Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feels and looks like winter today, feels like my embellished oatmeal may be necessary to get this day started. I add dried gogi berries, nuts, nopal cactus powdere, chia seeds, coconut and a little butter and honey.  All that makes it nutritious and full of energy.  A bit cool but I did hang sheets and quilts on the line to dry outdoors today.  Just can't wait to get busy, cleaning house, actually the worse punishment I can imagine.  My nest is getting too full so it is time to throw away stuff. Via Facebook, I notice that my friend Doug is opening his office in downtown Rogers so I must go visit tomorrow.  I have to get animal food tomorrow anyway so will make my list so I won't waste gasoline, it keeps getting more and more expensive.   I have spent some time this morning trying to use my computer's video camera and so a class on video, just trying, don't know whether I can be successful or not.  I will need to move my computer to a less messy place to do the finalized video because my nest is always messy but full of great stuff, I think "neat freaks" are not creative or happy...how could they be....

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