered uncovered of snow. I spoke with Barky's parents; grounded in Florida, wouldn't that be nice. Wish i could be in Florida or Arizona. I have to stay here because my animals would miss me. I gave fresh bones to the dogs, extra treats to the cats and tried to get the barn better for the outdoor animals since it is supposed to go below 0 degrees I hope they all survive. I am trying to get my hands warm with my coffee mug and get my toes warmed up after being out so long. I have clothes in the washer and dryer to keep the water lines moving and have all the electric heaters turned on. A truck just went bye, the first one since about 7 am, 5 hours ago. It had chains on the tires.

I think I will upload book number 4 today and start number 5; I have to write because it is an addiction. I am thinking of new ideas for the next book.