Monday, November 30, 2009

Very frosty this morning! I went out to the van to get my horse food and could not get the door open because it is frozen shut, I leave my bags of food in the car until I can safely carry it to the storage shed. Have to wait until the sun shines a bit to get the food for my livestock.
I did a lot of study yesterday on modalities that I would use if I had any medical problems. I love youtube and can find so much info, then I can do further research. I am really impressed with EVOT, exercising with oxygen, to fill all my lazy cells with oxygen. For sometime I have been researching all the ways to use hydrogen peroxide in keeping us well, did more extensive research over the week end.
Looks like enough sun today to hang out clothes, the sun is just rising and it looks great. A huge yellow ball.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things are looking better here, still have Dude and Cowboy and 2 other extras but it is much easier this morning. Three days ago I did not hear my little rooster crow and when I went out with food, I could not find him. He has completely disappeared, guess something or someone got him. I really miss him, I love the crowing. Two sounds that really makes my day is a train and the crow of a rooster.
Did lots of house cleaning yesterday and also worked on my Qigong lessons, I really love it. It will take me awhile to become a master but I will do it.
I can't hang out my clothes today because the air is moist and no sun. I gave Dude and Cowboy's parents a bill yesterday, showing them the hours of wages I want from them for the month of November, I used the exchange rate of $10 an hour. they now owe me 49 hours of labor, just don't count on it coming to pass. Their labor my be the "we pittle around" kind also.
Will work on my Qigong today and do a few more lessons. Also do some more writing.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wonder how bad "black Friday" will be, am glad I don't have money so am not tempted to shop.
All the dogs are surviving the holiday and I feel like I have been 'ridden hard and put away wet' as my dad used to say. But am thankful that I am healthy and can still take care of the animals.
Have to catch up on some writing today and as I see the sky, it appears that there will be sunshine today to make it a pleasant day.
If you don't already read my nieces' blog, I would encourage you to read: she is a very good writer and you will enjoy the writing of Tina. Also the blog of my cousin, Both girls have creative minds.
I am going to be really mad at myself if I got their blog addresses wrong so will recheck and correct if my memory is not correct.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

Jill came to help me with my dogs last night and it was a real help. Some of them actually slept in her room but I had plenty during the night. Everyone has been fed and exercised and I am ready for bed again. Dude and Cowboy's parents will be over to see them this afternoon, I hope they will take them to the dog park and play with them for a couple of hours. Had a call from a "friend" she has a friend who is moving and needs a place to keep his lab, he needs to find a new place in another town, it would take a month or so. I told her to talk to me after Thanksgiving and I would charge him, not full price but food money at least. I love the animals but I get trampled on a lot because I do not want animals to be put down or neglected.

I did some more writing on my book yesterday and also did some more reading on Vitamin B12, and it's relation to our having good digestion and dependent on bacteria to survive in our systems. Still working on improving my Qigong and really enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great sunshine today, ice in the livestock's water and frost on the ground.
More dogs than I can count, and 3 more coming today. Hope the couple at the shelter will call and tell me they can take their dogs for the day tomorrow, it would be nice!
Haven't heard for Dude and Cowboy's mom since Saturday, hope they have a job and are looking for a house so they can have their dogs.
Did some research for my book yesterday and heard an interview on hormonal imbalances.
Gotta hang out some more wash today and encourage the dogs to stay outdoors a little bit. The cats are sleeping in but I am positive they will get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I added a bit of information to my book yesterday and also started my on line classes to becoming a Qigong instructor. Also have another webinar on wellness today.

I get 2 more dogs today, Molly and Coco, I have had them many times, Beagle and Corgi. It does make for less floor space and a little more of the "wanting more attention" from my own dogs.

Am hearing about the "cookie diet" sounds good but I doubt that it works, it is in the GNC stores. Have the radio on this morning, local channel, to see what is happening locally. Will also listen to dial-a-trade to see if someone else has something I need, badly.

The dogs got me up early today, they have been letting me sleep until 5:30 but this morning they were restless at 4:30 and I got up at 5, it is still too dark to feed the livestock, but have everyone else fed and napping. Sophie is in every night in the kitchen but yesterday I watched her cross the highway, go into the field and catch a mouse to bring back and eat. She really loves the freedom of going in and out at her leisure, I guess everyone loves the same things, cats, dogs and humans.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Spring Forest Qigong -- Home

Spring Forest Qigong -- Home

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Have to be more faithful to my Qigong so got a new series of lessons from the Qigong healing masters. It works better for me than the Tai Chi, I think.
Listened to a cd on the dangers of too much calcium supplement, something I have been trying to warn people about. The cure for osteoporosis is not all those calcium tablets you take but the magnesium, boron and other essential vitamins and minerals. The extra calcium sometimes ends up in the blood vessels and other parts of the body.
Enjoying sunshine this morning and will get that vitamin D that I need.
The news is abuzz about that little leak at 3 mile island, don't hear anything about the radiation they are giving women every year with their mammograms and extra X-ray people get for no good reason. Well gotta pay for all those machines they invested in and use all the medicare and insurance that is available. How about the physicians using some of those diagnostic skill they have instead of technology?
Guess I am on my soap box today, thanks for listening.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dude and Cowboy had a visit from their mom and dad yesterday, so for hours they looked out the window and was sad, the mom cried the entire time she was here. She really misses her babies. She does have a temporary job and hopes for another part time job on Monday. The dad does not seem to be looking very hard and I gave him some suggestions, hope they get enough money to leave the shelter soon. They do not like the shelter so they really do want a home.
Listened to a great webinar given by Longevity Now, it was led by David Wolfe, also got some ideas from a raw food chef. Wish I could be a better raw food advocate.
Got some windows cleaned and plastic applied for the winter, Lonna and Jill were here to help. Beautiful day today so can hang out clothes and play outdoors with the dogs more.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Life in the dog house

My oh my! Cowboy and Duke thought there was enough room for them to sleep with the little dogs and me. they just do not know how big they are, each one of them takes up the space of at least 4 of my small dogs. Needless to say, there was not space for me to really sleep, some of the pugs and doxies slept on top of me. I have got to be more assertive and push them off, I am working on that part of my life. It is easier for me to "boss" people that be bossy when it comes to the dogs.
Did some writing yesterday on my book and some writing on a writing web site. The weather was too damp and cool to do anything outside after about 9 a,m.
Spent some time doing more research on the rain forest herbs, I don't like to promote anything that I don't know all the info. that is available. Also listened to a seminar given by the developer of Sunfoods, very interesting and fun.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Have been out fixing fence and doing a little clean up in the back yard because the weather is very good this morning but it is looking like winter in the sky. Will have to move the livestock back into the barn area so they will have shelter, they do enjoy playing like they are dogs when I have them in the back yard.
Did lots of research on wellness yesterday afternoon, a lot on eye health and improving brain function. Also listened to a radio program, interview with Dr. Bernie Seigel, very good. Got my new Chocamaca from amazon herbs yesterday and have to tell myself, I am just supposed to have one a day. They are so good, makes me feel good all over.
Cowboy and Duke are doing good but I am getting tired of having to change my bed every night, they do enjoy my bed during the day and early this morning Cowboy just wanted to get in bed with me to cuddle, my little dogs were not really happy about that. He is a bit big for cuddling.
Bud's had their family Thanksgiving meal yesterday so Penny brought me an early thanksgiving meal which I really enjoy, not everything was healthy but I guess I can splurge just this once this week.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Still have my big dogs; cowboy and duke, I have found that they eat about 3 times the food that my little ones do.
Saw the stars last night and the big beautiful sun today. Have started the wash, need to do some dog beds and quilts today and really like to hang them out in the sun.
Started doing some research this morning on some treatments: for general health of the aged, an oxygen/exercise treatment called EWOT, and a treatment for mascular degeneration called FSM, frequency specific micro current. They were mentioned in a health newsletter that I receive on the internet. Because the sun is out, I probably won't get a lot of research done on the computer, gotta get out with my animals and exercise (do some yard cleaning). Sophie the cat decided that winter is here and moved to the kitchen, now have a kitchen cat, a utility room cat and a guest room cat, they all ignore one another.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Duke and Cowboy, the big boys

Don't think Cowboy and Duke's mom and dad had much luck getting a job yesterday. They need employment counselling because I can imagine, after speaking to them a short while, how good they are in an interview. She is in her 50's and has no teeth and he smells heavily of smoke. When I used to hire people, I am not sure I would have hired them, I would like to have told him that with the smoking, he has a lot less chance of getting a job, and that he could have a place to stay for the money he spends on cigarettes. Another thing that should be done for these shelter people is; they need a throw away phone, how can an employer call them if they have no phone or even an address. Why wouldn't it make sense for the cell phone companies to come up with a donation? We donate phones for the women's abuse shelter, how about desperate people wanting a job? The big boys found my bed yesterday and liked it a lot, spent a lot of their day on it, have to change bedding every night now. They do seem happy. I told their dad that I needed a handy man and could not pay for one so after he gets his job, he must pay me back by fixing my chicken coop, fixing the fence around my garden, etc. guess I have been burned too many times so do not have a lot of faith in that idea. He does not have any idea how much pet sitting costs, I am sure. At least Cowboy and Duke have a warm place to sleep and good meals.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I am overwhelmed with my space today but thankful that I have a house and a bed. Yesterday I got a call from "Helping Hands" employee asking me to help a couple who was there looking for help. They had two large dogs, were living in their small car and could not go to the shelter with the dogs, could I keep the dogs until they found work? Of course I said, "yes", but my house is small and I am already full of small dogs and cats, these two dogs are huge, a mastiff mix and a sharpei mix, both are sweet but they fill the room. On a brighter side, I can't clean house because I can hardly move about and I have an excuse for doing things I can do sitting in my chair. The mom and dad are both looking for minimum wage jobs because they had lost their jobs in Kansas City and someone here promised them jobs if they came here, they got here and no jobs! I ask about their skills, handy man and restaurant work, I gave them a list of restaurants in Bentonville and Nursing Homes, looked like good folks that would be happy with almost anything.
Have continued to work on my book and having prayer and meditation for people who are so in need, healthwise and just plain living day to day.
No sun today so it is a good for us all to find someone we can do something nice for and make their lives more pleasant.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cold and rainy today, have a new puppy to stay with me this week, looks like chi/jack russell mix and is very active, wants to be in the middle of what ever I am doing. Does not think outdoors is for potty but for play. she is giving the other dogs their exercise.
Had pretty good sports day yesterday, the only bad thing that happened was the Cowboys' terrible game.
Everyone is decorating for Christmas, that is a lost cause here because this little dog house is not really going to be good to decorate. the dogs create lots of dirt and everything would have to be taken apart every day to dust or wash. When I get puppies to keep, they tend to climb on everything and play with everything, would have lots of "toys" to tear up.
Did some research on the rainforest supplements and found many of them have cancer prevention properties, much can be done if we do our homework, to prevent lots of disease using the amazon rainforest herbs.
I will eat unhealthy for a few days because the left overs the kids brought home after their catering job have some things in them that are not really good for me, but I don't waste anything so will consume them in small amounts. The potato casserole has mayo, I add lots of garlic and onion to counteract the bad stuff, do you think that will work?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Too Much Tv, not enough activity

Did a great deal of research while "working on viewing all the football games", it was difficult to watch so much tv. Had to see: Old Miss, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma state and I tried to help Florida get beat. A hard day of work.
Today my Dallas cowboys and Mavs don't play until later and I guess KC must have an off day, they did not show up on my computer this am. I have seen my Suns several times and am so proud they are back to the old Steve Nash type of play. If my husband were alive today, he would laugh his head off, because I never had time for sports when he was watching all the time. He would really love it now that we have so much on tv.
It is not supposed to rain until late this evening so I guess I can hang out clothes again today. Need a jacket this morning to exercise with the dogs out in the back yard. As the weather gets more winter like I have to use the pilates bench more and my stretching bands. Still have to replace my rebounder that I left out in the yard and Janet, the horse tried to use it.
Did a project, researching the health benefits of all the ingredients in my Zamu and ordered some of the cacao from amazon herbs, I have been using the cacao from Sunfoods but will get a better deal from amazon herbs. My 75 year old bones felt a little achey last night (too much tv) so I drank extra Zamu, feel good this morning.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Had a pre-read of my book so far and got good approval. If you would like me to e-mail you a copy, let me know and I will send you the 10 page book.
Am listening to a web seminar as I get my work done today and hope I can tolerate the house work until the ball games come on at 11:00. Have to hang out another load of clothes today because it is sunny and windy, perfect for drying.
Started training another dog to follow off-leash this morning and she did well. Have 6 of the 14 trained, would love to train them all so I would not have to be so careful about double gating everything.
Had a call about "how to destroy a cold" this morning. You have to use folk medicine: drink hot tea with lemon, take oil of oregano, do sinus cleanse while in the shower, take hot foot soaks, drink lots of very hot and very cold liquids, eat lots of spicy foods with lots of onion and garlic.
I would make sure the tea was neem tea or another healthy tea, add lemon and honey to it and sip slowly. You must also take supplement of antioxidants, I would drink my Zamu and acai, noni, or goji berry juice.

Friday, November 13, 2009

day to day living

I can get my vitamin D today, there is sun this morning but it looks like it may change by noon.

Got to the Farmers Exchange yesterday to get food for the livestock, the mini mule, JR, the horse, Janet, the pygmy goat, Jessie, the rooster, Jim and the little hen, Julie. My make shift back window on the old van does fine but does have a problem blocking out all those road sounds. I guess plastic film is not very "acoustic".

I did some more writing yesterday on my book and also did more research, I can tell today because a have a dozen or so books lying around in my living room and a few beside my bed.

I keep remembering things and then I need to find out where I first got the info and need more info and on and on. I also spent time finding some local providers of services including acupuncture and homeopathic medicine. I found a naturopath in Fayetteville and will meet with her next week to exchange knowledge and ideas. Anyone interested in holistic health is a rear commodity in my area, also organic food is rare and when I find it it is very expensive. One market that is good is 45 minutes from me mid morning and one hour and 30 minutes at some times of the day. I have a problem leaving my dogs for the 4 or 5 hours it takes to get there, shop and get back home.

Am needing some energy so better go drink some Zamu and eat my morning egg.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I found this morning that the back window of my old van had shattered, got to go get horse food today so have to drive. I never give up so cleaned out the glass as much as possible, got out my box of plastic storm window coverings and went to work. Swabbed the edges with alcohol, put double stick tape around the edge, put the plastic on, got the hair dryer, found an extension cord on my lawnmower, heated the plastic with the hair dryer and now I have a clear, wrinkle free window on the van. Just in case it did not hold well, I put that strapping tape I got from the post office around the outer edge.
Now that that is done I will get busy with my morning chores and start hanging out clothes.
All the animals had been fed and brushed before I started the window so I get everything on tract by 9 am
Read a lot on B12 yesterday and also am reminded that I need my sunshine for my vitamin D every day of my life. Guess what, no misspellings today either.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Too foggy for the sun this morning and I need the sun, clothes are washing and getting ready to be hung on the clothes line, I had my Zamu for energy, the dogs are napping to classical music and I am having a cup of coffee. Doesn't that sound good?
Still do not have the computer fixed so am still working on the laptop, no printer and no memory, makes it difficult. I guess that is not the worse thing that could be going on, I have had worse.
Lonna has not had much energy so I have started her on Dr. Teitelbaum's energy system and encouraging her to remember to take her Zamu. She has been drinking less Dr. Pepper and that will help. I get so excited about every one having optimal wellness that I am sure I upset lots of people. It is has been hard to keep my mouth shut whenever it comes to accepting a person's poor health habits. I am working on that.
I will get busy now and hang the clothes out and go walk with the dogs and outdoor cats. I have a lead on Ludwick for his training and when I let him drag it, it gives Sophie and Stormy something to chase and play with. Those two cats are not easy to entertain.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So happy to see the sun this morning and after I do a little research, I am going to go sit under the old apple tree, have my coffee and write, while the dogs enjoy playing and digging. No leaves now so it is sunny under the old apple tree.
Rambo and Lela came this morning for a few days, they were so happy to get here but had to close the gate to Ruby, the cat's room, Lela is one big dog that is so curious about cats she would sit and stare at a cat all day. Rambo does not get a lot of attention at home so runs into the yard with great enthusiasm, he gets everyone exited. Parents have a business trip to NY so will be home on Thursday.
I posted a great video on both facebook and twitter this morning. The funny side of the flu vaccine. I am really enjoying the Planet Green tv, last night was the 100 mile challenge and Emeril Green in the Napa Valley visiting organic farms and cooking with the farmers.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Should I be worried? When I open up the blogspot today the ad appearing is an ad for assistance with Alzheimer's disease. It must be there for a reason??
Today there is no sun so I am sad. After all the chores this morning, the dogs are listening to classical music and I am catching up on the computer. There are other things I could do such as: cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, but that is a way down on my list.
I listened to some youtube this morning and got a lot of info on the flu vaccine and why we declare the flu an epidemic, so the drug companies can make more money. On youtube you can listen to Dr. Null talk to the lawmakers and find out why the drug companies don't need any more money.
So much for the negatives stuff, my neighbor gave me $15 for my hot water tank, his brother has a flea market. Someone will make some money from it. I don't think the $15 will be enough for the washer I need but it will help.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Life goes on

What a beautiful morning, a little cool but great sun. Lonna helped me do dog baths yesterday and we have had our time out in the yard this morning so everyone is listening to music and having a nap.
When the solar engineer took out my old propane tank he found that the exhaust pipe was not attached to the one on the roof so we had been getting toxic gas in the house, a good thing I kept the utility room closed a lot of the time.
I'm working on getting my little book on the computer, was going to wait until they got the big one repaired but that may take too long, if I know anything about the "new" customer service. I have become much more accepting of things the way they are and do not get really stressed out about those things I can not control. In days past, I would make myself sick fussing about things that do not go the way they should. Now I just vary my life a bit to fit the circumstance.
I challenge everyone to take all detours needed to keep your life as stress free as possible.
Reset goals as necessary, for instance, my goal this am was reached, "no misspellings found".

Saturday, November 7, 2009

shower with the sun

I feel so good taking a shower that has been heated by the sun, the water even feels better.
I have the check bank accounts to see when I can be able to get a used washer, until then I will use the old one as long as it will run and put towels on the floor to soak up the water that leaks out.
Have one more day with Buddy and his sister then they will go home, they are great dogs and I will miss them.
Have some downloaded seminars to listen to on the computer, but because I am using the old laptop I have to use ear phones, that keeps me close to the computer and I don't get much work done. I would like to sell one of my wellness books on line but gotta figure out how to hook up pay pal to my web page so it can be an e-book to download for a fee. Do you know anyone who knows how to do that?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Solar guys spent the day getting my hot water tank in and will be back to finish this am. I got lots of vit. D because I spent the day out in the back yard with the animals. The little black girls, chloe, daisy and rosie would not let me sit without them in my lap and they all thought they were being treated terrible because they could not lay around in the house all day.
When we are through with this job, I will figure out how to get a washer, thanks Cherie for sending me the ideas.
Sophie was run off the front porch because all those men were in her space and she could not sit in her box in the sun. Stormy retreated to the storage shed, they are going to be upset when the men come back today.
I did some reading while holding the dogs and will get more reading done today while I am outdoors with the animals. Gotta hush and get ready for the return of the "solar guys"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Say to day living

I got all my dogs out, my paths cleared and my mind set, the workers were supposed to be here at 8:30 to put in my hot water tank and solar system. The man just called and said they would probably not be here until 10:00, I thought I learned several decades ago not to depend on workers being on time, but I am still learning.
My washer can't be fixed so have to buy another one. Since I can only do one thing at a time, as soon as my hot water gets installed, I will start listening to Dial A Trade on the radio and find a used washer cheap. A new washer would probably outlive me and since I don't like to waste, I will get a used one. Always thinking green.
Heard Al Gore on the educational channel last night and really enjoyed his encouragement about going green.
The Mavs beat themselves last night and I felt badly for them because they are playing so well, most of the time. Now that baseball is actually over I can concentrate on the Mavs and the Suns.
Reached my goal again, no misspellings!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Daily news

Spent an hour listening to a podcast by Dr. Teilebaum and really learned a lot more about chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia, He is so sharp because he has "been there, done that." I will try to post where to find it, on facebook and my webpage. His SHINE method of treatment is brilliant, I learned about it a couple of years ago and he reminded me of some details in the podcast.

Sophie, Stormy and Ruby, the cats are eating me out of house and home. I guess they are going back to their roots and preparing for a long winter without food. Sophie and Stormy disappeared for a few days, don't know where they were but they are back and hungry.

Supposed to have a man come today and fix my leaking washing machine. Gotta wrangle the dogs when he comes, they might just lick him to death.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busy on the farm

Since the inflammation in my eye is better, I read a couple of books on inflammation: Optimal Health by Dr. Duke Johnson, he is a good writer but I did not agree with him on lots of things. The Inflammation Syndrome was a good book by a non physician, Jack Challem, most of his info was sound and it did perk my memory of some things I knew but had forgotten.

I am still having problems teaching my 14 dogs and my little herd of livestock, a pygmy goat, a horse and a mini mule that daylight savings time is over. They want me up and busy caring for them early. The cats are not very caring either, no sleep for the old lady farmer. I did get to hang out my clothes yesterday, the sun was so great.

Worked on some wellness plans yesterday and did not get enough exercise, gotta be more active today. Still have to map out my vegetable garden for next year, gonna enlarge the space and also get my manure put on for the winter. Have started moving the fence panels so my animals will not bother my vegetables.

My life is a very different life from the corporate world in the past but much healthier.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Great Sun

My what a beautiful day today, hung out 3 loads of clothes on the clothes line yesterday and looks like I can wash some quilts, blankets and rugs today to hang out on that wonderful solar clothes dryer.

The dogs were restless last night, I think it was because the moon and stars were so bright, they were seeing shadows out in the yard.

Lonna made Chili for the church yesterday so I have the left overs today and some fruit salad too. I love left overs! I will add lots of onions and garlic to it to make it healthier and better tasting, I just can't do anything without trying to improve it.

Have to write a health plan for a friend and her young children today, they are pron to lots of illness and with a good supplement program and some good nutrition they can be well most of the time.

My rebounder has seen its last day so need to have Jill pick me up a new one at Walmart, rebounding is the very best exercise you can do because it gets your whole lymph and blood system to working at its best. Also exercise on my Pilates bench when I watch tv.

I think the last of the apples have fallen so after I give these to the livestock they will have no more treats.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

an extra hour

So happy to see the end of daylight savings time, the dogs, cats, and livestock did not know the time changed.
Because of the inflammation in my body, I have been taking extra Zamu and trying to do a better job reading my body. Need to get out in the sunshine today and exercise more. We are supposed to have sunshine most of the week so that will really help my physical and emotional health.
Watching Yard crashers on HGTV this morning, lots of ideas I could use if I had money. I love dreaming anyway. Am going to lay out more area for my vegetable garden this week and get it started so it can be ready for spring.