Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Honey and Sugar

We picked up Honey and Sugar yesterday and they are very playful puppies and did not have any problems getting along with everyone. They had a little trouble getting quiet last night but that is always expected. I do hope we can find a good home for them. I will e-mail pictures to Dixie's mom and see if she can help.
Penny, Jeff, Molly and Jill came for dinner and we played Phase 10, I think they cheated because I lost and I never lose unless there is some kind of "hanky panky" going on.
It looks like rain again this morning so will not get much mowing done. I am hoping to get to Lifelong Learning Center today, I hope you will check out the classes, www.llcnwa.com and find a class you can enjoy. I hope I will have participants for my Saturday afternoon class.
Lots to do so gotta get busy.....

Monday, May 30, 2011

Adding two more dogs.......

It is a holiday?? Memorial Day and I am going to meet a friend to get 2 dogs who need a home, will try to find a forever home for them, if not they can stay here with me and my herd. Two females, hope they have been spayed, if not.....
Everyone is resting this morning, nice cool breeze coming in from outdoors and we are enjoying the nice weather. There will be ball games to watch and I think the family is coming over to play some board games this afternoon after I get back from picking up the dogs.
i need to find a couple of days this week to go help with the tornado damage down in the river valley, I have a need to be of service to someone, anyone. The memorial service for the victims in Joplin was really nice yesterday. It is time to get ready for the days activities.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm BACK.....

I will bet that you did not miss the blog but in case you did, I have been in Arizona for my grandson's graduation since Wednesday. I am back, had to fix fence because my farm animals got out while I was gone, I will guess that they were bored because I was not here to entertain them. I also had to mow the yard. I did not get the yard finished but i just got too tired to finish. In fixing the fence, i had to carry 12 foot panels of fencing from the garden to the barn lot and wire it into place, I hope they do not figure out how to move it, goats are very hard to fence in. I had to move 3 panels of fence and I am "all tuckered out". When I started to mow the yard, there were ants coming off the mower and biting me so had to take diatomaceous earth out and sprinkle all over the machine to kill the ants. My daughter, Lonna tells me that I am never leaving again, I don't think she had any idea how hard I had to work.
My dogs really missed me, cats too. They are very touchy feely and in need of lots of love. I hope I can get over to John Hawkins Wellness on Tuesday to detox and lay on the biomat, I feel the need! My friend Dan fixed the other computer so I can use it when I leave the house, he is such a great guy, one of the reasons I go to Arizona. The dogs are needing me so I will hush up!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rain and more rain, when will it stop? I am packing ready to go to Arizona tomorrow, if the airport does not blow away during the night tonight. I will be happy to see my son and grandson. I will also see my friend, Dan, my computer specialist.
My dogs are acting like there are going to be storm warnings soon, might as well put my livestock back into the barn area. On my way back from Rogers, I had to stop for cat food so there would not be a cat revolution at my house. Now everyone has food to last through my time out of town. gotta get busy........

Monday, May 23, 2011

Death and devastation in Joplin, MO

I am so saddened by the devastation in Joplin, Missouri, Such a terrible thing to happen. i have spent lots of time in St. John's Regional Hospital and most of the damaged area. It seems as if there are no safe spaces in storms like that. I am glad that it did not damage Missouri Southern College. The clouds here do not look good today, I may stay home and let Lonna bring home food for all the animals. I think I will have to put the livestock back into the barn area, just in case the rain starts coming down. The dogs and I did not sleep well last night so we may need a nap.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Went out to breakfast with Lonna and then over to John Hawkins Wellness Center to learn the routines so I can work on Tuesday while he is out of town. I also got to lay on the biomat and do a detox while I was there. Sara will be there to run the floral part of the business. I really enjoyed it. I hope I learned enough to take care of it on Tuesday. Wednesday I will be flying off to Arizona for Connor's graduation.
I am grateful that the sun is shinning today and as soon as the grass dries a little I will be out mowing the yard. I love that sun!
Lonna went to the Farmers' Market and bought a few fresh veggies, we do love the farmers' market and she has gotton to know most of the vendors.
Also went to the dress shop, Stevettes and into her bargain room to purchase a few things for me to wear, to work and to Arizona. I really love that $10 room. Now I have to figure out how to put it all in my purse to get it to Arizona as a carry on

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Sun, The Sun, I see the Sun!!!!!!

I am afraid to say it,but I see the sun!!!!!! Everything is so water soaked again and again. I am so grateful that I hear birds singing and I see the sun that I might just go dance in the yard, water and all.
Today I go to the Wellness Center to learn so I can keep it open while John is away, I am excited, I get to learn new things and meet new people. Next week is going to be very busy and I am looking forward to it. I will work on Monday and Tuesday then Wednesday I will fly to Arizona, I might could fly but I think I will use an airplane. I will attend Connor's graduation on Thursday then come back to the real world on Saturday. I did spend a lot of time yesterday resting, watching TV and watching the storms so am rested up for the day. Must get busy with the wash, the animals. general clean up and get ready to go to work.......

Friday, May 20, 2011

What a great little trip! Lonna and I went to K.C. to see my Royals and My Texas Rangers play baseball, a late mother's day gift. It was hard knowing how much it cost but I loved every minute. Good seats, could see and almost touch the Rangers as they came up to bat. We got back about 2 a.m. because it went into overtime. Even though Jill was here with the animals, they felt that I was cruel for being away. The Royals won, I was rooting for the Rangers but I love both teams. We were near the Legacy seat so I met the volunteer for the week and enjoyed visiting with him and his son. Lonna took some pictures so as soon as she downloads I will post.
Rainy again this morning but warm enough to go barefoot. Have lots to do to catch up but really, really, enjoyed the baseball game. I am grateful we had the little Garmin, telling us how to get there and back; don't know how we did it before the electronic age; I do know I spent a lot of time lost. Am also thankful that Lonna had her Prius so getting 40-50 miles to a gallon is not bad......

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today Lela and Rambo go home then I prepare to go to Kansas City this evening for a baseball game. I am grateful that I have the good health and energy to do such things. I should stay home and to yard work but that will still be there when I am dead and gone. Rain today too so really can't do much. Hope it is not going to rain in KC but we will take clothing to deal with that. Jill will come over and stay with my animals because we will not get home until early in the morning.
I really sinned because Lonna brought some muffins from Mimi's last night and they are just too tempting, I will really have to detox. I have been eating strawberries and watermelon, they are so good and also very healthy. The muffins are good but not healthy!
The cats are so happy the the visiting dogs are all leaving so they can take over the house again. I keep getting interrupted so I think that is a sign I had better get busy for the day.......

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I had a great day yesterday; to the Lifelong Learning Center for a little while, delivered the Juice Plus to Kathy for her son, had a nice short visit and then went to Hawkins Wellness Center to spend some time detoxing on the biomat and in the foot bath. I will go back on Saturday to learn how to keep the store open because on Tuesday John has to be out of town and I will keep the doors open for him.
On the way home I purchased my favorite food, watermelon and had a nice lunch of watermelon. I do love that fruit!
Today looks like rain so will have to do work indoors. The animals are unhappy when it is raining and I will have to dry the wash indoors also. I can't believe that it is going to be rainy the rest of the week. I am going to have to be happy with container gardens this year, I fear. I am working on a project with "The Dragon's Way": a nutrition program with Qigong; will do my prep this week and start it when I return from Arizona next week. When I see how it works I will teach it to others. Just another challenge for me. The dogs are lined up to be combed so I gotta get busy........

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On my way in to town to visit the Lifelong Learning Center, mail the books that I gave away in my drawing at the health fair, and deliver the Juice Plus to the child who won the Children's Health Study Juice Plus drawing. Trying to make my gas mileage do a lot of things and make it worthwhile.
I did some research and wrote a paper on, Civility yesterday because I am so unhappy with the self centeredness that is going on in my world. How about a little, "infinite love and gratitude' and just plain good manners, I don't know where the neighbor help neighbor mentality that was prevalent in the old days disappeared to, I need to find in somewhere. I even read George Washington's rules of civility and think they might be good to live by and read a lot on the civility study at John Hopkins. I spoke with me friend Gerry at Promolife yesterday on the phone and got to speak with a great wellness person.
Cats are staying out of site while Lela is here and she spends a lot of her time just watching the little goat kids. Penny took one doxie home with her yesterday and he seems to be enjoying being one of few instead of one of many. Everyone is enjoying the sunshine and so am I.........

Monday, May 16, 2011

Not much sun yesterday but today, I am grateful to see the sun and feel it's warmth. Just got Lela and Rambo back for a few days and the cats are really mad at me, since Lela can not leave them alone.
Molly got home from college yesterday and is looking for a 2nd job, not scheduled for enough hours at the restaurant, job hunting is not easy any more.
Lonna is taking me to Kansas City to a Royals/Rangers baseball game on Thursday afternoon, a 3 hour drive up there and 3 hours back after the game, it is my delayed Mother's Day gift. i am looking forward to a few hours away from home and a chance to see two of my favorite teams. The next Thursday I will be in Mesa, AZ to see my grandson, Connor, graduate from high school. Looks like I am going to be a busy ole lady for the next couple of weeks, it is important to keep busy as we age so we can remain young and healthy. I don't think anyone has signed up for my class on aging this week so will not have to prepare for the class.
I got a new book on using Qi gong and nutrition to regain health and normalize weight, I am finding it so interesting that I will try it for six weeks to see how it goes so I can then teach it as a class. It is a 6 week course of study and I think it might help a lot of people. Since I am healthy, I don't know whether it will make a difference in my life but I fill find out how difficult it is to do for 6 weeks and I will know how to present it to others. I got it on my kindle so see if I like it before I purchased the package with the CDs and DVDs.
I need to get busy, I heard my washer stop and the dishwasher so have more work to do......

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Memories of Decoration Day in the country....

Lots of memories today; in the community where I grew up, each Sunday in the spring there was a "decoration day" at one one the cemeteries and this is the Sunday for my family's decoration day. It is an all day affair with lots of singing, decorating graves, remembering family members and eating at Grandma's or one of the aunts houses. When I was young, mom spent weeks making new dresses, purses and hats for all four of us and we got new Sunday shoes and socks. It was a great time. After mom died my sister Jimmie took over the sewing new clothing bit for a few years, for all our children. Now most of my generation is not able to travel distances and spend the day in the country so it is not much fun any more. I am so busy that I can't even go and would not know most of the people there anyway. But I have lots of memories of "days gone by'.
I am watching for the sun today and am very grateful that I am going to see that great orange ball in the sky. Dixie and Xena went home yesterday and my house is much better and quieter. Because it was so cold last night all the cats came inside and were making a lot of noise to get me to feed them as was Jr, the mini mule and the goats, everyone was "fussing" at me this morning.
I drew the names for my "give aways" last night. I gave a child Juice Plus and also gave away a set of my books, next week I will be following up on all the names I got in the drawing boxes. Not a lot gave me their names but the company who was giving a cruise got lots of names. Even Penny and I signed up for that one. I did meet a really nice family who has a 15 year old autistic child who does not communicate verbally and I will be following up with the mom. Also met a family with a diabetic insulin dependent child that I will follow up. We visited with an organic farmer who lives over in Oklahoma also. So many interesting people in this world......

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hospital Health(?) Fair....

Just got home from the health fair at Siloam Springs Hospital, shocked that they served donuts and hot dogs and of course diet sodas. I can't believe how these health professionals think. They never think about healthy living at all. Penny and I gave everyone their veggies from our Juice Plus products and some people seemed interested in using them. I was warned not to sell anything so we just talked to people and gave them the veggie chew. Some people would not even take it because we told them it was veggie. Everyone came because they were there to have their blood drawn for sugar and cholesterol readings. A lot of people on canes and walkers, but really not interested in thinking about how to be well. There was probably about a dozen or so that really seemed to want information about being well. I met a great lady, who had the table next to us, she was working with the organ donor organization, her name was Mary Huss,an animal lover and did not eat the donuts. I also gave out info about Lifelong Learning Center, Promolife and John Hawkins wellness center. At least the booth was free so the only thing it cost was all the printed stuff I gave out and the veggie chews.
I have to catch up on the work here at home now and pay attention to the animals, they missed me.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stormy last evening, almost all the ball games were rained out of delayed, I had lots of wind and rain, the animals did not like it. I would have thought that the Dali Lama being in the area would have kept the storms away. I did not see him but "them that did" really were impressed with his peaceful spirit. I don't think I would have been very peace loving after battling the crowds and traffic getting into Fayetteville.
If all goes right today, Lela and Rambo will be going home today, the cats are applauding because they are tired of being chased by Lela, the little goat kids are happy too. I am happy because she likes to sit in my favorite chair and also is so big she knocks everything off the tables.
Gotta get busy, lots to do today, is that not great?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looks like rain, off and on, i will work a bit in the garden since most of the stuff I had planted either drown or froze. We made the arrangements for me to go to Arizona for my grandson's high school graduation.
Had a little time yesterday at the Lifelong Learning Center and got the evaluations of my "performance" on Saturday. The expo is growing and I am planning on having a great time.
I am grateful this morning that my birds are singing and my plants are blooming. So pleasant sitting under my old trees, but I have to get busy and produce some results so I will feel successful. I do have a wash to hang out and another load to do. No great things to accomplish with the exception of managing all these animals, house is still overfilled with dogs and cats.........

Monday, May 9, 2011

We had Feb. weather last week and we have July weather this week, the earth's thermostat is messed up for sure.
It is beautiful in my yard this morning but it need mowing badly, gotta get out there in a few minutes. Talked with my son and grandson yesterday afternoon via phone and now I must make some kind of arrangements to get to Arizona for his graduation. Lonna will check on flights today. He is such a nice young man and requires so little assistance in anything. Parents do not help him, he just takes care of himself. I will need to leave her on the 25 and return on the 28th. Will also see my friend and computer expert, Dan, while I am there.
Can't procrastinate any longer, I have to get busy on the yard work.........

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day! The baby goats are climbing the trees and the dogs are standing wondering if they could do the same. Did not wash clothing yesterday so am doing it this morning, lots of towels; the dogs drink then sprinkle the water all over the house, makes me use lots of towels for wipe up. My roses and peonies are blooming and several of my blooming bushes are in full bloom, would like to spend the morning in the front yard with all the beauty but do not have it fenced and all the dogs are not trained to stay within the boundaries, hope Dixie's mom pays her bill when she picks her up and I will have money to start the fence. I am so grateful for the beauty of the outdoors now and love the hear all the different songs from the birds. The cats are busy birdwatching but I am not certain that they enjoy the beauty of the birds; they probably have different intention. I am grateful that I can hear the songs and enjoy them. Today I will go into town at noon and help my friends, Keith and Carol, make their customers happy at the restaurant, who knows I might meet someone interesting, I always do. My class enjoyed one of my favorite videos yesterday, Life is like a cup of coffee, I will post it so if you have not seen it, maybe you will be inspired.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I had a great day leading my class at Lifelong Learning Center, met such nice people. Penny made a great fruit bowl for us and I am still eating fruit. Will get more work done tomorrow because I am spending the evening watching my baseball games and doing a bit of exercise. I did see the Kentucky Derby, my horses lost but not a biggie. i have Lela and Rambo also tonight so may not get a lot of sleep, Beautiful weather today, when I got home they had the air conditioner on, I opened the house up for some fresh air. I can't believe that I have to start the mowing of the yard all over, you can't tell where I had already mowed. I really need a magic wand to get it done. TAlk to you tomorrow.....

Friday, May 6, 2011

Yesterday it rained again, the rain added water to my garden that did not need it, but the sun is looking good today. I had to dry some wash indoors, took it out of the dryer, placed it in a basket and there are two dogs sleeping in it now. I have to learn to be more proactive.
Went to Lifelong Learning Center yesterday morning; my Craig's List class was cancelled so CC gave me some great information on the subject, I learn from others all the time. Free is best but I will pay if I have to. Since I was learning; went with Penny to John's Wellness center and after the wellness treatments, I learned more from John and one of his clients. When I got home of course, I had more info for my Saturday class. I just keep adding to it so will have to start splitting the class into two classes: beginning and advanced. I will do some more yard work today, as soon as it dries a bit and guess I will spend some time it the kitchen, since all my favorite mugs are dirty. That is the sign to do some kitchen work. Can't start my morning without a favorite coffee mug.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another day for that big orange ball the appear in the sky and stay all day I hope. I tried to work in the garden but it is still too wet. I had a visit from a guy who may have to give up his Chiwawa, wanted to know if I could take him. I showed him my animals especially my little goats and of course, sent him home with my books. I have Dixie and Xena since noon yesterday so my house is pretty full of dogs and my bed is over full.
I keep tweaking my class materials so I had a little fun with the computer and powerpoint.
Big adventure this morning; the 3 little goats found a hole in the fence and J-Low the mom worked her way through it, the babies came back through the hole to me but mom could not find her way back so I had walk a couple of miles to get back behind the fence and lead her back home, was not easy because she was frantic, trying to get back to the kids. I got my exercise anyway. I need to rub a magic lamp and get some good fencing, not just patched up fence. Oh, the perils of Mema.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh What A Beautiful Morning...

Just in case you care, there is a big orange ball climbing up my eastern skies. I love it!!! It was still a bit cold when I went out barefoot this morning to feed the animals and exercise the dogs. I just hope to accomplish more today, I used to be big in time management skills and making the very best use of my time but I have not been doing that lately so this morning I am turning over a new leaf and getting back on track, I don't want to waste any of the time God has given me. I did redo my class suitcase yesterday and be certain it had everything in it and I went over some new material. I had to watch my ball games last night and was so disappointed in my Texas Rangers, Wash had better give them a lecture on how to win, win, win. The Cards and Royals squeaked by for another win but did not play well. Maybe they need me to straighten them out, they have "stinkin thinkin", I believe.
I did get my pictures in a folder I can use but Lonna had to help me, I wasted a lot of time when I could have handed it over to someone early on and not wasted so much time and energy. Did not know really how bad my yard and barnyard looked until I saw the pictures. I believe in delegating when possible, especially things that I am not good at doing, just wish I knew someone to delegate yard work to... Scheduled some more pet sitting so had to make arrangements to have someone here when I am doing my class. I was so unhappy to hear that my old friend Doris broke her hip yesterday, I hope she will let me help her recover; surgery today. Certainly will need the bio mat and the detox foot bath as she recovers.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

did not have time this morning to do the blog so will do a short one. I went to Lifelong Learning Center this morning and did a bit of work then had to go check on my friend Carol before I got home. I have to figure out what to do with the plants that went through a freeze last night.
yesterday I went to see John at the Wellness Center and get some time on the Bio Mat and in the detox footbath also had a little varicose vein that was bothering me so did 10 minutes in the rebuilder, no leg discomfort last night.
Tamera sent the pictures that she took last week and I have to get them posted on facebook for all the see. They do show what a mess my place is and how I have to get the weather and the time to clean it up. Dixie and Xena are coming for eleven days tomorrow so there will be no time to get much done while they are here, also will have Lela and Rambo starting Saturday, will have to have someone stay with them while I am in class. I am working to condense 8 hours of class down to 3 so will have to know when to HUSH. Penny said she would fix fresh fruit for the class to nibble on and I will have to have hot water for the tea. So much to do, is that not great?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Rain, Rain, got away, come back another day; preferable in August. Today the news of Osama Bin Laden's death is all over the news and the tornado victims are already forgotten, how fickle we are. I think the 24 hour news has made us have the great appetite for the very hottest news all the time. Today is full of news, anyway. I don't think we need to hear all the 9ll stories over again and again.
Since it is raining the goats could not stay in the backyard very long; they hate rain. The dogs did get a good run between rain storms. I will call my wellness Shaman, John, today and see when I can get on the infrared biomat and feel top notch. I am doing some finish work on my class for Saturday morning; hope everyone goes to www.llcnwa.com and sign up, you can bring a friend free. I would like to have the room full, I give a better class, the more participants I have.
Had a call from a friend this morning that I had not heard from for a while so I had a lot of catching up to do. Lots of illness and problems with her family members. I have to get busy so must shut up........

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am grateful today that there is no rain, a bit cool but the flowering plants are just beautiful today and I am grateful that I can have my cup of coffee among the living plants, today. The peonies and roses are ready to pop any minute and that will make it even more pleasant in my yard. Since it is not raining, the farm animals are in the back yard, mowing and pruning and the baby goats are climbing all the old trees. I don't know how it happened but all three of my teams won yesterday, The Cards, the Rangers and the Royals and all played at different times so I could watch all three. I did have to do a lot of rebounding, etc. because I did not want my body and brain to become mush, watching all that TV. I have a few more plants to put into the garden if I can get them out before it rains again because Lonna went to the Farmer's Market yesterday I also have a bit of salad makings. It is May Day and that certainly brings back memories of helping the kids make May Baskets, filling with homemade cookies and all the flowers in the yard that were blooming. I was a great time, everyone got up early so they could hang them on all the neighbor's doors "secretly" of course. The whole family enjoyed it. Oh, for the good ole days to return??? I guess God knows best.....