Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I NEED to write today

I have had a lot on my mind the past few weeks and just need to express it, after visiting with my friend, Joel, I decided to get my thought written down.
I have been thinking of all the needs in the would and how I would like to help; help teach people in prisons, work with halfway houses to "life coach" people in need of a new start or re-start.  There are so many needs partly because of warped  justice system and in part because of the judgmental attitude of many so called American Christians.. I know that I am a bit biased because I see all the religious people become so pious and always pushing other down, down and being so  self centered.  I am certain that God cries when he sees what these people do "in His name".  One of the great tragedies is the fact that mostly this happens to the lower middle class and the poor. I don't know why this subject has been bearing down on me of late, just have that burden and don't yet know what I can do.  I will give it to "the Universe" and see what Ideas come into my mind. 
In the meantime, I feel so good about what has happened in the life of my friend, Joel and his projects at Soul's Harbor Mission the past 2 1/2 years.  He broadens his dream daily and is seeing now what I saw when I met him. 
What can I do to make this world a better place for the downtrodden?  I am writing it on the card that I carry in my pocket so I can achieve something that is positive. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

I feel the need......

I am feeling that I need to accomplish something, anything.  Maybe I just do not want to put enough energy into that something to get the satisfaction of accomplishing that something. 
It seems that I am letting my life get dull and I feel that I need to be working toward some goals and also I am needing to feel more passionate about life.  Part of my feeling comes from the attendance in my class yesterday, very poor and I spend so many hours getting prepared and the money I spent on getting there... just seems so fruitless..
I did enjoy going to my grandson-in-laws birthday dinner which Lonna paid for but did I add anything to anyone's life?  Did I do anything that will matter to anyone?  Just thinking and maybe my thinking is somewhat messed up just to be always thinking of what good I am doing in this world.  I visited Carman P. as she requested but I really doubt that she will follow through with any of my suggestions to get her life back on track, did I give any info in class that will benefit anyone who was there?  I did not earn any money yesterday, my feelings are not based on anything that is realistic thinking but it does not make me feel any better, just because I know that.  I have taken care of all  my animals, washed my dishes, done a load of laundry and had my third cup of coffee and I still feel the need to just lie down, read a book and do nothing, that can't be good.
I need to finish decluttering my space but I have no passion for that today. 
OMG I am whining and I hate whiners.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Just gotta write

It has been about a week since I wrote on the blog; have ranted a bit on the Facebook page but sometimes I need a larger forum.
Today, I am again appalled when I hear people speak about following their physicians orders and not thinking for themselves.  I am also very upset that we have so many non thinkers as physicians.  I see them mess up so many lives; just wish there were more that I could trust and have my clients and friends visit.  It would be unthinkable to think that they could take up a bit of the holistic route and check for sensitivities before they prescribe, or discuss what the patient is thinking or even team up with the alternative healers.. 
There are so many brain washed people: thinking that tap water is ok, all produce is the same, the doctor knows best, etc. etc.  A couple of generations of people have ruined their health with the bad information from the medical world: Low fat, no eggs, GMO foods, Fluoride water, extreme exercise, diet drinks, msg added, heavy metals in vaccines, vaccines added each year so now a very young baby is bombarded with 10 times the vaccines that were given even 50 years ago, wearing shoes from morning until bedtime, a prescription for every symptom, mindset that every minute of the day should be filled with activity, religion replaced spirituality, etc., etc., etc.  
The dogs are napping already (8 am), the livestock have filled their bellies and are relaxing in the shade of the trees, the cats are curled up on the deck but I would feel guilty if I curled up with a good book this early in the morning, even thoug I have been up and busy since 5 am. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

No sleep again last night because there are still people setting off fireworks and the animals were so disturbed, I did have essential oils applied to the dogs and thunder shirts but some of them are just so full of anxiety, especially the big black lab who is sleeping over at my house.  He just has a bad time and after a while even though the fireworks stop he and I just can't seem to get to sleep. He is sleeping this morning and will go home today.  One of the problems with me is the fact that I am angry that people would waste their money on such things and enjoy the very temporary happiness that it gives them.  Why not tell your children that we are spending the fireworks money at the Farmers Market and giving the food to a needy family; I will bet that would give a lot more happiness to the children and to the family who received the food.  It would provide lasting memories. 
I guess that I am a bit upset because as I read messages on facebook, I find so many self centered people that the few bits of encouragement and news is overshadowed by these people.  When I start reading Facebook, I almost give it up until I find the bits and pieces of information that makes me grateful that there is a Facebook, I suppose I will keep reading it, just for those 'bits and pieces'..
Some old acquaintances that I have not heard from or seen in a long time did friend me so I am grateful to get back in touch.
I am so grateful for the beautiful songs I am hearing from the birds this morning and the nice fresh air that is coming through my front door.  So wonderful...