Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 10, 2016
To Whom it may concern:
Just a note to tell everyone how inept and foolish, and maybe corrupt, the cBenton County officials are, yes foolish.
I teach a class in wellness 2 days a week, free of charge in Rogers. I take stuff from my house which is really my daughter’s house, to teach the class.  I do leave the chairs in the room.  I got a letter at my home (I do not live in Rogers) from the Benton County Assessor’s office stating that I had been assessed for commercial property in the amount of $12,000, listing lots of equipment and furnishing that was in my office, remember that I have only equipment etc. from my home in my class and I have a $5 cardboard sign (assessed @ $580) in the window showing where the class is meeting, my name and phone# is on the sign: no address of my home, yet the assessment was sent to my home.  I do not have a land line, do not have a house, do not use the words “Freddie’s Classroom” anywhere except on that sign live on cash and own nothing excepting a car that was a gift and a dell laptop computer. In fact, I do not even use that classroom and have not used it in about a year. Go ahead, Benton County you may have my $800 a month Social Security check. I will find another place to do my good deeds.
When the building owner contacted the Assessor, he was told that they use a third party to go out and assess businesses, he/she sees a sign in the window and visualizes what is in the room and makes the assessment, my, oh, my, what a professional way to do business, in fact it is criminal because he/she is cheating everyone they assess. I can imagine when they see a “For Rent” sign, how long does it take them to find the address of Mr. For Rent so they can send the bill for the vision that is seen by the third party.
I am 82 years old and spend most of my time trying to help people,” no good deed goes unpunished”.
If I were even 10 years younger, I would fight, fight, fight but I just don’t feel that at this time I could make a difference.  Just had to get this off my chest and maybe have a little less stress because of it.

Freddie Arbuthnot

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