Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It has been a while since I really wrote my thoughts, so here goes:
I am really enjoying my acupuncture and one reason I like Mary so much is the fact that I love people who keep educating themselves and learning.
Two types of people that make me happy are people who keep learning and people who work, I do not like being around people who do not work, whether it is for money or in a volunteer position.  I just want people to try to do good and are not lazy. I think that the opportunity to work is out there and people should take advantage of it whether they are "disabled" in some way, if you can move a finger or your lips, you are capable of doing something.  People who wallow in their grief or become "depressed" really bore me and I don't like to be around them.
Always work on a life plan, a plan to improve your life and the people around you. Make a effort every day to move forward in life and learn something new, every day.  Be willing to stretch yourself and improve, status quo is a bad word as far as I am concerned.
Another problem is the people who are going about just enjoying their life and not making a difference in anyone's life.  I feel that their happiness is short lived.
This is the reason that I have such mixed feelings when I watch the CNN Heros,  I feel that I am not doing enough and am also very happy that there are others that are doing great things. 

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