Saturday, August 12, 2017

new book published

I am making a pledge to myself to publish on blogspot and wordpress more often. Since "more often" does not mean anything, I will say "post every week". 
I have so enjoyed Dr. Tom Cowan's latest book and  I really believe that this man is armed with such wonderful knowledge and he shares that knowledge so well in audios, videos, lectures and books.  I really love having his vegetable powders to insure that I am getting the vegetables that I need for wellness.  I had the honor of introducing him for his lecture in Atlanta several years ago. 
My book, "Manual for creating a life of wellness and Joy" gives me a mode of giving wellness information and I have been giving it away so no income from it.  I am working with information from Doug Myrick, aromanetics, and hope I can tolerate making money.

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