Wednesday, August 31, 2016

old habits

I have a problem getting rid of old habits and old routines; example, when I go outdoors with my dogs, I have the desire to chart their activities; size and consistency of BM, how much exercise and sunshine, etc.As a nurse they always reminded us that if it was not on the chart, it was not done. So after about 20 years away from that kind of work, I continue to want to "take care of the charting".
It makes me aware of the fact that we develop habits easily, so make the habit a good one and one that is beneficial in our lives.
Today, I have spent a great deal of time learning about "anti aging", telemere preservation and growth is the primary study and how our own bodies and habits are really responsible for that process.  I also learned that just taking astragalus can promote the growth of our telemeres. I have also done a deeper study of black seed oil.  
Had a trip out of town yesterday and it was sad as I saw what the conventional medicine model is doing to kill people slowly and painfully. I had vowed to keep my mouth shut, didn't succeed all the way; just had to make a comment that did not set well as I was leaving to return home.  I tried really hard, just could not bite my tongue any longer.  Had to come home, have a cup of coffee and try to get the bad taste out of my mouth.  Did some crystals to get the negatives off my body and energy system.  

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