Saturday, June 11, 2016

ranting and raving

I am angry and disgusted with some negative people in my life.  People who are so unforgiving and so toxic for everyone they touch.  One young man  to take care of and no one wants to be responsible for anything. After my husband died, I took care of my four children, 2 in college, one in high school and one in Jr. hi, had a full time job and was on call when I was not working and also had a part time job. managed to go to music contests, debate/speech tournaments, kept them well physically and emotionally, (sometimes there were conflicts with schedules and I did have friends like Kay Johnson and a sister like Frankie cantrell, who stepped in for me) so it is just disgusting to hear someone say they have a job and provide for the family so cannot do anything to raise the child  or provide discipline or direction.
How does a modern woman allow her husband to have his name only on car titles and everything, in fact I believe that it is illegal in Arkansas.  Take responsibility and step up

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