Tuesday, July 19, 2016

so. busy learning new things

I am so busy every day learning new things and I just can't seem to have enough time.  I am learning to be a medical intuitive, learning to communicate with animals, learning to use my crystals and tuning forks, learning to improve the brain, and at the same time I became a part of a company that has a healthy weight loss coffee etc.  I am losing weight and lots of inches, as a result of drinking this coffee.  I would love to make money doing this business.  
I try to multitask when my baseball is on tv so I can relax, not certain that me watching baseball is relaxing.  I am also trying to help a few people with their issues, not certain that my work in this area is very productive. So because of that fact, I am learning to do a better job of meditating.  Doing guided meditations. 

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