Saturday, March 23, 2013

Going on vacation

I am going on vacation, going to Arizona, specifically Phoenix and Sedona.  We are going to do a couple of things in the Phoenix area: Eat at Dr. Weil's restaurant, go to a Sprouts store, go to a baseball game and fly in and out.  We are driving up to Sedona and I am going to really enjoy new energy.  We are going on stand by tickets and are going to try for Easter morning.
Teaching my new classes about holistic wellness is fun and I am very well at this time.  Most people @ 78 years old, do not have ultimate wellness as I do and I am so grateful. I am also very grateful for friends and family.  I have developed a new family @ Soul's Harbor men's homeless mission.  I really do feel very needed by those 20 men and I do feel that I have a positive influence in their lives.
One of my new resolves is to write on my blog more often and I am also going to promote my new book, I published in January.  I am in the middle of publishing the next one too. 
See you soon,   Mema

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