Friday, December 27, 2013

Just ranting

I am in need of a time for ranting! As I see the news, I am disturbed about what people see as important.  In one article a family is crying about the late delivery of things they ordered for gifts, boohoo, on tv crying and getting publicity.  The next article was about a family's home being destroyed by fire and no insurance, now that is something to cry about.  The very next report was about a reality tv show; the people on the show wanted to say anything they wanted without any thought of the net work who is paying them, a whole lot of threats to the network from the public; anyone with any extra time to do such things, need to "get a life" and seek out what is really important and it is not "Reality TV".  
Really thoughtful people will think of what they can do and say that  will make a positive impact on the life of someone. Part of the problem is the media, part is that people love their 15 minutes of fame and the worst part of it is that a large part of our population is so self centered and care only for themselves.
I was encouraged when I saw the CNN Heros  and also see what is being done in the Clinton Global initiative and wish I could meet and visit with those people.   


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